Anime Characters With Water Powers : Our Top 30+

Today we will talk about Anime Characters With Water Powers. There’s an entire anime world waiting for you. Avatar is my closest experience of such control over nature. Avatar was forbidden from entering the world of Japanese anime for many reasons. Even though water-attached characters have been moved to the second position, it is still noticeable that they are present in action series. Here are the top water users in anime. It is easy for water to lose the debate about which element is strongest.

Fire is the most popular element, and we see characters who can use fire and earth to create a dynamic environment. However, waterbenders are rare and appear to be less powerful than those who can manipulate fire or earth. Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia, who prefers to stay with ice and his freezing skills, is another example. Water isn’t as explosive as fire but it does have a subtle and refined element. As such, we will be counting the top choices for rare water users in anime. These characters make use of water to their advantage.

Top Anime Characters With Water Powers

Top Anime Characters With Water Powers

This Anime Characters With Water Powers is based on the popularity of the characters, their contributions to the story and also on my personal opinion. You might not agree with the list

33. Kota Izumi

Surprisingly there aren’t many characters with water Quirks My Hero Academia. Only three other characters are able to use water powers, even though Backdraft is the hero in the episode.

Kota Izumi, the son of Water-Hose’s famous hero team Water-Hose, is Kota’s child. Kota Izumi is the sole water quirk user, his parents having passed away. Kota’s Water Gun Quirk, which he has as a child, isn’t very strong, but he still uses when Izuku Mioriya is in trouble. Kota is capable of becoming the next great hero if he receives proper training and guidance. Anime Characters With Water Powers

32. Ayase Terada

 Ayase Terada

Scryed is an action-packed anime that features some intense scenes. Many of the central characters are alters with all sorts of special abilities. Ayase Terada can manipulate large amounts of water through her Wave Generation abilities and Whirlpool Twister capabilities. This can cause huge damage.

31. Erika Kurumi

Erika Kurumi

Kurumi’s long, blue hair makes her stand out. Kurumi also works in a fashion shop and is a fan of fashion. This could explain her unique looks. She can transform into Cure Marine to have the ability to not only control but also purify water.

30. Kiyoshi Mitarai

Kiyoshi Mitarai

Over the years, social outcasts have played a significant role in many anime series. Kiyoshi, a high school student, is not accepted and has a hatred of humanity. Although he wants to fight back, he isn’t a great fighter. He is capable of summoning liquid creatures and can combine his blood with water to create hydrokynesis. Anime Characters With Water Powers

29. Arqua


Arqua has a beautiful face that can only be loved by a mother. She is one of East Kaio’s students, and he participates in the Other World Tournament. In the hope that it will turn the fight in his favor, he floods the stadium with water.

28. Yoshino


Many anime characters are able to manipulate water for offensive purposes. Yoshino is able to use water for self-defense, but this is not the case. Zadkiel is an angelic puppet that can absorb water from the ground or air.

27. Yuto Kaigai

Yuto Kaigai

It is not a good idea to take lightly a character who can wield a sai knife and summon floods. Yuto Kigai is the most dangerous antagonist in the X series. He loves to have fun with his friends and manipulate water to create fountains.

26. Umi Ryuuzaki

Umi Ryuuzaki

Magic is the best way to start anime water attacks. Umi Ryuzaki, the elegant and beautiful Umi Ryuzaki, has some water-based spells that are visually stunning. It is a sight to behold when spells can conjure up a water dragon and a whirlwind water. Anime Characters With Water Powers

25. Tokiya Mikagami

Tokiya Mikagami

Tokiya Mikagami has a unique sword called Ensui. The handle of the sword has a kanji symbol that represents water. This sword can adapt to different properties of water by stabilizing water molecules. This makes for exciting sword battles in Flame of Recca anime.

24. Madoushi


Madoushi was initially imprisoned by her lover in a watery dimension. This made Madoushi feel bitter and motivated to get revenge. She learned a lot about water manipulation in this dimension as a sorceress. She can imprison others in water orbs.

23. Kinuho Wannai

Kinuho Wannai

Kinuho enjoys spending time with her friend Awatsuki Maaya. These two friends are almost inseparable and often team up during battles. She is an esper, and a Level 3 Hydrohand, which allows her to manipulate small amounts of water. Anime Characters With Water Powers

22. Lala-Ru


She is reserved, pacifist, and approximately a thousand years of age. She certainly looks her age. Lala-Ru has a pendant that she uses to manipulate water. She can actually flood entire areas of the globe with water, which only adds to her charm.

21. Hody Jones

Hody Jones

Many consider One Piece to be one of the greatest shonen animes. Luffy and his crew went on many adventures. They visited Fish-Man Island after the timeskip. There they met Hody Jones and his rebellious crew.

Hody, like other Fish-Men, can use Fish-Man Karate during battle. He can manipulate water and send shockwaves through the body of his enemy with this unique form martial arts. Hody can fire water droplets like bullets.

20. Takeshi Yamamoto

Takeshi Yamamoto

Takeshi Yamamoto, a high school teenager, is friendly and easy to get along with. He is loyal to his friends, and will do anything to protect them. Takeshi initially uses a bat to protect him. Later, Takeshi acquires the “Vongola Rain Swallow” and “Vongola Rain Akita”, which look incredible and make formidable water-based weapons.

19. Julian Solo

 Julian Solo

Julian Solo, the reincarnation the Ancient Greek God Poseidon, is called ulian Solo. He has many of the water-based powers of this mythological god. He is equipped with his trident, golden armor and ready to conquer the world.

18. Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

The unique powers of the Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts have been named after the planets. Suisei is the Japanese name for Mercury. It begins with the kanji water and hints at Sailor Mercury’s water powers.

Sailor Mercury can not only transform with her water powers, but she can also fire bubble blasts at her enemies and point water bursts at them. She can freeze enemies at will. She is a valuable member of the Sailor Scouts because of her intelligence and extraordinary power. Anime Characters With Water Powers

17. November 11 (Jack Simon)

November 11 (Jack Simon)

Cryokinesis can be quite cool, especially when it is performed by a calm and collected agent such as November 11. He can turn water into projectiles and freeze them before firing them at the enemy.

16. Horokeu Usui

Horokeu Usui

There are very few snowboarding anime characters. Horokeu Usui, a member the Ainu tribe is an entrepreneur boy with many amazing skills. It’s his ability to channel his Over Soul and manipulate moisture in the air that is really impressive.

15. Suigetsu Hozuki

Suigetsu Hozuki

Suigestsu, a child prodigy from the world of Naruto shippuden, can transform into water by mastering his clan’s water release technique. This ability can be used for many purposes, including enlarging his body. This power can also be used to avoid most damage.

Suigestsu is a Shinobi with all the techniques and skills, but with a body that is able to avoid harm. Suigetsu is formidable because of his sharp skills and his inclination for blades. He also has malicious impulses.

14. Aqua


Aqua is the most versatile water user in this list. She is not comparable to the previous or subsequent mentions. It is still funny to see an overpowered water user from a comedy series, rather than an action anime. She is a Goddess, and so she looks down on any others’ abilities in this series. She can control water from far away. It is sometimes used to purify water or add support spells. It has been used to perform cool tricks. Despite her ability to cause floods of water with her water powers, her power is directly proportional the number her devotees.

13. Tsukiumi


Tsundere might be your favorite if you love her deeply. She is a blonde woman with a sharp temper. Before she moved to Izumo, she lived with a Miyajima. Miyajima was strict in her beliefs. Tsukiumi was afraid of her. She is proud of her skills and stands firm. She is able to control water with great skill and send out surges of aggression towards her enemies. Many consider Tsukiumi to be the most aggressive member of Minato’s troupe. Minato is something she secretly admires and makes her jealous when Minato attracts attention from other women.

12. Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser

Juvia doesn’t like water. She might be a bit disappointed at her pure magic ability. Juvia, who is completely different to Fish-Man Karate’s, draws strength from her mystical powers and then meddles with objects. The primary object being water. It would be wrong to refer to her as a water user rather than a straight-up mage. She is able to transform into water herself, cut through metal with it, drown and suffocate people among other abilities. Juvia can transform herself into water, so she is virtually immune to any damage. Gray Fullbuster clearly felt the effects of the Ice Lance on her body when she used it. Gray Fullbuster’s magic is purely dependent on ice, so she fits right in with her. Juvia Lockser, a S-class mage, tries to make the best of her water abilities. She is at her most powerful when she is angry and her emotions play a major role in her abilities.

11. Issac Mcdougal

 Issac Mcdougal

Our next pick is Issac McCdougal, who is a master at water use in anime. He is an alchemist and a former military officer. His main ingredient is water. He can use water to perform lethal attacks against anyone and then freeze them. So, he is rightly known as Issac The Freezer. By switching on the transmutation cycle, he can create a tremendous amount of ice. He excels in water-based abilities, rather than ice. He is able to forge weapons from water and provide safe passage for his allies. You might think he’s a freezer, but he’s more. In certain situations, he can even freeze his own blood. He can tie himself to the water in his opponent’s bodies and boil it or freeze it. He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful water users among the top 10 anime water users.

10. Penny


Zatch Bell is an underrated anime series from the 00s. This anime series is not like Shonen. We will be focusing on Penny, despite the many characters. Her attacks are combined with several water-based spells. Despite her love for Zatch, she can create water-based creatures such as Water Dragons that can shield and make swords from water. Penny discovers that Zatch doesn’t remember her and becomes angry. She decides to send Zatch home to the Mamodos, and she joins forces to fight Zofis. Later, she realizes that Zofis have brought death and destruction to the world. She gives up her book to help Zatch defeat the minions.

09. Katara


Avatar is a story about Aang’s journey to master all styles of element-bending. Katara, his eventual wife and friend, is a special mention for her knowledge in Waterbending. She is not only one of the best benders in the Avatar franchise but she also does it all on her own.

Katara was the only Waterbender within her tribe. Much of Katara’s knowledge came from trial-and-error until she discovered a Waterbending scroll. Katara struggled to find her way even when she was training with Grand Master Paku of the Northern Water Tribe. Katara’s water skills improved so much that she was quickly able to establish her reputation as one the best.

08. Esdeath


There are anime characters that are both edgy and unhinged. Esdeath is a mixture of both. While she is likable, her sadistic streak is quite extreme. She is able to manipulate and create ice with her powerful Teigu and enjoys freezing people to death.

07. Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka

Demon Slayer has many powerful characters that can be used to slay, but the Hashira are the most powerful. Each Hashira can control a different element, animal or concept. The Water Hashira is the strongest: Giyu Tomioka.

Giyu, the Water Hashira uses water breathing techniques in order to defeat demons. He even has his own style of Water Breathing, which he is the only one to master. Giyu, aside from his water powers and compassion, convinces Tanjiro Kamado that he is a Demon Slayer. He also protects Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko from another Hashira.

06. Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi

Naruto’s Fourth Great Ninja War featured many great fights and saw several characters returning as reanimated troops. Zabuza Momochi, one of those soldiers was the first threat Naruto and his team faced. He was one of the Hidden Mist Village Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

Zabuza, like most village ninja, was skilled in Water Release. He could create water clones and trap enemies in a water prison. He was an expert in the Silent Killing Technique which he combined with his Hidden Mist Jutsu.

05. Jinbe


One Piece welcomes Jinbe, the Knights of the Seas to the Straw Hat crew. Jinbe is a member of the Fisherman race. The One Piece universe shows that Fishermen are ten times stronger than normal people. Jinbe, therefore, fights against the most formidable foes and defeats them using tricks learned from Fish-Man Karate. His water-bending abilities enabled him to defeat the Big Mom. He can twist his water into a cloth, and spray it to his enemies from a distance. He is easily one of the top water users in anime.

04. Noelle Silva

 Noelle Silva

Noelle Silva, the second child of the Silva Family, is a Junior Magic Knight of both the Royal Knights of London and Black Bulls. She is an excellent addition to the top 10 anime water users. Noelle Silva is often too proud of her royal lineage and rejects Astra’s acts of kindness. She doesn’t admit to her mistakes and always blames others. Although she was considered a failure for her inability to control her magic, many people recognized Noelle’s hidden abilities. She has proven her strength, fighting powerful foes with her Valkyrie Dress, and later, in her Mermaid form, against Vanica, a member of the Dark Triad. Undine later gives Noelle her water abilities. Lolopechka is captured by Undine, who serves Noelle and allows her to wear the Saint Valkyrie Dress.

03. Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel

Bleach is a wonderful anime. However, there are very few characters that can control elements of nature. They do have some power, but they are not necessary overpowered. Yamamoto’s fire abilities, and Toshiro’s ice abilities, for example, are examples of this. Tier Harribel, however, is something else. Tier Harribel is an Arrancar, and the leader for Purgatory, Hueco Mundo. She is also one of the lesser evil Espadas. One of her water-abilities is that her sword can transform into the jaws of a shark. Her sword is her most powerful weapon. Her blade is the most powerful weapon she has. She can shout “Destroy” to unleash all hell.

02. Yukihina


Yukihina is the most evil antagonist in the series. Although he can use a variety of weapons including a bow & arrow, he also has the special ability to affect the Forms of water. His body is able to heal itself from any kind of injury and he is considered immortal. Yukihina can freeze water vapor to make ice. He can make any shape from the water, and use it to attack his opponents.

Yukihina could freeze entire rooms during fights. To impale his opponents, he often uses spikes made of ice. He also makes blade-like objects from water, which can cut through steel and other materials. Yukihina can even turn himself into ice and cause it to crumble, then quickly reform elsewhere. He can easily control the environment around him to create heavy mist. It can be used to aid in dueling. This is a great addition to our list of top 10 water users in anime.

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01. Kisame Hogisaki

Kisame Hogisaki

His Jutsu is what Kisame rely on. Jutsu, a form that draws power from the inner Chakras, is Naruto’s version of Jutsu. Kisame (or the monster of Hidden Mist) has an unusually large chakra and can perform a variety of amazing tricks. Kisame can combine his sword with his chakra. He can breathe underwater and create huge amounts of water.

Kisame is capable of performing a variety of water Jutsu. The list goes on. It was originally used to drown his enemies. The most dangerous attack is to change water’s shape into projectiles that resemble sharks. His opponents suffer immense harm. This character is clearly one of the best water users in anime. His Jutsu, which is water-based, can be dangerous for the most powerful of people. He is one of our top 10 most powerful water users in anime.

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