Naofumi Iwatani

Наофуми Иватани (岩谷尚文 Иватани Наофуми?) — главный герой серии The Rising of the Shield Hero. Он был вызван в другой мир, чтобы служить Героем Щита (盾の勇者 Tate no Yuusha)?), один из четырех легендарных героев.

Наофуми Иватани


У Наофуми Иватани короткие черные волосы, которые шипят во всех направлениях, острые зеленые глаза, и он часто носит хмурый взгляд на лицо из-за своего циничного взгляда на мир. Тем не менее, он время от времени выражает благодарность.

ВНЕШНИЙ ВИД Наофуми Иватани

Доспехи, которые он в основном носит, — это Barbarian Armor +3, которая прошла через многочисленные улучшения и трансформации. В зависимости от ситуации он может переключаться на разные комплекты доспехов или одежды.

Оружием, находящимся в его распоряжении, является Легендарный Щит, который был предоставлен ему, когда он был вызван в другой мир.


https://www.youtube.com/embed/YatmcrJFs6I?feature=oembed5 Facts About Naofumi Iwatani By 414 Anime

Naofumi Iwatani had initially been an exceedingly trusting and positive person. He was also enthusiastic about his situation when initially summoned. However, his mentality abruptly changed after Malty S Melromarc, the princess of Melromarc, betrayed him.

Left penniless, framed as a rapist, and hated, Naofumi became distrustful, cynical, and spiteful towards the entire world. He could not trust anyone as a traveling companion except when they had a slave contract. He started to assume that others were trying to get something from him.

The Princess’s betrayal has left him in an almost permanent state of anger and hostility, although he masks them behind a calm and level-headed personality. This mentality bites him back as he unknowingly pushes away genuine believers of the Shield Hero and Siltvelt envoys.

PERSONALITY Naofumi Iwatani

His hatred for Malty is without limit, extending to the point where he becomes wholly apathetic and ignorant to advances of women in general. Early on, he even expresses disgust and hatred for women purely because they are of the same gender as Malty, though he never voices this.

Due to Raphtalia and Filo, he becomes less inwardly hostile towards women but is still oblivious to their advances. After Raphtalia renews her Slave Crest, when she asks him what he thinks of her body, exposed at the time for the application of the crest, he remains oblivious. At one point in time, he is somewhat amazed when Beloukas is willing to pay 35 gold pieces for Raphtalia after she becomes a beauty as well.

Eventually, he recovers more of his caring side and begins treating Raphtalia like a daughter rather than a slave.

By the time he sets up a base of operations in Rock Valley, he is visibly kind to the slaves under his command while maintaining his strict attitude, as he still does not hesitate to call for discipline when needed.

PERSONALITY Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani purchases slaves with the justification of giving them a better life. When he buys Raphtalia, he feeds her well, gives her medicine, shelters her, defends her from bullies, and rewards her. He disciplines slaves, however, if they refuse to obey orders. He earns her loyalty through a caring yet stern treatment, such that she chooses to remain his slave when given the option to leave him. He takes these actions because they’re practical and beneficial to him in the long run ― an unhealthy, unfed, and half-dead slave would be useless, so he can’t understand why someone would mistreat or neglect the slaves.

His treatment of Raphtalia extends to all of his slaves, with them coming to treat him like a parent figure. He spoils and rewards his slaves when they give it their all and perform to his expectations and cooks for them in the middle of the night when they are hungry. His humane treatment of his slaves causes Rishia to wonder whether Naofumi is their slave.

Naofumi Iwatani is considerate of others to an extent, willing to share a room on a boat with other adventurers and preventing what could have resulted in these ordinary adventurers, who paid a hefty amount to travel to Cal Mira Archipelago, facing eviction from the boat.

PERSONALITY Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani is also very observant. He dislikes being ripped off and does not tolerate people stealing from him. For example, his grudge against Malty noticeably grows when he realizes her ally has taken what is to be his new Shield and makes a point to defeat him personally. When merchants try to rip him off or if he sees bullies picking on Raphtalia, he sends literal monsters at them, since he can’t attack due to only being able to wield a shield. He can be somewhat of a sadist in this sense, to the point Raphtalia tries to warn these bullies to run away.


He has a realistic approach to most things, as he sells the slave hunters to Siltvelt and uses the money he gets to buy back all of the people from Raphtalia’s village, much to the horror of Eclair and Raphtalia for his unorthodox actions. Realizing that he can’t hand over the bandits to the guards, he extorts everything from them, as the guards may take the bandits’ side over him. Though his allies want him to behave heroically and be forgiving, he acts otherwise by holding a grudge and enjoying the misfortune of those he hates.

PERSONALITY Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani, unlike some of the other heroes, is reasonable most of the time. He is convinced to stay in Melromarc after listening to the arguments of the queen and Fitoria for why he should stay even though he never received any funds from the crown until the end, even after the queen took charge since the nation was suffering from the Spirit Tortoise’s rampage. Instead, he receives a territory at his request.

Despite having the most villainous attitude and having a slightly evil way of solving things, ironically, Naofumi is perhaps the most effective of the heroes at getting things done. He even corrects the problems that the other three heroes either start or make worse. He also manages to deal with the Spirit Tortoise, an act that requires him to cheer up allied troops, raise their morale, organize them, and effectively lead people whose pasts would undoubtedly put them at odds with him. Despite being portrayed as this unheroic and evil character, he still holds a basic set of morals, as he is willing to save even people who had scolded or otherwise wronged him.

When Naofumi became loved and adored by the public while the three other Heroes became hated by the same people that use to admire them, he decide to take them under his wing’ showing how compassionate he is.

PERSONALITY Naofumi Iwatani

It was revealed that Naofumi was the first choice of the holy weapon while the other three heroes were utmost third choice. The shield spirit accepted that Naofumi was the only shield hero to suffer the most. The Shield weapon always chooses a worthy person, since he does an important role of protection. But other weapons gave up their best preference, since most of their past summoned heroes were killed early on, without completing their role. The other three heroes may have potentials but still had certain issues. Their reward will be correcting the situation that led to their death in their original world.

Naofumi Iwatani has a habit of giving people he meets nicknames. His reasons tend to be because they didn’t tell him their name or because he hates them. In the latter case, he will give them extremely degrading nicknames such as referring to Malty as Bitch. For most people, he tends to nickname them base off of who or what they remind him of, sometimes add a number if he feels they act a lot like someone he knows.


After Naofumi Iwatani became the Mirror Vassal Hero of Glass’s world, his friends note it suited him given how he always ‘reflect’ other people’s treatment of him right back at them, insulting those whom insulted him first and helping those whom helped him.


Shield Hero: Naofumi Iwatani's MBTI & How it Defines the Isekai Antihero

Iwatani Naofumi is an unfortunate but hardworking and creative isekai hero with a flexible personality type to match.

Iwatani Naofumi’s MBTI Type: ISTP-T, The Virtuoso

Naofumi’s type is ISTP-T, a turbulent person defined as Introverted Observant Thinking Prospecting, meaning he is the “Virtuoso” personality type, one of the four most creative MBTI personality types. Virtuosos don’t typically draw attention to themselves due to their introverted nature. Instead, they allow their creative and unique inventions or expressions to speak for them. They could be described as shy artists or inventors, even if they don’t actually have a job related to inventing things or creating art. Virtuosos still have the spirit of an inventor or artist deep down, and they can express it in any situation, even shonen action stories. Kujo Jotaro of JoJo fame is also a Virtuoso, something he has in common with Naofumi.

Virtuosos are practical, proactive and hands-on people who are happiest when they can tinker with things and solve problems with their own two hands; they will rarely ask for help during a project and don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. ISTPs like Naofumi are independent-minded free thinkers who would rather innovate their own solution to a problem than defer to tried-and-true rules, which can cause issues in the workplace at times. However, when left to themselves and allowed to improvise, a Virtuoso may dazzle everyone with their ingenious new creations and strategies.

Iwatani Naofumi's MBTI Type: ISTP-T, The Virtuoso

In general, ISTPs are known for their can-do attitude and enthusiasm, especially when they have the tools needed to complete a project and no one gets in their way. These people are good at improvising and tend to keep cool in a crisis, and they also tend to live in the moment, meaning they are somewhat relaxed and don’t stress too much about the future. All this makes for a practical and unpredictable creative mind — perfect for artisans, engineers and explorers.

On the downside, Virtuosos often push others away with their stubborn and independent mindset, and they may struggle to recruit many friends or business partners aside from like-minded Virtuosos or similar MBTI personalities. ISTPs are also known to be too reckless for their own good and might get themselves into trouble, and they are notably restless and easily bored. A Virtuoso might bite off more than they can chew just because they want a new fun project to work on.

Iwatani Naofumi As A Virtuoso In Shield Hero

Iwatani Naofumi As A Virtuoso In Shield Hero

Just days into his isekai adventure, Naofumi was framed and kicked out of the castle, forced to fight the Waves alone. This prompted the naturally introverted and practical Naofumi to gather his wits and use his sheer creativity and imagination to survive, and he soon thrived as a fantasy ISTP. To begin with, Naofumi made the questionable but practical choice to buy the demi-human Raphtalia from a slave trader to boost his party’s offensive potential, and he shrugged off all complaints and criticism of him supporting the local slave trade.

Fortunately, Naofumi soon proved to be a tough but fair party leader, and he looked after Raphtalia and her every need, including buying her new gear and weapons. Naofumi did the same with his own shield, using anything and everything he could find to unlock new shields with unexpected powers that served him well in the Waves.

Iwatani Naofumi As A Virtuoso In Shield Hero

As a Virtuoso, Naofumi insisted on doing everything his way during his adventures, and he often clashed with the kingdom’s guards, the other three Cardinal Heroes and even local townsfolk. He often demanded payment for his services, even when dealing with hungry or desperate villagers, but in exchange, Naofumi saved the day with creative and resourceful solutions for a variety of problems, from venomous dragon zombies to giant plants. Naofumi didn’t make many friends with his methods, but he did earn the people’s respect and gained a reputation as a traveling merchant and vigilante of sorts.

Naofumi Iwatani was also slow to trust others or allow them to join his party, as he preferred to seek out his own aid and only trusted his own judgment in the process. A true Virtuoso would rather tackle a project alone than with several enthusiastic but unreliable allies who don’t share their view, and Naofumi was the same way. Naofumi even doubted princess Malty at first until it became clear that she and her mother the queen truly intended to aid him.



From an early age, animals have naturally been drawn towards him. He was well-liked by any animal he encountered and they would act friendlier towards him than most other people. When he was a kid, he was offered a ride by a dog in his local area even though the dog had never once given a ride to anyone. During his time in elementary school, he was never once pecked by the chickens who were notoriously known by his classmates to peck. As Naofumi grew up, he worked multiple jobs at once, including at an izakaya and food-court.[1]

At the age of twenty, he was a sophomore in college and had a passion for video games, light novels, anime, and other otaku-like activities. He would often put his hobbies in front of his actual studies, which caused his parents to believe he was a lost cause and focused all their attention on his younger brother by sending him to a famous prep-school in the hope to secure his future.

However, the pressure and the lack of freedom was too much for his younger brother. Worn out by the stress of studying and jealous of his older brother’s freedom, he eventually turned into a troubled teen. He started dying his hair in different colors and even swore around the house.


Naofumi was painfully aware of the fact that he was the main reason why his younger brother turned into such a troublemaker. He took it upon himself to help mend his younger brother’s relationship towards their family by introducing him to a dating simulator game. His younger brother was hesitant at first, but quickly got hooked and became an otaku himself.

Because his younger brother found a way to relieve his stress, he rededicated himself to his studies. Afterwards, he became the top of his class and even managed to get into a good high school.

One day, Naofumi went to the library to save money, where he found a book called The Record of the Four Holy Weapons. He immediately lost consciousness while reading it and found himself in another world.


Alcohol ImmunityIn his previous world, alcohol had no adverse effects towards Naofumi. His ability to eat Rucolu Fruit without any problems has become such a well-known trait about him that it’s considered the gold standard in confirming the Shield Hero’s identity. Itsuki believes that this comes from the ESPer ability called ‘Nullify Sickness’.[1]
Motion Sickness ImmunityEven in his youth, Naofumi has been naturally immune to motion sickness. This is a natural trait derived from his alcohol immunity ability, which affects his inner eardrum and makes him unable to become seasick or carsick.
Animal WhisperEver since childhood, animals always feel naturally at ease and become friendly towards Naofumi. This not only affects animals but Demi-Humans and Beastmen as well. Itsuki believes that this is Naofumi’s second ESPer ability.
Cooking AbilitiesPeople habitually become addicted to Naofumi’s cooking, even monsters that Filo runs over with her carriage and tosses into the back wagon like a sack of potatoes become first-class gourmet cooking after a few minutes in Naofumi’s capable hands. Some people have started calling Naofumi the “Cooking Hero” because of how delicious his cooking is.
Negotiating AbilitiesCut off from Melromarc’s cash flow, Naofumi had to learn to make money as a traveling merchant. He can easily haggle products being sold at a high price down a twentieth of their cost. The fact that he’s been known to carry Balloons around with him under his cloak and have them bite people who try to refuse him service or rip him off helps.
Potion CraftingOne of the first things that Naofumi learns to do in the new world is to make potions. He is initially a novice, but after extensive self-education and constant practice, the art of potion-making becomes second nature to Naofumi to the point where he can create healing potions, cures for various diseases, herbicides, and even the legendary Yggdrasil medicine.
Accessory CraftingAs payment for defending him from a group of bandits, Hickwaal trained Naofumi in the accessory-crafting business, helping him become more proficient in refining ores, enchanting gems, and even shaping monster bones into first-class items.


The Rising Of Shield Hero: 5 Reasons Naofumi Iwatani Is The Best Isekai Hero (& 5 Why He's Not)

Is Naofumi one of the best isekai heroes out there, or is he a bit overrated? We take a closer look at the protagonist of The Rising Of Shield Hero.


10 Why He's Best: Mature Attitude Naofumi Iwatani

Overall, this anime series has a fairly grim and serious tone, and fortunately, Naofumi is not here to subvert that and good off all day long. In Konosuba, Kazuma is pretty wild and immature, even stealing girls’ undergarments with magic just because he can. That might turn off some viewers.

Naofumi is a proper grown-up, being in his early 20s and composing himself accordingly. There are no groan-worthy pranks or pratfalls where Naofumi is concerned; he means business, and that helps any scene move along nicely.


This isekai series isn’t afraid to explore some dark themes, which even includes the likes of slavery. While slavery is a reality both past and present in our own world, Naofumi Iwatani seems oddly accepting of the whole thing.


Maybe it’s just because he’s in another world and isn’t seeing Japanese people in bondage. But it’s still pretty cold of him to see slaves in cages as things to buy first and foremost. He’s not an ally of the slave trade, but then again, he could stand to be a little more outraged.


8 Why He's Best: Focused

Another positive trait Naofumi has, besides his mature personality, is his ability to lay down goals and focus on how to get them done. Unlike some isekai heroes, he doesn’t just chase butterflies or run off to explore every nook and cranny just for fun.

Naofumi is task-oriented, and this makes him efficient and productive in ways many isekai heroes can’t (or won’t) match. He wants to level his party up, upgrade his shield, make money, earn prestige, and more, and he won’t suffer any distractions.


7 Not The Best: Rough With Raphtalia Naofumi Iwatani

Fortunately, this paradigm didn’t last too long, and Naofumi soon started treating Raphtalia like a real equal and a cherished companion. But he didn’t start things off that way. In fact, he had a pretty rough hand at first, and Raphtalia suffered.

She was a slave and had a curse mark to that effect, and Naofumi willingly used that curse mark’s punishment spell to force Raphtalia to do what he wanted, even if she objected. That is not how a hero behaves.


6 Why He's Best: Practical

This is related to Naofumi’s propensity for being goal-oriented and productive at all times. Naofumi doesn’t bite off more than he can chew; he knows his limits, and he will willingly back off from a challenge to reassess things before going back in.

He also tries to find the best solution for a problem, not just the quickest, and he takes collateral damage into account when taking on a job. The other three heroes neglected to do that, and they caused a lot of harm as a result. Not Naofumi.


5 Not The Best: So Bitter

On one hand, Naofumi does have a reason to be wary of others and not make friends too easily. After all, he was wrongly accused of a heinous crime and banished from the kingdom, left to his own devices.

But even then, he becomes really bitter really fast, and keeps rejecting potential allies and speaking gruffly with them, such as Melty and others. He’s hurting, yes, but he doesn’t have to take it out on other people. Viewers might sympathize with him more if he can keep those feelings in check and not snap at the wrong people.



4 He's The Best: Creative Thinking Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi is certainly practical, and this takes him pretty far, given his less than favorable situation. But it’s not just that; he is also a creative sort, much more so than the other three heroes. He does this partly out of need.

Bearing only shields, Naofumi has practically no offensive power, so he leans into that and finds ways to block diverse enemy attacks with ease. He also uses shields to trap enemies inside metal or magic spheres, allowing a party member to deal more concentrated damage to the target inside. Now that’s a creative approach.Not The Best: So Spiteful

This is Malty, the elder princess of Melromarc and the schemer who cause Naofumi’s exile for selfish reasons. Naofumi has every reason to see her as an enemy and try to neutralize her, but he gets pretty carried away in his revenge scheme.

Naofumi and the queen exposed Malty and the king (her father) as the schemers that they are, and have them deprived of all power and influence to set things right (and clear his name). But Naofumi didn’t stop there; he also rebranded Malty with incredibly rude names to replace her own, and it was downright petty and cruel. Was that really necessary?


2 He's The Best: Cooperating With Other Heroes Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi didn’t forgive Malty or make amends with her in season 1, but he did rebuild some bridges with the Spear, Sword, and Bow heroes, and that was an important step to take. For the sake of surviving future Waves, it is vital that all four heroes are together.

Naofumi is still upset about recent events, but he fully cooperated with the other three to fight off the wicked Pope, and he has fully integrated into the party. Given his bitterness, that’s big of him, and with any luck, they can become friends, too. Or at least friendly acquaintances.


In some cases, Naofumi can change his mind and adapt to new situations. But he’s also on a quest to make a lot of money and buy good items, and he’s rather strict about it. In fact, he will downright refuse to help a town if they can’t give him a cash reward for it.

Of course, effort should be rewarded. But there are ways to compensate for a job well done besides money in some cases, such as networking opportunities, potions or items, or a place to stay for the night. It’s not very heroic for Naofumi to say “no, I won’t help you” to desperate townsfolk just because they can’t write him a fat check.



Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi initially believed Motoyasu played a part in framing him for raping Malty for his own personal gains, but over time, Naofumi came to realize that Motoyasu is very naive, delusional, stupid and evidently doesn’t know that he’s being manipulated by Malty.


Motoyasu would continually believe Malty’s words and cause Naofumi and his party trouble. These troubling events lead to Naofumi awakening the curse series.

Motoyasu tries to behave in a friendly manner towards Naofumi, despite the charges on him, but becomes something of a rival or more rather an annoyance, especially with Malty’s continued influence upon him. Once Naofumi’s name is cleared, he begins to show more of his decent side towards him but refuses to believe Naofumi when he’s told that Malty is the one who set him up.

After Malty eventually betrays him, Motoyasu falls into depression, which leads to Filo cheering him up and causing him to fall completely in love with Filo and start calling Naofumi “father-in-law.” Naofumi finds his new personality troubling, but easier to cooperate or manipulate since he has sworn his loyalty to him.

Ren Amaki

Ren Amaki

Like the other three Legendary Heroes, Ren was led to believe Naofumi was guilty of the charges of “raping” Malty. However, he was also, alongside Itsuki, one of the only few people to defend and stand up for Naofumi, albeit a couple of times, only for personal gains.

He is grateful and apologetic towards Naofumi after he is told directly by him that he had to clean up the messes that Ren caused because of his careless actions. Naofumi originally believes Ren was cold and heartless, but after seeing him apologize and regret his actions, his views on him have improved. He is the only one of the other three legendary heroes who had doubts about Naofumi kidnapping Princess Melty.

After the events of the Spirit Tortoise incident, Naofumi meets Ren again, this time their roles reversed, Naofumi is now loved and adored by the public while the three other Heroes are hated and despise. As Ren explains how his party was murdered during the Spirit Tortoise Incident, he calls them weak and blames his now deceased party members for their deaths and not himself, causing Naofumi to call him out for this. Ren refuses to face the reality that he was easily manipulated by Malty, who later betrays him, causing Ren to unlock his Curse Series and going rogue.

Ren Amaki Naofumi Iwatani

Eventually, after tracking down him down, Naofumi, with the help of Eclair, suppresses him and knocks some sense into him. After his rampage, Ren finally admits it was his fault that his party died and starts to atone for his sins as he begins training with Eclair while living in Naofumi’s village.

He gets rid of the cold, lonely, and cool persona he was trying so hard to maintain for a genuine hard-working attitude. He also holds Naofumi in high regard and follows his requests, such as implementing the Power-Up systems and learning a new language.

The current relationship between the two is very good, both consider each other as a good friend. Naofumi also usually gives Ren some advice so that he can solve his personal problems, such as what he should do with his infatuation with Eclair, how to deal with Wyndia, or his mistrust when forging weapons.

Itsuki Kawasumi

Itsuki Kawasumi

Naofumi’s relationship with Itsuki is very strained, to put it politely. He dislikes how Itsuki’s actions are driven with the sole purpose of flaunting his pride and showing off for applause. He also begrudges Itsuki, along with the other Heroes, for believing Malty’s false accusations and their subsequent treatment towards him afterwards.

Although Itsuki does stand for Naofumi during the rigged duel and rebuked funds, he only does so to satisfy his own ego and to indirectly annoy Motoyasu.


Later on, Naofumi defends Itsuki from Raphtalia’s criticisms by stating that Itsuki is stuck up, but will never let harm befall his allies. However, Naofumi’s attitude changes when he loses what little respect he had for Itsuki after he finds out that the Bow Hero kicked Rishia out of his party under the pretense of a crime that he and other party members orchestrated against her.

Itsuki Kawasumi Naofumi Iwatani

After finally tracking the whereabouts of Itsuki after the events of the Spirit Tortoise Incident, this leads to a fight between Rishia and Itsuki who was under the influence of numerous Curse Series and was being manipulated by Bitch (who later betrayed him.)

Following his defeat, Itsuki completely breaks apart, losing his pride, sense of justice, and becoming near-emotionless. He follows any orders given to him and is unable to lie. Naofumi, seeing Itsuki in his current condition, brings him to his village where Rishia continues to look after him.

After Itsuki’s curse is lifted, the two heroes have a heart-to-heart conversation. Itsuki admits that he was wrong as a hero and he regrets his actions, especially what he did to Rishia. From now on, he desires to truly help people in trouble and to make everything right again. This greatly improves Naofumi’s perception of Itsuki and he recognizes the drastic change in attitude.

Kizuna Kazayama

Kizuna Kazayama

Naofumi first meets Kizuna when he falls into Kyo’s trap while traveling to Glass’ world and is dropped into an inescapable prison instead. She quickly decides to trust him after hearing he has been working with Glass. He feels sympathy for her and they pool their knowledge together and Naofumi is able to engineer their escape, earning him her eternal gratitude. They decide to keep travelling together because it is safer, especially for Naofumi because his levels have been reset. He remains cautious of her because Glass and the others have tried to kill him before. But Kizuna completely takes his side and lectures her friends on what they had done, diffusing that threat.

They come to admire each other’s talents and sympathize with each other. They have both suffered injustice after being summoned to a new world and have the same kind of limitation placed on them by their holy weapons. The fact they were both serious otaku in Japan means they sometimes get into serious discussions their other friends cannot follow at all. They share many other personality traits and seem to develop a close friendship.

While the two heroes are both authentically trying to save their respective worlds, they have two different styles. Kizuna tends to be more diplomatic and friendly to her enemies while Naofumi would rather show a strong hand. Naofumi respects Kizuna attempting to be diplomatic but doesn’t hesitate to point out the flaws in her efforts.




She met Naofumi accidentally while trying to get information on Raphtalia and introduces herself as Zodia, a simple civilian. Like her sister, she was impressed by Naofumi’s inability to get drunk and, like her sister, she ended up falling in love with Naofumi, even handing him a card that contained a part of her soul.

Naofumi openly shows his dislike for Shildina’s constant sexual harassment, as well as Sadeena’s, but still respects her and considers her a powerful asset, entrusting her and her sister with Adeans training.

Naofumi also began to pamper her a little more since in the world of Glass she took a form according to her age for a while, when Naofumi saw that she was not older than Raphtalia when she met her so when considering everything she went through being so Young, Naofumi decided to pamper her a bit.



Raphtalia Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi’s first slave, a Tanuki demi-human child, that he purchased from Beloukas. Naofumi was forced to purchase her as a slave early on in order to compensate for his lack of offensive abilities, along with the stigma of the false charges against him that prevented him from forming a party with anyone else. Naofumi initially chose Raphtalia for her low price, and because he wanted to imagine enslaving Malty, who trumped up the false charges against him. Despite his questionable motives for obtaining her, Naofumi becomes a naturally benevolent master and treats Raphtalia very well after acquiring her. He provides her with medicine when she is ill, food when she is hungry, and protects her from harm during battles. Although she is a slave to him, the only times he would ever activate the Slave Crest to force her compliance was when she was too frightened to fight on her own. He also provides her with adequate shelter and comforts her during her various night terrors.

Raphtalia matures rapidly from a child to a young adult within a week or two due to the effects of her level grinding and her being a demi-human. Raphtalia becomes significantly more outgoing towards Naofumi and even has a decent handle on him, carefully finding ways to get him to comply with her choices despite their master-slave relationship. She becomes a much-needed pillar of support for him throughout their time together. When the three other Legendary Heroes, along with the King and Malty, attempt to sabotage Naofumi’s ability to excel by forcibly removing the master-slave relationship between him and Raphtalia, she rebels against her new status as a free woman and willingly chooses to restore her Slave Crest at Beloukas’ tent in order to remain beside Naofumi.

Raphtalia Naofumi Iwatani

She’s the first person, after Erhard, to take his side after what Malty did to him, and the one who ultimately succeeds in bringing him out of his despair. She wants Naofumi Iwatani to look at her as an adult woman and has stripped completely naked in front of him to get his opinion of her nude figure. Unfortunately for Raphtalia, Naofumi Iwatani misses her point completely, as he still sees her as the young girl he started with despite her maturity.

Naofumi constantly expresses a father-daughter relationship with her, but Raphtalia very much begs to differ. Naofumi trusts her implicitly. In fact, among his companions, she is one about who he cares the most. Raphtalia is also the only reliable restraint against Naofumi’s more villainous tendencies and she expresses to him her preference that he acts as a proper hero, despite his belief that he is not. Whenever Naofumi takes pleasure in the suffering of those who’ve caused him grief, especially Malty and Trash, Raphtalia tries to reign him in and cautions against expressing this joy.

Raphtalia Naofumi Iwatani

For Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia is a reliable and loyal friend who he shares his joys and sorrows together with and is one of few he is willing to wholeheartedly trust with a sense of no doubt. Naofumi Iwatani notably defines Raphtalia as “very charming” when he sees her dressed in a traditional Japanese miko (shrine maiden) outfit.

After Naofumi Iwatani unlocked the blessed series which suppresses the effects of the wrath series shield, he is able to feel proper feelings and empathize with others for the first time since he first found Raphtalia. He struggles with these newfound emotion and tries to sort out his feelings – including the ones with Raphtalia.

Raphtalia Naofumi Iwatani

At this point, Naofumi Iwatani and Raphtalia are constantly bombarded by onlookers who are anticipating their relationship to get more intimate, but the two take their own pace. Eventually Naofumi Iwatani shows his first signs of affection by stroking Raphtalia’s head with her permission. In private, she also allows him to stroke her tail which seems akin to holding hands in demi-human culture.[1]

Eventually, the two have a heart-to-heart conversation which briefly touches on the subject of marriage. While they don’t directly talk about getting married, Naofumi gives her an exclusive bracelet which contains objects relating to their time together which Raphtalia emotionally accepts.

Rishia Ivyred

Rishia Ivyred Naofumi Iwatani

She joined Naofumi’s party after being kicked out of Itsuki’s party. She was framed for breaking one of Itsuki’s accessories by another member of the Bow Hero’s party, with Itsuki himself being a willing participant of it after Rishia inadvertently stole the spotlights that he wanted for himself during a clash with Glass and the Heroes from another world.


Naofumi empathizes with Rishia and feels a mutual connection with due to his similar situation of being framed on false charges. After Filo saves Rishia, Naofumi swears to her that he will help make her stronger so that Itsuki will beg to have her back on his team.

Rishia Ivyred Naofumi Iwatani

As she spends time within Naofumi’s village, she gains confidence and immense fighting skills. Rishia doesn’t share the negative view of the Church of Three Heroes because of her education at Faubley and expresses fear at Naofumi’s demeanor until Raphtalia is able to remove her doubts. Since then, she greatly respects and aids Naofumi with whatever he needs to.

While Itsuki was under the Pride curse and began accusing Naofumi of being evil, Rishia defends Naofumi from Itsuki’s baseless accusations. She points out how Naofumi has saved many demi-humans from slavery, gave them a home, and has worked tirelessly to help them. She further describes Naofumi as being like a parental figure to all his slaves – much to Naofumi’s annoyance, as he denies being a slave master.


Glass seems to consider Naofumi Iwatani and his party to be worthy opponents, even asking for his name after he manages to force her to retreat during their battle (for reference, she had moments before effortlessly defeating the other three Heroes and their respective parties – all of them being groups larger than Naofumi’s party – simultaneously). Like many others, she finds some clear fault with Naofumi’s personality. She later warns her comrades of Naofumi Iwatani.

Rishia Ivyred Naofumi Iwatani

When they meet again in the Spirit Tortoise, which was rampaging because of a man named Kyo from Glass’s world, they display their respective hostility towards one another but are willing to become allies against Kyo as their common enemy.


When Naofumi enters Glass’s world and rescues Glass’s most important friend, Kizuna Kazayama, Glass starts showing her softer side, which he didn’t really expect and sees as “out of character” to him. Because of Kizuna, Glass starts to become more mellow towards Naofumi. In their final battle against Kyo, the two eventually develop a bond of deep mutual trust. A significant sign of this new friendship is when Naofumi gives Glass the recipe for soul-healing water, a concoction that didn’t exist in Glass’s world, which helps cover her SP weakness in battle.

By the time Naofumi return to her world for a second time, Glass sees him as a valuable ally to fight alongside.

L’Arc Berg Sickle

L'Arc Berg Sickle Naofumi Iwatani

L’Arc and his comrade were tasked to killing the four Holy Heroes of the other world, especially the Shield Hero, whom Glass considered as a threat. L’Arc heard about Naofumi Iwatani from Glass, and also other rumors of the Shield Hero from Melromarc commoners, completely believing such rumors. He even encountered a number of fake heroes and got fed up in his search.

When he came face to face with Naofumi Iwatani, he was too friendly with him and refused to believe him to be the Shield Hero, as he claimed to be. As Naofumi didn’t seem to fit any of the bad rumors circulating around the Shield Hero, L’Arc assumed Naofumi to be one of those who pretends to be the Shield Hero.

After confirming that Naofumi was indeed the Shield Hero, he tried to kill him in a fair fight. He was thrilled to fight Naofumi Iwatani and enjoyed the resourcefulness of the Shield Hero. He refuses to believe all the rumors of Naofumi’s “evil deeds” and claims that there must be a reason for his doings.

L'Arc Berg Sickle

When they meet again in the Spirit Tortoise, which was under control of Kyo Ethnina – whom they both saw as an enemy, they entered a temporary alliance. When Naofumi enters L’Arc’s world and ends up befriending Kizuna, they eventually rekindle the old relationship they had before L’Arc tried to kill him. This bond eventually developed into a deep and true friendship after they finally defeated Kyo, where they’re willing to trust each other in battle. After seeing L’Arc’s home and influence, it inspired Naofumi to create his own territory to fight the Waves. Since their first meeting, L’Arc calls him ‘Kiddo’ to a point where he finds it uncomfortable to call him by his real name while Naofumi, after visiting L’Arc’s homeworld, calls him ‘Boy’.


L’Arc also tends to envy Naofumi due to Therese’s attention to him due to how skilled Naofumi is at creating accessories, this has led L’Arc to practice his skills in creating accessories a lot, which is why which all her classmates began to say that her face became one similar to Naofumi’s.


Ethnobalt Naofumi Iwatani

Unlike most people of Glass’ World, Ethnobalt didn’t fear Naofumi since he came from another world. Instead, he helped the Shield Hero (at Kizuna’s request) in making a shikigami to find Raphtalia. Naofumi considers Ethnobalt to be an incredible intellectual resource. When his world was under attack for a second time, Ethnobalt came to Naofumi for help.

Naofumi also finds Ethnobalt to be quite an effective intellectual asset and has thought about replacing Filo with Ethnobalt several times, which upsets her when she realizes Naofumi is thinking of it.


Sadeena Naofumi Iwatani

An Orca demi-human who was Raphtalia’s family guardian before the Waves destroyed Raphtalia’s village. The two first met when Sadeena, under the alias Nadia, gives Naofumi advice on how the Zeltoble colosseum works. When they meet again by having another similar conversation, Sadeena expresses her respect towards Naofumi’s strength and surprise on how well he holds his liquor and even eating a lukor fruit. When they finally face each other, Raphtalia ends up revealing their respective true identities. This makes them realize their shared goal in saving the villagers who were slaves in Zeltoble, leading the two to work together.

When Sadeena returns to the rebuilt village with Naofumi and his allies, Naofumi expresses both his shock and displeasure on how Sadeena ostensibly wants to make him her life companion because of how well he can hold his liquor better than her. While Naofumi doesn’t realize this, it is revealed that this flirting is partially Sadeena’s way to push Raphtalia to pursue her relationship with Naofumi more aggressively. Naofumi thinks about how he would’ve originally liked this before being betrayed by Malty but now finds it annoying. As a result, he constantly rebuffs Sadeena’s flirting. When Naofumi’s emotions were released and he becomes confused with his newfound feelings, he attempted to accept Sadeena’s repeated advances. However, for Naofumi and Raphtalia’s sake, she declines.

Sadeena Naofumi Iwatani

Regardless, Naofumi deeply respects Sadeena for her strength and begins depending on her in the rebuilding of the village and training the villagers to fight the Waves. This reliance also expands towards becoming a party member, where she helps fight various adversaries for him and Raphtalia. He also considers doing the slave contract with her to further increase her strength through the slave bonus stat leveling even if she has to restart her level, although Sadeena doesn’t mind.

S’yne Lokk

Naofumi and S’yne first met at the Zeltoble Coliseum, where they both fought and S’yne warned Naofumi that he must become stronger or he would die.

They met again shortly after, when S’yne suddenly appeared in Naofumi’s village, where he asked if he could stay and work for him, a request that Naofumi initially refused, but after S’yne saved him and him rest of your group. from otherworldly invaders, she agreed to let her stay in her village and work for him.

Since then, S’yne has only proven to be extremely loyal to Naofumi by accompanying him almost everywhere as if he were his shadow.

S'yne Lokk Naofumi Iwatani

After S’yne managed to speak again without any interference in his voice and S’yne’s Sister revealed part of S’yne’s past to Naofumi, he has tried to get her to tell him what he knows. which S’yne flatly rejects, as he believes that anyone he tells will die.

It has been hinted on a few occasions that S’yne may have romantic feelings for Naofumi.

Fohl Fayon

While Naofumi was ultimately Fohl’s dear sister’s savior, Fohl was ultimately antagonistic towards Naofumi. This was mainly driven by Fohl’s sister-complex and Atla’s repeated rampages and advances towards Naofumi. Since he saw his sister as perfect, he considered Naofumi an enemy who was trying to harm his dear sister. Anything Naofumi said towards Atla, positive or negative, was seen from the worst possible perspective. However, as Fohl slowly matured, he began to cooperate with Naofumi and started seeing him in a better light.

Fohl Fayon Naofumi Iwatani

Ironically, the main event which help strengthen the bond between Naofumi and Fohl was Atla’s death and sacrifice to save Naofumi. In his grief, Fohl promised to not blame Naofumi for her death which he continued to live up to. Instead, they both blamed Takt for her death and they worked together to get revenge.

After Atla’s death, Naofumi’s mental state was unstable. In his grief, he asked to Fohl sleep in bed with him since he resembled his sister, which was rejected. However, Naofumi has to live with the long-term consequences since Fohl has become wary and untrusting of Naofumi, though they do eventually mend their friendship.

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII

Naofumi hates the King, and with good reason, as he played a part, along with his daughter Malty, in setting Naofumi up with the criminal charge of rape and made certain to spread the word all throughout the kingdom. Although given the King’s genuine display of stupidity in believing the claims that Naofumi could “brainwash” people, it’s likely he may have just believed Malty’s claims and acted upon them rashly. Ultimately, the King hates the Shield Hero in general, which just unfortunately transferred to Naofumi because of that relationship.

When the Queen returns and clears Naofumi’s name, she allows him to mete out punishment to the King, Naofumi immediately asks for the death penalty, but is talked down to a less extreme punishment that results in changing the King’s given name to “Trash.” Naofumi at this point realizes the real threat of the Waves of Calamity (after witnessing Glass’s strength) and avoids making any new enemies, so he agrees to just rename Aultcray to Trash. He is subsequently stripped of all his rights to the throne, along with any power he had already accrued within the kingdom.

Trash’s unreasonable hatred for Naofumi continued after this until he meets Atla, who closely resembles his deceased sister, under Naofumi’s care. After this, Trash resigns himself to remain silent in front of Naofumi, unlike previously when he would create a ruckus against him.

Volume 16 Spoilers This all changed after Takt’s ambush where his wife Queen Mirellia was killed. To spur him into action, Naofumi pretended to be villain. This motivated Trash to wake up from his stupor and regain his title of the Wisest King of Wisdom and the Staff Hero. Trash soon prove to a humble yet incredibly talented ally which drastically improves Naofumi’s impression of him despite the months of oppression.



Aultcray Melromarc XXXII Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi’s second real comrade and slave. He purchased her as an egg from the same slave trader that he obtained Raphtalia from. Although she was purchased more along the lines of a beast, he raises her with compassion alongside Raphtalia. Like the phenomenon of level grinding that Naofumi experiences with Raphtalia, Filo quickly grows beyond a normal Filolial and is later revealed to be an extremely rare Filolial Queen, manifesting in her ability to assume the form of a youthful human girl.

Filo is far more direct with expressing her impulsive nature, which in some instances has been encouraged by Naofumi when he finds it amusing to him and negatively impacting those he views have wronged him. For example, when she kicks Motoyasu in the crotch during her first encounter with him, Naofumi immediately feels she was a brilliant investment and tells her to do it every time henceforth. Generally speaking, Naofumi has found Filo’s expression of selfishness, gluttony, and childish-tantrum behavior to be annoying. However, despite these misgivings, he still cares for her greatly as a companion. This reflects a relationship similar to a parent and daughter.

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII

Overall, the two truly do care for each other so much that the second time he invoked his Wrath Shield, his belief that Filo had died fueled that manifestation. Like Raphtalia, Filo displays great affections (including romantically) towards Naofumi. She even sometimes competes with Raphtalia as a love rival. Naofumi sees himself more as Filo’s owner like how he views Raphtalia as his own daughter, thus not seeing Filo as a love interest. She constantly seeks Naofumi’s attention and approval and expresses great joy when she pleases him but displays great worry that he may possibly leave her.

Eventually, as more people joined Naofumi’s village, Filo’s romantic advances towards Naofumi dies away. When Naofumi hatches Gaelion the dragon, Filo and Gaelion compete for Naofumi’s affection, much to his annoyance.

Melty Q Melromarc

The Second Princess, and younger sister to Malty, she first got along with Naofumi for befriending Filo until her status as the Second Princess and Malty’s younger sister was revealed, making Naofumi immediately distrust her. Whenever Melty tried to speak to Naofumi or when she didn’t understand why he was so cynical and cold towards her, Naofumi expressed disdain, as he believed she was no different than the other nobles and royalty who looked down on and ridiculed him. She attempted to force Naofumi into apologizing for dishonoring her father and amend the relationship between them but was treated by him as an annoyance in return.

Melty Q Melromarc Naofumi Iwatani

После того, как Церковь Трех Героев попыталась убить ее из-за сфабрикованного заговора, Наофуми стала единственным человеком, на которого Мелти действительно могла положиться, чтобы спасти свою жизнь, поскольку другие Герои, ее сестра и ее рыцари были либо обмануты Церковью, либо были добровольными участниками заговора. Именно благодаря этому путешествию Наофуми начинает видеть, что она сильно отличается от других дворян и членов королевской семьи, но все же находит ее довольно наивной.

Из-за этих событий она стала чем-то вроде цундере по отношению к Наофуми, и подразумевается, что ее чувства к нему выходят за рамки того, о чем она хочет, чтобы он услышал. Ей не нравится, когда с ней обращаются в детстве или что он называет ее «второй принцессой», и в конечном итоге она убеждает его назвать ее по имени. Их отношения улучшаются до такой степени, что он позволяет Мелти снова играть с Фило, когда он первоначально предупредил Фило не дружить с ней и доверит Фило Мелти, когда тот вернется в свой мир.

Мелти Кью Мелромарк

После смерти матери и победы в войне против Фобрея, она преуспевает в должности новой королевы. Наофуми дразнил ее своими новыми обязанностями, что вызывает у нее приступ ярости продвижение Наофуми эрцгерцога, чтобы заставить его разделить некоторые новые обязанности, что является позицией, уступающей только королеве. Кроме того, не осознавая поначалу, она случайно делает Наофуми своим женихом по имени.


Помимо Рафталии, Кил стал первым жителем деревни Луролона, которую спас Наофуми. Благодаря своей ранней истории, Кил становится голосом рабов деревни, но также действует небрежно и знакомо, что раздражает Наофуми. Наофуми ставит Кила ответственным за торговую операцию по получению дохода для деревни и в конечном итоге становится чрезвычайно хорошим, несмотря на то, что Кил презирает то, что его одевают как девушку. Кил также одержим приготовлением пищи Наофуми и даже съест его с пола, если он упадет.



Сразу после сотворения, Раф-чан очень ласково относится к Наофуми. Она постоянно присматривает за ним, такого как враги Наофуми не могут почувствовать или увидеть. Она также действует в соответствии с более темными действиями Наофуми, такими как пытки. В свою очередь, Наофуми увлекается Раф-чаном. Ему нравится гладить ее, что именно так он проводит часть своего свободного времени. В результате Раф-чан становится источником для снятия стресса Наофуми.


Гибридная раба Хакуко и человека, которую Наофуми купила у Белукаса вместе со своим братом, чтобы помочь деревне Рафталии. Наофуми купил братьев и сестер из-за потенциала, который он видел в их родословной, и видел в ней средство обеспечения лояльности своего брата. Несмотря на слепоту, Атла чувствовала присутствие Наофуми, которое она описала как «одновременно сильное и доброе, хотя и с глубокой печалью, скрытой внутри». Это заставило Атлу довериться Наофуми и попросить его позаботиться о ее брате, потому что она изначально не жила намного дольше. Когда Наофуми вылечил ее Эликсиром Иггдрасиля, который был создан его Щитом, Атла очень привязался, если не ласков, к нему и пожелал принести ему большую пользу.


В то время как Наофуми находил эти действия довольно надоедливыми, он продолжал заботиться об Атле, как и о других рабах, которых он покупал для деревни. Он не думал о том, что цель Атлы будет его «щитом», не понимая, что Атла очень серьезно относится к этому. Он начал видеть, что Атла имеет больший потенциал в бою, чем ее брат, и пересмотрел ее полезность, что он спарринговал с ней вместе с Рафталией. Этот уровень доверия развился до того, что Наофуми смог доверить Атле стратегию и битву против Демонического Дракона.

Volume 15 Spoilers During the battle against the Phoenix, Atla was able to fulfill her promise to be Naofumi’s shield and sacrificed her life to protect him. Her death devastated Naofumi as he desperately tried to save her. However, due to her compassion, Naofumi was able to unlock the shield of compassion which suppressed his shield of wrath and allowed him to feel proper emotion again. Thanks to this and his last promise to her to consider other people’s feelings, Naofumi’s life was forever changed as he became a kinder and more compassionate person.



Despite their first interaction with each other, they get along very well with together and enjoy each other’s company since they both have a fondness for the Raph species. Ruft currently sees Naofumi Iwatani as basically an older brother.

Naofumi Iwatani is also surprised at how quickly Ruft has matured, and how skilled he has become in both the combat and diplomatic arenas.


Mirellia Q Melromarc

Mirellia Q Melromarc

The Queen and Naofumi Iwatani were on fairly good terms as business acquaintances. While he knew he was being used by her, he also knew that she needed him, so he was willing to put up with it. The fact that she cleared his name and punished her husband and daughter for their mistreatment of him seemed to be the crux of their relationship. Both of them treated each other as equals, but she acknowledged his worth both politically and as a Holy Hero.


He runs a weapons shop in Melromarc and is the only person who believed in Naofumi Iwatani after he was falsely accused by Bitch – ironically, it was Bitch herself who had introduced Naofumi Iwatani to Erhard. He makes most, if not all, of the equipment worn by Naofumi along with his carriage, especially his Bandit-themed Barbarian Armor, and is also responsible for teaching Raphtalia the basics of swordsmanship. His skills come from a blacksmith from the East. He wants Naofumi Iwatani to find another blacksmith, as he believes his own skills to be sub-par, but Naofumi places a higher value on his skill and his friendship.



While Naofumi Iwatani considers the slave merchant to be a useful person due to his role in providing him with various slaves for his growing army, he does not indicate any real trust for the man. The merchant has noted that Naofumi has good business sense, referring to him as his favorite customer and a man who cannot be easily deceived. Naofumi, on the other hand, creeps out on him. Regardless, Naofumi continues to do various forms of business with him, whether it involves purchasing more slaves, establishing slave contracts, or obtaining valuable information.

Ost Horai

At first Naofumi Iwatani was suspicious of Ost since she claimed to be a familiar of the Spirit Tortoise. However, she proved to be a valuable ally in defeating the corrupted Guardian Beast. Through her unique magic, she was able to provide assistance in battle and even prevent Naofumi Iwatani from being overcome by his Shield of Wrath. She also taught him about the hero-exclusive magic: Liberation-class. Naofumi deeply respected her and her sacrifice needed to defeat her own body.

Ost Horai

Eclair Seaetto

Eclair was first introduced as one of the mentors Queen Mirellia had called in order to train the heroes how to properly fight. Unfortunately, Naofumi was the only hero that didn’t try to skip out on training and she eventually joined his party for a small while.

Eclair was also the governor of the land which Naofumi eventually took over. While she was a proficient fighter and eventually helped contain the rampaging Ren, she was a terrible governor and preferred to train instead of managing a territory. Naofumi eventually stripped her of her responsibilities and gave them to Melty instead.

Elrasla Grilaroc

Elrasla Grilaroc

Elrasla was an old lady which Naofumi Iwatani helped deliver medicine to while he was a peddling trader. It turns out that she was the last remaining practitioner of the art of Hengen Muso. Due to his help, she was inspired to come out of retirement to help fight Melromarc’s enemies and teach others about Hengen Muso. She was one of the experts which Queen Mirellia found to help teach the heroes how to properly fight. Naofumi’s party where the only ones who properly trained under her. Eventually, she came to Naofumi’s village to help train the villagers in Hengen Muso to fight against the waves. Due to her training, Naofumi’s combat potential greatly increased and he started to be able to see life force.

Imiya Leuthurn Reethela Teleti Kuwariz

The first time Naofumi Iwatani met Imiya he had mistaken her for a boy due to her inexperience with beastmen, then Raphtalia explained that Imiya was actually a girl.

Currently both get along very well, both usually work together making accessories. Naofumi likes Imiya largely because she reminds him of Raphtalia when they first met. Naofumi is also aware that Imiya probably has feelings for him, but she decided that she would figure out what to do with it when the waves were over.

Queen’s Shadow

Queen's Shadow

The two met when Shadow helped Naofumi Iwatani and his group escape after the battle with the other heroes over Melty’s alleged kidnapping. After that, they met again on several other occasions, mainly to exchange information. In each of those encounters, Naofumi recognized Shadow from the rest of the shadows only by the particular way of speaking about her.

The two began to grow closer after Naofumi Iwatani saved the lives of Shadow and the Raph species that usually accompany him, from an incurable wound caused by the soldiers of Piensa, when Naofumi’s village was transported to the time of the shield hero Mamoru. Shadow tends to exasperate Naofumi Iwatani mainly because of the teasing attitude she often takes towards him and her belief that if Naofumi takes someone to level up it is because she wants to make him her lover. Even with all of the above, Naofumi considers Shadow a very useful asset due to his information gathering abilities, and is very grateful for all the help he has given him and the rest of his teammates.


Malty S Melromarc

Malty S Melromarc

Malty is ultimately the cause of Naofumi’s dark and cynical personality due to the fact that she betrayed him, stole from him and falsely accused him for the attempt of raping her for no other visible reason. Naofumi’s originally kind personality snapped violently, he became distrustful of anyone who is not a slave, and for a very long time held contempt for women in general. She continued to make him suffer by any means necessary, like trying to take his slave away from him and interfering in the duel for ownership of her, calling him a criminal at every given opportunity and framing him for any/every crime she can think of. When Naofumi’s name was cleared, the queen gave the choice of punishment for Malty and Aultcray to Naofumi. Bitch attempts to use her cunning to try and appeal to the Shield Hero’s sense of chivalry despite her antagonizing him so often, with the intention of nullifying her punishment. But her accuser would have none of that, seeing right through her and demanding the death penalty for it. This was the first and only time for Malty to call Naofumi by his name. After been talked down, her punishment was having her completely stripped of her royal status and her civilian name changed to “Bitch.” Comparatively; her adventurer name was changed to “Whore” while she traveled with her heroes party.

Since then, Malty continues to try to hurt Naofumi; hypocritically blaming him for her past comeuppance after citing how vengeance breed vengeance during her punishment. Thus causes the hatred he feels for the former princess to grow and become more maniacal as time passes. Bitch going so far as to direct Ren and Itsuki; under the effects of their curse series, into attacking the Shield Demon and manipulated multiple vanguards of the waves to come after the Shield numerous times. A tragedy which resulted in some of Naofumi’s companions to die. It is Naofumi’s main dream to be able to one day capture Malty and reciprocate all of the evil which has be done to him.

Biscas T. Balmus

Biscas T. Balmus

Despite coming off as friendly and charitable when they initially met, Naofumi could see straightaway just how much of a condescendingly self-righteous individual Pope Balmus was behind his pretense of altruistic sanctimony. Often talking grandiose speeches of gods mercy while the former simply came to them for a purchase of holy water. But when the veil upon the church’s conspiracies had been dropped and he made his intentions clear for all to see. Naofumi realizes his suspicions of the man and his movement had been more right than not. The churchman revealing the character of a fascist, god complex megalomaniac with a narrowminded delusion pertaining to his justifications for a great deal of horrendous actions committed by the Church/Cult.

Idol Rabier

Idol Rabier

Finding the portly looking man to be little more than a rather disgusting individual with a fanaticism issue. Naofumi likened Mr. Rabier to be a rather revolting slob of a noble with inflated self-worth. Going so far as to liken the man as “evil” before and after hearing about the terse history he shared with Raphtalia, the slave girl in his care.


  • The name Naofumi  means “esteem, furthermore, still, yet” (尚) (nao) and “sentence, writing” (文) (fumi).
  • Naofumi’s surname Iwatani means “rock, boulder” (岩) (iwa) and “valley” (谷) (tani).


  • Наофуми Иватани был призван в другой мир через книгу под названием «Летопись четырех святых орудий».
  • Как единственный герой, который был первым выбором их оружия, Наофуми также является единственным героем среди четырех легендарных героев, которые не умерли до того, как были вызваны в Мелромарк.[2]
  • Наофуми имеет врожденный иммунитет к алкоголю и укачиванию.[3]
  • Любимым фруктом Наофуми являются фрукты Руколу, которые обычно используются для превращения бочек с водой в алкоголь. Кроме того, его любовь к фруктам стала настолько известной, что теперь она используется для подтверждения личности Героя Щита.
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