LA FUERZA DE LA EXPLOSIÓN EN UN SOLO GOLPE. la Asociación de Héroes. Es el héroe más poderoso de la Asociación de Héroes fuera de Saitama. Solo unos pocos miembros del personal de la Asociación de Héroes pueden comunicarse con él.

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Blast es alto y musculoso con el pelo gris que es ligeramente puntiagudo. Blast lleva una pesada armadura con grandes hombreras y una gran capa que está desgastada en su parte inferior. También tiene emblemas de su nombre tanto en el pecho como en la espalda de sus zapatos. Cuando presiona sus manos juntas para teletransportarse, sus guantes forman un símbolo de infinito. El traje está ligeramente dañado, probablemente por las muchas batallas en las que ha estado. Usa sombras y tiene una cicatriz entre los ojos. Su contorno de iris no es el mismo que el de otros personajes, pero tiene un patrón distintivo de color negro ondulado.

Blast se parecía mucho al de hoy, excepto que tenía el cabello más oscuro y una barba más corta. No llevaba sombras y ni su armadura ni él habían sido heridos.

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Blast was previously Blast está apareciendo actualmente


Explosión de personalidad

THE FORCE OF BLAST IN ONE PUNCH MAN. In the Hero Association Catalog, Blast does not reveal his personal information. He views his hero work as a hobby, much like Saitama. He is also independent, keeping his status and location secret and advising Tatsumaki that she use her own power to defend herself, rather than relying on others.

Blast is casual and easygoing in the present. He didn’t seem to be bothered by Saitama Flashy and Manako touching the cube as they didn’t know what it was or accepted the deal. Blast did not get angry when Flashy Flash attempted to attack him. He simply told him to calm down and was happy to teleport them all out of the area.

Personality blast

Blast didn’t question Saitama’s presence with an S-Class hero, and even answered Saitama’s question about him warping there. However, he was briefly concerned by Manako’s presence with them as she is a monster. After Saitama’s explanation, Blast quickly returned to his relaxed attitude and accepted the explanation without further questions.

Although he was a sharp and analytical person, Blast did not see the true value of Saitama. He also failed to recognize the danger Garou presented. Blast saw his mistake in judgment when he underestimated the Caped Baldy. He became very worried about Garou’s imminent clash with Saitama.

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Blast saved Tatsumaki 18 years ago from a hybrid beast. The young esper was then introduced to him and asked her why she hadn’t used her psychic abilities to save herself. Tatsumaki claimed that her psychic powers were not working. But Blast realized that Tatsumaki was lying. Blast realized that Tatsumaki was lying when she said her powers weren’t working. Tatsumaki also knew her little sister Fubuki. Tatsumaki encouraged her to use her power to protect her family.

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Blast was 2 years old when he fought Elder Centipede, bringing him to the brink.




Alien Conquerors Arc

Child Emperor is disappointed by Blast’s absence at the S-Class meeting. This is later confirmed and confirmed by Sitch, who refers to his unknown whereabouts.


Human Monster Saga

Monster Association Arc

Monster Association Arc

In a Hero Association meeting, Blast is mentioned. One staff member is disappointed by Blast’s inactivity despite him being the highest ranked hero of the S-Class. Blast’s lack of activity is frustrating despite him being the top-ranked hero in the S-Class.

Sweet Mask’s vision of Blast

Drive Knight questions whether Blast will be visible if the Hero Association Headquarters are attacked. Sekingar replies that it is unlikely, saying that Blast is more than likely to appear.

Sweet Mask experiences a vision of Blast during his mental breakdown. This could mean that Blast saved Sweet Mask in the past from a monster.

Monster Association Arc

Tatsumaki also has flashbacks of Blast 18 years ago when he saved Tatsumaki from a monster. Tatsumaki has a flashback of Blast 18 years ago when he saved her from a monster. It is found to be very heavy. The cube was able to grab Flashy Flash’s arm and sink into the ground. Manako couldn’t lift it.

Explaining what the cube is by Blast

Flashy Flashy Flashy Flashy and Manako suddenly see Blast. This is because the voice of ” god” spoke in their heads due to contact with the cube. He points out how he made it to the cube in time, and makes sure they haven’t accepted the deal. He briefly explains the layout of the cube to Flashy Flash and asks why Flashy Flash is so low to the ground. Flashy Flash tries to “test” his hero with his fastest kicks.

Monster Association Arc

But Blast manages nonchalantly to dodge Flash and quickly appears behind him. Blast observes that time moves slower inside the space they are in than it does outside, and that he can take the them to the surface. He questions why they don’t have a monster with them. But Manako leaves it up to Saitama to explain. He then creates a portal that teleports them all out and asks the heroes to send their regards to Tatsumaki and Sitch.

“I must provide support. “I’m not fighting on my own.”

Blast drops Saitama and Flashy Flash near Garou, before teleporting away for his unknown business. He teleports to Tatsumaki, half-conscious, shortly after he had just resisted an illusion from God. He comments on her growth, saying that while he had managed to keep “that thing” at bay, he let it in contact with him while he was in the time cleft caused by the cube. Blast notices King around and recoginizes him. He hands Tatsumaki to him and tells him to take care and to return for backup. King is unsure what Blast meant. Blast, however, steps through a portal and states that he does not fight alone.

Later, Blast and his companions in another dimension notice a disturbance on Earth. This disturbance is caused by the fight between Saitama & Garou. Blast reveals an image of Earth to everyone and finds that it has bulged. Some of his companions wonder if this was an anomaly or an individual causing it. Blast and his companions remained astonished by the mystery and instead headed toward an unknown seal, which apparently contains “God” to fix it.

Monster Association Arc

Later, Blast appears at the heroes’ standoff with Garou. He has been influenced by God and mutated, confirming Bang’s suspicions about Garou being unconsciously controlled by God. Blast explains that Garou’s attacks would endanger all living creatures and the cosmic radiation emitted by him would cause death to the heroes around him. Blast then offers to take Garou into another dimension to help protect the Earth. Blast observes that Garou retains some humanity and he concludes that the Hero Hunter may have been able to withstand full power impartation from God.

He wonders what would happen if Garou had given up on his human nature. Garou rejects Blast’s offer and claims that he would become a Disaster Level God and an enemy of mankind with the blessings of his new abilities. Bang tries to stop Garou, but Blast warns him not to. To Blast’s delight, Genos uses the remaining power he has to hurl himself at Garou and headbutts his chest.

Garou grabs Genos by his hair, intently killing him. Blast uses his dimension manipulation abilities to save the young S-Class. He appears to have the advantage due to his speed and portal-creation abilities. However, Garou quickly adapts to Garou’s ability to create portals and makes a powerful attack that combines Garou and Blast’s. This forces the top hero on the defensive.

Monster Association Arc

After a brief engagement in battle Garou asserts that Blast is living up to his rank 1 position but that he doesn’t deserve his time anymore. Garou knows that Saitama will be back and that the Caped Baldy wasn’t going all out against Genos earlier. He impales Genos with a blow through the chest and tears out his power core in an attempt to upset Saitama.

Soon after Saitama is launched off the planet by Garou’s rocket, he is clearly upset at the fact that he couldn’t save his disciple or the other heroes. Meanwhile, Blast warns Garou to stay away from him, unaware of his strength. Enraged, Saitama charges at Garou with a Severe Punch. The Hero Hunter immediately copies the attack and then responds with the same attack. Blast detects the energy in their punches, and fears that their confrontation will destroy the Earth.

Blast uses his portal abilities to teleport Saitama and Garou to a space between Earth and Moon before their fists collide. The energy shockwave from their punches is too strong for even the most high-ranking S Class hero, who still tries to alter the direction of the destructive energy away. Blast’s companions are there to help him. They then combine their efforts to improve Blast’s energy handling capabilities to redirect the shockwave from Saitama and Garou’s powerful punches away. Blast and his companions are left wondering how far they have been sent flying by the energy.

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Blast’s Dimensional Abilities | One Punch Man By MaSTAR Media

Blast, the Hero Association’s highest-ranking hero, is not only the most powerful, but also the most skilled in combat. He was able to hold his own against COSMIC Fear Mode Garou. This formidable adversary, who had been given powers by “God”, has proved to be a deadly and powerful opponent. The Hero Hunter remarked that Blast wasn’t the highest-ranking S Class hero for nothing. He wanted to ensure that the unconscious heroes were safe first and prevent collateral damage.

Fubuki says that Blast is “sit atop of the hero world” when she talks to Saitama, which is a reference to Blast’s ability to bring Elder Centipede to death. However, Elder Centipede was smaller than he was at the time he fought Blast. Gyoro Gyoro believed Blast could defeat Elder Centipede despite this.

HOW STRONG IS BLAST : Abilities and powers

Just seconds before Tatsumaki met him in the past, Blast killed a gigantic monster that could smash through steel doors. It’s not known how he killed the giant monster, but he was able to see Tatsumaki and tell that she was her sister. This suggests that he might be a psychic or mind-reading expert.

Fubuki suggests that Blast, who is more powerful than King, can fire lasers from his eyes, rules over psychic abilities and commands trillions robots. He could defeat the rest of the S-Class in one go

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Physical Disabilities

Extreme Speed and Reflexes Blast is a fast individual with incredible speed and reflexes. He has proven his superiority to Flashy Flash, an S-Class hero known for his incredible speed. He was able to dodge one of Garou’s most powerful attacks from a distance, and was able to keep up with COSMIC Fear Mode Garou, who was powered “God”, and whose speed as well as agility far exceed that of Flashy Flash. Blast was able quickly to redirect Garou’s punches into portals.

Incredible Strength: Blast has an incredibly strong arm, which allows him to easily carry the Mysterious Cube around, even casually spinning it on the tip of his fingers. [9]

Resistance To Radiation: The Blast is strong resistant to radiation. He was able to be in the vicinity Cosmic Fear Mod Garou and not be affected by the cosmic radiation that the Hero Hunter emitted.


Amazing Abilities

THE FORCE OF BLAST IN ONE PUNCH MAN Teleport Flashy Flash, Saitama and Manako from the underground by blasting

Dimensional Portal Generation: Blast has the ability to create portals that allow him to travel through other dimensions or transfer objects and attacks.


Fighting Style


Expert Hand to-Hand Combatant – Blast seems to be skilled at close-range combat and uses his power to create portals that aid him in battle. This was evident during his fight against Garou.

  • Dimension Cannon , Dimenshon Kyanon Blast: He shoots a miniature singularity at his opponent in order to forcefully teleport him to another place. He can also create multiple singularities that connect with each other, so that the opponent can be teleported in a specific position to attack their blind spots.
  • Gravity Knuckle ( Zhong Li Quan , Gurabiti Nakkuru (): Blast uses Gravitation He was able to use his fists to increase his power, which allowed him to punch hard. He was able knock him back Cosmic Fear Mode Garou was also attacked, but the latter didn’t suffer any major injuries. [23]
  • Shut ( Zhe Duan , Shatto ): Blast holds his hands together and closes two portals on top of one another. [23] This ability allows him to trap his enemies in a different dimension.


The Mysterious Cube: Blast was seen holding a cube while having a conversation about Tatsumaki 18-years ago. [34] He later appears to have collected the cube touched again by Manako, Flashy Flash and Saitama and acts as a transmitter to “God”. [36] The cubes can distort time and space within their vicinity. These cubes are teleported to unknown places by Blast, who has been collecting them as a hobby.

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