Naruto Shippuden canon movies List

Naruto Shippuden canon movies List

Naruto Shippuden canon movies: The anime series NarutoIt is one of the most well-known characters in history. The Ninja universe has been the setting for a variety of films, in addition to the show’s long run of hundreds of episodes. The number of these that are canon may have crossed your mind if you’re a fan of the show after seeing them previously.

Since the anime version of Masashi Kishimoto’s novel Naruto began in 2012, there have been 11 films of variable caliber. To further contextualize Naruto’s story, we have analysed the films that range from Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash, Land of Snow, to Boruto.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

Ninja Clash in Land of Snow

In the first movie of the series, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto are given the job of accompanying a film crew into the Land of Snow. Yukie Fujikaze, the lead actress, refuses to go there and puts up barriers to make the mission harder for Team 7, and after a run-in with some shinobi, Yukie’s troubled past is revealed. Contrary to the rest,

The movie’s opening is full of action and is hilarious. The first Naruto movie is mostly filler and should be skipped unless you’re just there for the action, despite the production value and respectable battle scenes.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

Legend of the Stone of Gelel (2005/06)

Naruto, Sakura?, ShikamaruWhile completing Legend of the Stone of Gelel’s low-risk mission, they are attacked by Temujin’s group of knights. This happens after Sasuke has left Team 7. The group agrees to help Temujin defend a potent rock at some point. The action scenes are well complemented by the amazing art, but the story is very formulaic and draws heavily from anime clichés. Legend of the Stone of Gelel is visually appealing, even though it lacks a plot. This movie is not worth your time.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006)

Team is sent to the Moon Kingdom to rescue a Prince from Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom. Rock LeeGoes along with them. But, the mission is ruined when the team is attacked and robbed by a squad ninja mercenaries. Actually, it’s very clear that Kishimoto wasn’t involved in making this movie. This brief entry is mostly filler and focuses on the cast. Although the animation is still done beautifully, there aren’t actually many action moments. Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom’s key advantage is that it demonstrates Naruto’s development and strength before the main plot moves into Shippuden. Avoid this film.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

Naruto Shippuden the Movie (Naruto Shippuden canon movie)

Shion, a young Priestess, predicts Naruto’s demise at the hands of a strong demon in Shippuden’s opening scene. Shion wishes to permanently seal the demon away to stop his death. Naruto, despite being warned about her intentions, is charged with doing just that. Comparable to the three previous Naruto movies

This story deals with mature subjects which increase the stakes and make the plot more compelling. The fact that Shippuden is still filler, nevertheless, lessens the suspense around Naruto’s impending demise. Rock Lee sometimes steals the show, even though the action and fights in the series are fast and beautifully rendered. This might be another skip, though, if you’re not searching for another filler narrative.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

Naruto Shippuden, the Movie: Bonds (2008)

Bonds’ Hidden Leaf Village is attacked unexpectedly. It is now possible to start a second World War. AmaruShinnou, a young doctor who is a skilled trainee, will protect Shinnou and Sakura on their return adventure to their home town. They put aside their animosity to face a common foe when Sasuke appears to fight alongside Naruto. Bonds shows their rivalry and past camaraderie as a preview to their encounters in Naruto: Shippuden. Bonds also emphasizes the bond between Naruto, Sasuke and other characters. Amaru’s friendship with Shinnou, the film’s antagonist, who excels at medical ninjutsu and has mastered dark chakra, is what drives the plot. I’ll say it again: the animation and fight scenes are stunning.

Naruto Shippuden canon movies

The Will of Fire (2009) (Naruto Shippuden canon movie movies)

The Will of Fire begins to see ninjas from bloodlines that are not compatible with the Will of Fire disappear around the world. Tsunade orders Kakashi that he give his life to stop a war. To stop Kakashi’s sacrifice, Naruto, who disapproves of the decision, starts a battle with both allies and foes. The Will of Fire encompasses nearly everyone—as opposed to earlier films,

which only included a select few characters—with the exception of Sasuke. Following that, the movie contrasts each character’s viewpoint on Kakashi’s sacrifice, setting friends against friends. This is a grave threat to the Fire of Will. It is a way of living that believes that love is the only way to peace and that every villager is part of a large family. This is the most inspiring and moving, so it’s worth seeing.

 The Lost Tower (2010) (Naruto Shippuden canon movies)

While on a mission for a missing-nin, Naruto accidentally enters into the past 20 years. He meets the Fourth Hokage Minato Naikaze when he is there. The Lost Tower’s main attraction is unquestionably Naruto fighting alongside MinatoAlthough this is true, the overall concept is quite original. Moreover, the majority of the movie is a slapstick comedy.

Minato isn’t aware that he’s his father, so having him there lends the movie some credibility. However, it will be done much better in a Naruto: Shippuden sequel. You might be better off avoiding the Lost Tower if Minato and a young Kakashi aren’t your thing.

The Last: Naruto, the Movie (2014)

The kidnapping of Hanabi by Hinata’s younger sister Toneri Otsutsuki occurs two years after the Fourth Great Ninja War. She must be saved and Naruto and Sakura, Sakura and Shikamaru must both save her while fighting this new threat. The Last’s primary goal is to establish Naruto and Hinata’s bond, which was undeveloped throughout the series overall. It may be better than nothing. The Last has some fantastic fight scenes, and animation quality is better. The Last is an important installment of the saga, as it deals with Naruto’s relationship with Hinata.

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