Kurapika Ketten

Kurapika chains are in fact a materialization of her nen. They consist of a main chain and five other small chains connected to each of his fingers and fixed by rings. The quality of the chain can even stop gun bullets.

Nen Ability: Nen Chains

Nen Chains

These are actually five nen abilities that Kurapika, a Kurta Clan nen user, has been assigned to one finger of his right hand. These chains are made of nen because Kurapika is a specialist and a conjurer at first. The conjurer gives him the ability to use the chains, while the specialist grants him the ability to master other nen types. These are the types: emitter, enhancer and manipulator.

Judgement Chain – First skill of the Kurapika chains

Judgement Chain

The ability Judgment Chain is located at the pinkie. The Judgement Chain is a chain that has a sword on it, the Stake of Retribution. It is stabbed into the target’s heart to enforce a rule. To stay alive, the target must follow the rules until they die from other causes or the sword is taken away. Although it is not known if the chain will be removed when the nen user has died, it is believed that the target would at the very least still be subject to the rule and would most likely die. This ability is only available when Kurapika’s eyes turn red. It indicates that Kurapika is using his special ability to use other types of nen. He is also using the emitter, manipulator classes when he uses this ability. Kurapika used this to stop him from using Chain Jail on any other than the Spiders.

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Downsing Chain – Second skill of the Kurapika chains

Dowsing Chain

Next is the ring finger, the Dowsing Chain. The ball at the end of this chain can be used to inform Kurapika about where someone or something is. Once Kurapika has located the object or person he is looking for, the ball at the end will move in that direction until it stops moving. If someone lies, the ball will sway back and forth. This chain can be used to attack someone, offensively or defensively.

Chain Jail – Third skill of the Kurapika chains

Chain Jail

This durable, hook-shaped chain is made to restrain and envelop Spiders. It locks its captives in a Zetsu state, preventing them from using Nen abilities and shutting off their aura. It is impossible to escape it by brute force. However, Uvogin, the most powerful Spider, can’t break free.

Kurapika chains vs Uvogin

Kurapika is able to fully control a distant target within a fraction of a second. Kurapika created this chain by imposing a Limitation on his ability to use it against Phantom Troupe members. He also stipulated that he will die if he violates this condition. Conjuration is the only type of nen used in this situation.

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Steal Chain – Fourth skill of the Kurapika chains

Steal Chain

Among the chains of Kurapika, from our opinions, it’s undoubtedly the most dangerous.

Steal Chain is a small syringe-shaped chain that Kurapika has attached to his index or pointer fingers. This ability allows Kurapika to steal a nen capability from a target. However, it can be very painful for the target. During the process, the target is forced to enter a state called Zetsu. Kurapika has the ability to either give or take a stolen ability from another nen user. This nen type can only be used for conjuration.

Holy Chain – Fifth and last skill of the Kurapika chains

Holy Chain from Kurapika chains

His thumb is covered in Holy Chain. A cross is found at the end of this chain. The Holy Chain allows him heal from a simple scratch to an extremely serious injury in seconds. This ability can be used on anyone, regardless of their nen type.

Emperor Time – Kurapika eyes

Emperor Time

Kurapika transforms from a Conjurer into a Specialist when his eyes turn scarlet. This ability allows Kurapika to use all types of Nen up to 100% efficiency (for Conjurers). Kurapika uses the terms „Level“, ‚Force, and ‚Accuracy‘ to explain this: Kurapika’s „Levels“ in each Nen category remain the same during Emperor Time but his „Force“, „Accuracy“, and „Force“ for every category are increased to 100%. Kurapika’s Conjuration „Level“ would be 10, but his Emission „Level“, which is the polar opposite aura type, would remain at most 4. However, his Force and Accuracy in all Emission abilities would rise from 40% to 100%, making Kurapika even more competitive against Level 4 Emitters. Kurapika’s life expectancy is cut by an hour for every second he spends in this mode.

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Stealth Dolphin

Stealth Dolphin - Kurapika chains

By activating Emperor Time, Kurapika is able to summon a dolphin-like creature with a syringe placed on each pectoral end. The construct can be visble and audible only by Kurapika. This construct can „equip“, analyze and report on the stolen ability to Kurapika. Kurapika can then take the stolen ability and use it for himself OderLending You can do this to anyone, even non-users. Steal Chain. In this instance, a listening device is created in the ear of the recipient that allows them to communicate via telepathy with the dolphin. The dolphin will be able to guide the new recipient about how to use the ability. When the recipient of the loaned capability gives the order, the borrower will use it. Kurapika gives the ability to activate it to someone else. It is then fueled by the aura Steal Chain Taken from the owner.

Stealth Dolphin’s side effect is that it can be used on non-users to allow them to see aura and then semi-force all their Aura Nodes open. They are effectively Nen users. Training is still needed to control one’s aura flow and prevent it from leakage.

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He can give the dolphin a stolen ability, but only one time. After that, it will be returned to the original owner. Emperor Time will continue to be active as long as the stolen abilities aren’t reclaimed. Kurapika will be notified every day by the dolphin about how long Emperor Time has not been active. 


Kurapika chains

As you can see, every Kurapika’s finger has its own unique ability. If it continues to progress, that will be what we believe will make it unstoppable. Also, Kurapika chains are versatile and balanced in terms of attack and defense.

Ironically, in spite of all the information, it remains a mystery because we still wonder: is Kurapika a girl?

We look forward to seeing his progression and skills in the Dark continent manga’s new arc.

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