niccolo aot

Niccolo Aot : Everything You Need To Know

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In Aot, Niccolo is one of the soldiers that was a member of the initial Mahr patrol ship that was which was sent on a mission to Paradise Island. He is well-known at Paradise Island for his culinary talents.

anime like hunter x hunter

Anime Like Hunter X Hunter : Our Top 12+

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Hunter. Hunter X Hunter is the ideal example of a fully-rounded series, as it has every aspect from heart-pounding battle scenes as well as laugh-out-loud comedy to some of the most profound characters in the history of anime. It also has an equally beloved and indispensable supporting group of characters. Even the villains get amazing character designs, like the band of thieves sporting A-Class bounties on their head and the one with an ephemeral spider tattoo that can be removed.

Anime Hand

Anime Hand Drawing : How To Draw A Hand Anime

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Drawing hand from anime is dependent on the ability of your hand to be simplified of hand anatomy, as well as your capacity to change the perspective of your hand. Drawing hands from anime also relies on your visual knowledge.

how to draw anime girl

Drawing Anime Girl Body : How to Draw Anime Girl Body

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looking to draw your preferred anime character, or even your own creating the body of your character can be a daunting task. The characters of anime can differ in both size and shape however, you should begin by drawing them in human proportions prior to transforming their appearance to create your own.

Hitch Aot

Hitch Aot : Everything You Need To Know About Him

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Within Aot, Hitch Dreyse is an officer of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District. She graduated from the 104th Training Corps, though she’s not part of that same unit Eren Yeager was a part of.

Drawing Anime Hair

Anime Hair Drawing : How To Draw Anime Hair Step By Step

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This video tutorial will teach how to draw female anime hair. Hair from anime is what makes anime’s heroes distinct and beautiful. As when compared to real human hair, it’s the ultimate beauty. Let’s begin “Anime Hair Drawing” !