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Adamas Episode 5 Release Date


Adamas is a South Korean TV series that stars Ji Sung, Seo Ji Hye and Lee Soo Kyung. It premiered at 10:30 pm on tvN July 27, 2022. Some regions also have Disney+ streaming. Adamus is the story of Ji Sung, a twin brother who fights evil to discover the truth behind 22-year-old murder.

Adamas Episode 5 Release Date

Adamas Episode 5 Release Date

Adamas is a revenge thriller that follows twin brothers who discover the truth about a 22-year-old incident. Both brothers fight evil to escape murder charges against the stepfathers they were accused of killing. Episode 5 will air on Wednesday, 8/10 at 12:20 IST. Disney’s subtitle team is reportedly quick to respond to translations, so subtitles will be available soon.

Episode 5 is expected to be around 1 hour and 10 minutes long, which is in line with the rest of the show’s time slot. Adamas will air 16 episodes. A regular schedule of two episodes each week. With this in mind, there are 11 episodes remaining in this episode. There are many revenge plays and the story will continue to evolve.

Name of the Show Adamas
Episode number Episode 5
Genre Revenge Thriller
Adamas Episode 1 Release Date 27 July 2022
Adamas Episode 5 Release Date August 10, 2022

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Adamas Episode 5 Cast

Adamas Cast includes Ji Sung playing Ha Woo Shin and Lee Soo Kyung playing Kim Seo-Hee. Lee Soo Kyung plays Kim Seo-Hee. Seo Ji-Hye is playing Eun Hye Soo. Lee Geung-Young plays Choi Chan Ho, Shin Hyeon Seung portraying Lee Dong-Rim. Choi Chan Ho plays Kim Yo-Won.

Adamas Episode 5 Story

After being elected First Vice President of the United States, John Adams is upset that he is not part of George Washington’s inner circle. He, one of the twin heroes and eerie hint at creating drama through voiceover, starts the drama. These are my mother’s last words. anonymous letter. He pleaded guilty. This all links in with inmate #2006. We find ourselves in prison, stumble upon by a stomach-churning and super-bloody opening. It isn’t all bad as the conspiracy level at 10/10 is still present, and we can see that everything is planned. The domestic chain reaction to the reintroduction the death penalty (which was abolished back in 1997) will cause prison genocide. It will be the central pillar of our conspiracy.

Adamas Episode 4 Recap

In episode 4 of Adama, Woo-shin and Dae-sung starred after listening to Hye-soo’s recording, and his determination to join Woo-shin seems to have solidified. Woo-shin meets Hye-soo while on her way home after the title card. After several apologies she says that she believed it was Soo-Hyun trying to get Adamus. Woo-shin requests him to keep his strange brother away. Soo-Hyun speaks to Chan-woo, then yells at Chan-woo to tell the truth. Soohyun promises that she will reveal all she is protecting and asks her to get ready. Back at Kaesong, Hye-soo mentions Byung-cheol’s recent promise at a press conference and asks Woo-shin how he would react if Chan-woo died.

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As time passes, Wu Xing remembers his mother’s last words and finds himself in a pinch. Soo-Hyun, however, realizes that Chan-woo will not be alive if the death penalty becomes legal and Chan-woo is executed. Soo-Hyun cleverly converts the information into a scribble. No one is smarter than Dong Rim, who says he doesn’t take notes. Meanwhile, Chairman Kwon talks to Hyunjo and informs that he is retiring. He also tells him that the company will continue paying his bills. Hyun-jo, like all sons of Lee Kyung-young’s characters, appears ecstatic and Force-drunk. She claims that Adamus isn’t here, even though it is a valuable space for the Chancellor. Woo-sin knows this already and promises to not bother her any more. He also asks Hye-soo to keep this a secret from Soo-Hyun, and Hye-soo promises not to make such promises – she may need Trump someday.

Adamas Episode 5 Trailer

Adamas Episode 5 Release Date

It’s early August and a new wave of dramas is already exciting us this month. The release of the trailer for next month’s mystery thriller drama Adamas began this month with fan excitement. Park Seungwoo directs and Lee Soo-Kyung writes. Jo Dong-in plays the dual role of Jo Dong-in.

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Where To Watch Adamas Online

It is already available for Disney Plus Hotstar.

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