Hyoma Chigiri Blue Lock : Tout ce que vous devez savoir

Hyoma Chigiri

Hyoma Chigiri is the main character supporting The Blue Lock (Manga)

Chigiri has been a forward who has a prodigy who was shackled due to an injury in his past, but let go of his worries during his time playing at Blue Lock so he could keep playing football full-time. When he first arrived to Blue Lock, Chigiri was part of Team Z. Chigiri spent part in the First Selection avoiding participation or making it a minimal amount, but after being driven by Isagi during Team Z’s 3rd game made the decision to release his fears and join the team in order to be the top striker. He is a lot like his adversaries.

He is currently ranked 44 from the original 300 forwards who were selected to participate in the Blue Lock Project and is named the right sideback in the Blue Lock Eleven team against the Japan U-20 team during the first portion of the Japan National Representative Match.

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Appearance Chigiri Blue Lock

Appearance Chigiri Blue Lock

Chigiri is an athletic and young man sporting reddish-pink hair and deep, pink eyes. Also, Chigiri was a young man and from an early age has always displayed a feminine appearance, as evident through his long eyelashes as well as delicate facial appearance. Chigiri is frequently known as « Kunoichi » or « Princess » because of his feminine look and ninja-like speed. He is very similar to his older sister and mother. Chigiri’s hair is shorter than neck length until when he was in high school, when it grew up to the shoulder. Chigiri’s hair extends beyond his shoulders and features one long, sweeping bang that stretches across one side. When playing, he is known to braid the opposite side of his hair so that it doesn’t touch his face.

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Then, at Blue Lock, Chigiri wears the body suit that is standard for Blue Lock (black that has grey stripes) and tracksuit. For First Selection First Selection, he wore the blue jersey of Team Z and wore the gray-capped cleats of Team Z. The second selection He was wearing Team Red’s #44 jersey and then switched to white after Chigiri was added to Isagi’s squad. In Third Selection Third Selection, he wears the white jersey of Team B’s. It’s not until the game against Japan U-20 that Chigiri take on the authentic Blue Lock player uniform with the number 4, which is exactly like the ones found in the initial page spread with the exception of his Japan flag.

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Personality Hyoma Chigiri Blue Lock

Personality Hyoma Chigiri Blue Lock

Chigiri from a young age always believed that he was ahead of the rest due to his natural strength muscles, his incredible skill at football, and his incredible speed. Chigiri was once a bit snobby at those who stood out of his way or irritated him , but was generally modest. The moment he tears the ACL does his perception of superiority begin to fall away and after being bullied at by his fellow Wanima Brothers he becomes afraid of playing soccer completely. He’s so terrified of not playing football again that he would rather seek a reason for quitting rather than continue to pursue his goal.

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He is a fan of taking care of his appearance regularly such as blow drying and caring for his hair. He also talks about how he takes care of his knee injury.

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Abilities Chigiri Blue Lock



Abilities Chigiri Blue Lock Counterattacks

Counterattackers refer to any offensive player who uses their speed to outrun opponents and create unexpected scoring chances at any given moment. They also require a certain amount of shooting ability. Counterattacking opportunities are created when opponents are attacking a team that has the majority of their players advancing. A counterattack occurs when the ball is dragged back and quickly put into the space of a counterattacker to run on or the player grabs the ball and then runs at a rapid pace through a defensive half of the opposition.

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Physical Ability3/5

Incredible speed: 

Incredible speed

Chigiri has naturally strong leg muscles as well as a skilled footwork, which allows him to sprint across the field at insane speeds. Chigiri is widely believed as the most fast player of Blue Lock and only players with a high speed, such as Ryusei Shidou Eita Otoya, and Zantetsu Tsurugi can match Chigiri. Chigiri’s speed is being compared by a few players, to date there is no way for anyone to match Chigiri in a battle of speed. 

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Hyoma Chigiri has even sped by Oliver Aiku, the #1 player in his team, the Japan U-20. This speed, coupled with his sense of and knowledge of position, allow Chigiri to select the right attack point within the defence of an opponent and sprint through. Furthermore, Chigiri has demonstrated the ability to strike the ball and then follow the ball, which results in an expansive dribble that could split an opponent’s defense. That’s why Chigiri is one of the top capabilities to break through within Blue Lock.

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Long-distance Sprinting: 

Chigiri Hyoma

While Chigiri may not have the explosive acceleration of Zantestu or Ryusei however, he is much faster over long distances. Chigiri utilizes this technique through « passing » to himself, sending the ball a considerable distance ahead (around fifty meters) and then sprinting to grab it. This means that Chigiri is able to get past the most stifling and most powerful of defenses easily.

No-Break Dribble 

No-Break Dribble 

Instead of securing the ball, Chigiri bounces the ball ahead without stopping his running. Chigiri runs at breakneck speed with the ball in his hands and, during the sprint, increases his speed even further without losing momentum as he adjusts and is unable to be stopped by anyone who tries to stop him or defend his goal.

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High-Speed Pressure

High-Speed Pressure

Chigiri can make use of his speed to defend through his quick movement through the field to hunt anyone who has the ball. The pressure can result in mistakes at the expense of opponents and allow Chigiri’s squad to set up traps. This tactic, however, is extremely exhausting for Chigiri’s endurance, since Chigiri cannot be running for an extended period of time.

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Trivia About Chigiri Hyoma

Trivia About Chigiri Hyoma
  • He injured his ACL in middle school.
  • He has a sister who is older.
  • The most loved animal is the black cats.
  • His most-loved subject areas include English, Physical Education, and History.
  • His home is Kagoshima.
  • The color he likes the most is purple red.
  • His favorite pastime is reading books.
  • His favorite season is winter.
  • The food he loves the most is karinto Manju.
  • His least liked food is ginger.
  • While bathing the face, he ishes it first.

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