Noen av dere har allerede hørt om aoi ashi eller blå lås eller begge deler.
Dette er de 2 mest interessante fotballmangan for øyeblikket, og kanskje etterfølgere av den berømte sportsmangankapteinen Tsubasa. Så vi får se hva hver og en snakker om



Ashito ao ashi

Ashito Ao er en tredjeårig ungdomsskoleelev fra Ehime. Han møter Tatsuya Furuda, trener for J Youth League. Selv om han fortsatt er en tøff spiller, viser Ashito utrolig potensial og er invitert til å bli med på lagets Tokyo-try-outs av Fukuda. Historien begynner om gutten som vil revolusjonere japansk fotball.


Isagi Blå lås

Den japanske fotball a ** ociation evaluerer den nåværende staten japansk fotball og ansetter Jinpachi Ego, en eksentrisk trener. Dette vil hjelpe dem med å nå målet om å vinne VM. Jinpachi skaper Blue Lock, et fengselslignende anlegg som huser tre hundre talentfulle spisser fra forskjellige videregående skoler over hele Japan. Blue Locks eneste overlevende blir landslagets spiss. De som taper i kampen mot Blue Lock skal utvises fra laget.

This project is led by Yoichi Isagi Sam. He was a high school striker who failed to make it to the national tournament. He wondered if it might have been better for his teammate to score independently than to pass to them. The Blue Lock Project is Yoichi’s golden opportunity to clear his doubts and achieve his ultimate goal, which is to be the best striker in the game to lead Japan to World Cup glory.

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Setting the scene

Isagi Yoichi blue lock

The story starts with Japan’s exit from the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Japanese Football Union (JFU), a member, creates a program that recruits high school students and starts training for 2022 Cup.

Ego Jinpachi is their “coach”. Ego Jinpachi plans to “destroy Japanese football” through a radical new training program. He will house 300 young strikers in a prison-like facility. Blue Lock, and then put them through intense training that aims to make him “the greatest egotist striker in the world.”

The concept seemed easy enough at first. This was a story about a team of sports players where you are the main character. You will be involved in the action, there will be tension and competition. It was a completely different experience than any sports animes that I had ever seen.

Blue Lock’s strengths

Isagi Blue lock

Although a lot of anime are focused on friendship and team building this story is different. This is where the manga’s psychological side comes in.

Ego stated “Those who lose at Blue Lock will be permanently barred from Japan’s national team.”

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In the first chapter, he told them that their football careers would be over once they entered the facility.

It could be that a survival game, players leave the game if they don’t respect the criteria. They must be assertive and self-sufficient. This allows them to show their human nature.

We see the characters’ determination to improve themselves and each have their own specialties. Other players can be either obstacles or stepping stones towards the top.

Isagi Youichi is, of course, the “main character.” This is because he is the character we most closely follow in the story. He might be the last striker in the end, but there are so many great players. Blue Lock. We can only wish that something better happens.

Isagi Youichi, forward, received an invitation by the program shortly before his team lost the chance at Nationals. This character passed the responsibility to his less-skilled teammates –who failed to attempt to win the game-changing goal himself.

He was the first to make the move in his direction. Blue Lock and his growth so far has been fascinating to watch and he is completely different than the boy who handed a ball to his fellow teammate at the beginning. Isagi is an excellent example of what can happen when there is a goal.

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Our verdict

This manga’s story isn’t the only thing that is impressive. The artwork is stunning and enhances the story’s enjoyment. The characters’ auras and their shooting goals are drawn in such a way as to add to the story’s intensity. This article will make you pay more attention to your eyes. Their design takes a lot of thought.

If this manga were made into an anime, it would be great.

Bashira blue lock


Written and drawn by Yûgo Kobayashi, Ao Ashi is in publication since 2015 in Japan. The manga series was awarded the Manga Awards 65 in 2019, which is one of the most prestigious awards within the archipelago.

Setting the scene

The title described itself several times as a mix between shōnen on the soccer field and a seinen off it. And I can say that indeed, you feel this very “serious” and seinen aspect quickly. Ao is a young man who does not live in the fields.

Ashito aoi ashi

Indeed, we don’t know too much about it, but at the bend of some boards, we notice that Ao’s family doesn’t seem to be very well off and the young man plays with worn out and perforated shoes. Ao’s older brother gives him all his hard-earned savings in order to take part in the selection.

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Alone and stressed, the young man doesn’t know which sauce he will be eaten. The J-League, Japan’s highest level of soccer, is his dream. But, it could all be ruined forever.

He quickly meets a friend who lets him go to the tests without too much worry.

Soon Ashito realizes the difficulty of the tests. He was surrounded by the greatest talents his age. The coaches from the Tokyo City Esperion team saw them all and promised them a bright future in the J-League.

Ashito’s intelligence is not absurd. He performs well in the physical test and can compete with his teammates.

The second phase of the test starts and the manga takes a more significant turn. It focuses on soccer while the first part focused on Ao and his story, which was somewhat tormented.

Ao Ashi is strong

Ashito shot ao ashi

Ao Ashi is a mixture of different genres of shonen and scice of life.
You can see Ashito face his challenges and realize how difficult it is to be a professional soccer player.
This soccer manga is unlike any other, and it is grounded in reality. It teaches you the true meaning of the sport.
While most of us have seen Captain Tsubasa’s videos, can you please give me one soccer tip that we have learned?
Blue Lock is a great shonen manga. However, if you take out soccer and replace it with basketball, this scenario would still be useful.

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Our Verdict

Ao Ashi is, in our opinion, the manga that best reflects this sport in the current decade.

defenders aoi ashi


The synopsis can help us to see the differences between the 2 mangas.
Blue Lock, on the other hand, is more optimistic than Ao Ashi and tries to break the codes. It forces its universe to work for it and sets the stage for the next challenge.

Blue lock takes a more competitive approach to the manga, while Aoashi tried but was unsuccessful in bringing out the side of rivalry that can be found in the other. However, this manga managed to be more realistic and that’s what makes its strength.
Both mangas take a different approach and will be loved by their fans. Blue Lock is, however, more promising and will be a pillar over the next few years.

Winner Blue Lock

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blue lock vs captain tsubasa

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