Naruto Shippuden best fights episodes


Naruto Shippuden best fights episodes: Without a doubt, Naruto is an epic, action-packed anime series that gave rise to some of the most amazing battles in the genre’s history. In Naruto, the majority of the combat scenes are superbly directed, which is enough to hold viewers’ attention.

There are many types of fights in the series. Some involve intense hand-to-hand fighting, while others use a variety of jutsu. Though it is quite challenging to pick a favorite due to the fights’ diversity, certain of them stand out above the rest.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Shikamaru vs Hidan

Shikamaru was in a terrible state of despair after seeing Asuma die, and it was his father’s efforts that allowed him to vent his resentment. You can overcome this! HidanKakuzu, ShikamaruThen Shikamaru began to plan his strategy. Shikamaru was supported by Naruto and Kakashi as well as some help from himself. He was able to split Hidan. KakuzuThis is a smart strategy. Hidan was convinced of his invulnerability, and he eagerly followed Shikamaru. However, the Akatsuki member did not know that he was headed for a much worse fate than death. Hidan was imprisoned by Shikamaru’s jutsu, but the latter managed to blow up Hidan and bury him forever with the help of several explosive tags.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Rock Lee, Gaara vs Kimimaro

Particularly after Gaara nearly put an end to Lee’s ninja career, it was fascinating to see Rock LeeGaara and Kimimaro partner together to defeat them. Despite their number, GaaraLee and Kimimaro were struggling to win the huge battle between the sides. It wasn’t difficult for Kimimaro to overpower them. The heroes were fortunate that Kimimaro’s illness was nearing its end because he passed away before he could get rid of them.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Madara vs. the Five Kage (Naruto Shippuden best fights)

Madara was free to act whichever he wanted after escaping from Kabuto’s control. When MadaraAfter he started to inflict more damage, the Five Kag intervened and tried stop him. The perfect moment for Uchiha the legend to test his strength was this. He repeated himself many times and gave each one of them susanoo. He did not leave. Tsunade, the Five Kage would not have survived their struggles against Madara’s clones. The astonishing power disparity confused the fans.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Haku and Zabuza team 7

In the Land of Waves, Team 7’s first significant assignment took place. They were at great risk of losing their lives after Tazuna misled Team 7 about the gravity of this operation. Kakashi did not comprehend the mission’s difficulty until after it was completed. Team 7 was employees of Gato and had to deal directly with Zabuza, Haku, and other gato employees. Having engaged Kakashi’s Chidori In a bloody fight HakuHe gave his life to save Zabuza. The Demon of the Mist collapsed when Naruto began to talk about how much Haku loved Zabuza. The sacrifice alone had failed to sway Zabuza’s uncaring nature.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Shikamaru against Temari (Naruto Shippuden best fights)

This fight is one of the most famous in the Naruto series. A brawl brokeout during the Chunin Exams. The match was vital for Temari as well as Shikamaru. Temari won the majority of the fight and was the victor. However, Shikamaru had other ideas. His excellent strategy led his opponent to believe that Shikamaru was in control. Shikamaru’s shadow release captured her once she was finally in his line of sight.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Itachi vs Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden best fights)

Itachi remained a bad guy for a long time. He also tortured his little brother and killed his parents, as well as other clan members. Sasuke only had one goal in life: to assassinate and kill his older brother. SasukeHis entire life was spent abhorring Itachi.

The conflict between the two Sharingan masters was significant and tensions were high. Although Sasuke was certain to lose after Itachi deployed his Susanoo it allowed for one of the most important plot shocks. ItachiInstead of trying to steal Sasuke’s gaze, I prodded him on the forehead. Following the encounter, Sasuke was confused by his actions and had many questions.

Naruto Shippuden best fights

Rock Lee vs Gaara

Rock Lee was faced with a challenging task to defeat Gaara who was the clear favourite for the Chunin Exam. When Lee lowered his ankle weights, the situation quickly changed from Gaara being unafraid of Lee’s constant attacking to Gaara being quickly overcome.

The plan adjustment helped Lee dominate Gaara. The energy from the Hidden Sand appeared to be returning because Gaara’s sand was unable to keep up with Lee’s pace. Although Lee’s Reverse Lotus hit hard, Gaara was able to protect himself by absorbing the blow. Lee’s left arm and leg were then crumpled. The contest was interrupted and Gaara was crowned the victor once everyone saw Lee’s precarious state.

Naruto vs. Pain (Naruto Shippuden best fights)

Since two of Jiraiya’s students are engaged in a struggle for their different ideologies, Naruto vs. Pain carries a lot of emotional weight. Jiraiya’s past and present were at odds with one another in this fight, which involved more than just a fight of wits. It’s one of the series’ best-animated bouts because of the exceptional level of animation used. The image of Naruto riding the horse is still well-known, even years later.

Obito vs Kakashi

It was found that Obito UchihaIn fact, the Masked Man was the real Masked Man. This shocked the entire Naruto community. Kakashi was stunned to discover that his best friend had been involved in the Fourth Great Ninja War. Obito vs. Kakashi was an interesting match, despite being simple. Both warriors tried to outdo one another, which required the best taijutsu.

Naruto and Sasuke

The series’ conclusion, Naruto vs. Sasuke, was the ideal choice. Unquestionably, it is the series’ best battle. It is an entirely different experience than the other fights. Naruto must overcome Sasuke if he wants to regain his composure. Sasuke wanted revenge on Naruto, while Naruto remained calm throughout the fight. With the use of their distinctive moves, Naruto and Sasuke concluded the fight by removing each other’s arms.

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