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The Boys сделали свой жестокий и взрывной дебют на Prime Video 3 июня и теперь полностью в середине третьего сезона. Через четыре эпизода, которые в настоящее время находятся в эфире Шоу убило и представило многочисленных персонажей, включая Мальчика-солдата Дженсена Эклза, играющего важную роль в 3 сезоне. Затем Prime Video объявила, что Пол Райзерприсоединится к актерскому составу высоко оцененного темного супергеройского сериала «Легенда», культового персонажа из комикса, на котором основано шоу.

Райзер будет представлен в роли Легенды в пятом эпизоде пятого эпизода 3 сезона The Legend под названием «The Last Time to See The World Of Lies», который выйдет в эфир в 9 .m на Prime Video в эту пятницу. Легенда — это дряхлый старик, который управляет независимым магазином комиксов в рамках франшизы комиксов, с которой все началось, и является пародией на великого покойного автора Marvel и легендарного (соответствующее название) Стэна Ли. Неясно, как Легенда будет показана в следующем эпизоде, но, учитывая обширные знания Легенды обо всем, что связано с Supes и Supes, он, вероятно, будет ценным источником информации.

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Вся информация о Легенде в Мальчиках

One of the things we do know of The Boys is that this is a parody show which features a variety of characters who were designed to parody the Marvel as well as DC counterparts. So, a lot of the supes featured in The Boys have similarities with the heroes in popular comics. In addition there is a character called Old Legend is set to debut within The Boys series, but the character has always been a mainstay in the comic-book versions that is The Boys. So, who is Old Legend in The Boys?

Old Legend is an old man who runs the comic book shop inside The Boys comic book. He’s a person who is knowledgeable of everything to learn about the supes because he’s often one of the individuals that Billy Butcher goes to whenever the need for information arises. According to some, he is a sexy and disdainful version of Stan Lee.

All Information About The Legend In The Boys

Anyone like Stan Lee was not spared by the writer Of The Boys as they also made a parody that based on the classic comic-book legend. In this sense there’s the reason Old Legend is called “Old Legend,” as he basically symbolizes Lee’s position as a legend in the comic book world. Let’s now find out what we can regarding Old Legend in The Boys.

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Who Is Old Legend In The Boys?

The Boys season 3 has brought a variety of new characters to the story, specifically due to their having some kind of connection to the ongoing storyline that centers heavily upon Soldier Boy. Of course, the majority of the characters introduced in this season are based on The Comic Book version of The Boys, even though there were a lot of new characters introduced in The Boys live action.

One of the characters who will make his debut on The Boys series is Old Legend who was prominent in the comic-book edition of The Boys, even though Old Legend doesn’t play the most prominent role in the plot. However, many fans wondered why he wasn’t featured in the first two seasons because the show took three years to get The Boys to introduce him. Who precisely are Old Legend?

The comics depict Old Legend has an elderly man who runs an online comic book shop located in New York. The fact that he’s an avid supe fan and has an online store for comic books means that he’s got a lot of knowledge regarding every supe. In reality, in comics, he’s got all that it is possible to learn about the supes available, which is an incredible feat. The source of his information is not known however his ability to has everything you need to learn about the supes makes him a valuable asset to comics.

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Who Is Old Legend In The Boys?

In this way, Billy Butcher and the remainder Of The Boys go to him to gain information about the supes they intend to take down. Because he is aware of everything there is to know about them, including their abilities, powers as well as their weaknesses. The problem lies in the fact that Old Legend will not talk to anyone other than Billy Butcher.

The real name of his character in the comics isn’t known since Butcher himself has stated that he doesn’t have any name, but has the status of a legend. This implies that he’s very admired by everyone within the world in The Boys, and that could mean that even the supers do respect him.

Who Is Old Legend In The Boys?

Old Legend seems to have an unprofessional and rude manner and is the most popular character for all characters from The Boys. He isn’t a fan of anyone and appears to have an angry disposition. Even though the man is old, he’s still very sexy and an unclean and sexually perverted man.

But, in the live-action show we do not know what the role the character Old Legend will play, but it is known that he’ll be referred to as The Legend in the series. The Legend is scheduled to debut in the fifth episode of the live-action show, and it’s quite likely that he’ll have the same role as is on the pages of comics. It’s the possibility that he may be someone with a lot of information or knowledge regarding the supes within the world that is The Boys.

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Is Old Legend A Parody Of Stan Lee?

While it wasn’t publicly discussed, the prevailing assumption was there is a belief Old Legend is actually a parody of Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee We all know that Stan Lee was one of the founding fathers of the legendary comic book business and one of the most famous comic book writers ever. Stan Lee was also famous for his many appearances in the MCU films prior to his tragic death.

Of of course, the fact that The Boys takes all of its characters from comic books from Marvel and DC implies that it’s not out of the realm of possibility for the creators to create an original character that is that is based on Stan Lee himself. In addition, the name “Old Legend” is fitting given Stan Lee’s stature in the history books as the greatest legends that the comic book industry has ever encountered.


Who Plays Old Legend In The Boys?

In the event that Old Legend is set to make his debut in the live-action version of The Boys, it has been confirmed that Paul Reiser is the one playing the role. But, the actor is not yet acknowledged to the actor’s IMDB site.

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Paul Reiser is a veteran actor in the field of acting since he has been in the business in the 80s. He has been in various productions such as Aliens, Whiplash, and Beverly Hills Cop. But, he’s probably an established face to many different television series viewers since he appeared in season four of Stranger Things.

Кто играет старую легенду в «Мальчиках»?

В «Очень странных делах» Пол Райзер является персонажем шоу в сериале в качестве персонажа доктора Сэма Оуэнса, который когда-то был директором лаборатории Хокинса. В четвёртом сезоне именно он убедил Одиннадцать найти способ вернуть её силы, чтобы она могла помочь своим сокурсникам вернуться в Хокинс. Тем не менее, его персонаж как персонаж в «Мальчиках» может сильно отличаться от того, который персонаж играет, как в «Очень странных делах», учитывая, что «Старая легенда», как говорят, грубый и безразличный старик