Catarina Devon in One Piece: Who is she?

Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon. One Piece has provided us with a variety of strong and wonderful characters. Some characters had shorter runs than others. Some were more interesting than others. We’ll be talking about a lesser-known character who made an impact on fans, and generated interest. Catarina Devon, a dangerous female pirate who was imprisoned at Impel Down, is our focus. Nntheblog’s Catarina article will tell you everything.

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Catarina Devon, also known as “Crescent Moon Hunter”, is the most dangerous female criminal. She was convicted for her atrocious crimes, and sentenced to Impel down Level VI. Marshall D. Teach freed her and she was accepted into his crew. She is now one among the Ten Titanic Captains and the captain for the sixth ship.


This article will be devoted to Catarina Devon’s character. We will give you all the details about her past and actions. we will give you information about Catarina Devon’s history and her role in the story. We’ll also answer your questions about Catarina Devon.

Catarina Devon in One Piece: WHO IS SHE?

Catarina Devon in One Piece: WHO IS SHE?

Catarina Devon was the most dangerous female pirate of Golden Age of Piracy. She was captured by the World Government and imprisoned at Level 6 of Impel Down for the rest of the rest of her lives, in order to wipe out all trace of her existence. ‘story. EmporioIvankov briefly mentioned Catarina Devi as part explaining Level 6 Horror in Bentham.

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Marshall D. Teach commands her to fight the prison inmates. She emerges victorious. Blackbeard releases her and recruits to his crew. She is seen again during the War at the Summit with the Blackbeard Pirates, and other criminals she was recruited to, in order witness Whitebeard’s passing.

By stabbering the Emperor with her spear, she joins in the execution. Catarina is excited after Whitebeard’s murder, when Blackbeard starts to absorb the power from the Gura Gura no Mi. Blackbeard decides to sink Marineford, scattering the crew. Sengoku creates a shockwave to attack the crew and they fly away. Red-Haired Shanks arrives to end the war and sees Catarina leave the battlefield with her team. Catarina returns with Blackbeard’s crew to a burning island.

Catarina Devon in One Piece: WHO IS SHE?

She claims she will need new clothes for the next island. Akainu, who arrives aboard a Navy ship with her crew, flees. The Blackbeard Pirates used Edward Newgates knowledge to conquer Edward’s old territories in the two-year timeskip.

Blackbeard is now a member of the Four Emperors. His crew searches out Devil Fruit users who are powerful to absorb their powers. It is discovered that the Blackbeard Pirates won a significant victory over the Ancient Whitebeard Pirates during Arc Zo in a war called the “War of Retaliation”. This victory was what made Blackbeard Emperor.

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Catarina Devon in One Piece

Pedro’s diary reveals that Blackbeard and his team have destroyed Baltigo, Revolutionaries headquarters. The Navy and CipherPol found the island’s location, and they ran. Blackbeard and his men fought the Cipher Pol, but eventually fled. Moria arrived at Pirate Island to search Absalom.

He destroys everything, until he sees Absalom on a balcony. Shiliew, who has retrieved Absalom’s Fruit, stands behind him and shaves his zombies. Catarina, Devon claims Absalom died and says they have kept him body. Teach intervenes and states that the island is supposed be a pirate’s heaven. Devon then listens patiently as Devon comments on recent events, such as Lev Ely’s intrusion in Wano and Luffy’s.

What is Catarina Devon’s bounty in One Piece, and what are her thoughts?

Catarina Devon

The Eternal Log revealed that Catarina Devin’s bounty amount is unknown at this time. We don’t know the exact number, so we can’t speculate.

Catarina De Devon: Powers and abilities

Catarina Devon: abilities and powers

Catarina Devon is considered the most dangerous female pirate. However, this is not the same as Charlotte Linlin. Teach chose the most powerful prisoners to fight in battle when recruiting them as Level VI prisoners. Catarina Devon is a Level VI prisoner.

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As a sign of Teach’s confidence and authority, she was promoted to Captain of the sixth ship. Catarina Dean is one of the greatest pirates to have ever lived. She was among four survivors of battle between Blackbeard prisoners and Impel Down. They were among the most powerful criminals ever held in prison.

Catarina Devon: abilities and powers

Even though Whitebeard was already severely injured, her spear can still wound Newgate. It has been proven that she is capable of taking both Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi shockwave (though it was not a direct hit) as well as Sengoku’s shockwave in his Buddha form shockwave, and getting up very easily.

Catarina Devin ate Inu Inu no Mi Model Kyubi. This mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit allows her to transform into a Kyubi. It has been shown that she can impersonate others by eating the Inu Inu no Mi Model Kyubi. Gecko Moria believed she was Absalom when she tricked him. She’s very skilled at using a whip to fight. Whitebeard was also attacked with the spear she carries by her companions. After her timeskip, she is seen now with a sword. Her skill with the sword is unknown.

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