Abnormal Titan : Everything You Need To Know

Abnormal Titan

In Aot, An abnormal titan is an unintelligent individual titan with a pronounced specialized skill.



It is a very similar behavior to an unintelligent giant, but with some unique characteristics. It can manifest in behavior (extreme aggression against all living creatures), and in mental abilities (avoiding cannon strikes, covering with rocks, trees or using rocks as projectiles), attitude towards people (Sheila Langner mistook the giant for Ymir Schmidt, and left her body in a hollow tree), height (Rod Reiss became an unintelligent giant (about 100 meters tall)).

HISTOLOGY Abnormal titan

HISTOLOGY Abnormal titan


Hanji ZOE spotted an unusually tall 4 meter tall titan while on the 49th Expedition for Walls. He then ran off into a forest full of giant trees, following her. Hanji followed the titan and discovered that he had entered a clearing in the forest. He stopped at a lonely, large tree and started banging his head against the tree. Hanji tried to get in touch with him to ask his purpose, but he was distracted by her. Oruo Bolzard attempted to kill him, but the titan grabbed his head and was then killed by Levi Ackerman. After Levi warned Hanji about his reckless behavior, Petra Rahl was shocked to discover the corpse in a hollow tree. Then Levi found the diary belonging to Ilse Langner nearby.

Hanji read the diary. It stated that Ilsa’s entire troop had been eaten by titans. She then fled into the forest of giant tree, where she met a titan who, instead of eating her, said – “Mistress Ymir! After reading the diary, Hanji read it. It stated that Ilsa’s entire troop was eaten by titans. She then escaped into the forest of giant trees where she encountered a titan who first said – “Mistress Ymir, greetings!” and then bowed to her. Ilsa was stunned and began to record what was happening in her journal. Elle tried to have a conversation with the titan by asking the question “What are you?” The first question was “what are you?” and the titan answered with a moan. The second question was “where are your from?” The titan continued moaning without making any sound, and the third question was “Where are you from?” Ilsa asked the titan one last time, “Why are you eating us?” You are not starving …! why?!” The titan started to rip the skin from his face in an attempt to resist the urge to devour people. But he couldn’t resist and grabbed Ilsa. He did not eat her head but rather buried it in a hollow tree. Although nothing was known about his motives, Ilsa’s notes were very helpful to the humanity inside the walls.

Many abnormal titans responded immediately to the call of the Feminine and invaded Shiganshin County after the fall of the Wall of Mary.

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The 34th Cadet SquadEren Yiager being a member, was heading towards the central warehouse in Trost Country when a giant jumped out from nowhere and grabbed and ate Thomas Wagner. As the titan swallowed Thomas, the rest of their squad frozen in terror.

An abnormal titan also appeared near Trost ‘s inner gate . It ran towards the crowd of civilians trying get out of the city but was stopped by the UPM Blade.


Interessant FACTS

  • The Reconnaissance Corps uses black-colored flares to mark the appearance an anomalous giant.
  • Atypical Titans are created by Zeke Yeager and can be active even when the sun is not shining.
  • The First King can create an infinite number of anomalous titans (titans within the wall). This is only possible for a person of royal blood who has a Coordinate.
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