Angels of Death Ending Explained!

Angels of Death Ending Explained

Angels of Death end…do YOU really know what happened to Zack or Rachel?

Three scenarios can be formulated for each of these, but we might not have all the details.

Let’s dig deeper to see which one is correct.

The First Possible Angels of Death Ending

The First Possible Angels of Death Ending

This conclusion is based upon a thought-up: Rachel has been diagnosed canonically with mental delirium.

She is experiencing delusions in this episode.

She sees Zack approaching her and eventually killing her.

The First Possible Angels of Death Ending

She’s actually slamming in the knife herself, making it seem like she’s trying to commit suicide.

She was so fascinated by Zack’s death that her brain made all the sounds and effects necessary to match the surrounding environment.

This is a very unlikely conclusion as Rachel’s room in the anime is displayed at the end of the game.

The First Possible Angels of Death Ending

The iron bars have been broken and the glass broken. blood is now splattered in the window.

Because the glass is within the room, it’s unlikely she leapt out of the window. She’s also not strong enough to break iron bars.

This kind of ending is not for me.

The First Possible Angels of Death Ending

Similar to the idea that Pokémon was just a fantasy Ash was experiencing in his head and was in an inducible coma.

This ending is so real, it hurts my heart.

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Second possible Angels of Death Ending

Second possible Angels of Death Ending

The angel’s final chapter could be the next. I choose to believe in.

It’s quite simple. Zack took Rachel and ran away with her. They supported each other like the best friends they could be.

They would love each other even more later on but Rachel must first mature. Although I can’t deny that Zack and Ray are my favorite, she is still a young girl.

Second possible Angels of Death Ending

They are still trying to make it a real friendship. When she turns a certain age, their friendship will blossom.

They all have severe PTSD, and Zack could possibly have schizophrenia. This brings up the argument of nature versus nurture.

Ray and Ray both experience the moment when they close their eyes. Zack’s eyes turn red and he only sees his victim.

Second possible Angels of Death Ending

Ray must fix what she sees broken, and he ceases to view them as human beings. Both suffer from a mental illness.

So I believe they ran together, learned to trust each other and eventually integrated into society.

Some fanfictions that relate to their experiences up to this point have been amazing. They are proud of me and I will continue to do this.

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Third possible Angels of Death Ending

Third possible Angels of Death Ending

We now know that the ” most likely” occurred, but we were unable to stop crying at the show.

This is because Zack killed Rachel and then himself in the end.

Let me explain.

Episode 4: Danny says Zack couldn’t withstand a punch in the face. Imagine if Zack survived for even a short time.

Third possible Angels of Death Ending

This scene shows Zack being shot in the chest, and in the head. The blood that drips from Zack’s window and scythe could indicate this.

Zack used to speak less in the version than the Japanese Version and only made single-worded replies or short sounds such as “hmm” and “ah” during the discussion.

This could be caused by blood loss or the haziness that comes with near death.

Third possible Angels of Death Ending

Zack is able to survive his execution and is then transferred to Rachel.

Because Rachel is not in the room at the end of the movie, you are aware Zack has taken Rachel.

This story centers on Zack’s fear of dying after he survived execution and then seeing Rachel in the last moments of his life.

Third possible Angels of Death Ending

Rachel stabbed Zack as they fall from their windows and ended Rachel’s life with one last breath. He dies, and they are together in their arms. When you stop at the right time, it’s obvious that Rachel embraces Zack.

They strike the ground. It’s almost poetic in one aspect. You’ll soon be gone so make the most of the last moments of your life to fulfill the wishes of the person you care about.

They will die together, not as an individual.

Third possible Angels of Death Ending

There you are.

There are three possible endings for Angels of Death.

Which do you consider the best?

The second is still my belief since I am a romantic and cannot bear to think of losing my children.

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