Anime Couple : Our Top 30+

Anime Couple. You can’t have anime with only action and style. A good dose of romance has also come to define the genre. Several fan bases even watch anime only if it has interesting couples and some romantic fling-bling going on.

Speaking of couples, we at NNtheblog decided to share our little list containing the best anime couples of all time.

Fascinating Anime Couple

31. Zero Two and Hiro

Zero Two and Hiro

It’s not possible to meet your soulmate by making them jump out of a river in their nakedness and then holding on to a fish for each bite. It’s actually very rare. The relationship was at first one-sided. Zero Two, on the other hand, got a pet she truly loves. It is amazing to see how quickly that relationship grew.

They seemed like they were friends in the final scenes, cruising the cosmos together to find comfort. It is very romantic, but it can also be extremely dangerous.

30. Lelouch Lamperouge and Kallen Stadtfeld

Lelouch Lamperouge and Kallen Stadtfeld

It’s a shame that “Starting a Revolution”, takes so long. Even if they weren’t in danger, I would have loved to see them spend more time together. Their love is obvious. It wasn’t meant to be. Both were ambitious and cared deeply about their children’s futures.

However, we do receive confirmation that they felt just before Lelouch gave his Caesar treatment. It’s mostly up to us to imagine.

29. Krillin, Android 18

Krillin, Android 18

This is the most important W the poor man ever got in the entire DBZ series. It was certainly worth it, I’m certain. It was amazing to see how far Krillin would go to obtain Android 18. It was also only after a cheeky smile. When he repaid his feelings, it was a huge payoff for us all. Android 18 is an evil android. It’s funny to see her become the next short king.

28. Meruem and Komugi

Meruem und Komugi

Here’s where I will venture out on a limb. They were shown to be in love. It appears that they were in love.

Komugi was the one that made Meruem possible. Komugi was a sweetheart and a true sexy geek in Gungi. Before the bird incident, we saw the love Meruem felt for Komugi.

The final scene of their anime is my favorite. It was both tragic and inspiring. Meruem even found someone to share his last moments.

27. Kaoru and Hajime Tsunashi

Kaoru and Hajime Tsunashi

These two goals should be the core of anime community. It’s not unusual to hear a husband/boyfriend described as an otaku. His girlfriend or wife rarely tries to understand him and doesn’t just tell a few silly jokes.

Kaoru has her quirks. They seem happy together. It is hard to imagine them apart.

26. Haru and Legoshi

Haru and Legoshi

We won’t pretend I’m a furry. These two were amazing. It wasn’t even the “oh my god, they are so cute together/this may be us but we’re still playing” kinda amazing. It wasn’t, but it was very real.

Their relationship is complicated. The struggle for power, even though it’s not desired, is real. When Juno and my Dear hitman, side characters, made it feel heavier. It was amazing.

25. Haruhi, Tamaki

Haruhi, Tamaki

High school romances are a wonderful thing. The perfect place to meet love is “Ouran High School Student Hosting Club”. It’s great for Haruhi and Tamaki. Haruhi is an intelligent, humble girl who was accepted into her high school through merit.

Tamaki is able to see that her appearance isn’t sexy. Tamaki believed Haruhi was an alien boy at first, but she soon realized the truth and became protective about Haruhi. This leads to a blossoming love between them.

24. Inuyasha & Kagome

Inuyasha & Kagome

The name “Inuyasha” is both familiar to anime fans and nostalgic. Inuyasha and Kagome’s romance is what gives the show its beauty and balance.

It’s nice to see Inuyasha (a half-demon, mistrustful man) overcome his love failures to open up to Kagome. There are many amazing reincarnation stories in this anime. This is Inuyasha’s former love Kikyo. We won’t give any spoilers as it could be confusing.

These darlings go through many unpleasant emotions before Inu allows them to express their true love for each other. The relationship between these two anime lovers is complex and difficult. She teases him, making it even more attractive to viewers to support the pair.

23. Shouta and Sawako

Shouta and Sawako

We were able to see the repressed passion between them in “Kimi ni Todoke”. Shouta is the man every girl longs for. Their flirtatious natures are evident from the very first meeting. Sawako is not shy about showing his jealousy when it comes to Sawako helping other guys.

This anime romance is perfect! The sweet and shy elements are complemented by many’silent lovers’ moments. Every fan of the series eagerly awaited the moment that the lovers would share their feelings.

22. Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori

Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori

From the beginning, it was evident that they had chemistry. This was pointed out by Ayumi, the trolling angel. It wasn’t something I was interested in. These two goals became my goals, and I’ll use spoilers to explain.

Nao secretly followed Yuu around after Yuu’s yandere junior episode. She knew he was mad and didn’t stop him going on his rampage. He was close to the end when she intervened to stop him.

These two goals are combined with the last scene in the series.

21. Kaori and Kousei

Kaori and Kousei

This anime series, “Your Lie In April”, introduced us to these two lovebirds. These two lovebirds created some of the most intense emotions that you will ever see in anime couples.

They are relatable because of their ‘baggage’ and ‘complicated stories’, which makes them more likable.

Many believe that the best time for a romantic relationship is in their teenage years. It is precisely what Kaori and Kousei bring to the anime world, and their fans love seeing it.

Imagine someone you don’t know finding happiness and peace. It may sound cliché, but these men make it possible.

20. Kyou and Tohru

Kyou and Tohru

We turn to “Fruits Basket” for some nice bad-boy-meets-nice-girl romance. This anime has great chemistry between Kyou (a troublemaker with a fiery temper) and Tohru (“a teenager filled with hopes and dreams for sweet romance”)

Tohru has more than Kyou to think about. She also has the chance to discover love with her roommates. She also learns more about Sohma’s curse.

19. Misaki and Usui

Misaki and Usui

There was a lot to look forward to in “Kaichou wa Maid-Sama”, an anime that was released in Japan. The viewers also saw a couple who were a romantic couple, which left them feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Misaki is a girl with ‘daddy issues’ and mistrusts boys and men in general. Takumi seems determined change everything. Misaki is a strong female character that you instantly root for. When it comes to her past, you feel so much for her.

She must work one and study the other because of her poverty. Takumi is kind and understanding. They fall in love quickly. All this, despite Misaki’s mistrust. Takumi continues to show that she can trust him. Their relationship is sweet and subtle. It is amazing to see the tension between them.

18. Holo And Lawrence

Holo And Lawrence

You need to be a special fan in order to appreciate the intense relationship between Holo and Lawrence (Spice And Wolf). Holo, a wolf god, doesn’t hide her pointy ears and bushy tail.

Lawrence, a merchant-businessman, is Holo’s travel companion. Holo is flirty but Lawrence is not comfortable around normal women.

Their relationship progresses slowly and almost at a glacial pace, with occasional pauses. The character-couple concept was a wonderful way to increase tension. It also makes for memorable viewing.

These two unconventional couples must make difficult decisions and find crossroads. They have clearly identified a common need but are open to working together regardless of the circumstances.

17. Ichigo And Rukia

Ichigo And Rukia

We want to emphasize that “Bleach”, is not just about romance. You must witness the tension and subtlety between Ichigo & Rukia.

They share many things in common. They both have many common experiences, and they keep each other in their orbits.

They will always find a way back together, no matter how difficult. This is an indication of their deep love for one another and their longing.

16. Kurisu And Okabe

Kurisu And Okabe

Beautifully written relationships like the one between Okabe and Kurisu make “Stein’s Gate” one of the most beloved anime shows. Their love triumphs over every obstacle.

They were connected first by a shared love for science. This story is about text messages that transcend time, space, and all the possibilities they provide.

Kurisu is a visiting scientist, Okabe is a student at Okabe’s university. This is why there is an age gap between them. They are on a one way road to romance thanks to their long lab hours, many interesting discoveries, and have a lot to celebrate.

15. Ryuuji und Taiga

Ryuuji und Taiga

“Toradora”, an anime romcom, delivers on its promises and offers viewers a unique blossoming relationship.

Ryuuji and Taiga are a beloved rom-com couple. They bring many great elements to the show. They have a high school look and are full of cuteness.

The two main characters start out as lovers, hoping their crushes (who might be someone else) will reciprocate. They eventually meet and form a romantic relationship.

There is tension between Ryuuji’s caring attitude and Taiga’s initial cold stance. It is hard not to wish that these two people would come together.

14. Edward and Winry

Edward and Winry

Although there are many sad stories in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, it also has strong romance. The show’s two childhood sweethearts are a great example of their alchemy.

Their bond is strong and blossoms into a strong romantic partnership. Both of them went through many things together. Winry was there when Edward underwent mecha-surgery following an accident that claimed his limbs.

They may disagree a lot, but she will always stand by him. This is a beautiful romance with a tragic storyline. Many people root for the main characters.

13. Risa and Otani

Risa and Otani

You might see “Lovely Complex” anime. This means that the writers were focused on romantic character arcs. This was the result and viewers were treated to two of the most romantic love-dovey duos in anime. It’s funny to see Risa (the tallest girl in the series), warm up to Otani (the shortest boy in class).

The anime couple started as friends and has since challenged stereotypes and sought love in all the right places. Their constant bickering is pure romance pre-eminence bliss. They are obsessed about everything in common, including menus and events.

12. Banri and Koko

Banri and Koko

The creators of “Toradora” also created “Golden Time”, an anime that is a masterpiece. This anime, which is a fan favorite, depicts Banri’s college romance with Koko in their early years at university.

They explore all aspects of life together, including classes and clubs, and eventually discover that they are compatible. The spark between the two of them is very small at first but it grows as the show progresses and they become closer over the course of its 24-episode run.

The viewers are introduced to Banri’s memory problems and Koko’s childhood abandonment issues. The tragedy brings these two together in the most charming ways.

11. Mikasa And Eren

Mikasa And Eren

The title of the show, Attack on Titan, conjures images of other-worldly creatures as well as a post-apocalyptic future. The anime’s central character Mikasa (or Eren), is a strong romantic figure.

These characters are as well-known as the show.

Their relationship is strikingly different. He is open and honest with her, but she has trouble opening up. A maturity difference exists between them in that they behave more like children and parents than they do as adults.

They share a passion for each other that is well-known to viewers. This passion began with the Titan encounter and continues to the Titan’s rescue.

10. Victor And Yuuri

Victor And Yuuri

Yuuri and Victor are the couple that first made it onto this list. Couples can have all sorts of love. In the anime sports show “Yuri On Ice”, fans were treated to a real couple-up.

Their relationships are as real as their interactions. They share a strong bond and are motivated to succeed together. They share a common emotional and motivating need.

Fans love that there is no forced connection.

9. Celty, Shinra

Celty, Shinra

“Durarara,” the anime, is very exciting! “Durarara” brought two lovers into each others’ lives!

Celty and Shinra have redefined the meaning of “odd couple”. The series follows a series of bizarre life moments about Ikebukuro’s residents. Celty is a headless fairy.

To find a head, she travels to Japan. Shinra Kishitani, a scientist who wants to know more about her, is the one she meets.

8. Chiyo, Umetarou

Chiyo, Umetarou

Imagine asking your crush out on a date, only to be met with confusion. This is exactly how it happens in “Gekkan Shinjo Nozaki Kun”, where high schooler Chiyo confides to Umetarou Nozaki that she feels for him.

Umetarou is a well-known shoujo manga author who misunderstands her intentions, and assumes she is a fan.

Chiyo Sakura, a broken man, decides to make friends and become Umetarou’s assistant. The man doesn’t know her true love, but they are able to have so many romantic interactions that they want to do everything.

7. Kamina And Yoko

Kamina und Yoko

“Gurren Lagann”, an anime classic, is a great source of entertainment for anime fans. Two exquisitely crafted characters are Kamina Littner (Yoko Littner) that show this is a great example.

The majority of the story takes place in the village below the surface. Simon and Kamina meet when they reach the surface in search of sniper-girl Yoko. Kamina is a little playboy and won’t hesitate to take on Yoko. Yoko doesn’t appreciate this. The anime’s amazing storytelling leads them to a story that takes them to the path of finding love.

The love-love relationship between them was sealed by their unforgettable kiss on the battlefield. To see the full story, you have to watch the anime.

6. Yuzuru And Kanade

Yuzuru And Kanade

Most anime fans will recognize the name “Angel Beats”. Its emotional story is loved by viewers around the globe, as well as the many fans Yuzuru Takibana and Kanade Takibana.

It is a literal new world where the souls of those who died on Earth live in purgatory-like high school. One SSS brigade tries to defeat God and return to their normal lives.

As uncomfortable as all this may sound, the show is guaranteed to make you cry, especially certain moments between Angel (an antagonistic supernatural-power-wielding girl) and Otonashi (who is stuck in limbo).

Soon, Angel discovers that Angel is Kanade Tachibana and that Angel is her real name. She is also dead. They start to work together to save others from harsh afterlife.

The way emotions blossom is the reason that the show’s scripting is so well done. This story is extremely emotional, and two lovers from opposite worlds will undoubtedly meet again in another lifetime.

5. Simon and Nia

Simon and Nia

We feel compelled by the lovebirds of this show to write another article after having written about two anime lovers in “Gurren Lagann”.

Simon, the main character, is often accompanied by Kamina. Although the character is shy and reserved, viewers can see how he was pushed around during the show’s initial stages.

The anime’s excellent writing makes his story more confident. Nia is a beautiful girl who becomes his friend.

It is fascinating to see her as an Inhuman. Simon is an excellent source of information.

They did have a proposal and a wedding. This is not the fault of Dai Gurren. Simon and Nia were able overcome their differences by pure chemistry and true love.

4. Nagisa and Tomoya

Nagisa and Tomoya

Many anime fans will tell ya that Clannad has one of the most romantic stories of all time.

Nagisa Furukawa takes Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent, under her wing. He learns to love regardless of the events in his past. These two characters are worth watching anime to fall in love.

Tomoya gradually learns to be grateful for all he has, even his family. Nagisa is a beloved anime character. He also has a mysterious illness.

She gives Tomoya courage and gives Nagisa something to look forward to every day. They will also marry, which will be the end of an extremely important story-arc that will keep anime fans coming back for more.

3. Tatsumi And Mine

Tatsumi And Mine

Although “Akame ga Kill” isn’t everybody’s idea, it’s a beautiful anime. They managed to create a unique love story. This is a strong contender for the Shounen series.

You’re not the only one rooting for Tatsumi and Akame. It was amazing to see Tatsumi and Mine presented on this program.

Tatsumi becomes friends with Mine, even though she was initially distant. This makes for a charming video. Each Assassin has its own set of challenges.

Mine finally shows Tatsumi a different side of herself. This anime is a sad example of budding romance.

2. Goku and Chi Chi

Goku and Chi Chi

Chi Chi is known for shouting at Goku and Gohan. Remember the other side. First, Chi Chi waited so long for Goku. Waiting for him to fulfill his promise.

Second, Goku should occasionally be shouted at. This man’s brain can only be described as a bicep. Truth be told, fighting and Goku have always been included on my list. You can see that they were meant for each other in Dragon Ball Z and the Dragon Ball Series.

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1. Naruto and Hinata

Naruto and Hinata

The “Naruto Shippuuden” and “Naruto Naruto”, series offered plenty of action as well as lots of lovey-dovey moments between Naruto and Hinata.

Although this anime series isn’t shounen, it allows for some romantic bonding. There are many sad scenes in this show, some of which are related to the tension between Naruto & Hinata.

This couple can be called ‘childhood sweethearts’ because of their shared childhood. They worked together to fight for the same causes. They agree that similar-minded couples are the best.

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