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In Aot, Niccolo is one of the soldiers that was a member of the initial Mahr patrol ship that was which was sent on a mission to Paradise Island. He is well-known at Paradise Island for his culinary talents.

Appearance Niccolo Aot

Appearance Niccolo Aot

In Aot, Niccolo is a blonde-haired and a slim, thin man with average height. Like all soldiers in Mahr army Mahr Army the Mahr army, he’s often dressed in the national uniform. Because he is a resident of Paradise and is an outfit for cooks when cooking. If he visits the gravesite of Sasha Braus He wears an outfit of dark clothing.

Personality Niccolo Aot

Personality Niccolo Aot

Niccolo Aot was, like the majority of Mahrs who were astonished by the Eldians. He even asked his superior to kill people in the Exploration Battalion while he was in the hands of Hansi Zoe. However, after being imprisoned and being detained in Paradise Island, his anti- Eldian feelings waned.

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Story Niccolo Aot

Marley Arc

The first Mahr destroyer was assigned on Paradise Island, Niccolo was assigned as an Scout. He had the unfortunate experience of being captured from his fellow members in the Exploration Battalion. Hansi then introduced himself to captains of ships, attempting to portray it as they were friends. 

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However, Nicolo didn’t accept the invitation and instructed his commander to shoot all islanders. He witnessed, without power in his witness, the execution of former in the hands of Jelena. Then he was detained by the police from the islands.

Marley Arc

The next day, Niccolo was observed cooking fresh seafood to provide the island’s elves with food. He was initially a bit cocky towards them, but did not want to feel sympathy for demons up until the Braus family began to eat the food and praising his cooking. Then he changed his attitude toward them.

When he was informed of Sasha’s demise when he heard about her death, he went to her grave and eldian accusing him of having been there due to his race. Jean, Conny and Mikasa intervened to confirm the death of Sasha. They informed Sasha that her killer was an Mahr wannabe Conny and Mikasa also intervened, Conny and Mikasa intervened, Jean offered her apologies. 

Marley Arc

Niccolo informed her that there was no reason to apologize as the only thing he did was cook. Conny came in and told him that Sasha enjoyed his food and thanked him for his efforts. After a short time, Sasha’s family arrived and demanded to spend time with their daughter. Niccolo allowed them to sit for a while before deciding that he would introduce himself. He explained that his daughter was happy with his food and that he would be pleased to allow them to taste his food in honour the memory of their child. The father who was grieving was in agreement, and he was able to shake Niccolo’s hands.

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Return To Paradise Arc

A few nights ago, Niccolo was employed as a waiter to people who belonged to Special Brigades. Special Brigades.

Niccolo who had invited Braus to join him, Niccolo, having invited Braus and Braus to his home, visited to welcome them . He was surprised to discover that they were much larger than he expected. He erected them prior to serving them, and then returned in the kitchen. After a short time the meal, he had to take a break to let people from his Battalion of exploration and to inquire about his. He then took them to the room to hold them in a waiting area however he became upset with Jean who wanted to sip the wine in a bottle only exclusively for the High-Grades

Niccolo came back into the kitchen, carrying the bottle of wine however he was soon then followed by Gaby and Falco. He was shocked to find that the two youngsters were warriors in training and, when he found out how they got to Paradise the next day, he inquired to prove that they had killed an enemy soldier. Gaby acknowledged this and boasted about their next counterattack and Niccolo became extremely angry and attempted to smack Gaby by kicking her with a bottle However, Falco fell between them to shield her. Also, He profited from her stupor to hit at her on the forehead.

He was then joined by the Braus and He then threw Gaby on the floor with a knife and placed Falco underneath his arm. He told the Braus they knew that Gaby was the one who killed their child Sasha Braus and the real identity of her. Then, he handed Arthur Braus his knife and warned the man that if he did not murder her, he would. Then, members of the battalion went into the room to find out the truth about what was happening. 

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Niccolo determined to get revenge on Sasha and threaten to murder Falco in the event that they did to do anything. Gaby instructed him to not take any action against Falco since Falco was innocent. He became furious with her, shouting at her about how Falco had been to her. Then, he began talking about Sasha and how she was important to him, despite their differences. He also told her the way she made him look at the world through his food, and how it was then that he discovered that he could be able to make people satisfied by cooking for people rather than fighting. 

Gaby started shouting at him about how she had suffered the loss of loved ones, and she was vengeful for her. Niccolo quickly replied that he did not care who was the one who started it. Gaby replied that she was in awe. He was awed. Braus then intervened and demanded the knife that Niccolo handed him. 

Mr. Braus said that he was accountable for the death of his daughter, as she would not leave the forest. He handed over the blade to Lisa who placed the knife on the table. Niccolo was then able to free Falco and was later detained at the hands of Jean along with Conny. Niccolo recommended Hansi to wash Falco’s mouth. He also discovered that the wine included Sieg Jager’s cerebrospinal fluid.

After his revelations Jean demanded that he speak. Niccolo admitted that he was convinced that that the wines were poisoned as a result of the quantity of wine the boat was carrying on the purpose of a routine investigation. He also explained that Jelena was instructing that they serve the wine to upper ranks first. 

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Niccolo was then able to tell his guests that the practice of drinking poisoned wine has been employed in the past to snare a capitalist enemy and he believed that Jelena was planning to accomplish the same for the top levels. When John inquired about why he stopped him from drinking the drink, Niccolo confessed that he was confused, but that he wanted to make amends for himself and be a better person like Mr. Braus.

As he helped Hansi, Jean and Conny to wash Falco, Frock and his men arrived to detain them. He was able to recognize Griez the former colleague who disbelieved in the concept of poisoned wine in addition, Niccolo ridiculed him. The man was arrested and escorted away with others in the room.

Niccolo as well as The Braus family along with the Braus Family Tactical Squad, was imprisoned.

In his time in captivity during his captivity, he and the other Mr. Braus prepared tea. When he was visited by Jelena as well as her colleagues the prisoner tried to seek clarifications from Griez and was furious with him after he made a snide comment about Sasha prior to seeing him killed by Jelena. He also discovered, with the other the scheme of sterilization for Jelena along with Sieg Jager.

He was then told the beginning of the battle in the middle between Eren Jager, and Porco Galliard.

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After Onyankopon released the prisoners, Niccolo listened to Armin’s theory regarding Eren’s real plan. John was then given the security for the Braus. After his release the Braus family, he sought refuge with the Braus family as well as for his own in Shiganshina district where fighting was in full swing.

Niccolo Armed, the Braus sought refuge in a home.


When they fled their city they discovered themselves being pursued by the titanic pure of Naile Dork. He watched Kaya suffer a serious fall and rescued the Mr. Braus from the Titan by knocking him off the path. He then stopped him to stop him from interfering and causing him to be consumed. Gaby saved her from death and Braus and Niccolo protected her after they were discovered by soldiers within the town. They were later escorted away by soldiers. While they were on the way.

Niccolo overheard the conversation between the girls and intervened, explaining that everybody has a demon in them and they must leave the forest or at least attempt to. The girls then met with the rest of the team following their battle with the titans. There, they learned that Conny had abducted Falco to change his mother back to an human. She was transformed into a titan by Sieg’s scream. He consumed Porco to become his new owner jaw of the titan. They were able to watch as Gaby was begging Conny to rescue Falco. Then he prepared horses for the archer.

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He also prepared the horses to Armin Arlelt as well as Gaby as she was saying goodbye to the Braus. He also took this opportunity for him to notify Armin that he planned to remain at Braus for a while. Braus for a time but Armin advised him to leave the city as fast as feasible.

The year 857 was the first time he had been with members of the Braus family, which suggests that he had remained with them and that he had been accepted by them in a personal sense. The presence of the Braus family in Mahr at the ceremony to mark the birth of the army could indicate that the demise of Frock Vorster and the return to the business from Historia Reiss tempered the repression of Mahrites Mahr like Niccolo who Frock was a steadfast supporter.

Skills & Abilities Niccolo Aot

  • As an army soldier, Niccolo was trained in the military.
  • According to Jelena the chef’s cooking is superb, particularly the preparation of Mahr dishes.

Relationships Niccolo Aot


Initially , she was averse to her due to due to her Eldian roots, Niccolo seemed to become more accepting after Sasha expressed her appreciation for the food he cooked. As time passed, he grew more fond of her, and was shocked when he found out about her passing. Also in a conversation between “Mia” and “Ben” Sasha’s adoptive sister Kaya claimed that Sasha and cook Mahr were in an affair. 

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This is likely to explain Niccolo’s reaction when he learned of Sasha’s demise and his utmost fury after Gaby was discovered as her killer. When Niccolo was able to discover the name that was those who were the Aspiring Warriors, he went into a rage of murder and admitted his love for Sasha.


They worked at the same place. It is likely that they had a positive relationship. It was evident when Niccolo speaking in his conversation with him on his affections towards Sasha. Niccolo was extremely angry with him for joining to Jelena without warning. He screamed out in a violent way, and Griez was furious and slammed his lovefor him, while calling out Sasha. The disagreement was disrupted with Jelena and she was killed by Griez because of this reason.


After he learned the truth about her murderer He was furious and beat her to death, and then attempted to harm her in the same manner by attempting to murder Falco. However, he chose to let her go, not thinking of himself as less of an evil demon. He also aiding her in her efforts to help save Falco from Conny by making the horse she needed for her.

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Arthur played a significant role to play in the life of Niccolo He may have discovered in Arthur an ideal father figure was what he required. Actually, prior to their meeting in the year 854, Niccolo was in the center of an emotional battle because of his previous experience as a zealous Mahr soldier, where he was convicted of killing many civilians, including children. Arthur helped him stop the brutality by not allowing Gaby before him, and later accepting to give Gaby the assistance he had asked for. Niccolo joined him to stay at his farm.

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