Anime come Horimiya : La nostra Top 15+

Una nuova versione anime di Horimiya è finalmente disponibile per la gioia dei fan! Ci sono un sacco di spettacoli anime come Horimiya da controllare ...
Anime Like Horimiya

A new anime version of Horimiya is finally out to the joy of the fans! There are a lot of anime shows like Horimiya to check out. However, Horimiya makes its mark on the world. With its stunning animation, and obviously, its impressive job done in the adaptation. If you’re not yet into show-based rom-coms, then this is the ideal time to hop on the train. Soon enough you might meet an ideal couple share together. In this adventure you’ll be witness to many emotional moments and hilarious moments, but in addition, touching and heartwarming plots that will warm your heart.

For the uninitiated Horimiya is a romcom anime that focuses on teenage love and, perhaps the growth of self-confidence and identity. There’s no nonsense drama, and you’ll be coming to watch the plethora of hilarious humor throughout the series. You’ll be sure to come in the show for the exquisitely captured emotional moments. Even the characters with side characters possess many personality characteristics, resulting in incredibly multi-layered characters that make it a fun experience to. The adaptation of the anime has received praise from Horimiya manga enthusiasts and manga fans as well. If you liked Horimiya this selection of fifteen other shows that’re similar but distinct in their own way. Each one of them is certain to enjoy watching.

Anime come come un eroe realista ha ricostruito il regno: la nostra Top 10+

15. Special A

Special A - Anime Like Horimiya

Hikari was always unique and the best at what she did. She was unbeaten. It was only when she lost the wrestling match she took on together with Kei during their youth. Then she pledged to be better than Kei in every aspect of school, from results to competitions and events. She even went to at the same college, which fueled the rivalry. But there’s another new twist. Although she regards Kei as a rival, Kei already had strong feelings towards her. In the midst of her fierce rivalry, she’s unaware of Kei’s feelings. But is she destined to fall for Kei as well? It’s the only way of knowing whether or not you are certain; you need to see it!

They are part of the special A group, which comprises the best 7 students, the pair holds the top 2 positions. The show also features the other students in the class as well as their families. Although the show focuses on the romantic aspect of rom-coms, there’s plenty of humor as well. Special A begins slow but it becomes a delightful watching experience, but not like anime like Horimiya. However, it will leave you in awe of the characters’ pairs and couples, with a particular focus on Hikari as well as Kei.

Top 40 Manwha / Manga come livellamento solista

14. 3D Kanojo/ Real Girl

3D Kanojo/ Real Girl - Anime Like Horimiya

Hikari Tsutsui is an avid otaku throughout and through. With no personal life and social circle, his lifestyle is centered around videos and animation. In fact, the man even likes 2D girls in the screen than real women. In turn, he is frequently the subject of jeers and boos at his school. A few days later, he’s reprimanded to wash the pool after tardiness with one girl who goes by the name of Iroha Igarashi. Despite being cold she remains friendly with him. On the other hand, Iroha is also an outcast , with no female companions being snubbed for her rude and flirtatious behaviour.

3D Kanojo’s tale 3D Kanojo can be described in essence an outcast story of two. One is struggling to cope with feelings he’s never experienced before, and the other who attempts to break him out of the shell. The foundation of the story and the characters as well as their evolution as they progress through the years are the primary reasons to buy 3D Kanojo. Similar to Horimiya the two series are authentic, as if they could actually happen in real reality. The main characters for both series are very identical to one another. You’ll definitely think of Horimiya when watching this show.

I 45 migliori anime rom com - Comedy Romance Anime

13. Yesterday wo Utatte/ Sing “Yesterday” for Me

Yesterday wo Utatte/ Sing "Yesterday" for Me

Yesterday, wo Utatte is a tale of Rikuo’s love affair that is unrequited and one-sided. He’s at a crossroads of his life. He has no goals for the future but has fallen in love with his former classmate and love interest, Shinako. Shinako has the burden of her own past, which hinders her from rekindling Rikuo’s love. Another woman, Haru, is quite in love with Rikuo and is very alike to him. The animation pays an enormous amount of attention to detail and the sound effects throughout the series are impressive. The story itself is full of potential, however the characters may come off as somewhat uninspiring.

The show makes for an enjoyable viewing experience, however. The show is a look at particular aspects of romance and love which we can all relate to. This isn’t nearly as good as Horimiya However, there’s a similarity, which earns it a place in our top ten list.

12. Nisekoi – The Most Popular Anime Like Horimiya


If you’re looking for waifus, take a look at Nieskoi. Nieskoi is the one for you. The story revolves around Raku the yakuza leader’s son and Chitoge Chitoge, a notorious girl from a gangster’s family. They’re forced to be an unintended couple despite their disdain towards each other, hoping that their romance will reduce tensions between their rival families. Raku was earlier promised an old friend who is a significant part of. He is also dissociated from his yakuza roots, wanting to be with his high school love, Kosaki. However, the forced relationship puts all his plans in the air for the taking.

Anime come come un eroe realista ha ricostruito il regno: la nostra Top 10+

Join the couple who are not compatible to enjoy their hilarious antics while they seek their perfect match. The characters are based on typical Rom-com clichés, but are well-developed and are animated with a great detail. The anime is similar to Horimiya also, in that the main characters of both rom-coms attempt to connect with each other over shared secrets.

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11. Lovely Complex


Risa Ootani and Risa Ootani are two friends who are looking for love in their classes. However, there’s a problem. Risa is 172cm taller, which is much higher than the average female. And Ootani is 156cm taller and less than the average man. To make matters worse is that even their crushes fall to be in a relationship with one the other. The two are known as comedy duos because of their personality characteristics and their evident height differences. Although they initially are able to aid each other find their real relationship, Risa starts developing feelings towards Ootani. Can she break through the barrier of friendship to truly express her emotions?

There are a lot of hilarious moments that keep viewers entertained and will make you be a fan. As a resemblance to Horimiya because of the characters being aware of their characteristics The enjoyable series ranks high on our list of shows that you’ll be able to enjoy.

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10. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War – My Prefer Among Anime Like Horimiya

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War - My Prefer Among Anime Like Horimiya

Miyuki along with Kaguya are vice-president and president of their highly regarded school. They’re outstanding students, the best of their class as well as the envy of the school’s student council. They’re all they need. Being part of wealthy families, very popular and attending a top-of-the-line school that has the highest performances in virtually every area. However, things aren’t going as planned. The couple are in love with one another, yet they are unable to confess their feelings. The love affair is, in the end is a battle for the duo who are competitive. Honour and pride are the most important thing and the first person to confess their love will be judged to be weaker. Are they able to outdo each one and make the other admit to their love?

The show is brimming on comedy, employing the right and smart humor to make funny moments that leave a powerful lasting effect. The direction and narration take the show to a new level. Although it’s the show is similar to Horimiya with its school-themed setting, it’s also a unique take on the rom-com genre.

I 45 migliori anime rom com - Comedy Romance Anime

09. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun/ My Little Monster

09. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun/ My Little Monster

Everyone knows that silent student who has no interest in any other thing than getting high marks. Shizuku is the girl in this show with zero social interaction, with no friends, and completely uninterested in every single person. There’s Haru who is constantly fighting with everyone because of his flamboyant personality, and has a lack of friends. Haru and Haru develop feelings for each other and the unlikely friendship grows into a love affair. It’s the more fun stories that make it all the more thrilling.

The show also delves into trust, loneliness, friendship and love as we look into their histories. And what their personal feelings translate to them when they discover their true feelings. Two very different characters blend with other characters making it worth watching. It’s even like Horimiya since both are rom-coms that are based on school. shows that focus on intelligent and timid characters.

08. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Maid sama

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! proves that even the most perfect of people are not immune to embarrassing secret. This is Misaki who was the first female president of the student council at her school. She is known as”Demon President.. It’s a good thing too because she adheres to an exacting discipline and utilizes her martial arts abilities to snare rebellious students. However, despite her discipline and firm manner of speaking Misaki is hiding a embarrassing secret. She is a housekeeper at a cafe to pay the family’s expenses. It’s a stark contrast to her gorgeous image. A fact that another famous students, Takumi Usui, soon discovers. It’s more humorous than romantic, as Misaki attempts to hide her secrets from the public eye cover and preserve her perfect image. However, her anger with Takumi develops into something more complicated than she had ever imagined.

Anime come come un eroe realista ha ricostruito il regno: la nostra Top 10+

It’s an essential classic rom-com anime, which is similar to Horimiya in terms of its plot. However, it’s quite distinct in its own ways.

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07. Yagate Kimi ni Naru/ Bloom Into You

Yagate Kimi ni Naru/ Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You was a enormous success for the shojo aiand Yuru genre. It’s a show about blossoming teenage love. It’s about rejection, passion discovery, self-discovery, and lots of emotions. The story is about Yuu Koito who is looking for romance, but requires help refusing to marry a man and Touko Nanami as the school’s head, was also unable to accept the confession. But things change when Touko finds herself in love with Yuu and confides to her. The two begin the process of their romance as teens. They work through their personal problems, dealing with emotions, delving into themselves and figuring out what they really feel.

The highlights include perfect storytelling, real-life characters, a mellow mix of comedy and romance exquisite animation, and the delicate soundtrack and songs. The show tackles mature themes and LGBT+ people, LGBTQ+ community, it’s essential to watch this wholesome and heartwarming animated series that takes part in secrets of the personal like Horimiya.

Top 40 Manwha / Manga come livellamento solista

06. Toradora!

Ryuuji is a kind student who has the appearance of a drunk. In contrast, Taiga looks like a tiny, cute girl that’s not. The ‘Palmtop Tiger’ is her nickname and carries the katana made of wood to match her fiery personality. Lucky for her, they end up being their best friends and are trying to hook one up with their perfect match. What follows is a sequence of hilarious antics that include mild humor, heartwarming romance and even a few drama snuffles. You’ve probably seen it all before. However, the flawless execution of the plot, art and direction make It one of the top shôjo shows. If you’re a novice to the kind of genre, then this is an excellent show to begin with.

Similar to Horimiya in the high school rom-com set-up Toradora is a play on the genre’s most popular tropes. However, who said that cliches aren’t always bad to you? It’s a fact that it has everything you’d expect from this kind of music!

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05. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou/ Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances

Kareshi Kanojo

Yukino has everything. Good grades, sports skills, elegant looks, you name it! Although she is determined to stay at the top of her class in the class, it’s really an act. She has an uneasy relationship with Arima who has snatched the spotlight from her. The worst part? He’s conscious of her ruse! In addition, he admits to his affection for Arima. However, Arima has her own secrets, which makes things more complicated!

I 45 migliori anime rom com - Comedy Romance Anime

The animation is distinctive, but the artwork could be better The show is also filled with many moments of laughter. Its characters stand out as are their relationships and progress. are real. There’s also an emphasis on self-discovery and romance. While the manga is a great idea however, it is not as good as its weak end due to differences in the creative process as well as other issues. For an unforgettable experience, it’s best to take a look at the manga. This is an anime you shouldn’t be missing, especially if loved Horimiya!

04. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku


Wotakoi is about the tale that follows Narumi along with Hirotaka. Narumi is an avid otaku, and fujoshi who keeps the secret. In the same way, Hirotaka, Narumi’s childhood acquaintance, is a gaming Otaku, who has an attraction to Narumi. Do the two otakus capable of figuring out their relationship and remain together?

The title of the show implies, love can be difficult for an otakubut isn’t for the rest of us. adore this particular anime. The focus is on otaku culture the office rom-com offers an extremely relatable, sweet love story, with real characters and without the unnecessary drama. There are other pop culture references, with a bit of light-hearted adult humor, which revolves around the adult love lives. The anime is a lot like Horimiya however it is different in its office environment and features working adults. This is why it has the top spot on our list. So , what are you wasting time to do? Take a look today!

I 45 migliori anime rom com - Comedy Romance Anime

03. Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Sawako Kuronuma is a real-life model of Sadako from the horror filmThe Ring. The Ring. Despite this striking resemblance she’s a misunderstood shy, introverted, and timid girl with a crush Shouta Kazehaya. Shouta is a well-known guy from her school and one of the few people who’s not afraid of her. As the two begin to develop feelings for one another, miscommunications and rumors conflict threaten their romantic relationship.

It’s a good-time, uplifting animation, and as Horimiya is a story about young love. The characters are extremely relatable which you can connect with and also. Additionally, the stunning animations and visuals makes the show even more enjoyable. It’s a must-watch for all romantics that make you smile and swoon. This is why it’s the top of our selections.

02. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai – The Funniest Anime Like Horimiya

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai - The Funniest Anime Like Horimiya

The focus of the show is on the supposedly imaginary Adolescenceor Puberty Syndrome that has different consequences for those affected. Although it is believed to be fictitious Sakuta Azusagawa who is a student at high school realizes that it’s very real. When he spots Mai Sakurajima, a famous child actress , walking around the library in an… outfit of a bunny! It’s not surprising that she’s doing it and without being noticed by anyone other than for him. As he aids her, he discovers others who are affected and decides to address it. Perhaps the two characters be able to find love along the way?

Anime come come un eroe realista ha ricostruito il regno: la nostra Top 10+

It provides the best aspects of this genre: romantic sagas, a slice of life emotional, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking moments humorous, witty, and ad nauseam! The show also addresses challenging topics such as accepting yourself and dealing with stressful situations and the importance of not losing yourself. Don’t be freaked out by the title of this show so give it a go particularly if you enjoyed Horimiya!

01. Tonikaku Kawaii/ Tonikawa : Over The Moon For You – The Best Anime Like Horimiya

Tonikaku Kawaii/ Tonikawa : Over The Moon For You - The Best Anime Like Horimiya

The story starts with a determined Nasa who is determined to find success in his life . He has set out his plans for the future. But the path to his goal is not clear. An ominous encounter with an incredible beauty is awe-inspiring to him however he is a in a car crash. Tsukasa is the gorgeous girl helps him out while the two express their love for her. She is willing to reciprocate in the event that Nasa is married to her! We begin telling the tale of their wedding life, and showing their relationship in the face of doubters.

Tsuakasa’s secret and hidden mysteries and the sweet romance of this show tie it to Horimiya. If there’s a word that could describe the show, it is adorable! The characters appear super cute and do the most basic of tasks. There’s some mystery, too and there’s not a lot of drama. The overall atmosphere is at a moderate level, yet intriguing sufficient to keep your interested.

Top 40 Manwha / Manga come livellamento solista

Did you enjoy these shows? What other genres and shows would you like us explore in the future? Let us know! Also please share this article with other anime fans while you are immersed in the world of anime and the rom-com!


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