IMD lists the Top 10 Most Popular Episodes of Naruto

Most Popular Episodes Naruto

The Best Episodes of Naruto Naruto Shippuden debuted in 2007. It told stories about a ninja village at the edge of war. It was the second Naruto anime series. New episodes of anime were released throughout the decade. The manga series, which was based on Masashikimoto, featured teenagers who had exceptional fighting skills. Over 500 episodes of television were made during that ten year period.

More than 67,000 Internet Movie Database users rated these 500 episodes. The series received an 8.8 rating and received 10 stars. The majority of the series’ best episodes actually have at least 8.9 stars, which means that they are all significantly better than the norm in the eyes of viewers.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

Nine-Tails Captured – Episode 165

Fans were able to start a remarkable story when Pain arrived in Konoha. Kakashi appeared to be lost and a terrifying foe seemed to have defeated Naruto. The episode ended with Naruto talking to Pain about his reasons for doing the things he did.

Despite the majority of the episode being devoted to the conversation between Naruto and Pain, other characters weren’t entirely ignored. As the Six Paths were elsewhere occupied, Shikamaru and Inoichi had the episode’s B plot, which involved finding the true Pain. While most speeches-focused episodes tend to be slow, this episode kept the audience on their toes.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

Episode 175 Hero Of The Hidden Leaf

This episode may have served as Naruto’s happy ending because he spent the majority of his youth being shunned by his tribe and had to again demonstrate that he was more than the nine-tailed fox inside of him. Because Naruto is finally viewed by the community as he has always wanted him to be—respected and a hero—it is most certainly one of the best Naruto Shippuden episodes.

Naruto won the battle against Pain and was greeted with a round of applause in the village. The fact that every person who had died in Konoha was made to live was a benefit. It was evident that his neighbors were more open to him.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

Episode 364 of The Ties That Bind. (Best Episodes of Naruto).

This episode was a hit with Naruto fans. It showed the Fourth Shinobi World War as the deaths three characters the audience was familiar with.

Their inability to stop the oncoming attack, Shikaku and Inoichi were forced to mentally bid goodbye to their kids while utilizing Inoichi’s abilities. Fans had witnessed Ino, Shikamaru and their beloved teacher lose so this was devastating for them. Similarly, Neji, a fan favorite, defended them so they could continue fighting by blocking Hinata’s strike as she sheltered Naruto from one. There was no one in the audience who had not seen it all.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

A Failure’s True Power, Episode 62

The Chunin Exams storyline will be remembered by fans forever. One of these legendary encounters occurred during the Chunin Exams finals. Neji appears to be winning right away, but Naruto isn’t ready to give up. Neji, who believes that no one can escape their fate, is baffled at Naruto’s persistence and tenacity. This episode helps him to understand that none of us are bound by fate. It expands his view, improves him, creates a lasting relationship between him and Naruto.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

Confessions, Episode 16 (Best Episodes Of Naruto).

Hinata joins Naruto in his fight against Pain when it seems hopeless. Despite his pleas, she refuses to quit the fight and insists that it is her to win. Fans of Naruto and Hinata have been waiting for the moment Hinata tells Naruto how they really feel. They are thrilled. This episode marks a turning point in the romance between Naruto, Hinata. Even though Naruto takes some time to get back her love, their relationship and lives together are beginning.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

Demon In The Snow Episode 19 (Best Episodes Of Naruto).

The Land of Waves is a beloved story arc in the series. It’s still talked about by fans many years later. Team 7’s first significant adversary, Zabuza Momochi, informs them about the hard realities of being a Shinobi. It’s a sad end to the long-running war with Zabuza, Haku.

This episode is the best of the entire arc. As he reflects on his life with regret in his closing moments, Zabuza’s turn of heart touches fans. Both Team 7 and the audience will remember this moment, which serves as a warning to the new ninjas.

Best Episodes Of Naruto

The Orange Spark Episode 246 (Best Episodes Of Naruto).

Naruto’s conflict with the Nine-tailed Fox demon Kurama is still going on in this episode. Naruto is battling for control when he meets a fascinating woman. Naruto and viewers cannot control their emotions after they learn they have seen their mother. The moment Naruto is finally in his mother’s arms is so touching

It is an amazing and fulfilling experience, as it is something many people had hoped for. As well as learning more about Kushina’s past and how she met Minato, fans also get a deeper glimpse into her life. The episode fans have been waiting for is finally here in a pleasant and great way.

Puppet Fight – 10 vs.100, Episode 26

The first sign of Sakura’s evolution since Naruto began is when Sakura and Chiyo face off against Sasori. Fans are kept on the edge of their seats by the intense battle between them and the members of the Akatsuki, in which Gaara’s life is in danger. This episode puts Sakura’s entire power on display and demonstrates her strength in ways the public has never seen before. It’s a wonderful episode that you can revisit to see how Sakura has developed since her early years.

Naruto’s Ninja Handbook, Episode 78

This episode is a favourite of viewers for a variety of reasons. Comparing the two Jinchurikis’ life is one of the first occasions Naruto encounters someone similar to him. He thanks his loved ones for their presence. He might have turned out like Gaara, consumed by hatred and rage, if he hadn’t had them. Fans are ecstatic to watch Gaara’s salvation because this is one of the first times in the narrative

Naruto can connect with someone who is lost and in need of help. This episode sets the stage for future Jinchuriki interactions throughout this series. Many people find new hope after meeting Naruto just like Gaara.

Episode 134 of The End Of Tears

The first of numerous significant battles between Naruto and Sasuke is “The End of Tears.” While Naruto will do anything to bring Sasuke home, the latter is adamant on severing all links with his past. Both bring their best moves and skills to this fight. While Naruto explores and demonstrates the power of Nine-tailed Foxes’ curse mark, Sasuke fully activates it. Naruto’s belief in Sasuke never wavers no matter how the battle turns out. From now on, he is even more determined to bring him back. This fight between Naruto Shippuden and him is only the beginning of many more to come.

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