Will Naruto Die In Boruto ?

Will Naruto Die In Boruto ?

Naruto Die In Boruto. Althou Masahi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga has ended some time ago. Stories from the shinobi world continue in Boruto. Naruto Next Gerations. Although the show is about Naruto Uzumaki’s son Boruto, Naruto plays an important role in the series. We also explore his life after the events depicted in the Naruto manga.

Based on the latest events in the anime and manga, nntheblog article will tell you whether Naruto actually passes away in the Boruto series.

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While Naruto is alive and well in Boruto, he is severely weakened since Kurama has died. We don’t know what will happen to him after the Boruto first episode. However, based on the information we have so far, it seems likely that he will make it through the Boruto manga.

Is Naruto Dead in the Boruto Manga ?

Is Naruto Dead in the Boruto Manga ?

This question has the same answer as the above. Although the Boruto anime contains a lot more filler content than the manga, the two works don’t actually contradict each other. Naruto Uzumaki, who is still alive in anime, is also alive in manga, Chapter 64. This was published in January 2022.

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Is Naruto Dead in the Boruto Anime?

By Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

If you recall correctly, the first episode in the Boruto anime gave us a glimpse into a future where the Leaf Village was completely destroyed and Naruto seems dead. This was a quick glimpse, and the plot quickly returns to the present, where Naruto remains alive and well.

This is true as of Episode 231 in the Boruto anime series. It means that Naruto still exists. But will he be dead by the time that the future becomes the present in episode two? We don’t believe so.

Is Naruto Dead in the Boruto Anime?

We will explain more in the last section. However, we can say here that there is no evidence to suggest that Naruto has actually died; he may be injured but not dead.

It is implied that Naruto is dead at the time. However, we haven’t seen his body. We all know the informal anime rule: If you don’t see a character dying and don’t see their body, they’re probably not dead. It is shocking to learn that Naruto has died. This was likely done in order to attract fans. However, we believe that we will see Naruto alive in the future.

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Who almost killed Naruto in Boruto?

Who almost killed Naruto in Boruto?

In the Boruto anime series, Naruto comes very close to death. This occurred during the fight against Jigen. Jigen was revealed to have been possessed by the powerful Isshiki Oksutsuki. We will tell you more about this battle in the next section.

Remember that the battle against Jigen, controlled by Isshiki, was one of the most difficult Naruto’s ever faced. Despite their best efforts, Naruto and Kurama were defeated by Jigen who, later, was controlled by Isshiki Oksutsuki.

Baryon Mode Naruto Vs Isshiki otsutsuki | Fight Scene – Kurama Death By Anime Smile Itachi

Naruto was able to stop Isshiki’s plan to kill Sasuke with his clones, while Sasuke fled with his Rinnegan. Sasuke was actually transformed from the bizarre dimension Jigen had placed them in.

Naruto taunted Isshiki and Kurama said that Isshiki never meant to kill him. However, Kurama stated that Isshiki could change his mind at any moment. Boro protected the seal.

Who almost killed Naruto in Boruto?

Team 7 and Kawaki were determined to save them. They used Kawaki’s Kama and Boruto’s Kama to enter Naruto’s dimension. Jigen (and Isshiki) were also imprisoned there. Boruto and Kawaki created a rift within the seal while fighting Boro. This freed Naruto from his prison cell. The team defeated Boro, and Naruto was able to return to Konoha.

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After Boruto had teleported Isshiki, Naruto and Sasuke to the dimension where Isshiki had sealed their bodies, Kurama and Sasuke joined Boruto to face off against Isshiki. The Otsutsuki proved to be too strong for them, knocking out Sasuke, and blocking Naruto’s sensory abilities by manifesting huge black cubes. Kurama was quick enough to notice this.

Kurama suggested that Naruto use some last resort to stop Isshiki. This was because he was so determined to do it. Naruto agreed, explaining that he was aware of the risks and was willing to die when he became a Hokage. This new form was adopted by Naruto as Baryon Mode.

Farewell, Naruto | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations By Crunchyroll Collection

Naruto was told by Kurama that the mode followed the same principles as nuclear fusion. He had to consume all their energy, and that he needed to avoid unnecessary movements. Everyone was baffled by the new form’s power. Isshiki was quickly overwhelmed by Naruto. Soon after, Naruto began to feel the effects of Baryon Mode. He was becoming increasingly tired.

Kurama observed that this mode slowly depleted all life force, including Naruto’s. It also sapped Isshiki’s strength with each touch. They had to continue putting pressure on Isshiki up until his already short lifespan. Kurama spoke to Naruto in his subconscious after Isshiki was defeated, because Baryon Mode proved too difficult for him. Kurama was devastated to learn this.

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Who almost killed Naruto in Boruto?

Naruto said to Kurama that he didn’t resent him despite his parents’ murder. Kurama told Naruto that he was ready to die. However, Naruto insisted that he was not going to be killed, since it was his life that was at stake using Baryon Mode.

Kurama claimed that he never lied about Naruto. However, he knew that the Hokage wasn’t putting his life at risk and so hid the truth. Kurama warned Naruto before Kurama disappeared that he was losing all his chakra and abilities. He should have been more cautious. Isshiki was defeated but at a high price.

What is Naruto’s Future Fate and Will He Really Die?

What is Naruto's Future Fate and Will He Really Die?

As with all characters, Naruto will die eventually and be succeeded by the Eight Hokage. However, we don’t expect it to happen soon. We don’t see Naruto dying before he turns 80.

Since the beginning, he has been the pillar for Kishimoto’s franchise. Although the focus has shifted to his son, Naruto continues to play a key role in the franchise, even Boruto. While the story is centered on the next generation of characters, Naruto doesn’t seem to be dying.

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We don’t see any hints that Naruto died prematurely so we believe that Kishimoto will not go that far. First, Boruto was originally a sequel to Naruto’s story. This suggests that Kishimoto had no plans to continue the story once Naruto was over.

What is Naruto's Future Fate and Will He Really Die?

A character that has been around so long and is the hallmark character of the franchise is unlikely not to die. It just wouldn’t make sense for Kishimoto kill Naruto.

We don’t believe there will be a grander plot where Naruto must die. However, we don’t see it happening. It would be foolish for Kishimoto if he went in that direction.

Boruto Uzumaki still hasn’t surpassed his father in popularity, and he likely won’t ever. Naruto Uzumaki is also synonymous with the franchise. It would be foolish to kill him. We believe Naruto will not die prematurely because of this.

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