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Leggenda di Mana, Seiken Densetsu – Leggenda di Mana? Square, una società giapponese, ha pubblicato Legend of Mana, un videogioco action-RPG. Questo è il quarto gioco ad essere pubblicato nella serie Seiken Densetsu / Mana.

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La logica dei giochi precedenti è ancora in vigore, sia a livello di sceneggiatura che di gameplay. Ad esempio, l’albero di Mana e 8 spiriti elementali sono presenti, mentre gli avversari possono essere visti al di fuori dei combattimenti. Ci sono molte opzioni per l’evoluzione: undici tipi di armi, 26 abilità di base, 8 delle quali sono conosciute inizialmente e 191 tecniche che possono essere scoperte. Hai la possibilità di costruire golem o allevare mostri per diventare animali domestici.

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Il gioco

La scelta del sesso del personaggio viene effettuata all’inizio del gioco, proprio come in Sword of Mana. Tuttavia, la scelta non influisce sul resto del gioco. Hai anche la possibilità di scegliere il tuo nome (TU predefinito), la tua arma di partenza e, in alcuni casi, la forma della tua terra.


The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Story

The story can be divided into three parts, or better yet, arcs. These arcs are named the Jumi, Larc, Sierra, and Matilda arcs. The Jumi arch talks about a dying race called the Jumi, who carry an external jewel heart. This arc centers around Elazul, Pearl. Elazul, the Jumi knight, swore to protect Pearl, the Jumi Guardian from the jewel hunter Sandra.

Larc and Sierra are the arcs of the dragoon siblings and serve two dragons. They fight each other for power. According to the game Larc is the servant of Drakonis the evil dragon and is finally defeated by Sierra, her master, Vedise, the white dragon. This arc ends with Lara being killed.

The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Story

The Matilda-Irwin arc is the last. It’s a complex love story that includes Matilda (Irwin), Daena (Escada), and Irwin. The entire community rejects Irwin’s love of Matilda, which angers Irwin and causes him to try to destroy the entire race. Escada attempts to stop Irwin by keeping him away from Matilda, while Daena tries her best to keep Matilda safe.

This is the essence of the game. The game states that the story ends with the last arc. You can have different anime with the same game. Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of the Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal.


The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop crystal Release Date

The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal set out into the world of anime with much anticipation and love. It seems that the franchise is enjoying both anime and video game fans.

June 2021 was the date for the announcement of the anime based upon the game. The release dates for The Legend of Mana : The Teardrop Crystal have not yet been announced. The anime will be released in the middle of this year. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates on this anime.


The Legend of Mana Plot

The Land Make system presents the world map. The map shows eight locations; below, the rankings for each Spirit of Mana and the artifacts are displayed.


The Legend of Mana Plot Setting

Legend of Mana takes place in Fa’Diel, a fictional world. Nine centuries before the events of Legend of Mana, the Mana Tree, which was the source of mana and the life of the world, was almost completely destroyed. Faeries and humans fought for the remaining mana power. The war ended when the burned Mana Tree fell asleep as it regrew, and many lands were kept in ancient artifacts. The player controls a hero who is charged with restoring the world and its mana to their former glory. There are many creatures living in the Lands of Fa’Diel, including humans, demons and the jewel-hearted Jumi Race, as well as plant-like Sproutlings or Flowerlings, miner bears called Dudbears and shadowy entities of the Underworld known simply the Shadoles. Fa’Diel also houses a variety of anthropomorphic creatures and objects. The protagonist is either a male silent protagonist or a female. The player can choose to name the character, but no details about their past are given.


The Legend of Mana Story branches and characters

Legend of Mana’s story is not a single plot. It is a series of many quests that are divided into three main quest arcs and many other quests. The final quest arc completes the story. Side-quests can be added to each main quest arc. The player can start the final quest arc if they have completed all of the required sections of a quest arc. The three main quests arcs before the final arc include the Jumi, Larc and Sierra, as well as the Matilda, Irwin, and Matilda arc. 

The story of the Jumi is the first major arc. It’s a story about a dying race that has external jewel hearts and which are valued. As persecuted people for centuries, the Jumi are often called “dirt” by magic characters. This is a reference to their jewel cores. This branch is about Elazul, Pearl, and the Jumi Guardian Pearl. Elazul, a Jumi Knight is charged with protecting the Jumi Guardian Pearl from any danger, even Sandra, the jewel hunter. The player aids them in helping the Jumi. 

The Legend of Mana Story branches and characters

The second arc tells the story Larc and Sierra, a brother and sister dragoon who are both dragon masters but fight on opposing sides in the same battle for power. Larc is a servant to Drakonis the dragon who seeks to rule the world. Larc tries to blackmail the protagonist of the game in order to assist him with this quest. Sierra, a Dragoon for Vadise The White Dragon, is determined to stop Drakonis and not hurt her brother Larc. Drakonis is defeated once more and banished to hell, while Larc is executed.

The third arc tells the complex love story of four childhood best friends, Matilda (Irwin), Daena (Escad), and Daena (Daena). Irwin, a half-demon, is furious that society has prevented him from having a relationship with Matilda. He then seeks revenge and destroys the world. Escad wants to destroy Irwin. Daena attempts to be a mediator between all the parties, while Matilda is kept away from Irwin. The conflict escalates to a war between humans, faeries and humans. The player can choose to either die or help end the conflict, depending on which side you are on.

The Legend of Mana Story branches and characters

No matter which path the hero chooses, they start the final story of the game, “Legend of Mana”. This story focuses on the reappearance and restoration of the Mana Tree. The player travels to the Mana tree and climbs it. However, upon reaching the top they discover that the Mana goddess has corrupted the tree and the tree is rotten. After defeating the Mana Goddess, the player must plant a Sproutling in the Mana Tree’s rotten tree. They call upon other Sproutlings for help and restore the Mana tree.



The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Characters Shiloh

Nobunaga Shimazaki speaks for the author.


The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Characters Elazul

Yuichiro Umehara speaks for the author


La leggenda di Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Characters Pearl

Doppiato da Kaori Nazuka

Questi personaggi devono ancora essere rivelati.


La leggenda di Mana: The Teardrop crystal Trailer

Il trailer di The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal può essere trovato nella parte superiore di questo articolo.


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