Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн был одним из самых известных аниме-сериалов. Он постоянно голосует высоко в списках аниме. Это неудивительно, учитывая, насколько хорошо прошел первый сезон. Маппа проделал потрясающую работу с этим аниме. Это было связано с успехом, который сделала адаптация. Вы когда-нибудь задумывались, сколько персонажей в дзюдзюцу Кайсэн? это много?

Даже если вы включите мангу, дзюдзюцу Кайсэн намного короче, чем обычный сёнэн. Так что не ожидайте увидеть орды или побочных персонажей, как в Наруто или One Piece.


https://www.youtube.com/embed/WSuJykk0Nuw?feature=oembedДуальность Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн Главные герои Видео сделано Tylearned

У нас есть 2 главных героя в Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн. Главным героем серии Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн является Юдзи Итадори. Главным героем Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн 0 (Фильм) является Юта Оккоцу.


Юдзи Итадори

Юдзи Итадори

The main character in the story lies within the rubble? The story isn’t even on the Top 15? Are you convinced that it’s a joke? It’s not a joke. Itadori perfectly fits in.

The main reason is it’s his first experience being in the Jujutsu world. It’s a method to display his limitations, however it’s not as simple as it appears. He’s an exceptional kid, but he’s not as strong as his peers.

Just wanted to inform you that it was relatively simple to classify.

Yuji Itadori has proven to be extremely athletic and extremely strong. He is quick to grasp concepts and applies them to practical situations also.

He is able to adapt to the current battle, whether it’s fighting with Hanami and Mahito. Furthermore, he’s proven that he can use advanced techniques such as Black Flash too.

When he increased his speed and acceleration allowed him to avoid Choso’s piercing Blood which travels as fast as sound. However, what stops him from reaching higher levels is his lack of understanding and knowledge.

In the beginning, there is the reality that he is a newcomer in the realm of the shamans. The shaman is trying his best to grasp the meaning and the how of the world that sorcerers as well as curses reside in.

Another is the inability to grasp the fundamentals. These two factors are the main reason for Itadori’s current standing.

But, we should not overlook the following fact Yuji is believed to have triggered four flashes of black that lasted an extended period of time on Hanami. In addition, Mahito was scared to death when Yuji was introduced to the region. Mahito has all the potential of Nobara.

Нанами Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

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Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu is a descendant of Michizane Sugawara. The three spirit of revenge. Yuta is one of those students who will be in a position to beat Gojo according to his personal opinions.

It’s not often you get compliments directly from person who is the source. He was a king over the rest of Kyoto students during the 2017 Goodwill Event.

He also defeated Suguru Takeo when he was an inexperienced player at Jujutsu High by the aid of Rika’s power.

It’s enough to talk about his incredible accomplishments, let’s talk about his abilities and talent in the present. Yuta is blessed with one curse: Rika. The power of her abilities isn’t known, however, as I’ve seen her strength is quite impressive.

The one I’m referring to is Geto has awarded to her the name of queen curse’ and it is easy to see the danger she poses. In addition, he is more CE that Satoru Gojo. This is an incredible achievement on its own.

The list doesn’t end there, it’s also possible to discover how to use Reverse CE to replicate Inumaki’s Cursed Speech. Additionally, he’s proficient fighting with swords.

The child certainly seems to be an incredibly dangerous daredevil. Someone must stop him, doesn’t it? Let’s face it, at the end of the day Yuta is still a child who is getting stronger by the day.

The Jujutsu Kaisen world, three people have more power than him right now. In simple terms they could bring an end to the kid , if they put their minds to it.


5 reasons to think Yuta could be the better Main character than Yuji in Jujutsu Kaisen

5.) Yuta is powerful enough to advance the plot independently

5.) Yuta is powerful enough to advance the plot independently

Each of Yuta and Yuji are both aided by foreign entities that enhance their abilities. However, the latter with the strength of Sukuna could not be the overpowered character he is currently. But Yuta is still one of the strongest characters in the series with or without Rika.

He has the most cursed of energy other character from the series. His swordsmanship and hand-to hand combat skills are unparalleled. This reverse cursed method is an additional advantage to his imposing character.

Юта Оккоцу Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн: все, что вам нужно знать

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If we include Rika as a sidekick, his power is increased exponentially, which grants an almost limitless quantity of energy cursed, and an exact copy of the cursed technique that is comparable to Gojo’s Limitless.

4.) Yuta understands the pain of the cursed spirit

4.) Yuta understands the pain of the cursed spirit

Yuta is among the most loved characters of the show. What makes him so loved is not just his physical ability but also his compassion for cursed spirits. He’s the typical character-like growth of a protagonist from anime He struggles for the love of his life but ultimately turns her into an evil spirit.

After the conversion of Rika to Christianity, he battles the cursed spirit , and continues to learn how to understand spirits. The experience of pain helped him comprehend the suffering of cursed spirits. This insight aids Yuta Okkotsu defeat curses, and protect his beloved family members.

3) Yuta overcame a dark past

3) Yuta overcame a dark past

Yuji had to endure some challenges due to the loss of his grandfather. He also had very only a few acquaintances. However, Yuta had a much darker past. He was a shy and lonely kid who was bullied throughout his growing in his teens.

Since he was haunted by Rika in his youth He was unable to be a good friend and lost faith in himself. Yuta felt so sad, it was possible that he would have taken the wrong path, and ended up into a villain. But, he decided to get over his sadness, help his friends , and slay curses.

It was the difficult childhood that made Yuta to become the compassionate person he is today. His early years are among the primary reasons why Yuta has grown so strong.

2.) The strength of Yuta is constantly increasing.

2.) The strength of Yuta is constantly increasing.

The strength of Yuji is thanks to the cursed power of Sukuna that grows as the he eats more of his fingers. But Sukuna’s power may not be infinite since he was defeated and turned to a specific grade cursed item.

Yuta has unlimited potential. His power as a jujutsu sorcerer is growing with each passing day. Yuta is a jujutsu sorcerer with unlimitable cursed energy that surpasses the strongest character from the show, Gojo Satoru. Comparing Yuta to Gojo will help us to understand the power of Yuta Okkotsu.

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Как Рика Оримото вернулась в дзюдзюцу Кайсэн? Все объяснено

1.) Yuji might get under Sukuna’s control , and turn an evil

1.) Yuji might get under Sukuna's control , and turn an evil

Itadori was an extraordinary situation as he managed to keep Sukuna within himself after consuming multiple fingers from the King Of Curses. We aren’t sure if he’ll capable of controlling Sukuna after consuming the entire 20 fingers.

There’s a good chance that Yuji may be completely controlled by Sukuna and turn into the antagonist of the show.

We can are seeing Yuta taking on the role of protagonist. As a protagonist, he’ll be better suited because he has the necessary power and skill with swords. He also has the necessary feeling of responsibility and empathy which a character must possess.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga isn’t finished yet , and we could have Yuta assume the character of the protagonist in the event that Sukuna is able to break free and begins controlling the body of Itadori. This would be a thrilling twist , and fans may love it.


and Powers

The list will include a variety of major figures, including antagonists as well as protagonists, who were featured in anime and manga written by Gege Akutami. You’ll find their exact age in the story, their birth dates as well as their heights and, of course the main powers they possess. This is going to make for an extremely entertaining list, so take your time!

Yuji Itadori15March 20, 20025’67”
Megumi Fushiguro15December 22, 20025’74”
Nobara Kugisaki16August 75’24”
Satoru Gojo28December 7, 19896’23”
Maki Zen’in15-16January 205’57”
Toge Inumaki16-17October 235’38”
PandaUnknownMarch 56’56”
Yuta Okkotsu16-17March 7, 2001Unknown
Ryomen Sukuna1000+UnknownUnknown
Aoi Todo18September 236’23”
Kento Nanami27-28July 3, 19906’03”
Suguru Geto27February 3Unknown

https://www.youtube.com/embed/7AsFaykkrRY?feature=oembedAll Sorcerer Jujutsu Characters and Powers Explained By DefinitelyAzyn


Yuji Itadori

Full Name: Yuji Itadori
Date of Birth: March 20, 2002
Age: 15
Height: 173 cm

Capabilities and powers:Yuji is one of the strongest and most gifted students at his school. Satoru Gojo puts him on the same as Yuta Okkotsu, and Kinji Hakari as being one of three students that who he believes will outdo his abilities. Even though Yuji did not have any connection to the world of Jujutsu until few months prior to his involvement in the Shibuya incident, he’s adept at battling and defeating Grade 1, special Grade curses.

Нобара мертв? : Наша совершенная теория джиу-джитсу Кайсэн

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Yuji is blessed with superhuman physical strength that he expertly blends the power of his cursed energies. Yuji can also take on Sukuna, without negative consequences. This lets him injure Mahito and his control over the appearance that his spirit takes makes him immune to injury.


Megumi Fushiguro

Full Name: Megumi Fushiguro
Date of Birth: December 22, 2002
Age: 15
Height: 175 cm

Ability and power: Megumi has entered Jujutsu High School as a Grade 2 sorceress. She is considered to be extremely skilled by Noritoshi Kamo Mai Zenin, Satoru Gojo as well as Sukuna. In the book, The King of Curses notes that Megumi’s desire to engage in close-quarter combat is what sets him apart from other shikigami practitioners since he uses his physical attack in conjunction with shikigami in order to take down his adversaries.

Based on Satoru, Megumi has the similar or even greater potential and skills as Yuji And later, he suggests that Megumi might even be able to match Gojo someday. He is able to fight and even defeat special-class cursed spirits. Megumi as well as his companions have been highly recommended to Mei Mei and Todo as class 1 wizards.


Nobara Kugisaki

Full Name: Nobara Kugisaki
Date of Birth: August 7
Age: 16
Height: 160 cm

Ability and power: Nobara is classified by Jujutsu High as being a level 3 Jujutsu Sorceress. This is due in part to her age of first-year student as well as her lack of experience in working as a sorcerer. Nobara has repeatedly proven that she can be being able to compete with Jujutsu players who are miles ahead of her in regards to ranking.

In the first day of academy, Nobara had a solid grasp of how to remove curses through her unique method. Additionally, she had the mental stamina to do the job, however, she was not physically strong enough.

In the melee in the Eishu Detention Centre, Nobara was able to defend herself up until the point she had no nails with which to fight. Then, Maki took Nobara under her wing, and she taught her to enhance her physical capabilities.

Сукуна Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

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The training involved intense endurance training as well as making her comfortable with the panda that was downed. When she was ready for The Goodwill celebration, Nobara showed that she was in better shape as an hand-to hand fighter.


Satoru Gojo

Full Name: Satoru Gojo
Date of Birth: December 7, 1989
Age: 28
Height: 190 cm

Capabilities and powers: Even among special class wizards, Satoru is known as the most powerful wizard of the series. He has a huge amount of cursed energy, as well as extremely strong technology. In their time as students Satoru as well as Suguru were each considered “the strongest” who could beat adept as well as powerful users of curse.

After discovering and honed his skills, Satoru increased to the point that he could place Toji Fushiguro in a defensive position and then kill him using his most powerful technique, while both he and Geto could not take on the legendary Sorcerer Killer before.

As he grew in strength, he overtook Suguru’s power until Suguru acknowledged that Satoru was truly the most powerful of all. Suguru added that Satoru was able to take down the entire human race on his own, something that Suguru acknowledged that he was not capable of accomplishing.

He was not even able to defend himself when Satoru determined to kill him. Satoru finally gave up since he was unable to be killed by his former friend.


Maki Zen'in

Full Name: Maki Zen’in
Date of Birth: January 20
Age: 15-16
Height: 170 cm

Ability and power: Maki’s rank as a level 4 Warlock does not reflect her capabilities in combat. Her advancement was held back for years because of the Zenin family and she is able to remove a curse of level 2. Her physical skills are in line with Yuji Itadori’s and she’s skilled with a range of weapons.

With her cursed tools Maki is a powerful spellcaster despite not having cursed energy. She compensates for her lack with her incredible physical skills.

As compared to other jujutsu instructors, Maki is often underestimated. But she was able to easily take on Kasumi Miwa, and effectively dominate her sister during an argument. In battle against cursed spirits of special class, Maki has proven to be an effective advantage in combat.

Махито Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

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Maki as well as Megumi Fushiguro managed to gain some time with Hanami to secure reinforcements. In her fight against Dagon with Naobito Zenin, and Kento Nanami Maki did a bit further behind the veteran Level 1 wizards, yet did not let her down.


Toge Inumaki

Full Name: Toge Inumaki
Date of Birth: October 23
Age: 16-17
Height: 164 cm

Ability and power: A member of the Inumaki family, Toge is a respected level 1 wizard. Alongside Aoi Todo, Toge is thought to be one of the strongest and most respected jujutsu masters apart from Yuta or Hakari.

His sleazy technique and athletic ability have earned him a reputable reputation with students. even Geto believes that he is an exceptional wizard with great potential. Toge is extremely smart and has a great endurance and is able to utilize his powerful technique that is cursed.



Full Name: Panda
Date of Birth: March 5
Age: Unknown
Height: 200 cm

Capabilities and powers:Panda is a level 2 wizard. He is also a abruptly changed cursed corpse that is among the best of its kind. With a natural affinity to Jujutsu Panda can exorcise curses with his physical capabilities by himself.

He is extremely smart and can stay an inch ahead of rivals when fighting. Panda’s anatomy also creates the challenge of a different kind in combat. The only method to defeat him is to eliminate the energy centers of cursed energy that comprise the heart of his. Furthermore the body of his is resilient and is able to be strengthened by the Jujutsu defenses.


Yuta Okkotsu

Full Name: Yuta Okkotsu
Date of Birth: March 7, 2001
Age: 16-17
Height: Unknown

Ability and power: Yuta is one of the four special-class wizards who are recognized as special class wizards by Jujutsu High. Although afflicted by the curse of Rika’s spirits, Yuta was immediately registered as a special grade thanks to the power of Rika. He seemed to be the most dominant of the Kyoto students during the 2017 Goodwill Event, and was successful in defeating Suguru Geto by releasing the power of Rika’s limiters.

After a few months of training with Gojo and fellow students Yuta is able to manage his energy cursed by Rika and become confident when it comes to the sword. Even after the curse of Rika is removed, Yuta retains his special position and Gojo has announced that Yuta could beat him.

Юта Оккоцу Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн: все, что вам нужно знать

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The great power of Yuta comes from the fact that he’s an ancestor to one of the greatest evil spirits of Japan. This is why Yuta cursed Rika when he resisted her death in her early years.



Full Name: Ryomen Sukuna
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 1000+
Height: Unknown

Ability and power: Sukuna is a cursed spirit that is of a unique kind. Being one of the strongest cursed spirit of the entire series Sukuna has a huge amount in cursed power. The presence of Sukuna was evident throughout Shibuya after his energy was reactivated. The cursed energy he has is similar to the power of Satoru Gojo’s however it is different in its extreme negative nature.

After that, he defeated and defeated Jogo who was the strongest evil spirit of Mahito’s clan. Even Gojo acknowledged Sukuna’s strength declaring that he was difficult to defeat. Every time he appeared Sukuna demonstrated that he is the most powerful cursed spirit that has ever existed.

He was severely injured Mahito in anger and defeated Jogo without any effort, and defeated Mahoraga and Mahoraga, something that no other user in the technique of Ten Shadows, and not even an individual from the Six Eyes Gojo Family had done before.

Sukuna’s strength is so impressive the fact that Mahito and Jogo believed that Sukuna’s return could guarantee their success. Sukuna’s strength can only be matched by other special grades such as Yuta Okkotsu as well as Satoru Gojo.



Full Name: Choso
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: 150+
Height: 181 cm

Ability and power: Choso is a death painter of a unique kind. This is because , not only does he possess massive quantities of cursed energy but Choso also has an extremely strong and well-balanced cursed technique. He is skilled and has the knowledge of his method to create new methods and alter the ones he has already developed.

Despite not having any experience, Choso has fought and beat Yuji Itadori as well as Naoya Zenin. They are two mighty and skilled fighters, further establishing his status as a powerful curse. Choso is the most powerful Death Painter in the world, not just in the special classes. But, he’s the least skilled member in Pseudo the group of Geto.

Махито Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

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Aoi Todo

Full Name: Aoi Todo
Date of Birth: September 23
Age: 18
Height: 190 cm

Capabilities and powers: Aoi is an extremely powerful wizard, and is certainly one of Jujutsu High’s most powerful students. He was able to attain the grade in Grade 1, Jujutsu Wizard as a student despite not being from a Wizard family. Aoi was the only one to defeat 5 Grade 1. Cursed Spirits and one Special Grade in The Geto’s Night Line attack in Kyoto.

He used only the cursed method to beat his special-grade opponent. The feat gained fame within the Jujutsu community. It also caused rumors that Aoi was able to defeat the six curses using his cursed method. Aoi is physically strong and exceeds the strength of Maki or Panda and even rivals Yuji. He is a forceful fighter and brutal martial arts.


Kento Nanami

Full Name: Kento Nanami
Date of Birth: July 3, 1990
Age: 27-28
Height: 184 cm

Ability and power: Nanami is a perfect illustration of what a Level 1 jujutsu magician should look like. Yuji as well as Takuma Ino are awestruck by Nanami for his attitude when it comes down to dealing with a challenging situation as well as his remarkable ability in finding a solution.

Satoru Gojo has also given Nanami to look after Yuji due to these characteristics and it is paying off in a big way for Yuji’s growth. Ino is a mighty Level 2 magician, takes every decision with the idea about “what would Nanami do?” since Ino believes that Nanami always does things with the correct way.

When it comes to fighting skills, Nanami is able to compete with kind of spirits that are cursed by class like Mahito. When Mahito was at the beginning of the world, Nanami was able to remain on top of Mahito’s fights. Because there was a dearth of information on Mahito’s abilities,


Suguru Geto

Full Name: Suguru Geto
Date of Birth: February 3
Age: 27
Height: Unknown

Ability and power: Suguru Geto was one of the four wizards in the class, and was thought to be the most evil of all curse-users, and posed a serious threat to humanity. When they were students Suguru as well as Satoru were each thought of as “the strongest”. Suguru was able beat the most experienced curse users many times and without much effort.

Как Рика Оримото вернулась в дзюдзюцу Кайсэн? Все объяснено

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The selection of spirits cursed was extensive and offered a variety of roles and abilities in combat. Suguru was not too dependent on his curses. He was also a formidable combatant.



Full Name: Mahito
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Capabilities and power: Mahito is an unregistered cursed spirit from the special class. He is dwarfed by his strength by at most three fingers of Sukuna’s. Mahito is older than Jogo and therefore less skilled and less powerful. However, Mahito is far above the level of what a cursed spirit should be.

He is extremely intelligent and an extremely risky the technique that is cursed. Mahito is a remarkable development prospect and has improved multiple times during the course of the battle.

In a single-on-one battle Mahito was able to defeat the mage of level 1, Kento Nanami, by making his cursed method useless. After the battle, Nanami felt that Mahito was in need of extermination as soon as possible or he’d transform to be something awful that Jujutsu High was unable to handle.

In Mahito’s duel Nanami as well as Yuji, Mahito probably would have defeated both Jujutsu Wizards as well if Sukuna were not intervening. In the course of that battle, Mahito was able to gain strength while being in danger for his own life. He was then able to gain power to summon the domain of his choice.



Full Name: Hanami
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 220 cm

Ability and power: Hanami is a special kind of cursed spirit that has an extremely strong body, an instinctive method of controlling plants, and an enthralling ability to disguise his presence. He was able to take Gojo off guard, and then briefly use Yuji’s weaknesses to his flower fields and an octopus-like creature for saving Jogo.

This was made possible by the combination of Hanami’s superior intelligence as a curse and his escape techniques and his hidden presence. Gojo himself lauds Hanami’s ability to escape and avoid the Six Eyes with his keen sense. He also claims that he believes Hanami to be more dangerous than straight-laced Jogo.

Hanami was able to break through Jujutsu High’s obstacles because of his unique character and was the mainstay of his group’s assault on Jujutsu High.

Нобара мертв? : Наша совершенная теория джиу-джитсу Кайсэн

The curse that was unique was able to take down six of the school’s top Jujutsu students, causing the death of most of them when they came across the shaman. Furthermore, Hanami was able to endure Gojo’s Hollow Method: Purple after he was forced to his limits by Yuji and Aoi and Aoi, even if the only thing he could do was survive.

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Full Name: Jogo
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 180 cm

Capabilities and powers: Jogo is a extremely powerful spirit. Jogo is the most powerful cursed spirit in Kenjaku’s group and is arguably the most powerful cursed spirit. His power surpasses that of the strongest Death Painting, Choso, and is only exceeded by the vengeful cursed spirits like Sukuna or the cursed Rika and special rank sorcerers, like Satoru Gojo.

With his extremely dangerous cursed technique and his formidable power of the curse, Jogo is strong enough to be acknowledged from Sukuna himself. Kenjaku even had the desire to absorb Jogo by using The Cursed Spirit Manipulation due his incredible strength.


Who are the Most Popular Jujutsu Kaisen Characters in Japan ? ( Ranking )

ain’t no editor, and that looks like it’d be a huge pain anyway, so instead I’m gonna do my best here and just type out the results.

I couldn’t read some of them because I suck at kanji and the furigana is too small! Also the image quality isn’t the best! Also I couldn’t be bothered!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/xUALZe0epF4?feature=oembedMost Popular Jujutsu Kaisen Characters | Rank by Fans Video Made By AnimeMakerZ

  1. Itadori Yuuji
  2. Fushiguro Megumi
  3. Gojou Satoru
  4. Inumaki Toge
  5. Nanami Kento
  6. Kugisaki Nobara
  7. Okkotsu Yuuta
  8. Toudou Aoi
  9. Yoshino Junpei
  10. Ryoumen Sukuna
  11. Miwa Kasumi (so close to top 10 :T)
  12. Zen’in Maki
  13. Takada-chan
  14. Panda
  15. Getou Suguru
  16. Orimoto Rika
  17. Akutami Gege
  18. Part-timer (the one who didn’t get killed by Jougo)
  19. Bakery cashier (from Nanami’s flashback)
  20. Jougo
  21. Iori Utahime
  22. Kamo Noritoshi
  23. Ijichi Kiyotaka
  24. Zen’in Mai
  25. Mahito
  26. Ino Takuma
  27. Ieiri Shouko (ya’ll have no taste how is she not top 10)
  28. Yoshino Nagi
  29. Jade Hound – White
  30. Ultimate Mechamaru
  31. —‘s mom
  32. Hanami
  33. Jade Hound – Black
  34. Crane (?)
  35. Nishimiya Momo
  36. Nitta Akari
  37. Jade Hound – Full
  38. Yaga Masamichi
  39. Fushiguro Tsumiki
  40. Miguel
  41. Curse User of unknown gender
  42. Cursed Spirit of water
  43. Mei Mei
  44. The woman Toudou met when he was a kid
  45. The high grade Cursed Spirit (the first one, I guess)
  46. Saori
  47. Mimiko
  48. Orochi / tied: —–
  49. Sasaki
  50. Sotomura sensei
  51. Student President (from Fushiguro’s flashback, I think?)
  52. Idiot A
  53. Itadori’s grandpa
  54. Curse User with a side-ponytail
  55. Nanako
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Jujutsu Kaisen: The 10 Best Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Jujutsu Kaisen has introduced many of the most famous heroes to life. Who are the bravest of them all, based on their actions?

Jujutsu Kaisen is scheduled to return for a next season, which will begin in 2023. With its grotesque-looking curses and thrilling battles, and charming characters, the show has made waves in the world of anime, and has gained international fame after its debut season, and the movie’s premiere in 2020 and 2021respectively.

Jujutsu Kaisen is not for the faint of heart. In reality, in a world filled with potentially fatal curses, the single most essential thing a character needs to possess is the courage to face challenges. Although every character is unique in their quirks and talents, certain characters tend to stand out because of their unwavering bravery. Bravery can take many forms and forms and within Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s more than just being robust. It’s more about the determination to help anyone in need, no matter what the circumstance and the strength of character and the ability to take on death without hesitation.


10. Satoru Gojo

The most powerful jujutsu magician with the most extraordinary extensions to his domain, Satoru Gojo is an eccentric, humorous character. Because he’s generally relaxed and confident about his abilities as a sorcerer Gojo does not show any fear when confronted with potential dangers, large or small.

As a sorcerer of special-grade, Gojo believes that he is in fact the best sorcerer of all time and can appear arrogant and power-hungry occasionally. Although he is concerned for his fellow citizens and is a major character in the story but he’s mostly focused on eliminating curses instead of safeguarding others, and this makes him one the characters with the lowest courage on the show.


9. Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi Kamo is an advanced Jujutsu sorcerer that uses his blood manipulation family’s technique. Noritoshi appears to be an absent person who has a fascination with clans of sorcerers. He is determined to assassinate Yuji according to the instructions of his boss, believing that he’s an imminent threat to the world because of Sukuna’s strength.

Нанами Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

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But deep down it’s clear that he’s a strong person who has agreed to be the heir of his clan to protect his mother, who is the clan’s leader. Due to his mother’s belief in his ability to aid people, Noritoshi continues to fight to become a master Jujutsu Sorcerer in order to locate and possibly save her long-lost mother.


8. Aoi Todo

One of the most talented student in Jujutsu High, Aoi Todo is a quirky character who makes the audience laugh. While Todo seems to be a bit frenzied however, he has also displayed courage in battles and has tried to help his classmates whenever is possible.

Due to the influence of Yuji’s on Todo, Todo evolves to become more considerate and humane to the people around him. He even risked his life a number of times to save others towards the end of the story.


7. Panda

A.K.A. an abruptly modified Cursed Corpe designed by the principal Masamichi Yagyu, Panda is a powerful student at Jujutsu High. Since he is a cursed creature, Panda has special abilities that differentiate him from other Jujutsu sorcerers.

Panda is extremely caring and social with his fellows and is generally very calm. Even though Panda dislikes humans but he has a strong desire to protect his fellow humans. In the fight against Mechamaru He gets into the path of shooting at Nobara and sacrifices one of his most vital parts. With plenty of cursed energy encased within the man, he never backs down or quits an encounter.


6. Kento Nanami

An ex-student in Jujutsu High, Kento Nanami is an incredibly skilled Jujutsu instructor who has a plethora of combat skills that include hand-to hand combat as well as the cursed manipulation of energy.

Although Nanami is often portrayed as a quiet person but he’s extremely dedicated to protecting other people and getting rid of curses. In fact, Nanami goes to the extent of self-sacrificing during his mission. Nanami’s bravery shines the most during his one-on-one battle during”The “Vs. Mahito Arc.” Nanami fights Mahito alone to defend Yuji and, when he is caught in Mahito’s realm He accepts his fate with no hesitation or fear, and displays that he’s in peace with death at any moment.

Махито Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать


5. Toge Inumaki

As one of the most powerful students at Jujutsu High along with Todo, Toge Inumaki is a gentle and gentle wizard. As an inseparable member of the Inumaki clan, a powerful clan, Toge can infuse his words with cursed energy due to the clan’s “Snake & Fangs” seal on his tongue as well as each side of his mouth.

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As a kind and caring friend and Jujutsu Sorcerer, Toge has a strong sense of security for other people and even his adversaries. Although he’s powerful, so as to not hurt his fellows by making a mistake, Toge speaks in rice ball ingredients that create hilarious situations. When he was fighting the curse of special grade, Hanami, Toge kept fighting with his cursed words , even when his throat began to give out without hesitation or fear to shield Yuji and his companions from potential destruction, proving his courage.


4. Maki Zenin

A child of a sorcerer’s family that was not cursed, Maki Zenin fled her home to alter the story of her life. She was able to master the use of her weapons, and learned in becoming a jujutsu sorcerer. She also studied the curses of Jujutsu High despite the fact that she was born as a non-sorcerer which makes her one of the most courageous characters in the show.

The norms of fighting and the people who underestimate the woman throughout her lifetime, Maki can be described as a strong person with extraordinary physical capabilities similar to those of Todo’s. In her participation in the “Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc,” Maki bravely stood up for Yuji from the Kyoto team despite the fact that she did not even know him and effortlessly defeated numerous opponents.


3. Nobara Kugisaki

A woman who is proud of her appearance, Nobara Kugisaki is an incredibly powerful and confident sorcerer that uses Jujutsu techniques to draw out their cursed reserves of energy. Even when she’s pulled into the realm of curses she’s able keep her cool and think strategically.

A third member of the principal trio, a faithful companion, and a proud jujutsu sorcererwho strives to assist others, even if it means risking her own life and more until the end in the initial season. In the episode “Death Painting Arc,” she put the cursed nails of energy into her arm to try to end the curses that were attacking her and Yuji and Megumi, proving she’s not that far off in the same direction as Yuji as well as Megumi with regards to bravery.

Юта Оккоцу Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн: все, что вам нужно знать

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2. Megumi Fushiguro

Natural Jujutsu wizard, Megumi Fushiguro is an extremely powerful character with a lot of talent and potential. In addition to attracting Sukuna’s attention, Megumi is well-known for his exceptional hand-to-hand fighting capabilities and analytical thinking skills along with his ability to shikigami.

Although he isn’t one to show affection towards people, Megumi is a caring and loyal friend who tries to assist others. While he’s just as powerful and courageous in his actions as Yuji, Megumi thinks that not everyone deserves the chance to save themselves, only those whom he regards as worthy and kind. Their differing views makes them different. Megumi has proven his courage numerous times and the selfless effort to rescue Yuji’s life during”the “Fearsome Womb Arc” probably are the best of all.


1. Yuji Itadori

The main character in the series Yuji Itadori, is an undergraduate of Jujutsu High who is known for his ability to move quickly and take on Ryomen Sukuna, also known as”the King” of Curses as his vehicle. Yuji is a formidable opponent for any type of match due to his cursed techniques for manipulating energy and his way of compensating with his low intelligence by embracing his passion.

For his selfless act, Yuji rightfully takes first spot as the most brave character in the show. From sucking in Sukuna’s finger to save his high school classmates and Megumi who he just met, to dying and resurfacing from the dead in the initial episodes, Yuji shows the audience that nothing could cause him to be afraid. If someone requires assistance or is in a difficult circumstance, Yuji never hesitates to take action even when he is in potentially life-threatening situations.


https://www.youtube.com/embed/XtyfLgZhjEU?feature=oembedJujutsu Kaisen Characters Power Levels By KiseSensei

Although there are some characters from Jujutsu Kaisen without cursed energy The most powerful characters use dangerous techniques and extremely high levels of cursed energy.

Нанами Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

From powerful strongmen with massive physiques to highly skilled martial artists, there is numerous formidable people that can be found in Jujutsu Kaisen. Furthermore, the sorcerers’ aren’t all the ones who are awe-inspiring, since there are many special class Curses who are able to strike hard.

There are characters who do not have cursed energy that are adept in combat, for instance Maki Zenin The most powerful characters are those who have deadly techniques and extremely high levels of energy that is cursed. These characters have proved themselves to be combat-ready and are formidable opponents to fight when on the field.

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10. Nobara Kugisaki

What is it that makes Nobara her so formidable is not necessarily her skill however, it is her courage when fighting. She stays calm under pressure and does not be overwhelmed or sunk into despair. In the Goodwill event, she easily beat the sorcerer of grade 2, Momo Nishimiya, despite being only an a grade 3 wizard in the moment.

Then, as she and Yuji fight Kechizu in the battle against Kechizu and Eso, Nobara managed to remain cool, even after being affected by the Rot technique which is also known as Decay. Nobara’s Straw Doll technique can turn every fight to her advantage and she’s dangersome not just in close proximity, but also at a distance. Her strength level is comparable to that of a Grade 1 wizard and she definitely can grow.


9. Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi has inherited the unique and strong Ten Shadows Technique from the Zenin family that on its own makes him a formidable soldier. Alongside his inherent talent, Megumi is also a proficient martial artist who can stand up to the challenge of straight-up fights. His biggest flaw has been his lack of determination and imagination, something Satoru has frequently criticized Megumi for during their training sessions.

When Megumi releases his mental limitations and becomes a powerful sorcerer. In the fight with the Finger Bearer under the Yasohachi Bridge, Megumi was capable of unleashing the power of his Domain Expansion: Shadow Garden for the first time even though he had been severely injured and defeated by a devastating Curse which should have been far more powerful than his abilities.


8. Yuji Itadori

Before being Sukuna’s vessel Yuji had already been a freak by nature. He’s naturally robust, agile and fast, as demonstrated in his capacity to take on an extremely powerful Curse in the very first episode, despite not possessing much cursed power at that time. Once he has learned how to harness cursed energy following training with Satoru the power of Yuji is increased even more.

Нобара мертв? : Наша совершенная теория джиу-джитсу Кайсэн

His Divergent Fist Technique packs a serious punch, but his ultimate technique is Black Flash. Black Flash is 2.5 times more powerful than a standard strike and is capable of destroying even powerful, innately powerful special grade curses like Hanami. At present, Yuji cannot use Black Flash in any way, however when he is able to do it the power of his weapon is unimaginable.

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7. Aoi Todo

Based on his physique on his own, it’s clear that Aoi is extremely powerful. His muscles are covered with muscles and, one punch Aoi knocked Yuji flying for a few feet and through a tree that was fully grown. He acknowledges that he was able to take down five Grade 1 Curses and one particular grade Curse within a single evening but he’s not cocky or confident.

Aoi is not just physically strong but is also clever, and is capable of analyzing and predict the movements of his adversaries in just a few just a few seconds. Although the Boogie Woogie technique does not possess any inherent offensive or defensive abilities however, his skills allow him to utilize the technique to fully dominate a fight and leverage the surrounding environment for his benefit.


6. Kento Nanami

It’s easy to glance at Kento and believe that he’s an average salaryman, but appearances can be deceiving. Behind his clean, polished style and monotone tone, is an unrelenting fighter with years of combat experience under his belt. He is in control of his energy cursed by the gods and his two binding Vows Overtime and Revealing One’s hand, allow him to draw an even greater amount of power so that he’s able to cover his entire body with cursed energy.

Prior to Yuji, Kento held the record for the longest consecutive use of Black Flash, but this isn’t his most-used technique. Kento’s Ratio Technique can be described as his most favored move that allows him to make use of any weakness the opponent’s body. In addition to the many tricks in his sleeve Kento is a formidable magician.

Как Рика Оримото вернулась в дзюдзюцу Кайсэн? Все объяснено


5. Mahito

While Mahito is still a young Curse Mahito is extremely strong. Alongside being agile He is also extremely clever and creative. He was able to get superiority over Kento during their one-on-1 battle in the sewers. Furthermore, probably could have defeated Yuji and Kento in their final duel, but the intervention of Sukuna.

The Idle Transfiguration Technique provides him the power to alter souls. While it’s ugly It’s also extremely effective and can be used in a variety of ways, since it allows him to alter his body shape whenever he wishes, heal him or even disfigure opponents. He’s still not able achieved mastery over the art of Domain Expansion: Self-Embodiment of Perfection when he is able to do so then he’ll become more dangerous.

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4. Jogo

Even though he hasn’t been capable of defeating Satoru, Jogo is no slow-foot. He has the same cursed energy as eight or nine fingers of Sukuna’s which makes him a formidable Curse. Jogo is armed with flame and lava weapons at his disposal , which can burn people in just a few moments.

The Disaster Flames Technique generates tiny volcanoes that explode and destroy everything they touch. Meanwhile, his Ember Insects give him the power to attack his opponent with precision at a distance. Anyone who is trapped in their Domain Expansion Coffin or Iron Mountain will be immediately enveloped in flames. although it did not work against Satoru, Jogo should not be taken lightly.


3. Hanami

Although Hanami isn’t as possessed of the amount of cursed energy like Jogo and Mahito, Satoru claims Hanami is more dangerous Curse. Hanami is incredibly robust and can ward off all attacks by weapons and techniques effortlessly. Furthermore, her ability to draw life force from the environment around her means that she is able to sustain injuries that could disable the majority of Sorcerers and Curses.

In a number of instances, Hanami has taken Satoru by surprise, suggesting that she’s able to conceal her presence. Furthermore her Disaster Plants Technique is amazingly flexible and can be used to change the surroundings as well as distract and weaken opponents as well as increase her speed.


2. Ryomen Sukuna

The Undisputed King of Curses. Sukuna is so formidable that just one of his fingers is sufficient to generate a particular grade Curse. He defeated his opponent, the Finger bearer at the detention facility, and is able to literally tear opponents to pieces with his Dismantle Technique like when he cut Mahito following the Curse attempted too many times to get Sukuna’s soul.

Сукуна Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

his Domain Expansion Malevolent Shrine, lets him attack any object within 200 meters at any time, and if it’s not enough, he is extremely cunning and persistent. Sukuna isn’t afraid to sit and wait for the perfect opportunity for a strike and when the opportunity is there, he almost fails to strike.

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1. Satoru Gojo

Satoru believes he is among the most powerful person on earth and is likely right. He is confident that he can beat Sukuna even if he lost all his fingers. And this isn’t just an empty claim. He has a huge amount of energy cursed and doesn’t seem to ever get exhausted. The Limitless Technique of his is absolutely overpowered in that it not only lets him virtually avoid any injuries, but also permits his to generate powerful singularities, which cause destruction to everything they touch.

In his battle with Jogo, Satoru never once appeared to be worried, and finished the fight without hesitation after securing Jogo in his domain Expansion: Unlimited Void. In the following episode, he nearly killed Hanami by using his Limitless Hollow Purple Technique which is likely to have ended the Curse should he had hit directly on the target. Satoru is without doubt one of the strongest characters of the anime, and certainly one of the most powerful characters in any anime.


Jujutsu Kaisen has an intriguing collection of characters that are both smart and powerful and are the most intelligent of them all.

The sorcerers from The sorcerers of Jujutsu Kaisen all are extremely strong and use powerful strategies in their fight against Curses. They have to learn the secrets of Cursed energy through intense training , and then piece together clues that will help them identify and destroy dangerous spirits.

A great sorcerer should also be extremely intelligent as well as quick or tough. The best sorcerers are among the smartest characters in the entire series. The most clever sorcerers employ their sharp wits in their favor, which allows them to take on their adversaries quickly and effectively.

Нанами Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать


10. Nobara Kugisaki

While she may only focus on how she looks, Nobara Kugisaki is actually very smart. She is cocky not because she is a powerful however, she is confident that she is able to outwit her adversaries. When she was fighting her opponent, the Roppongi Curse, she did not lose her cool when the Curse held the boy captive and then she successfully slayed the Curse by using the Straw Doll technique before it was able to escape.

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Her personality has a always calm and composed under stress and can swiftly analyze situations to determine the appropriate reaction. She is able to compartmentalize her emotions and focus on the job at present, which lets her focus when fighting with her adversaries.


9. Yuji Itadori

People would be forgiven for thinking Yuji Itadori isn’t that smart. At first glance, Yuji appears inexperienced and appears like the shonen hero of the past who is all muscle and lacking in brains. But, beneath his intimidating exterior is an intelligent and imaginative mind.

He readily accepts the reality of Curses and is a master of reaction time and sense. Yuji is naturally gifted to use cursed energy, for instance, when the was able to master Black Flash. Black Flash technique within just a few hours after having a meeting with Aoi Todo. The way he thinks may be entirely dependent on the knowledge of books but he’s far from being merely an ego-driven hero.


8. Megumi Fushiguro

Of the three students in the first year of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Megumi Fushiguro is the one who is traditionally smart. He is a sharp and analytical mind. He prefers to consider his decisions instead of rushing in blindly. He can think and multitask about his feet, such as when he mixed various shinigami techniques during his battle against Noritoshi Kamo.

Megumi is still learning to become more imaginative and push himself to the limits, as shown when he created the Domain at the beginning in the fight with the Finger Bearer. If he can keep up his current pace of development, Megumi will one day become an intelligent and formidable sorcerer.


7. Maki Zenin

A black sheep in the Zenin family, Maki Zenin is nonetheless an extremely skilled and smart sorcerer. Although she isn’t able to discern Curses or utilize the cursed power, Maki is still able to fight at a impressive level because of her incredible fitness and training in martial arts.

Юта Оккоцу Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн: все, что вам нужно знать

The ability of her to employ different weapons at a high level is a testament to her understanding of the various forms and techniques needed in combat and her capacity to remember and comprehend complicated information. She is a natural leader and her coworkers are confident that she won’t take them off track.

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6. Toge Inumaki

Even though he is unable to communicate intelligible sentences, Toge Inumaki possesses a incredible intellectual. Toge was born with the highly effective Cursed Speech technique, which lets him infuse phrases with cursed energy, and make the target obey his instructions. This technique requires a lot of commitment skills, knowledge and perseverance to apply correctly. Toge is on the path to mastering.

He employs a set of codes to inform his team members to not affect their performance with his method and he is able to stay calm in stressful situations. Toge recognizes what is the limit of his skills and this knowledge takes a lot of self-reflection and intelligence.


5. Kento Nanami

Kento Nanami isn’t just clever, but also very smart. He can appear at peace and unaffected when faced with stressful situations, however his stoicism is simply an outcome from his capacity to keep his feelings in relation to his duties. Nanami is extremely practical and does not do more than is necessary to complete the task at hand.

The fact that he is not a fan of working overtime is what has made him extremely productive and he is able to analyze the situation swiftly to determine the most effective route to resolution. The Ratio Technique is reliant upon precise strikes and shows the attention to detail he pays. He takes his role as Yuji’s teacher very serious, and during their sessions together, proves as a skilled teacher as well as a skilled magician.


4. Yoshinobu Gakuganji

The headmaster student of Kyoto Jujutsu High, Yoshinobu Gakuganji is an elderly man in a wheelchair, but there’s more to Yoshinobu than what is apparent. In the real world, Yoshinobu is a shrewd and clever sorcerer, whose sly mind does more than compensate for his weak body. Yoshinobu is skilled manipulating other people to do his will, as the time he utilized Curses as well as his own students to defeat Yuji Itadori in The Goodwill Event.

Махито Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

In the event of a crisis Yoshinobu is able to charm and cooperate with his adversaries and is adept at concealing his motives. Yoshinobu can swiftly analyze and judge his competitors simply by looking at them, and ensuring that he doesn’t put himself in a position that isn’t a challenge for him to overcome.

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3. Shoko Ieiri

An acupuncturist of Tokyo Jujutsu High, Shoko Ieiri was a student of Satoru Gojo and is a skilled sorcerer. She is among the few sorcerers to make use of the reversed healing curse method, which makes her a valuable resource and a valuable companion.

Although she’s portrayed as gloomy and depressed, Shoko is still extremely competent and smart. The fact that she can use her reversed healing cursed method is an indication of her ability as well as the amount of time she spent hone her skills. Shoko might not be fighting on the front line fighting Curses However, her importance cannot be overstated.


2. Satoru Gojo

A special grade Jujutsu sorcerer as well as a teacher in Tokyo Jujutsu High, Satoru Gojo isn’t just one of the strongest sorcerers in the world and alive, but also exceptionally clever. While he appears to be relaxed and fun in his interactions with students as well as colleagues however, he is an extremely cold and calculated person. He has completed mastering this Limitless Technique, which gives him complete control over the space around him, and the degree of control he has over a technique that is so complex is an indication of his innate intelligence.

Gojo has a sharp skilled mind and is able to swiftly identify and adapt to an opponent’s tactics. The ability to keep everything in check and also minimize his own and other’s harm is a testament to his incredible ability to analyse and is among the reasons he is thought to be the most powerful sorcerer.


1. Aoi Todo

Although he might not be able to compete with Satoru Gojo’s his cursed energies, Aoi Todo is one of the smartest characters of the show. He claims that he has an IQ of 530,000, Aoi has an innate understanding of jujutsu and is able to assess his opponent’s movements within a matter of seconds. For instance, he instructs Yuji how to manage his energy cursed after just hours of meeting with one another. In turn, he’s capable of immediately synchronizing their attacks as they fight Hanami despite them having never previously fought.

Сукуна Дзюдзюцу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

The Boogie Woogie Technique appears simple but it’s incredibly difficult to master in combat, yet he’s able to make the most of its potential for offense as well as defense. Aoi isn’t just clever, he’s also an intellectual, preferring to be himself instead of attempting to gain the spotlight or claim to be something that he isn’t.

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Who are the main Characters in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 ?

The world that is Jujutsu Kaisen is getting bigger! The forthcoming sequel film JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 will make it’s U.S. debut on March 18th. The film is based on the manga with the same title and focusing on the what happens in Jujutsu High one year before the debut of anime and when main character Yuji Itadori is introduced. If you’ve been a long-time follower or just starting out Here’s an spoiler-free overview of the main characters that will get you excited to see the film in the AMC near you. Both the new faces as well as those who return from the first season.


Yuta Okkotsu

Yuta Okkotsu is a brand new character from the world of animation of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is also the main character in the movie. He watches his close acquaintance from his childhood Rika Die and turn into a curse that will end being a constant affliction. This curse draws interest of Satoru Gojo who persuades Yuta to attend Jujutsu High to study the techniques of Jujutsu. Can he acquire the necessary skills for becoming an Jujutsu sorcerer? Even though this is an debut in the anime world, Yuta is a major element of the manga and they’ve revealed his identity in the initial season, which means he’s bound to be integral part of the story.


Rika Orimoto

Rika Orimoto is killed in a horrific accident that occurred in her childhood and her spirit transforms into an evil spirit. The cursed form of her is the main focus of the film, and is followed by Yuta through the streets, causing havoc on his way. However, before Rika passed away the two of them Yuta were inseparable when they were children. They even made a promise to marry as they grow older. Check out JUJUTSU KAISEN zero to discover the possibility that Yuta can fulfill his vow to take revenge on Rika as well as save her soul.

Нобара мертв? : Наша совершенная теория джиу-джитсу Кайсэн


Suguru Geto

Suguro Makes a pillar that is evil within the film. As Yuta is working to improve his abilities in Jujutsu High to save Rika, Suguru threatens to unleash the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons. Suguru has a dark and mysterious appearance in the trailer. So, what is his motives? And what is his connection to the events that have occurred in the comic thus far? Suguru is a character who is a key player within the Manga, and finding out his background could increase the scope of the universe.

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Satoru Gojo

The fan favorite and sensational sensei Satoru Gojo returns and is training the newcomer Yuta as well as the students from Jujutsu High. Always cool and calm, Satoru is one of the most formidable Jujutsu sorcerers that we’ve seen in the show to date. The film offers viewers the opportunity to discover more about his story and we’re excited to see his incredible power shine in the action of the big screen.


Jujutsu High Students - Maki Zen'in, Toge Inumaki & Panda

Not to be left out, JUJUTSU KAISEN 0 will include additional screentime for Maki Zen’in Toge Inumaki and Panda as they begin to use their Jujutsu abilities. The film will follow their adventures during their very first year of learning. We’ll be able to witness their unique talents in action. Maki with the Cursed tools, Toge as well as his Cursed Speech along with Panda with the power and force of a huge panda bear.

JUJUTSU KAISEN Zero has received praise from critics and has recently earned an honorary spot among the top ten highest grossing films ever made in Japan. The film premieres on the 18th of March at AMC Theatres, including IMAX screenings at select theaters. We’ve many times that are dubbed and subbed to allow you to watch the anime in the way you prefer to enjoy it. Buy your tickets now to watch these characters and the larger than life battles at the top of the screen!

Как Рика Оримото вернулась в дзюдзюцу Кайсэн? Все объяснено


https://www.youtube.com/embed/_n5ThX79HZE?feature=oembedTechnique Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Explained By BrokenRonin


(6) Chimera Shadow Garden-Fushiguro Megumi

The name of the technique of Domain Expansion is; Chimra Shadow Garden fills the surroundings with dense shadows where Megumi is able to attack his opponent by using numerous shikigami.

Although the Megumi’s Domain Expansion is yet incomplete However, the Domain Expansion is powerful enough to shock Sukuna. When he is able to master this technique, we’ll know how effective it can be.

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(5) Horizon of the Captivating Skandha-Dagon

We only mention Dagon only once on Anime during Episode 5 and we didn’t hear much about Dagon. However, he also has powerful as the Cursed Spirit. Therefore, it could make use of Domain Expansion.

Contrary to Megumi’s Chimera Shadow Garden, Horizon of the Captivating Skandha is quite calm and the person who is sucked in won’t even be aware of the imminent threat. The effect is composed of a tranquil beach on one hand and an enormous ocean to the opposite. It is possible to claim”calm” beach and ocean symbolizes “Silent before Storm. “calm” beach and ocean is a representation of “Silent before a Storm.”

The victim in the dungeon is continuously assaulted by Shikigamis and has almost an absolute accuracy of hits. If the Sorcerer is well-trained, not only in terms of mental training but also physically it becomes increasingly difficult to avoid being hit and then attack at the same time.


(4) Iron Coffin Mountain-Jogo

What would you feel when you were in the Volcano? It’s difficult to imagine because it’s impossible to live in the kind of thing. This is the strength of Jogo’s Domain Expansion.

In the image above, we can see Jogo making use of the power of his Domain Expansion to defeat Gojo and Itadori. While they were both in the midst of battle, Jogo accepted that both Gojo and Itadori were powerful as the majority of Sorcerers have gone to ashes up until this point.

Yes, Jogo’s method was effective, but we’re sure of what happened after that.


(3) Mahayana Prison-Mahito

Mahito’s curse can be terrifying enough, even without extra effort , and when Mahito is using Mahayana Prison his power accelerates by more than twice.

Нобара мертв? : Наша совершенная теория джиу-джитсу Кайсэн

Он использовал свою стратегию, когда сражался с Нанами, и чуть не убил последнего. Однако Итадори вмешался, и Нанами удалось спасти. В отличие от Джого, Махито умен и избегает любых движений, которые ставят его в невыгодное положение. В ходе борьбы с Нанами и его бандой он был почти изгнан, однако Нанами слишком быстро осудил его и отправился в тюрьму Махаяна.


(2) Злобное Святилище-Сукуна

Сукуна является самым мощным проклятием в истории с историей, которая насчитывает более 1000 лет. В настоящее время только Сатору Годзё имеет возможность побеждать его атаки.

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Махито Джиу-джитсу Кайсэн : Все, что вам нужно знать

Мы знаем, что когда Проклятый Дух будет востребован более чем на тысячу Лет, и его Расширение Домена не будет похоже на другие проклятия. В манге говорится, что он развязал Злобное Святилище только один раз, и разрушение слишком велико, чтобы справиться с ним для самого искусного Колдуна или даже среднего человека.

Если вы поклонник манги и читали главу манги, в которой Сукуна набирает обороты, то вы знаете, о чем я говорю. Если вы являетесь зрителем аниме, вы несколько испортили себя, однако вы должны с нетерпением ждать его анимации.

Читатели манги с нетерпением ждут, когда главы будут анимированы.


(1) Неизмеримая/Неограниченная Пустота - Сатору Годзё

Когда итадори укусил Сукуну за пальцы, Сатору легко смог его остановить. В случае, если Итадори спросил Годзё, кто станет победителем в битве между Сукуной или Годзё, Годзё с гордостью сказал, что победит. Вот почему мы знаем, насколько он силен.

Метод Сатору Годзё описывается как нечто чрезвычайно трудное для бегства. В его владениях его жертва переполняется бесконечной информацией, и в то же время находится в состоянии полной тишины.

Немного трудно описать Бесконечность Пустоты словами. Чтобы это было понятно, можно было бы представить себе что-то вроде:

«Вы знаете все, но в то же время вы ничего не знаете».

Сатору Годзё впервые использовал Неограниченную Пустоту во время боя с Джого. Затем мы наблюдали, что произошло после этого.

В сообществе ведутся дебаты, и некоторые предполагают, что расширение домена Сукуна — это гораздо больше, чем расширение домена Годзё. Если вы спросите меня, я бы это подтвердил. После некоторых исследований я обнаружил, что методы Сукуна и Годзё имеют свои преимущества и недостатки.

Принцип расширения домена: «Чем сильнее оно изнутри, тем слабее оно извне». Если эта концепция применима в Бесконечной Пустоте Годзё, то ее может быть очень легко прорвать. Кроме того, Infinity Void ограничен определенной зоной.

С другой стороны, расширение домена Сукуна огромно. В следующей главе вы сможете увидеть огромную область, которую он покрывает с помощью расширения домена Сукуны. Хотя это не невозможно, теоретически можно избежать Злонамеренного Святилища. Если кто-то достаточно быстр, он сможет избежать последствий техники Сукуна.

На данный момент это единственный способ, который я могу придумать. Итак, если сравнивать Годзё, Сукуна и Сукуна, то у них обоих есть свои преимущества с точки зрения силы и навыков.


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