Mukuro Hoshimiya is a young woman with long hair and golden eyes. She wears her hair in an Odango style (for the Japanese, otherwise Ox horn in China).

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Summary Mukuro Hoshimiya

Mukuro was originally an isolated person who lived in the vastness of the cosmos, living alone. She was finally discovered by DEM Industries Through Westcott ‘s . To capture her, the company launched a fleet warships and several squads of Bandersnatch units. She managed to stop the attack with her Angel and dropped artilleries at 42 locations around the globe in retaliation.


Appearance Mukuro Hoshimiya

Mukuro, a young girl of beauty with long flowing blonde hair and golden eyes, is beautiful. Her hair is tied in an Odango style and adorned with ribbons. Mukuro allowed Shido to tie her hair in a long braid that she wrapped around her neck as a scarf. This was in order to compromise with her concerns about the length. After her sealing, she requested that Shido cut her hair. She would then do the same for her own hair about a year later when she decided to leave her adoptive family.

She wears a white and lilac Astral Dress, which resembles a Qipao in her Spirit form. Her skirt is divided at the edges by constellation patterns on its ends. Her hair buns are made of dark blue and purple extensions that resemble bunny ears. She also wears transparent violet gloves with constellation designs. She also wears metallic greaves that attach to high-heeled shoes. These greaves are similar to medieval knights’ leg armor. Use these greaves Her Astral Dress is more wild, with tassels on her hair buns.


Personality MukuroHoshimiya

She used to use the styrofoam to keep her emotions away Mukuro has an icy, robotic-like demeanor. Mukuro claims she is comfortable living alone in outer space, and that she would prefer to be independent. She has demonstrated her willingness to use violence and threats to protect her solitude. She had also told Shido that she kept her emotions hidden, which suggests that she longs for him to rescue her from loneliness.

Mukuro was able to unlock her emotions and regain her true personality. This is in stark contrast to the sealed version of her personality. Mukuro, who was an orphan growing up, is afraid to be left behind and longs to stay attached to the people she loves. Shido says that her intentions were motivated by pure love and innocence, rather than any real ill will.

Personality Mukuro Hoshimiya

Mukuro is fondly influenced by her sister’s braiding of her hair when she was younger. She also enjoys stargazing and is attached to her long hair.

Mukuro’s speech style is too archaic. Mukuro often refers to herself as “Muku (muku)” when speaking in third person. She will often use “mun”, (mun), or “fumun”, (humun), to express her thoughts.



Background Mukuro Hoshimiya

Mukuro was once a lonely child who grew up without a family. She realized that only people who have a family are special and that she was not one of them. One day she was adopted by a couple looking for a child. She would soon be a part of a growing family that included an older sister and them. She lived happily under the protection of her family for a time.

Asahi, her sister, would style her hair and go stargazing with her. She often recited the constellation lore to her. Asahi took a friend along to Tengu Tower one day, and she commented that Mukuro should cut her hair. She was shocked to see her sister agree with her suggestion. Despite always praising her golden hair, she realized that Asahi loved her friend more.

Background Mukuro Hoshimiya

She panicked at the realization. She was presented with a Sephira Crystal. . She used this power to lock the memories of all her family members so they could only love her. Her family rebuked her furiously, fearful of her sudden unfathomable powers. She was unable to learn and lost the warmth of her family. So she sealed their memories before sealing her memories of herself and leaving for space. Her heart became an emotionless machine, able to live in space and not want to be disturbed.


  • Light Novel
    • Appearances:
      • Volume 14-22
      • Get a Live Encore from 6-11
      • Date A Live Material 2
      • Date Alive Another Route
  • Anime
    • Appearances
      • Date A Live IV: Episodes 4-10


  • Mukuro and her Angel in space



Spirit Form Mukuro Hoshimiya

Shido claims that Mukuro’s abilities make her a Spirit with a danger level comparable to Kurumi Tokisaki and the Inverse Spirits. Mukuro’s ability to fight on par with Tohka in her inverse form proves this statement true. Origami even acknowledged Mukuro as a worthy opponent, despite her past hatred for the “Key Spirit”. Origami recognized Mukuro during the Spirit battle royale as a top threat at the same level of Kurumi Tokisaki or Kotori Itsuka. Mukuro can also stay in outer space for extended periods of time, without the need to eat and breathe.

Spirit Data

142 (205)121 (192)205 (225)138 (221)67

* The true potential of Mukuro is shown in stats in parenthesis Shifuru

Reine’s analysis revealed that Michael has two distinct, but closely related, abilities. The angel can seal the function of a target by immobilizing it with a key. It can also alter the fabric of space-time by opening space to create a new wormhole. Michael, a powerful Angel, can seal the Earth’s orbit and cause planetary destruction to its full extent. It can also seal abstract concepts such as emotions and memories. It can even seal memories of specific subjects, such as Shido and her existence.

This makes it possible for the A.I. to do so on a large scale. MARIA is unable to recognize Shido. Origami and Tohka were both deprived of Shido’s memories, but their alternate consciousnesses (Tenka, for the former, and the new timeline Origami, for the latter) were not affected. After Mukuro lost her Spirit powers and Asahi was reunited with her, her adoptive family’s memories of her were sealed. Her wormholes allow for instantaneous travel, and an unmatched range in coordination of long-distance attacks using redirecting debris.

Spirit Form

Mukuro reports that her wormholes have become much more limited since she was sealed. Despite her weak state, Mukuro is still able to open multiple portals to allow her companions to travel to different locations in Tengu City to save their civilian friends from DEM. This issue is resolved later when Mio gives each Spirit a power-up, giving them back full access to their abilities. She also has full access her powers in Tenka’s universe. On Nia’s orders, she opened a large gate that allowed Maria’s copies to enter the Yamai sisters’ home.

The following abilities have been demonstrated by Mukuro’s Angel Michael so far:

  • Segva ( Biseguvua , Seguva ? . lit. “Lock”): Blocks certain functions from the target. This ability was first used by Mukuro to stop DEM’s machines from being shut down and Fraxinus satellite Realizers from being activated. Shido’s copy of Shido’s book shows this, She can also use her full power to seal the abilities of other angels. She claimed that she could use it to stop the Earth’s orbit at full power. However, she was unable to stop the Earth’s rotation when she tried it. This was due to the size of her target.
  • Lataib ( KaiRatibu , Rataibu ? . lit. “Unlock”): This allows Mukuro access to space and can be used to teleport, summon meteorites and redirect attacks.
  • Shifuru ( Fangshihururu , Shifururu ? . lit. lit. It can be transformed from a key-shaped Khakkhara to a Chinese Halberd. This form is called the “Chinese halberd”. can also be used to awaken other Spirits’ hidden power.
  • Jerez ( JieHeresu , Heresu ? . lit. “Solution”): This decomposes Reiryoku as well as the bonds that hold molecules together. This was first used by her in the battle against Tenka to destroy the Inverse Spirit’s Astral Dress, and all surrounding buildings.
  • Tefete ( Xiao JianTehuete , Tefete ? . lit. lit. It is now a tiny version that can be easily held in the palm of one’s hand. While Mukuro is yet to experience this ability, Mukuro instructs Shido that she will use it to unlock his past memories about Mio. Shido wonders if Mukuro has used Tefete to seal her emotions in the past.
  • Unnamed Energy Beam The tip of She can unleash a concentrated beam full of spirit energy which can penetrate any material.


Inverse form

She regained her memories, but she accidentally dealt a fatal blow to Shido in an attempt to endanger Tenka. Mukuro transformed into her Inverse form. Mukuro’s Angel disappears and she is enveloped by a torrential, murky, sludge-like Reiryoku that blocks others from reaching her. The full potential of this form is not known, since Shido was able reach Mukuro’s consciousness at the same time her Demon King was manifesting.



Mukuro can create Territory just like the other Spirits because Spirits are the foundation of the Realizer’s creation. She manually controls a computer to do this. You can use a wireless headset to leaf. Mukuro can use her Territory to rescue debris from fallen buildings. This greatly helped her group’s efforts in helping civilians fleeing the fighting. ‘s rampage.


  • (To the Bandersnatch units: “You’re an eyesore.” It’s better to be gone.”
  • To Shido Itsuka: “With this, the DEM will be gone. This will be our final goodbye, Shido. Henceforth adieu.”
  • To Shido Itsuka: “Needless to vociferate Nushi-sama will trim it for Muku. This hair is not allowed to be touched by family members. ”
  • To Haruko Itsuka: “It’s easy to destroy, but it’s not difficult to restore it.” Family is a similar case. Muku suggests that you avoid regrets, no matter how the outcome. You must look at the situation with calm eyes. –Never repeat Muku’s mistakes.”

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Shido Itsuka

Mukuro has a tendency to keep her emotions hidden and treats Shido with indifference. She doesn’t even react when Shido is forced to follow the Fraxinus crews perverse orders. Mukuro listens to Shido explain and justify her desire to seal her power. Mukuro calls him out for being hypocritical and asks if she would be in greater danger from DEM if her power were sealed. The words of Mukuro cause Shido to experience a mild depression. This condition was not cured until Shido met his fantasy counterpart.


Tohka Yatogami & Tenka

Tohka was initially ignored by Mukuro, but she later hid her memories of Shido to protect him. Tohka was then forced to enter Inverse form again by her inadvertently. Tenka tried to forcefully kiss Shido after she attacked her. Mukuro stopped her and she was ready to fight her in retaliation if Origami hadn’t calmed her down.

Mukuro became increasingly annoyed at being forced to share Tenka with Shido. Her unstable emotional state reached a boiling point when Tenka threatened him. Tenka snapped after Mukuro intervened. They fought with the intent of killing one another, until Shido broke them apart.

Tohka Yatogami & Tenka

Mukuro appears to see Tohka as a rival for Shido after sealing. Tohka went on a date with Mukuro to improve their relationship. They ended up having a hot dog-eating competition, in which Tohka won, but Mukuro was happy to present Shido the prize (a new oven), and earn his gratitude. This made Mukuro friendlier, out of respect for Tohka’s selflessness.


Origami Tobiichi

Origami was initially ignored by Mukuro, but she later hid her memories of Shido to be able to control him. Inadvertently, Origami’s New Timeline persona became her dominant personality.

Mukuro was disappointed at the resistance she seemed to show when she met the New Timeline Origami. She diverted Shido’s attention from her. She also wanted to erase her memories of Shido and, despite Shido’s protests, she would likely have preferred Inverse Tohka had not attracted her attention. Origami, who was later preparing to fight Inverse Tohka in a duel, dissuaded Mukuro by reminding her that Shido hates violence. Instead, he suggested a peaceful competition for the first person to kiss him.

Origami Tobiichi

Mukuro became increasingly frustrated by the New Timeline Origami’s attention on her during the double date she had with Shido, Inverse Tohka, and Inverse Tohka. Mukuro eventually developed a friendship with New Timeline Origami. She comforted Mukuro when she was feeling sick due to her memories returning.


Miku Izayoi

Mukuro didn’t pay much attention at first to Miku, and she later locked away her memories about Shido to protect herself. However, Miku came to Shido’s aid in breaking up the fight with Inverse Tohka. This caused Mukuro, already unstable, to become even more upset at her inability make Shido hers.

Mukuro appears to have been scared of Miku after sealing. After witnessing her sleepwalking, she seems to have agreed with Natsumi that she is a “scary beast out to get your sleep”.


  • Mukuro’s name can be written as (Liu Can), which includes the character “Six”. This refers to the Sixth Sephira of the Tree of Life of Kabbalah. It relates to “Beauty”.
  • Mukuro’s family name includes the kanji for “Star”, (Xing, Hoshi?) or “Palace”, (Gong, Miya?).
  • Oddly, Mukuro is believed to have been Raphael’s angel because Raphael controls the sixth Sephira of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (“Beauty”), while Michael controls the eighth Sephira of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (“Majesty or Splendor”).
    • Raphael, Michael, and the 8th Sephirot are said to have collaborated in their governing, so both can be considered to be associated with these sephirot.
  • Michael, the name of her Angel, is Latin for “Who is like God”. This name is often associated to the Latin phrase “Quis utDeus?” This is a sentence that means “Who [is]] like God?”
  • Michael’s design and abilities, as a key-shaped weapon that can unlock and seal anything, is very similar to the keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Hebrew Eloah is “Lord”
  • Her favorite thing is imo-yokan, a sweet potato dessert. [9]
  • Based on a sari, Mukuro’s Astral Dress was created. Nyosen (Nu Xian), a female Chinese sage. [10] In her Astral Dress, she was transformed [11]
  • Initial plans for Mukuro were to wear a fully-armored Astral Dress. However, the image was too heavy. [12]
  • Mukuro’s design draws inspiration from the legends about the Moon Rabbit. [13]
  • Mukuro are meteorites that represent an anthropomorphic catastrophe.
  • Mukuro’s September 12th birthday is Space Day. (Yu Zhou, Chu no hi ??) in Japan. Mamoru Mohri was the first Japanese astronaut to do so in 1992.
  • Mukuro receives the Ratatoskr codename in the story Mukuro True Route Everybody has a Trauma ( Chu Jian Sha shiminnanotorauma ? . lit. “First Encounter Killer”).
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