Month: July 2021

anime like overlord

What are some of the best anime like Overlord?

Imagine that you can only dream of living in a fantasy world or that you are stuck in your favorite video game and cannot log out. This is a very exciting and entertaining scenario. That’s the essence of anime like overlord. There are only a few anime that can match it.
Here are the Best Anime like Overlord!

Lady Naganr

Why Lady Nagant is so beloved by fans?

The introduction of Lady Nagant as a villain in chapter 312 of the manga My Hero Academia, was captivating. Her acceptance by the community was instantaneous and shows the need for more female antagonists, regardless of their previous heroic affiliations.

Kurapika chains

Kurapika chains

Kurapika chains are in fact a materialization of her nen. They consist of a main chain and five other small chains connected to each of his fingers…

is Kurapika a girl

Is kurapika a girl ?

It’s one of the most mysterious main characters. The biggest mystery is wondering: is Kurapika a girl or a boy? … even though we know it’s almost certain, we’re still not sure! Here is the evidence that Kuparika is either female or male. … even after arriving at the near certainty we still doubt! Here are the proofs of her femininity or masculinity!

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