Hitch Aot : Everything You Need To Know About Her

Hitch Aot

Within Aot, Hitch Dreyse is an officer of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District. She graduated from the 104th Training Corps, though she’s not part of that same unit Eren Yeager was a part of.

Appearance Hitch Aot

Appearance Hitch Aot

Hitch is a bit look that is a bit catty, with big amber eyes and long chin shaggy, wavy, light brown hair. She is dressed in the traditional Military Police Brigade uniform like the other officers, but she is wearing a light green shirt under.

In 854 Hitch has straight, well-maintained hair, neatly combed to either side, with no more bangs. Her uniform is identical, except that she is wearing a white shirt, a Military Police trench coat and a military-issued bolo tie beneath.

Personality Hitch Aot

Personality Hitch Aot

In Aot, Hitch appears to be unruly in certain ways, and appears to love teasing and pestering her colleagues.¬†She says that she chose to be a part of in the Military Police out of laziness because it is widely acknowledged that the top officers are corrupt and she was keen to profit from the system for herself however she didn’t consider the fact that she was a rookie and her superiors would take all of their work on her.¬†When Marlowe says she been a part of her position in Military Police for noble reasons, Hitch breaks out into laughter and claims that she was only able to get in because of unworthy merits.¬†

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Hitch does claim that she wouldn’t have joined for the Military Police if she had thought she’d be forced to do all the work and implying that she did achieve her admission and she believes that Boris was just smacking her.¬†Although she can appear somewhat airy at times, Hitch has a keen hearing and was able to identify Armin Arlert while she was collecting water.

She pointed her gun at him without hesitation. After being snatched at the mercy of Survey Corps Survey Corps, she boldly criticizes Captain Levi and managed to hurt Jean Kirstein when he threatened Marlowe with a show of courage. After she was able to escape being captured of the Survey Corps, she came back to rescue Marlowe and implying that she is concerned about her fellow soldiers enough to risk her life.

Story Hitch Aot

The Female Titan Arc

The Female Titan Arc

In Aot, Hitch is part from the same Military Police unit as Annie Leonhart who she is teased for staying up late.¬†Boris Feulner is upset with Hitch’s behavior and advises Hitch to leave Annie at home, and pointing out that she’s the only person in the unit who has actually battled Titans within Trost District. Hitch then goes on to claim that she’s jealous of Annie since she was able to join the Military Police with merit, inferring that Hitch did not get into the Military Police through indiscreet methods.¬†

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But, their conversation is abruptly interrupted when their supervisor arrives who orders them to guard their fellow Survey Corps escorts carrying Eren Yeager through Stohess District that day. 

Hitch is later found outside in the action with the other soldiers complaining about the hefty quantity of work imposed on the newly recruited soldiers. When Marlowe Sand starts to talk to on the group and claims as the only one to make MPs more efficient, Hitch breaks down in laughter over his plans. The group is later seen pacing the streets as they make their way to their stations for job on the day. 

They are then able to see their superiors selling their equipment on the market and Marlowe is seen attempting to fight the group. They begin beating him, and when Annie gets involved, Hitch is seen apologizing and attempting to convince the soldiers to go away. Marlowe alone. When the fight with Annie Leonhart Eren and Annie Leonhart Eren is over, Stohess is in utter destruction and Hitch is seen sitting on the roof together with Marlowe and the fellow soldiers, pondering why there are Titans fighting within Wall Sheena.

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Royal Government arc

Hitch Marlowe and Marlowe are assigned to search for missing Survey Corps members in the forests that lie outside of Trost. Hitch complains about what transpired during the Stohess District, but her frustrations are quelled when she hears a voice nearby.

Royal Government arc

The two spot Armin Arlert snatching the water of a nearby stream and instruct him to raise his hands up in the air but then fall into his trap. Mikasa and Levi attack them and remove their weapons and uniforms. Levi inquires about their current jobs within The Military Police as well as Hitch angered with his Survey Corps, blames Levi and the entire Military branch for the consequences of Stohess as well as for Annie’s murder. Levi confesses his belief that Annie is her own Titan who was hiding inside Stohess and demands that they be taken to a remote location in order to be freed.

Jean Kirstein leads them away and declares that he plans to kill both of them due to the fact that they pose a danger. When Marlowe gets scared and explains to Marlowe that Levi was not interested in him to die, Jean says that this is his decision on his own and that the other members are ignorant. Jean is then trying to stab them. But, stumbles and is unable to use the knife. 

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Marlowe holds it in his hands as Hitch is running through the room. Jean and Marlowe fight over the knife.¬†Hitch comes back with the branch and smashes it against the back that Jean’s face.¬†Also, Hitch will try to hit the head again however Marlowe interrupts her, telling her that Jean was trying to determine the severity of her injuries.

Royal Government arc hitch Attack On titan

Hitch and Marlowe are the two men who lead Squad Levi towards The Interior Brigade Compound, so they can take on it.

Marlowe and Hitch are joined by Hitch and Marlowe Hange to deliver Squad Levi the news that the military is able to overthrow the government and that the commander-in-chief Darius Zackly is now in the charge. They then go for the Reiss family chapel. Marlowe and Hitch remain guard in the chapel’s exterior whilst Hange and Levi’s crew enter the chapel to save Eren Yeager as well as Historia Reiss.

Following the rescue of Eren and Historia have been rescued, Marlowe and Hitch travel with the rest of the team to search for Rod Reiss, who has transformed into the form of a Pure Titan.

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After the coup Marlowe is enticed to join the Survey Corps to help them to retake Shiganshina District. Hitch is worried about his own safety, tries to persuade him to stay out of the situation, saying that he could be content with the honors they will award him as a result of helping with the coup. But he’s subsequently told to leave by Marlowe.

Return to Shiganshina arc

Return to Shiganshina arc

In the final moments of his life, Marlowe thinks of Hitch and speculates that she’s probably still asleep.

As Armin Arlert explains his strategy to win against his opponent, the Colossus Titan to Eren, Eren, who is newly awake Hitch is laying on the edge of her bed looking out the window of her room and is worried about Marlowe and thinking about whether the plan to take back Wall Maria and humanity’s land is going to be successful.

Following that the Survey Corps returns successful, Hitch attends a celebration to observe as the remaining soldiers are praised for their efforts. But, she’s left with a sense of sadness following the news of Marlowe’s final moments in Floch Forster.

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War for Paradis arc

War for Paradis arc

While at work, Hitch is looking over Annie’s crystal Hitch is caught by Armin Arlert, who is trying to touch her, while joking the fact that Annie is too famous for a girl who’s been asleep for a long time. They leave Annie’s holding space, talking about the growing disdain of the public towards the military as a result of the leak of information.

The two arrive at headquarters of the military and find it being sacked by a raged mob, who demand Eren’s release. Hitch gets asked to guard the entrance to the building from the mob. Armin departs to meet with the Commander-in-Chief Zackly.

A few minutes later the explosion occurs in the office of Zackly and sends his body out in the open of protesters and soldiers. Mikasa and Armin return to the gate and Hitch insists on knowing what transpired, but before they can answer, the crowd starts chanting “devote your hearts,” to the horror of the soldiers.

As they see the Wall Titans begin emerging from the Walls and moving towards the south, Hitch is assigned to aid civilians injured as a result of the Walls in their collapse.¬†While she’s working together, she and her fellow soldiers observe arguments breaking out among civilians who do not agree on whether the rumblings are justified and she is instructed to gather reinforcements and guns in the event that fights start.

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After assembling reinforcements at Stohess’s headquarters for military, Hitch notices a trail of liquid that is leading to the basement of the building.¬†Hitch continues to follow the trail, but is attacked by Annie who tries to fend off her.¬†Hitch is able to disarm exhausted Annie and attempts to summon reinforcements, however, Annie confesses that she’s cut herself.¬†Annie attempts to force Hitch to follow her instructions however Hitch will not hesitate to deflect her.¬†When someone comes to the door to inquire about the girl, Hitch makes a decision.

Hitch and Annie

Hitch is willing to help Annie to escape the area by presenting her actions as being a good fit to her and Annie. While the two travel across Stohess, Hitch reminds Annie of the harm Eren and Eren caused in their fight and asks if she thinks Marley’s plans justified all of the deaths. After hearing Annie’s story and wishes to see her father again, Hitch appreciates that Annie is willing to share her story with her.

After several days of travel, Hitch and Annie arrive in Shiganshina at the time of an event. They stop for lunch and Hitch decides to buy refreshments while Annie is waiting. Hitch returns to discover Annie absent and a note informing her that she was to the same place with Armin along with Connie.

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After three years of Eren’s demise, Hitch is among the Yeagerists in celebration of the formation of Paradis’s army

Clash of the Titans Arc

After the battle in the aftermath of the fight between Annie as well as Eren and Eren in their Titan form, Hitch complains about Annie being absent from her duties because she’s completely unaware of the fact that Annie was actually the Female Titan and therefore had been held.

Abilities Hitch Aot

Abilities Hitch Attack On Titan

Hitch’s real abilities are not known since she has not engaged in combat. Boris Feulner suggests she lacks the necessary skills to be placed in the Military Police through honest means. However, a few years later, when Hitch has taken on her duties as a police officer bit more seriously, as evidenced by her ability to control Annie when she attempted to frighten her Hitch probably has developed some combat abilities.

Statistics Data Book Hitch Aot

Statistics Data Book Hitch Aot
by Ermione

Relationships Hitch Aot

Marlowe Freudenberg

Hitch And Marlowe Attack On Titan

In Aot, Hitch as well as Marlowe were completely opposites to one another. Marlowe was an intense and serious person however Hitch is a laid-back and carefree person and often teased the latter for his moral sacrificial inclinations. However, Hitch has shown a deep love for Marlowe such as when she violently assaulted Jean as she threatened her and then attempted to dissuade him from joining the Survey Corps on the mission to take back Shiganshina in the fear of his security. After hearing about how Marlowe passed away during the mission Hitch appeared to be in a state of distress.

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Annie Leonhart

Annie And Hitch aot

Roommates assigned to the same team in the Stohess District, the two were, in many ways, opposites, Annie being stoic and shy, whereas Hitch has a personality that is lively and has an easy lifestyle, which is the reason why they were not close.¬†Hitch discovered Annie to be irritating in some instances because of her dark and solitary attitude to life. She would often making fun of her in an attempt to provoke a response to which Annie would respond in a pathetic manner with humor.¬†After Annie’s disappearance from the fight in the Stohess District, Hitch felt displeasure at her fellow soldiers in the Survey Corps, blaming them for denying her the chance to meet Annie more deeply, and believed that she was killed during the war.

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Then Hitch was astonished and intense when she learned Annie’s true name being the Female Titan responsible for the destruction of Wall Sheena and then asking her how her actions make her feel. Hitch was later designated to guard Annie’s crystal, and was frequently the only person to talk to her, suggesting that she was in fact affectionate. Hitch became the very first person to meet Annie when she left her crystal. After accepting Annie’s request to bring herself into Shiganshina, Annie uncharacteristically opens her heart her heart to Hitch about her experiences and thoughts about her conduct that Hitch acknowledges Annie for her honesty. The next day, Annie leaves Hitch a note of goodbye, in which she expresses gratitude for her friendship by talking to her over the course of four years while in solitude within her crystal.

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