YUSHIRO DEMON SLAYER : Tudo o que você precisa saber

In Demon Slayer, Yushiro can be described as Tamayo’s friend as well as his Tanjiro ally .

APPEARANCE Yushiro Demon SLayer

APPEARANCE Yushiro Demon SLayer

Yushiro is a young man with light skin. He has light green hair , dark purple eyes. He is wearing a gray t-shirt and a white kimono layered over it as well as broad black pants.

PERSONALITY Yushiro Demon SLayer

PERSONALITY Yushiro Demon SLayer

From his first appearance you’ll notice the fact that he’s a tyrant and is quite arrogant. His first interaction with Tanjiro starts with his calling the character of Nezuko by saying that she is an image.

He usually has a the look of a sad face, which is rarely smiling when he’s discussing Tamayo. He is only concerned about Tamayo and hates when people stop them from having a relationship with Tamayo.

In reality, he has very little about the people who are around him. When Tanjiro along with Nezuko battled two evil spirits who were trying to take them down, Yushiro suggested that Tamayo utilize the two as bait to get away of the evil demon. This idea is not liked by Tamayo, and Yushiro immediately admits that he was just joking to please her, but it’s clear that he was thinking about the idea. He doesn’t like it when other people become closer to Tamayo or even show the slightest desire for her. He is prone to treat Tamayo with respect.

However however, he is able to show respect to his fellow soldiers, as He reverts back to the comments he made about Nezuko and says that she’s beautiful. He also covered the nose of Tanjiro after the battle to keep him from inhaling Tamayo’s unique scent that is poisonous to humans.

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When Yushiro was a human being and a human, he was under supervision of Tamayo who worked as physician. He was weak as the battle was with an illness. Tamayo suggested to him of surrendering in the face of illness and go to die or continue to live, however, as an undead. He chose to transform into demon, and then remained with Tamayo as her protector and assistant.



Asakusa’s Arch

Yushiro Tamayo and Tamayo first appear when Tanjiro first encounters Muzan and he appears clearly annoyed. Then, Yushiro waits for Tanjiro at the counter. Then, he begins to ridicule Nezuko and Tanjiro is upset. Yushiro does not respond and then takes the patient to Tamayo’s clinic where she cares for the woman who has been injured. When Tanjiro is asked by Tamayo about treating patients uncomfortably, Yushiro beats him up and tries to get into a coma however Tamayo gently warns him to put it down. He sits in silence while Tanjiro is shocked at the fact that Tamayo transformed Yushiro into an enigma inquires about Tamayo’s age to which he responds by striking Tanjiro once more. Tanjiro reprimands him and this time, more severely and he promptly goes back to sleep.

The first one to take note of Susamaru and Yahaba as they assault the house. He also protects Tamayo when Susamaru’s temari penetrates the roof. But, his head is ripped off when Tamayo realises the two demons are under the control of Muzan. As Tanjiro combats the two demons Tamayo keeps his head while Yushiro grows his head. Yushiro shouts over how much people are who are hidden beneath his technique of Demon Blood the more difficult it will be to conceal him. He is also screaming about how much the pain he feels when his encounter with Tamayo is cut short.

Susamaru fights Yushiro and Tamayo by tamari several occasions until Yushiro advises Tanjiro to steer clear of the arrows. He gives a talisman made of paper for Tanjiro in exchange for his power to detect invisible arrows that are visible through the talisman.

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Following the battle with Muzan, Yushiro will become the only survivor of Muzan’s Demon race. As time passes, he will dedicate his life to art and be a well-known artist today under the name of Yushiro Yamamoto, famous for his highly recognized Tamayo paintings. Yamamoto is an unsettling character with negative reviews for his hostility towards journalists looking to speak with him.

The artist has created at the very least 812 Tamayo paintings, including the 812-piece paintings Tamayo featuring Dark Blue Flowers, which According to Yoshiter Agatsuma was his first love.

RELATIONSHIP Yushiro Demon Slayer


TAmayo and Yushiro Demon Slayer

Yushiro is extremely in love with Tamayo and you can tell right from the very beginning of their conversation that he’s completely in love with Tamayo. He believes that she is a attractive and intelligent woman, and so he’s ready to defend her in any situation even if it’s an argument over words.

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SKILLS AND POWER From Yushiro Demon SLayer


Yushiro has been described as a demon who has mysterious powers, even though the demon has been living for years with Tamayo who is a formidable demon that is capable of severely diminishing Muzan. Yushiro is also thought to be a formidable combatant. Also, Yushiro is for his part has a more positive attitude towards his allies, helping them through his ability to spot things they haven’t seen or to conceal that they are comrades.

Protection from the curse Due to the fact from being created by Tamayo an evil demon that has cut off her relationship to Muzan, Yushiro is also free of Muzan’s control, stopping the demon’s progenitors from exerting any influence. Like, for example, taking him down completely or observing his thoughts.

Accelerated speed: Yushiro was able to save Zenica who was falling down. Prior to that, the time came to talk to the head that was severed by Kaigaku which is the 6th most powerful moon.

Body Manipulation: Yushiro can change certain body parts. For instance, he altered his eyes to appear more human-like to hunters.

The Body’s Modification Aside from unknown surgical procedures, Yushiro’s body been modified to live with only human blood, and has no desire to hunt human beings. Tamayo asserts that Yushiro has less blood requirements than she needs to sustain her.

Health Skills As Tamayo’s assistant Yushiro is also a skilled medical professional, well-versed in her unique techniques and medications. He was able to revive the dead Tanjiro to health, which allowed Tanjiro to fight back.

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  • Blindfold (Mu meYin kakushi Mekakushi? ) Yushiro’s demon blood technique allows him to conceal or locate something using papers talismans. For instance it was possible to cover the entrance to Lady Tamayo’s home in Asakusa but he wasn’t able to conceal it from Yahaba’s arrows. In the same way, Yushiro could see Yahaba’s invisible arrows and utilized his talisman to transfer the power to Tanjiro. Yushiro can also be capable of being invisible. He also mentioned that his method is not perfect and Tamayo added that it can take a long time to get him back into attacking mode. Yushiro’s strength seems to have grown as time passed and allowed demon slayers to be invisible and see one their opponents through his papers which greatly helped them in their fight against Muzan.
    • Mind Control Utilizing his talismans, Yushiro’s adept at hypnotizing people and be in control of their minds. When hypnotizing demons, Yushiro is also able to use techniques that they employ through them. He can control not just the body, but also the mental state of the victim as demonstrated in the contest he had with Muzan for supremacy over Nakime. Yushiro was quite adept at blocking Muzan’s attempts at absorbing his cells with Nakime and demonstrating his ability to manipulate his victims on an individual level. To be able to use this method Yushiro has to be close near with the person being attacked.
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  • “Yushiro” is a Japanese word “Yushiro” means “good son.
  • Yushiro keeps a journal where the diary is filled with notes about the beautiful Lady Tamayo.
  • If you tell Yushiro “You like Tamayo-san, don’t you?” Yushiro immediately resigns himself and is blushing.
  • Yushiro was ranked 17th most-loved character , with 145 votes.
  • Following the events of chapter 204 Yushiro as well as Chachamaru became the last survivors of demons.
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