Anime With Strong Mc : Our Top 50+

Anime With Strong Mc is are more exciting than normal anime .Sometimes do you feel that your favorite anime character seems too weak? You feel like he isn’t powerful enough to save the world? There are many anime that feature main characters with superpowers. Anime With Strong Mc is there to give you some answer. This blog post will list the top anime featuring superpowered main characters. There are many other options, but these are my top choices. The number of anime series being produced each year has significantly increased, making anime a very popular medium. Although anime has existed for many decades, there have been a few new shows that feature supermen and indestructible heroes. These are my top picks for anime featuring powerful main characters.

Top Anime With Anime With Op Mc


Anime With Strong Mc is a ranking based on the popularity of the characters and the anime and also my personal opinion. You might not find your favorite characters in this list

58. Bofuri


Honjo Kaede doesn’t like video games. However, her friend forced her to give it a try and she loved it! She starts to build her character, putting all points vitalityin order to avoid getting hurt! She starts slowly but soon becomes a beast.

Honjo, although it is purely for comedy and parody of Isekai/videogame troupe, gets into extremesituations such as getting into an unlikelyboss fight or accidentally encountering a quest! She manages to get out of this mess, just like the main character. Who eats a boss on the inside? ? These skills gave her the surprise about! She was the talkof forums and one of the most notableplayers in game! Anime With Strong Mc

57. Welcome to Demon School Iruma–kun

Welcome to Demon School Iruma–kun

Iruma worked hard all his life to make sure his disabled parents could live. He has been exposed to strangejobs, which have put his life at risk. It is not surprising that his parents offered him money to the devil.

Iruma was then taken to the demonic world. He was not eaten, but he was taken into the strong>demon world/strong>! The demon coddles and spoils him! Both are satisfied!

Sullivan sends Iruma along to Babyls Demon School, just like a good grandpa. Iruma was tricked to believe a forbidden spell that would not cause him to fall by his grandpa. He then got his target behind his back. As though everything is only getting worse, Iruma accidentally beat Alice Asmodeus, the representative of Freshman, to a duel

The other demons at school were shocked by this! Iruma is the focal point of attention! As the story continues, Iruma becomes more powerful and everyone gets more interested and intimidated.

56. Sakamoto Desu Ga

Sakamoto Desu Ga

Sakamoto is OP in a manner that he is more than you, and if you think he’s not, you are wrong. He was only in his first day at school, and already he has the attentionof every girl at school! To the jealousyof others! They can’t help but be jealous of him! He is tall, has a mysterious aura, and looks great! Hes just perfect!

Guys with fragile egos try to embarrass and frame Sakamoto many ways to ruin his magnificent image. But the man is too good not to be fooled! He overcame all obstaclesthe boys put before him, and even impressed the ladies even more! It’s over, guys! You’re no match for this one! Anime With Strong Mc

55. The Haunted Hot Springs

The Haunted Hot Springs

He looks like a tough, teenage with a rough appearance and hair. He is a very friendly person, even though he looks rambunctious. Kogarashi loses his coolness only when someone he loves is hurt. That’s the same story for all MCs. It’s nothing new!

This is where he often reveals his spiritual abilities. Kogarashi’s spirit abilities are the most impressive when it comes to combat. He has surprised us many times. He is most impressive when Yuuna, a ghost in the series, seizes him. His speed, strength, and mental abilities far surpass those of most characters in the series. Kogarashi is an BADASS!

54. Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger

Yuliy has a tall, thin, blue-eyed appearance with blue hair and a white frontal. Yuliy is half-human, half Jaeger. In other words, she is a beast. What makes Yuliy an ideal candidate for our list? Yuliy isn’t your average MC; he’s an OG.

There are moments where the mc is overwhelmed from the beginning just like Yuliy. And the moment he revealed that he was Jaeger, it’s all very interesting! Yuliy is a werewolf and has superhuman abilities and senses. You can’t stop him from going berserk. This is evident throughout the anime.

Yuliy is a powerful and blood-lusty character that was essential to our list. He can be a surprise to anyone. Anime With Strong Mc

53. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

The duo blank consisting of Sora, Shiro and Shiro is believed to be undefeated in terms games regardless of type. A mysterious person invited them to play online chess. They wonthe match and were then transported to Disboard, where they defeated Tet. This was the One True God of chess. They find themselves in Elkia, and they are looking for a place to call home.

Although they might look like one of those NEET anime characters in the Anime world, Sora or Shiro rule Disboard’s world. Everything is decided by games! They are the least race of the sixteen races, which is even more remarkable. Imagine the lookof Disboard’s citizens when their leader or representative is defeated by a human.Anime With Strong Mc

52. Cautious Hero

Cautious Hero

Seiya is a cautious character if you’ve seen him from the beginning. An confident man who knows his limits. Seiya has been dominant over all his opponents throughout the anime. This guy is a straight, gangsta gangsta, no matter what he does in bed or combat.

Seiya is always reflecting on his strengths and powers. He trains every day to ensure that he has a 100% chance of winning battles, even if he’s superpowered. He has evolved from being weak to becoming OP by constantly evolving!

We would like to also mention that Seiya never loses. Seiya’s overwhelming strength is one reason, but there is a catch. Seiya’s mentality is his strongest. Seiya will continue to train harder and harder in order to be more powerful, which results in his benefits

51. Monster Strike

Monster Strike

An anime adaptation of the RPG Monster Strike. It is packed with action and a number of badass moments MC moments. Sometimes he has flashbacks. Ren moves to his hometown and discovers a mysterious game called Monster Strike. He decides to try it. Yes! The fantasy that we all shared as children came true with this game.

He is completely engrossed in the RPG after being transported to the game. DANG! Sounds like a nightmare. The game is based on summoning monsters and each play can have a different monster. Ren is the Dragon Oregon, which is one of the most powerful monsters in the series. In other words, everyone is ready for a fight. Imagine being transported to a game world.

Ren, an anime character, is shown to be superpowered because of his powerful dragon and brilliant tactics in battles. It’s all about strategy, I repeat! Anime With Strong Mc

50. Assassins Pride

Assassins Pride

Kufa is a hybrid of a human and a vampire who belongs to the most elite group of monsters. This guy SLAYS is one of the main characters in the series. Kufas looks tall and has dark purple hair. He is a vampire, and it’s a dream come true for women. His hair turns to white, and his eyes have a blue glow. This is when you realize it’s LET time!

His strength, which is half-human/half-vampire, is often misjudged. He’s not been very open, but once his vampire form is complete, everyone loses. Kufa, on the other hand has shown a gentle side. He was a Melidas tutor and had to go through extensive training in order to ensure that his students don’t get into trouble. Kufa, however, has always been a surprise to us, which makes him an goodass MC .

49. Sky Wizard Academy

Sky Wizard Academy

We can only guess how powerful he may be, also known as Black Master Swordsman. Kanata is a person who cares about his friends. He would give them jobs that won’t make them push their limits. This is the absurdity of CARING. He had to work hard as an instructor for a team that lost 100 consecutive matches. Kanata’s most shocking moves are on display. The most powerful power we will be discussing is Black Aura.

Black Aura, a power, is something he’s used only a few times in anime. It is extremely powerful. This power gives him an extra boost in all possible ways. With a single hit, he was able beat the chimera ant beetle and beetles. These enemies were causing problems so Kanata, our protagonist, came in and showed this power that made people’s jaws drop. Anime With Strong Mc

48. Hundred


Hayato, a man who will do anything to help other people, is kind and warm. However, he is also well-trained and a strong person, as shown in the Anime. That’s only one in a hundred. Get it? His whole purpose in fighting in the Anime was to get his sisters treatment for free. Hayato’s reason for kindness was his dark past, which was revealed throughout the anime. We will talk about his badass abilities that left everyone stunned. I can’t deny that Hayato Kisaragi was a good person, but it is also a BADASS.

He is a powerful badass and has many techniques at his disposal. The Zaneizan is our favorite. Hayato was first taught this technique by his Ryusei, his childhood master. He can cut through any material. The sword would vibrate and then increase it by three times the second strike. This makes it an extremely powerful move.

47. The Asterisk Wars

The Asterisk Wars

He is a character trying to find the purpose in his life. Everyone seems to like his polite and respectful personality. That’s me, Yo! Ayato’s family has a Dojo where they teach ancient techniques to fight the inevitable. Ayato loved his older sister and promised to protect him by all means. One day, she vanished all at once.

Ayato was prevented from using his powers until he had trained and unlocked them himself. That’s a lot of work! Ayato broke the seals, and we see several techniques he used throughout the story. He is a skilled sword fighter and can use many techniques to win battle. His abilities are limitless, and he can use any type of sword or double-edged sword. We will be talking about one particular one that shocked everyone. Shiki is the name of this power. He can detect invisible objects and fight them off, which is quite amazing. Anime With Strong Mc

46. 07 Ghost

07 Ghost

Teito’s childhood was happy and full of heart until the conflict. His memories were destroyed and he was made into a slave that will fight until the end. It was a sad story about a 15-year old boy who saw so much in his life. Teito had a difficult past but refused to move. He decided to not show his emotions to anyone because it was pointless. He displayed extraordinary skills during the exam that are worthy of being highlighted in this video.

Teito’s ability is Zaiphon. He can use this ability to exceed his limits. We’ve seen many variations of his abilities throughout the season. His abilities allowed everyone to be different from him. He was the best student at the academy and the highest graduate. His powers were unrivalled by anyone else. He can use his Zaiphon to legit defeat his enemies or create a shield strong enough for many people.

We’ve seen him fly using his zaiphon powers. His hand-to-hand combat is powerful enough to make anyone’s jawdrop or dislocate it. He has defeated many monsters with his own combat abilities, which left everyone stunned. All these points make Teito one of our most popular characters. Anime With Strong Mc

45. When Supernatural Battles Has Became Commonplace

When Supernatural Battles Has Became Commonplace

Ando Jurai or July Andou. You can call him whatever you like. He is a high school student and is often called flashy, but sometimes stupid. Jurai, unlike most main characters is lively and edgy.

It is called Dark. His right hand has the ability to control flames. Although the power was initially considered completely ineffective, it was eventually rediscovered at some point in the plot. (We’ll get to that in a moment).

Dark and Dark of The End is the evolved power of Dark, Dark, and Dark. This power, unlike the non-ignitable and bland powers of the past, literally sets fire to everything. Dark flames engulf enemies and objects. The series has a lot of Darks involved.

44. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Senku is a brainiac, which gives him an advantage over others. Senku is a scientist with a vast knowledge. To be considered overpowered one does not need to have physical capabilities. Sometimes you just need to be a genius MC . A big brain can be just as deadly. We applaud Senku for his desire to rebuild civilization, even though it seemed like a terrible idea.

Senku’s determination and resilience make up for his inability of kicking his opponents butts. Other skills include impressive craftsmanship and a great decision-making, strategy-making, and general knowledge of all things. He is able to do everything but not physically. He is still super-powered.

Dr Stone shares the story of Taju, who is transformed into a stone statue. This isn’t the only one who does this. He is not the only one who gets transformed into a stone statue. Taiju awakens in a new world after thousands of years. It is devoid of any civilization. Senkuu, Taiju’s science-crazy friend, tells Taiju that his great plan will bring back civilization. Together they make a formidable team that gives the world hope. Anime With Strong Mc

43. High School Prodigies Make It Easy Even in Another World

High School Prodigies Make It Easy Even in Another World

Choyoyu, High School Prodigies, Have It Easy Even in Another World is an Isekai Anime in which an plane accident has 7 high school students. They wake up in a magical land. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? We thought at first glance that these high school students wouldn’t survive in an era without modern technology – just a kingdom run by wizards and magic . These kids, however, are high school talent and don’t even make a sound. Let’s not get into the story, let’s talk about our Main Character Tsukasa Mizogami. Choyoyu today is because of Tsukasa.

Tsukasa, a young man with a genius intellect, is Japan’s prime minister. Cmon, would you believe a high school student could run a whole Japan? He is also the head of Seven Prodigies, a high school club. What makes Tsukasa an Isekai main protagonist? Tsukasa is the prodigy with the most planning and deduction skills of the seven. Only an overpowered Isekai would have the ability to be correct every time. Tsukasa’s intelligence is what makes him worthy to be on our list today. Anime With Strong Mc

42. Youjo Senkai

Youjo Senkai

You must be asking yourself how can a little girl be so dominant ? When we first saw her on the battlefield, we felt the same emotions. Yes, that’s a little girl fighting on the battlefield.

Tanya was a salaryman in her previous life, before reincarnated into another World. His vile personality led to him being murdered by his subordinate. The god he did not believe in transported him to another world. He woke up in the body a 13-year-old girl, who had worked tirelessly to attain remarkable physical strength as well as superhuman abilities.

Tanya quickly rose up the ranks and was given the title Devil on the Rhine for her brutal and ruthless tactics on the battlefield. She wants to make her Empire one of the most powerful ever seen.

41. The Master at Ragnarok & The Blesser of Einherjar

The Master at Ragnarok & The Blesser of Einherjar

It is hard to imagine that an average high school student could ever be sooo powerful. What happens when a man becomes too strong. He would be a chic magnet. Ah! Yuto is living the life of many.

Yuto was taking a selfie in front a mirror, but he was only casually doing so when he was suddenly transported to another dimension. It turned out that the mirror was not one we normally use to show off our phones brands or to just take photos to cover our faces with the phone. The mirror in front was truly amazing!

He was the patriarch of Wolf Clan and, of course, as a commander, is required to plan strategies and take action. Therefore, he used modern tactics and knowledge-or what he calls cheats-like any modern man who has been transported to the Bronze Age. Anime With Strong Mc

40. Isekai Cheat Magician

Isekai Cheat Magician

Your fantasy Isekai Anime is now available. Cheat Magician features a fantastic story and amazing characters. This anime’s MC is Taichi Nishimura. He suddenly finds himself in another world. He is granted an overwhelming power upon his transfer, making Taichi the most powerful character in the series. His amazing magic abilities make him an enemy and a powerful beast. He simply obliterates them all throughout the series. Cassim and Remia discover that he is a magician and he joins a team.

Taichi’s abilities are some of the most dangerous moves found in this fantasy world. He is able to summon spirits and control them according to his will, thanks to his knowledge of all four magic properties. Isekai Cheat Magician, a prime example of how powerful anime characters can be d ominate most Isekai.

39. The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Naofumi, one of these MCs, rose from a literal zero and became a hero. It was not an easy journey. Naofumi was wrong and decided to keep his heart intact, returning 10x stronger and better. He could still maintain his humanity despite all the bitterness in him. It’s hard to see when the MC is betrayed. Naofumi was supposed be the weakest anime character, as he only had one of the four Legendary weapons. He used the shield to perform many tasks, and he learned a lot of new skills that boosted his hero status. Sometimes gets outof control and becomes too powerful. Raphtalia is able to control him, but he also gets injured. (Is this really worth it Raphtalia?

The story begins in Japan today, where Naofumi is summoned to the Kingdom Melromarc as one the four Legendary Heroes. Legendary weapons are the sword, spear, bow, and shield that heroes should wield. The Legendary shield is given to our MC and he is called the Shield Hero. After being wrongly accused of sexual harassment towards Malty, the princess from Melromarc, he is deemed a nobody and is exiled completely from the Capital. Naofumi becomes bitter and decides to get stronger to prove his innocence. He is accompanied by Raphtalia, a Filolial named Filo, and embarks on an adventure filled with unknown dangers and adventures. Anime With Strong Mc

38. Black Clover

Black Clover

We can see a remarkable improvement in his personality and his strength, which makes the annoying little shrimp of Black Clover less annoying. Asta, a child born without any magic, was often mocked. He soon discovered Antimagic, which allows him to nullify Magic. This is the meat of Black Clover. Asta may also have one of the rarer abilities in anime. Asta’s greatest strength is his unwavering willpower. Even if every cell of his body is screaming and unable to move, he’s not willing to give up. He saves the day because of that!

Black Clover is about Asta, Yuno and Yuno who were left behind in front of a church as babies. They wanted to be able to take the Capital exam to become the Wizard King. They both want to be the Wizard King and are motivated by each other to do better. Yuno is a wizard with great powers. Asta, however, has no magic abilities at all.

As they prepare to depart for the Capital Yuno is presented with the incredible Grimoire four-leaf Clover, while Asta gets none. Yuno is soon attacked by a man who wants to get his Grimoire. Asta attempts to help the man and gets a five-leaf Clover. This allows them to defeat their adversary. Yuno and Asta head to the Capital unaware of the adventures and people they will meet.

37. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

.Midoriya is a master of One for all. This power is literally second to none. Although he didn’t have any quirks to begin with, All Might made him the strongest character in this series. Midoriya is not OP yet because he has lost control of his Quirk. Once he can control his quirk, it’s over for everyone. He is still quite powerful compared to other characters in the anime. We are proud of him for his (claps and claps).

My Hero Academia tells the story of Midoriya, who was born in a World without Quirks. Midoriya is a true admirer of All Might and wants to be like him. Midoriya, a true fan of All Might, wants to join the UA Hero Academy to become like him. He is devastated when he learns of the loss of his Quirk. Midoriya is a teenager when he meets All Might. All Might advises him to work hard, which he does. All Might transfers Midoriya’s Quirk and gives him a ray of hope . Midoriya is enrolled at the UA Hero Academy, and this is where his journey from zero to hero began. Anime With Strong Mc

36. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

This baddie is surprised by the word “surprise”. Lucy is a special breed of Diclonius. They have short visible horns and invisible telekinetic hands. This makes Lucy a subject of various experimentsdone government-wide. She sees an chanceto escape. So, she uses her openinga path and leaves a bloodywake. She suffered a severe head injury during her escape and was forced to adopt a splitpersonality. This is in contrast to her violent personality.

Her unconscious body was discoveredby her cousins Yuka and Kouta, and was takenin without knowing how hazardousLucy is. Even though it appears she is innocent, Elfen Lilied has moments when Lucy unleashes all of her powers!

35. Berserk


Guts is the embodiment of a unstoppable force and a true badass man to the core. He is a formidable opponent because of his intelligence and superhuman strength. Before achieving that level of strength, he had to go through an ridiculous amount training. He had been holding a sword that was larger than him since he could hold it for six years. It is obvious from his muscular body that this man can easily cut armored men in half. Guts, a boy who lived a very rough childhood, is the story’s central character.

 He survived by fighting on the battlefields. He wants to exact revenge on all those who wronged him. To escape his horrible fate, he decides to embark on a strenuous journey. Guts meets a group of people along his Journey who are his allies in the most bizarre ways. They don’t know the dangers that they are going to face, and it will be unlike anything they have ever seen before.

34. Fist Of Northstar

Fist Of Northstar

Before the Joestars, macho MCs, and Kenshiro got in the picture, Kenshiro was THE man. His most famous meme is Omae wi mou shindeiru (translation: You’re already dead). It is a sinnot including him here Imagine a dystopian world where everything had been destroyed by a nuclear blast. 

This setting was exploited by bloodthirsty, ravaging survivors and using fights to get rations. Kenshiro is a braveman who sets out to find Shin, his rival and kidnap his love, Yuria. He is the master of the deadly Hokuto Shinkenstyle. Any ravager can be eliminated (or at least obliterated) with quick, multiple jabs. His powerful technique attracts attention from greater threats to fighters. His powerful Hokuto Shinken will prosper, I’m sure! It’s a complete series.

33. Death March Kara Hajimaru

Death March Kara Hajimaru

This anime, also known as Death March Kara Hajimaru (or “Death March To the Parallel World Rhapsody”), is the first to be included on the top ten best anime with strong mc. It’s a fantasy-filled adventure. We have a strong, 30-year-old main character, who debugs games, and fits into the anime show category. He wakes up in a strange world made of all the games he’s worked on, and he is able to get some sleep during his busy schedule. He embarks on an amazing adventure and is reincarnated as a young boy with superpowers.

32. Medaka Box

Medaka Box

It is an action anime that features a strong female character you will love! Kurokami is the president of the student council and resolves all problems by asking for help. While exploring Hakoniwa Academy with Zenkichi, she and her friend stumble upon something that will place their school, as well as Medaka, at the center of a growing storm.

The Student Council and its members discover that even the most innocent discoveries can become more dangerous. This will cause everything to spiral out of control.

31. Kyoukai No Kanata

Kyoukai No Kanata

Kyoukai No Kanata, a great anime with a strong protagonist who happens to also be an op demon, is a solid anime. Mirai Kuriyama is responsible for hunting down “youmu”, which are creatures that are believed to be created from negative human emotions. Mirai’s day at school is interrupted when she meets a boy with a look that she can only describe to be “half-youmu.”

Akihito is an immortal creature. Mirai attempts to kill Akihito every chance she gets, and the two form an unexpected friendship. The bond between the group and the youmu strengthens, as does their determination. The fun times will soon turn into a struggle for survival when the most powerful youma is unleashed.

30. Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome Shelled Regios

We first saw the show in January 2009. It has action, fantasy and adventure as well as a few school elements. This reality is full of Filth Monsters. Humans can only survive by moving around in huge cities. This anime features Layfon, a strong MC who struggles to keep his dark past from his fellow students at the military academy. His past life may not be secret and could lead to his team being disintegrated.

29. One Outs

One Outs

One Outs is a great manga and anime series. You must then surpass Mc Toua Tokuchi who is an athlete by trade but a gambler at heart. Hiromichi Kojima, astonished by Toua’s extraordinary abilities on the mound and his ability to catch the ball, carefully scouts the pitcher of his long-failed team, the Saikyou Saitama Lycaons. Kojima longs for Toua to lead them to the title.

28. Needless


Needless is a great anime, with strong mc and other powerful side characters. The series’ main focus is on Adam Blade, an op-man who has incredible physical strength, endurance and healing powers. Nobody could have foreseen the impact it would have on Japan at the beginning of World War III. Although it was officially over fifty years ago, the battles are still ongoing. Blackspots were large, mysterious, and filled with the contaminated remains of cities and the countryside. The insides of the victims were held captive to stop the spread of contamination. Their powers started to mutate, whether they were shapeshifters, pyromancers or controllers/controllers of gravity. They became known as the Needless. To restore peace in Japan, Adam must unite with his friends against the evil research group Simeon.

27. Blood Lad

Blood Lad

Blood Lad is a good demon vampire anime and has a strong protagonist named Staz. He is the demon lord, and he doesn’t like human blood. Staz, an otaku, likes Japanese culture. He jumps at the chance of meeting a Japanese teenager to learn more about the Japanese world. Fuyumi, however, is killed by a monster while Staz fights an intruder. Staz promises Fuyumi he will find a way for her to live again, no matter what the price.

26. Nurarihyon No Mago

Nurarihyon No Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago anime is good and covers themes such as action demon, supernatural, strong anime characters, and demons. This series tells the story of Rikuo Nura who is a normal school student but is actually a demon-lord disguised. It is not known how he manages to return home each day to find a house filled with youkai. He does not transform into anything, and he remains the same boy every day. Although many people would prefer Rikuo to be more spiritual, he is determined to continue living a normal existence as much as possible.

25. Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph is a great anime series about dementia. It is a good TV show that is about a postapocalyptic society ruled by vampires. This story is centered on a virus that has been spread in this fantasy world. It causes 100% death rates for people over 13. Vampires begin to emerge from the dark corners of the world and take over the lives of the rest.

Yuuichirou Hyakuya is the protagonist of the series. He’s a young boy who lives at an orphanage under vampire control. Children are treated like livestock in this orphanage. Yuuichirou Hyakuya dreams big even though he is a prisoner. He dreams of killing the vampires. He will eventually learn the skills necessary to kill all of them.

24. Zettai Karen Children Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke

Zettai Karen Children Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke

Zettai Karen Children: Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke, your next favorite anime series, features one of the most savage anime characters in history. The anime tells the story of Kyousuke Hyoubu (a strong Mc) who is a powerful Esper and has been betrayed many decades ago. Hyoubu Kyousuke is now a fugitive who, behind his harsh stare, has a kind heart. He will use his brute force to achieve his main goal of saving Espers who are being mistreated by humans. He was able to form a group called PANDRA from the Espers he saved and won their loyalty through his methods.

23. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

Kiseijuu spans genres of drama, horror and action. It is an amazing anime that features Shinichi, a strong, badass mc. He was an average student at first. But then he is attacked by a parasite and his life will be forever changed. These parasitic aliens descended quickly began to infiltrate the brains of human victims. They take full control over their human hosts and can transform into many forms to get their next prey. Shinichi Izumi is now strong enough to fight the Parasytes that kill and consume human beings.

22. Grisaia Series

Grisaia Series

The Grisaia anime series is next among top-rated anime featuring a strong male lead. This anime story is about Kazami Yuuji, a strong assassin for a Japanese agency and a member of the black ops. Kazami has grown tired of his lifeless existence and wants a normal school life.

Kazami now acts as a cool, minimalist, philosophical teacher who has a realistic view of life. He arrives at school and upsets the rhythm. Is this the teacher the girls need to grasp control of their lives again? Or will their pasts be too much to bear? This is a great tv series that highlights the topic of having a dark past, which may be even more than the rest.

21. The Legend of The Legendary Heroes

 The Legend of The Legendary Heroes

The legendary Heroes is an anime series about humans fighting demons and monsters. It is one of the most popular anime with strong mc. .Ryner Lute is a lazy student at Royal Magician’s Academy. He lost all his classmates when the Roland Empire attacked Estabul.

He plans to seek out the relics and legends of a “Legendary Hero”, but he is shocked by the deadly curse that has spread across the continent. He must now fight alongside his comrades on the frontlines of war.

20. Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no taizai, a series with strong anime characters that includes powerful demons and super-powered humans, is a great series. The anime series tells the story of the seven deadly sins, which are seven powerful knights who are believed to have turned their swords on their fellow warriors in an attempt to overthrow the ruler, Liones. They were defeated by the Holy Knights, but people believed they were still alive. Ten years later, they staged a coup de etat and are now in control of Kingdom of Liones.

Nanatsu no Taizai is a manga that follows Elizabeth, a Princess from Liones Kingdom, as she hunts for the Seven Deadly Sins. They help her not only to reclaim her kingdom, but also to bring peace to an unfair world.

19. Noblesse


Nobless is a strong anime character, and is actually a Korean manga adaptation. Rai is a powerful vampire who was disguised at High School by Frankenstein in order to avoid the Union, which is a mysterious organization looking for Rai’s blood.

Rei acts like a normal student at school and tries to make friends with everyone around him. Rei must be careful with his new friends, as it is not easy to get along with them when they are tailed by Union agents. In the meantime, an ex-Union agent goes rogue in Rai’s rescue operation. He joins Ye Ran High School’s security staff. Frankenstein is the Ye Ran High School director.

Although the agent may be a good example of a decent person, his true motives are much more complicated than one might think. Rai must hide while protecting what is dear to him during the Union manhunt for the agent.

18. God of Highschool

God of Highschool

You might underestimate Jin Moi based on his appearance alone. But, what lies underneath this arrogant and goofy personality is his mastery in Renewal Taikwondo and his inherent superhuman strength due his roots.

The competition was overwhelming. many of the competitors didn’t pay Jin Moris attention until he sweptthrough round one and beat formidable opponents. All this was done without using Borrowed powers from mythological creatures, historical figures or gods. It’s not surprising that Jin Mori managed to grab the God title of Highschool, even though Jegal Taeks had absorbedpowers.

17.  Beelzebub


Beelzebub, a long-running anime featuring a strong protagonist, is a great tv series about demons that all supernatural fans should see. This story follows Oga, the main character who is charged with raising the son of a demon King. Tatsumi Oga fell asleep next to a river and saw a man floating downstream. The man falls asleep near a river and Tatsumi Oga pulls him to shore. He splits in half and there is a baby.

This is Tatsumi’s son, and he will be living in Tatsumi’s world with Hilda, his demon maid. This anime is a great example of demon fighting with many powerful enemies and rivals.

16. Code Breaker

Code Breaker

Code Breaker is the story of Sakurakouji Sakura (a female main character) who, while riding on the bus, sees people being burnt alive by Oogami, a classmate. Oogami is actually codebreaker, someone who doesn’t exist and who is willing and able to kill the wrongdoers. Code Breaker is a great anime. It has a strong male lead and a cold-blooded character that follows the principle “an eye for another eye” to “use evil to evil”. Sakura will then try to stop supernatural assassins killing morally corrupt people.

15. Quanzhi Gaoshou

Quanzhi Gaoshou

The King’s Avatar, a Chinese anime series featuring a strong protagonist who faces off against powerful opponents. The story centers around the fictional esports game Glory. It features an overpowered, resigned player who starts playing the game from level 1. He still has all of his experience as a top-notch gaming professional. His quick leveling attracts the attention of many big names.

14. Noragami


Noragami is an anime that has strong mc and is highly recommended. This is the story of Yato, a former lord who dreams of one-day having millions of worshippers, even though he doesn’t have a shrine dedicated to him. He still finds people to work alongside him, and if they have enough time to interact, you might even say that they are friends. Even though Yato, our strong MC, seems friendly but weak and clumsy at times, don’t let that fool you. Yato’s dark past is a source of horror. He was a cold, overpowered character who killed anyone who stood in his way. !

13. Classroom of The Elite

Classroom of The Elite

The story of an school that had a very imbalanced power structure was first aired in July 2017. It aired until September 2017. While the top-ranked class, Class A, enjoys many privileges and freedoms, it is clear that the school favors the most powerful students. This anime series promises 12 episodes of epic drama and great moments through the action of Ayanokouji, our cool and strong main character.

12. Rurouni Kenshin

 Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin has 95 episodes. It is an classic anime with a strong male lead, Kenshin. This story is about a former assassin, who vows never to do it again. He meets a young lady who is being threatened by a pretender. The woman offers to let him stay as he fights the imposter. Kenshin became a traveling swordsman and found a new home where he could rest in peace with the woman that he had saved.

11. Overlord


Ainz Ooal gown is a superpowered and an unstoppable MCM. It’s obvious from his physical appearance. He is literally the strongest magician in his fantasy world, where he accidentally got transported. He is not to be taken for granted, as no force can stop him. This is strong! Momonga, now Ainz Ooal Gown, was transported to Fantasy world. A level 100 person could not learn 300 spells, which was considered A LOT. Our superpowered MC could then learn 718 spells using Dark Wisdom, his special ability. 

THIS IS TOO MUCH! At this point, he’s more of a villain than a heroic hero. Overlord shares the story of Momonga, who is addicted to an internet game called YGGDRASIL. The game is supposed to close after 12, but Momonga can still play it even after midnight. His surprise, Momonga finds himself in the game as Ainz Ooal Gaown, a powerful mage that can be feared by everyone. He has nothing to lose, and can explore the World of YGGDRASIL without restriction and rule over everyone!

10. Katekyo Hitman Revisited

Katekyo Hitman Revisited

Katekyo Hitman Reborn, a long-running anime, tells the story of Tsunayoshi, a man who is good for nothing but will become a strong mc. He is clumsy and talentless at first, but he falls in love with Kyouko, his school idol, who is so out of his league. His classmates call him “Loser Tsuna”, and he appears to be the epitome of failure disguised as a middle-schooler.

Tsuna’s story is rewritten when he meets the mysterious Reborn, a hitman. The mission of the hitman is to prepare Tsuna, a dull middle schooler, to succeed the ninth boss from the notorious Vongola clan. He is about to retire. Although the road ahead is difficult for this boy, he has the support of his criminal associates and his strange tutor to help him reach his goals.

09. The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer

This anime is about a strong mc who fights strong characters. The Devil is a part-timer is a unique reverse-isekai tv series that has well-developed characters as well as an incredible plot. The series tells the story of a powerful Demon lord named Sadao, who was just one step away conquering the entire world before being defeated by Emilia, an angel who forces him to drift back to the real world.

So, Sadao’s only skills are fighting and conquering other countries. But these abilities are not required in the real world. Sadao must find work in Tokyo to make a living.

08. Trigun


Trigun, a classic anime series, tells the story of Vash, the strong protagonist. Due to his enormous bounty on the head, he has been notorious for the rumored-fearing tales about him. Some claim he will kill anyone who opposes his rule, while others believe he can devastate entire cities just for fun. All of these stories are fake. He is actually a non-violent person who claims not to have ever killed anyone. This will make it more difficult for him when a team of assassins are sent to kill him and a group that he has just met.

07. Hellsing


We now have a dark horror anime featuring a strong mc named Alucard. Hellsing is a great show that explores the evils and creatures of darkness that lurk at night. There is a Hellsing organization that hunts down evil supernatural forces that threaten humanity. Alucard, a powerful vampire who now works against his own kind to exterminate Hellsing. After some events, Alucard enters Seras Victoria, a newly-turned vampire at his side. They must fight off monsters and all those who oppose Hellsing, whether they are good or bad.

06. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Is this man even worthy of an introduction? This guy is utterly powerful. He is undoubtedly the greatest martial artist ever. Goku is a martial artist we see as an idol and his training was so successful that he was able defeat nearly all his enemies. Even played with the gods! Goku is always the one saving the day for all the Dragon Ball Z characters. It’s easy to compare him to Superman a lot. But, honestly, it would make an amazing fight to see something like that. Goku is incredibly powerful and can easily be considered one the most formidable characters within the world of Anime.

Dragon Ball Z is about Goku, a Saiyan who was transported from space to Earth. Goku is a hero who saves Earth from many evil villains, including intergalactic creatures and deadly androids. He creates a family, and a group of friends who join him on his adventures against the dangers.Dragon Ball is the original story about Goku’s childhood. He continues his adventures until he is an adult, and then Dragon Ball Z begins. Do you know any characters who can defeat Goku?

05. Mondaiji Tachi

Mondaiji Tachi

Another good anime featuring many strong main characters. We have Asuka Kudou and Izayoi Sakamaki who are both powerful teenagers with extraordinary superpowers. Each of them suddenly receives an envelope with a special invitation to Little Garden. Kurousagi, an anime rabbit girl who greets the trio, will explain that they were invited to participate in high-stakes games. To participate, they must first join a community. They must first join a group. They will choose Kurousagi’s village, which lost its official status and land to the demon lord. The group will then help to restore the dignity of their home, protect its residents and enjoy the wonders that Little Garden has for them.

04. Saiki K’s Disastrous Life

Saiki K's Disastrous Life

Saiki Kusio, an anime mc, is strong but acts weakly and hides his abilities. Although he appears to be a normal person, he is actually a super-powerful character with incredible psychic abilities. He tries to be an average student and blends in, but he can’t seem it at times. He begins to see his abilities more as a curse than a gift, and everyone else would think that he is not worthy of them.

03. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho is an action-spooky anime that features a strong mc and powerful allies. It features animation of the highest quality, as well as soundtracks and an epic story about Kageyama Shigeo, an 8-year-old with psychic abilities. He was able to bend spoons and move things with his mind from a young age. They brought him negative attention, so he stopped using them publicly.

He wants to be friends with Tsubomi, a girl from his class. He lives each day, with his mentor as guidance and advice. Later, it becomes clear that he will have a purpose in his life. He won’t be an ordinary boy hiding his power. He will have to defeat demons and other strange beings that could threaten the world.

02. Magic High School’s Irregular Student

Mahouka Koukou No Rettoussei anime has one of the most powerful and sexy main characters you’ll ever see. The story takes place in a world that magic is now a common practice. This is made possible by the power of technology. Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are the main characters of the series. They are currently in their First High School. The exam shows that Miyuki is now in the First Course while Tatsuya, the main character, is in the second course. He is a person with extraordinary technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magical powers. His practical scores and his status as a Weed, which means he is magically inept, make the story even more epic.

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01. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

One Punch Man! This anime is great with strong Mc and you’ll enjoy it. This series focuses on a humorous main character who needs only one punch to knock out his opponents. The seemingly unimpressive Saitama is a hero to everyone. Who! He was determined to fulfill his childhood dream and trained for three years, losing all his hair.

Now, Saitama is an incredibly powerful man and ready to defend his city against any evildoers or anyone who would cause harm. He is unable to enjoy the excitement of fighting and is now able to defeat evildoers with one punch.

After seeing the amazing abilities of Genos, a 19 year-old cyborg, this all changes when he arrives. Genos suggests that they join the Hero Association to be certified heroes who will be recognized for their positive contribution to society. Saitama is surprised that no one knows his identity and agrees to join the Hero Association.

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