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Aot Characters

Attack on Titan is a massive success in the world of anime. The show is highly well-respected for its inventiveness and unique storyline. One of the strengths is the diversity of the characters. Certain are considered to be the best , while others could be considered to be the most mediocre. It’s up to you to decide.

Attack On Titan has a high turnover rate, meaning that there is no way to protect anyone against the hunger-inducing Titans jaws. This means there are a lot of characters to choose from within the cast. They could live for long enough to grow their characters and there’s a lot of characters that compete to make the story more exciting.

Every fan has their own favorite characters So, before you get hit in the battle, here are a few most popular character names in Attack on Titan.

Top 35 + Attack on Titan Characters Ranked

Attack of the Titans has over 100 characters and we’ve talked about each of them separately, see the link below.

List All Attack On Titan Characters

We will put our top 35 Aot characters among all this list

36. Udo

Udo Attack on Titan Aot Characters Ranked

In Aot, Udo is an Eldian warrior in the serving to the Marley Government and was a potential candidate to be the successor to all the powers of the Battleship Titan.

35. Dhalis Zacharis

Zachary Attack on Titan

In Aot, Dhalis Zachary was for a considerable period as the generalissimo for the Paradise Army and thus led the entire Army Corps: the Exploration Battalion and the Garrison and the Special Brigades. The first time he appeared was in the manga in the trial of Eren Jager.

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34. Gross

Gross Attack on Titan

Gross is a relatively large very fat man with a shaved head and black, short hair around the sides. He had eyes that were light-colored with a mustache as well as wrinkles around his forehead and the area around his eyes. When he was on duty, he wore the uniform of Mahrs soldier.

33. Petra Rall

Petra rall Attack on Titan

In Aot, Petra Rall was a soldier in Exploration Battalion and was part of the tactical Squad, commanded by Livai Ackerman.

In Addition, Petra, a petite and thin woman. She is portrayed in the manga with blue eyes and blond hair. In the anime, however, she has hazel eyes and red hair. Her hair grows to her neck.

32. Dieter Ness

Dieter Ness Attack on Titan

In Aot, Dieter Ness was a member the Exploration Corps, and the leader of one unit of Expedition No. 57.

31. Isabel Magnolia

Isabel Magnolia Attack on Titan

In Aot, Isabel Magnolia and Furlan were partners. He was also a member the Exploration Corps of the spin-off manga Without Regrets.

30. Gunther Schultz

Gunther Schultz Attack on Titan

In Aot, Gunther Schultz  was a Scout Corps member and was part of Special Operations Squadron. In Aot, Gunther is a tall, dark-skinned man with a shorter hairstyle and a raised back. His eyes are a light brown color with thin eyebrows.

29. Flagon Aot

Flagon Attack on Titan

In Aot, Flagon Tarlet  was a senior officer of the Exploration Battalion. He was also in the team of Livai Ackerman and Furlan Church were their leaders after joining.

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28. Furlan Church

Furlan Church Attack on Titan

In Aot, Furlan Church Sidekick to Isabel, and first apparition in Levi in No Regrets and he joined the Human Army Exploration Battalion

27. Eld Gin

Eld Gin Attack on Titan

In Aot, Eld Gin was a member the Exploration Corps, and was the second in command of the Special Operations Squadron.

26. Keith Sadies

Keith Attack on Titan

Among Aot Characters, Keith Sadies  was responsible for training the 104th Training Brigade and their training to become soldiers.
Shardiz also served as a former Major in the Exploration Battalion. He was in charge when the Maria Wall collapsed in 845.

25. Hannes

Hannes Attack on Titan

In Aot, Hannes was the captain from his Garrison Troops. He was a close associate of the Jaeger family , and the one who saved Eren as well as Mikasa from an ape during the collapse of Shiganshina.

24. Oruo Bozad

Oruo Bozad Attack on Titan

In Aot, Oruo Bozad was a member of the Exploration Battalion who was part of the Tactical Squad commanded by Captain Livai Ackerman. He was a formidable soldier who had killed numerous Titans by himself, with no assistance. In fact, Oruo was very skilled with a great score in Titan kill record.

23. Ian Dietrich

TRIVIA Ian Dietrich Attack on Titan

In Aot, Ian Dietrich was a part of the Wall Garrison in Solace. He was the leader of the unit’s elite. Ian was typically strict and kept his voice to himself. However, in more calm situations He also spoke openly with his colleagues.

22. Porco Gaillard

Porco Attack on Titan

In Aot, Porco Galliard  was an Eldian warrior in the army of the Mahr Empire, and was his brother was Marcel Galliard. He was the inheritor of his father’s Jaw Titan  earlier owned by Ymir.

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21. Falco Grice

Falco Grice Attack on Titan

In Aot, Falco Grice is the younger brother of Colt Grice and one of the main characters of the Marley storyline. He was initially one of the possible candidates for inheriting the armored Titan. But, after being transformed into a common Titan through Zeke in Paradis He eats Porco Galliard and, as a result, inherits his title as the jawed Titan.

20. Gaby Braun

Gabi Attack on Titan

She is similar that is akin to Frieda Reiss as well as Eren Jaeger. Her hair is black and short which she pulls back. She has large eyes that are light, large, upturned nose average height, and a slim body.

As a member of Marley’s army, Gabi wears the standard uniform of a soldier with an armband that marks her as an Eldian.

19. Peak Finger

Peak Finger Attack on Titan

In Aot, Peak is a woman of a young age with long hair, a smudge of black and gray eyes. She wears a skirt as well as a long coat that has the Eldian armband that is worn on her left hand like all Eldians who are under Mahr’s directives, in accordance with the law. 

18. Floch Forster

Floch Forster Attack on Titan

In Aot, Floch Forster was an officer of the Scouting Corps, previously attached to the Garrison Troops from which he was transferred following the coronation

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17. Dot Pixis Aot

Dot Pixis Attack on Titan

In Aot, Dot Pixis can be described as the army Corps Commander and serves as the top official in the defense in the Southern Territories within the Paradise Army. In actuality, he’s the Garrison Commander, and has complete authority in all matters regarding the defense of humanity.

Following the death of Generalissimo Daris Zackley, Pixis replaces him and assumes the role of head of the Army.

16. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus Aot

In Aot, Sasha Braus was an officer who was involved in the Recruit Troop of Cycle No. 104, graduating ninth. The girl was also a snob. Sasha was born in and was raised in Dauper which is a small village that was a hunting camp with mountains surrounding it. Despite being awed by giants her family, she joined an organization called the Exploration Corps.

15. Annie Leonhart

ANNIE LOONHART Attack on Titan

In Attack on Titan Annie is an extremely tough and strong girl who was part of our first section of the military police when we met her.

She is adept in mixed combat and is driven by a strong, yet single-minded desire to be a part of the fight. We believe she’ll prove to be an effective combatant asset.

That is until she transforms into the Titan and kills all the strongest individuals who have something to offer against these strange creatures.

She’s quick and she is able to transform her body into crystal that is able to deflect any attack. Her combat skills make her a highly danger to her adversaries.

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14. Connie Springer

 Connie Springer Attack on Titan

It’s easy to conclude that Connie is a role that is supporting without much importance initially.

We’re all in agreement that this is due to his small stature, inexperienced personality, and his childish buzzcut.

He develops into a strong and confident ally as his adventure through the series.

He would like that his loved ones love him and his his home town. The survey corporation to grow as a man.

Connie is an adorable character due to his imperfections..

Connie isn’t a Titan. Connie isn’t an incredibly strong fighter. He’s not a person with a lot of ambitions.

He’s not a typical soldier of any kind, but he does have survivors’ guilt, and more.

Connie will not stop trying to develop, grow to make others proud and safeguard the human race. Poor precious Connie.

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13. Grisha Yeager

GRISHA JAEGER Attack on Titan

Grisha is a respected medical professional and also the dad of Eren (as also an adoptive father to Mikasa) is among the most important characters of the series.

He leaves his wife prior to the Titans take over, killing her. Eren is forced to discover the truth about the research which he’s always kept in a locked room.

It is an enigmatic person with an enigmatic background that makes it hard to grasp the real motives and the nature of Titans.

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Grisha could have made the whole story entirely different We don’t even have enough knowledge of him.

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12. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe Attack on Titan

In her talent in strategic thinking, her leadership skills, and her scientific intrigue, Hange is among the most influential participants of the 14th Survey Corps.

Because she’s been capable of studying Titans close-up and in close-up, she has gained a profound knowledge of their nature. She has also created a variety of weapons to fight the Titans.

An aggressive and temperamental personality has hampered her wit and curious nature.

This is what makes her unique. She isn’t concerned about appearances, or any other similar thing. She’s always searching deeper to find answers that aren’t evident based on the appearance.

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11. Bertolt Hoover

 Bertolt Hoover

Bertolt is more significant than his quiet personality and style could make you believe because he is the main driver behind Eren’s Titanic bloodlust.

Due to his Colossal Titan ability.

He strikes the wall that separates Eren Mikasa’s and Eren’s houses and immediately enshrines himself into their lives. This causes the majority of humanity to rethink their plans and get on the offensive.

He’s not antagonistic However, his actions are unnatural. However, his motives become clearer and more logical as the story develops.

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10. Ymir


Despite her outstanding performance as an Scouting Legion member, she does not seem to care about her fellow Scouters or the human race in general.

She is immature, cynical and devious.

She is at her best when she declares herself as The Jaw Titan. She displays a complicated persona with a mysterious past.

Titan form: She’s smallbut agile. She has the ability to consume food without losing strength.

I consider Ymir an intriguing character due to her dedication to a person more than anything other things.

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9. Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun

Reiner is the heir to Reiner is the heir to Armored Titan. The medium-sized, hardened-skin Titan is a tank and slams into opponents with the force of brute force.

The actor was raised to Liberio in the Philippines to Marleyan as well as Eldian parents. He is the antagonist as well as the protagonist of the show’s mirror.

He placed 2nd from his 104th Training Corps and proved as a professional soldier.

It’s than awe-inspiring to know the fact that Reiner as well as Bertolt have been identified as both classified agents who have slipped into Paradis Island & military to achieve something that no one would ever think of.

He is an energetic ever-growing character who never ceases to surprise and amaze.

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8. Krista Lenz / Historia Reiss

7. Krista Lenz / Historia Reiss

Krista was an Survey Corps member for the first season. She is often seen on the left.

Then, we learned that she was in fact Historia Reiss (the legitimate, disenchanted The Queen of The Walls), she quickly became a main character , and was a favorite of many.

Meek is adorable and small.

The story of her life is one of confidence as well as development. She has to be an effective leader who is confident in her subordinates and confidence.

Krista wasn’t supposed to be anything other than the most beautiful. This added to the fascination of Historia even more fascinating.

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7. Jean Kirstein


Jean was ranked 6th by Jean is 7th in 104th Training Corp, where Jean formed a rivalry with Eren.

The man is an exuberant and selfish individual who wanted only to lead an ordinary life as an Military Police Brigade member.

After losing colleagues and friends After losing his colleagues and friends, he decides He will join Eren as well as other Survey Corps members to fight for the survival of humanity.

Another charismatic and charismatic character without any real capabilities, but has proven to be an resource for the cause of fighting Titans.

He is my love of all time.

6. Zeke Yeager

 Zeke Yeager

Zeke is half-brother to Eren and son of Grisha has complicated sexual desires that break the harmony between Eldia & Marley.

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He is referred to as the most powerful warrior due to the fact that his strength is due to an ability known as the Beast Titan ability. The monolithic apelike that is brimming with intellect and awe-inspiring abilities is referred to as”the Beast Titan .

The design of his is gorgeous. I love Grisha’s style more than Eren whom I think is similar to Grisha’s mother. This causes a split between family members of the Yeager family and puts its very nature.

The complete story behind his involvement as a character in Attack on Titan is still not known.

He’s already proven to be an interesting, well-written and entertaining replacement for Levi Eren and Levi. Eren.

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5. Mikasa Ackerman

 Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa has been following Eren as well as his entire family ever since Eren protected her from traffickers who threatened to murder her family.

They formed a deep relationship that has continued through all of.

When she was a kid she was regarded as an intimidating, strong person who was a stern warning to bullying in Erens’s and Armin’s place.

She immediately was a part of immediately of the Survey Corps and was one of the world’s greatest defenders.

She was also the 1st to be a graduate of the 104th Training Corps.

She is unstoppable regardless of whether it’s Titan or humans. Eren isn’t an exception.

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Her style is also among my top choices from the series. The uniform that is unisex that she wears in Survey Corps perfectly complements the red scarf she wears over her head.

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4. Eren Yeager


Eren was shocked to witness the brutality of his mother’s destruction and the destruction of his home. Eren vowed to take down the Titans.

He is well-known because of his intense hatred of bloodlust and hatred that are his most powerful weapons and weaknesses. This is why he usually is quickly eaten.

He is fortunate to own his own Attack Titan thanks to his father.

This is the reason it becomes the ultimate weapon of humankind’s struggle against oppression.

His attitude and arrogance caused him to be a irritant for many of his fans initially. But, that quickly changes as Eren adapts to his new role as protagonist and antagonist.

3. Erwin Smith

 Erwin Smith

Erwin is the 13th Commandant of the Survey Corps. He is highly regarded by his subordinates and peers due to his strategic mindset and willingness to sacrifice his life for the sake of humanity and willingness to risk his life to do it.

His style and personality are sure to draw your focus. With his piercing blue eyes and a sleek, blonde cut, he promotes confidence in the teams the team he is a part of.

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He believes in his team but the team’s success doesn’t demoralize him. He’s always aware of any issues with the government that could jeopardize their existence.

He is an inspiring mature and mature person who shows the high-risk behavior of Survey Corps.

2. Levi Ackerman

 Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi is, without doubt, the most formidable human combatant. Only Mikasa is close behind in skill.

His brutality, his fear-inducing manner of speaking and extreme agility instill the fear of all who meet his path.

Although he’s small His colleagues are afraid of him yet they respect his passion for safeguarding the species.

Levi is a popular character in Attack on Titan, with his long brunette hairstyle and boyish look framed by narrow eyelids is a well-known actor.

A tough man with an unstoppable determination. As the head of the Special Operations Squad, he is able to keep enemies off.

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1. Armin Arlert

ARMIN ARLERT Attack on Titan

However controversial this opinion may sound, Armin is my favorite Attack on Titan Character.

The shy, weak child is being bullied by parents when he was a kid. Mikasa and Eren have to save the boy.

He gets enthusiastic about strategy, politics and society when in the company of them.

It is the very first peek of what it’s like to be one of most prominent fighters of the 104th Training Corps.

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Humanity has fallen numerous instances without this unique insights.

He may not be the most effective fighter.

He compensates for this by demonstrating his sincere empathy towards both his adversaries and friends, as well as his determination to be an ardent fighter and a thoughtful thinker.

He gets a body that reflects his importance in the story as Bertolt’s Colossus Titan.

Armin is a delightful persona, easy to relate with and always ready to stand up in his fight for justice. This is the reason I love him so much.

Which aot characters do you hate the most from Attack on Titan, and why?


MIKASA ACKERMAN. The girl doesn’t have a life. Her annoying ways of protecting Eren just irritates me. Even Levi was fed up of her. Like come on, you got such good abilities, you have badass strength, and you ruin it all with this stupid childish personality of yours. Literally lost all my respect. Don’t like att ALLLL.

Next comes OUR MAIN CHARACTER EREN YAEGER. Stupid dumbass hero. What’s the point of an A-class anime when it’s MC is such a pain in the ass ?! .. don’t like him at all.

I hated them both mostly when they almost beat LEVI up for choosing Erwin over Armin to revive in Season 3. I hated them for that. They looked like such wreckless brats. Pain in the ass. Hated that our AOT hero is a kiddish brat like that.

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And Armin, ehh. I don’t like him too. Pretty much all the main characters are trash.

The only ones good are Zoe Hanji, Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith. And all other older corps in the regiment. And Jean Sasha And connie. That’s it.

Why do people hate Mikasa and Historia as Aot characters?

Why Mikasa Ackerman is hated by fans…

kerman is hated by fans…
  • Erehisu Shippers
    • Firstly, I do get why Eren and Historia are shipped, but no matter how much you like that ship, it is not canon. Yes, they might have slept together, but Eren and Historia only saw each other as friends. Moreover, it was the farmer who fathered Historia’s child, not Eren.
    • Secondly, you can ship whatever you want as long as it doesn’t encourage toxic relationships. But that’s just a stupid reason to hate a character.
  • People who say “Mikasa only cares about Eren.” or “Eren is the only part of Mikasa’s life.” or “She is an Eren simp.”
    • Why did she punch Eren for calling Armin a coward?
kerman is hated by fans…
  • Why did Mikasa feel disgusted at herself for wishing for death when Eren was supposedly dead?
  • Why did she save Historia from the bandits?
  • Why did she feel guilty for endangering her comrades’ life when they weren’t even close to her?
  • Why was she angry at Annie for killing so many people?
  • Why did she save Historia from a titan about to eat her?
  • Why did she shout Jean’s name when he was almost killed?
  • Why was her face like this when Hange was injured?
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kerman is hated by fans…
  • Why did she protect Historia’s head from hitting the walls of the chapel when Eren was also in danger?
  • Why did she ask Eren to focus on work while getting ready to defeat Rod Reiss‘s titan?
  • Why did she put all her focus on defeating the Armoured Titan and cooperate with Jean, Connie, Sasha and Hange to do the same when Eren was fighting the Colossal Titan?
  • Why was she tending to Jean and Hange’s wounds if she only cares for Eren?
kerman is hated by fans…
  • Why was she so distraught to see Armin almost die?
  • Why did she cry and shake Sasha lifeless body?
  • Why did she spend the entire day near Sasha’s grave to mourn her death?
  • Mikasa knew that Armin would regenerate. Then why did she protect him from an explosion?
  • Why did she not join the Yeagerists so that she can protect Eren?
  • Why did she repeatedly try to wake Connie up and save him from being killed by titans in the Rumbling arc?
  • Why did she choose to cooperate with the Scouts and kill Eren even if she loved him?

Why Historia Reiss is hated by fans…

Why Historia Reiss is hated by fans…
  • Eremika Shippers
    • Again, I don’t ship Eremika but I do get why people ship them.
    • But I’ll repeat what I said against Erehisu shippers, you can ship whatever you want as long as it doesn’t encourage toxic relationships. But that’s just a stupid reason to hate a character.
  • People who say, “Historia is not physically strong, and she is feminine unlike Mikasa”.
    • Yes, she is not physically strong. But what’s the problem in that? Historia’s role in the story wasn’t to be a warrior, but to be the queen of Paradis and to help Eren in the Rumbling. Why do you expect every female character to be physically strong? Physical strength is a very rare characteristic so not everyone can have it, be it from any gender.
    • Secondly, what is the problem with being feminine? I bet people who use this as a reason to hate Historia are the same ones who think that masculinity defines strength and also believe in destroying sexism. But isn’t it still sexist if you think manliness means strength? I’m not saying that a manly female character can’t be strong, I’m just saying that she doesn’t become strong because of having masculine traits. Similarly, a feminine female character can be weak, but she isn’t weak because she is feminine. Moreover, Mikasa is quite feminine too; it’s just that she spends most of her time getting her body prepared to protect herself and her loved ones from danger, because Carla’s death made her cautious about everyone’s lives.
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How old are Aot Characters ?

A few of the Attack on Titan characters have been verified as old by the creators of the show. The age of the other characters has to be determined by their context and compared to other actors in the story.

Eren Jeager is just 15 when the major characters of season 1 happen however he is only the age of 10 is when his home town is destroyed. There’s a 4 year gap between seasons 3 and 4 that makes Eren 19 when Eren is returned in season 4.

Similar is the case for Mikasa Ackermann Armin Arlelt and many among the other Training Corps trainees which joined the Corps at the age of 15. But none of them got to the fourth season.

With the many unpredictable twists and turns each person is subject to in Attack on Titan goes through it’s simple to overlook how old the primary cast of characters is for the majority of the time.

Attack on Titan Character Age Chart

Below are the dates of birth and ages for the characters from Season 1 (S1) (S1) and in Season 4. (S4).

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CharacterBirthdayAge S1Age S4
Eren JeagerMarch 30th1519
Mikasa AckermannFebruary 10th1519
Armin ArleltNovember 3rd1519
Levi AckermannDecember 25th30-3434-39
Bertholdt HooverDecember 30th1721
Hange ZoeSeptember 5th28-3233-36
Historia ReissJanuary 15th1519
Erwin SmithOctober 14th,35-39n/a1
Sasha BrausJuly 26th1519
Connie SpringerMay 2nd1519
Jean KirschteinApril 7th1519
Reiner BraunAugust 1st1721
Zeke JeagerAugust 1st2529
YmirFebruary 17th17-1921-23
Kennedy AckermannFebruary 4th40-45n/a1
Annie LeonhartMarch 22nd16n/a1
Marco BodtJune 16th15n/a1
Floch ForsterOctober 8th1519
Miche Zacharius1st November40-42n/a1
Moblit BernerApril 24th30-32n/a1
Petra RallDecember 6th22-25n/a1
Dot PyxisSeptember 13th,48-5252-56
Gabi BraunApril 14th,n/a212
Porco GalliardNovember 11thn/a219
Pieck Finger5th of August1721
Colt GriceAugust 12thn/a217-19
Falco GriceFebruary 10thn/a212
Lara TyburApril 3rd24-27n/a1
Frieda ReissFebruary 2ndn/a3n/a

1 Was killed before season 4.

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2. It was introduced during season 4.

3 Was killed prior to the events of season 1.

Eren Jeager – March 30th

Eren Jeager - March 30th

Born on the 30th of March, Eren Jeager is 15 years old throughout seasons 1 through 3, which was set in the year 850. That makes him 19 , in the season 4. following the time-swap of 4 years during which Eren went through a massive growth spurt, ranging from 5’7 (177.2 cm) to 5’7 (170.2 centimeters) to 6 inches (182.9 centimeters).

The first season begins with Eren’s town being attacked in 845, he’s just 10 years old and Eren is determined to get to take revenge on the Titans who were responsible for the death of his mother.

When season one is underway He joins in the 104th Survey Training Corps at 15 years of age in the year 885.

Mikasa Ackermann – 10th February

Mikasa Ackermann - 10th February

Mikasa Ackermann is a member of Mikasa Ackermann joins the Training Corps at the same as Eren who is 15 years old even though she’s a month older than Eren born on the 10th of February. As Eren, Mikasa is 19 years old when season 4 begins.

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In comparison to the other character, Mikasa is often thought to be younger than she actually is. Since the moment she’s introduced in season 1 she’s very mature emotionally and is more calm than a lot of the adult characters.

Armin Arlelt – November 3rd

 November 3rd

As his fellow teammates, Armin is 15 years old when Armin is a member of his Training Corps in season 1. That makes him 19 when he starts season 4.

The maturation of Armin is evident in his appearance shift between seasons 3 and 4.

When we revisit him during season 4 his hair will be shorter and he appears more mature , even though he only grew 1 inch in four years. (5’4 5’5 ”).

Levi Ackermann – December 25th

Levi Ackermann - December 25th

While Levi is a small 5’2″ (157.5 cm) The author and artist for The Attack on Titan mangas ( Hajime Isayama) confirmed Levi to be in his 30’s at the time of season 1. The shortness of Levi is more apparent in season 4, where Levi is in his mid 30’s but is just 5’2″.

Levi is a renowned commander who has a wealth of experience in fighting and protecting his fellow Titans despite his size.

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Bertholdt Hoover – December 30th

Bertholdt Hoover

As an upper-classman in Eren during season one of the show, Bertholdt Hoover was seventeen years old. The season 4 episode, he’s 21 years old.

In the first season, Bertholdt is often overlooked due to his size. When he is found to have his own Colossal Titan, he becomes an increasingly well-known character.

At the age of 17, He isn’t as young or convincing as his younger counterparts, which affects the story’s narrative.

Hange Zoe 5th September

Hange Zoe 5th September

In comparison to the other stars in the show, Hange Zoe is estimated to be younger than the other leaders in the series. In the first season the characters are around their mid 30’s and reach mid-30’s by season 4.

Hange certainly has had some experience as the head in the Fourth Squad during most of the seasons from 1 to 3.

While not as powerful as the Corpse leader Levi, Hange is declared 14th commander of the Scout Regiment after Erwin Smith’s death.

Historia Reiss on January 15th

Historia Reiss on January 15th

In the season 1 episode, Historia Reiss joins the 104th Training Corps making her exactly the similar age of Eren who is 15 years old. She is then 19 in season 4.

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Despite being among the newest characters on the show Historia is often loved by viewers for her emotional strength. Historia was only 15 when she was crowned the Queen in season 3.

Erwin Smith – October 14th

Erwin Smith - October 14th

Based on flashbacks, Erwin Smith is one of the most seasoned characters from Attack on Titan. It is believed that he was in his late 30’s in season 1, but he dies in season 3.

Erwin is already a seasoned commander of the Scouts at the time Eren is a part of his 104th Traning Corps in season 1. Erwin is older than the lower leaders such as Levi however, not by much.

This is essentially confirmed when he’s shown to have been in graduate school (later teens to early 20s) when his father passed away in 825, that’s 25 years prior to when the first season premieres.

Sasha Braus – July 26th

Sasha Braus is first introduced to the show when Eren is a member of her in the 104th Training Corps in season one as a member of the same team. So, she’s 15 , in Season 1, and 19 in season 4.

Tragically, Sasha isn’t able to reach 19 years old, as she’s killed and shot in season 4.

Connie Springer – May 2nd

Springer - May 2nd

From the time Connie Springer is introduced at 15 in the 104th Training Corps in season one, he’s utilized as a comedy relief. It doesn’t change until the 19-year-old turns into season 4.

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Connie’s comedy plight isn’t improved when he suddenly increases his height from 5’2″in season 3, to 5’9” during season 4. In fact, it makes his incompetence all the more hilarious.

Jean Kirschtein – April 7th

Jean Kirschtein - April 7th

Beginning season 1 at age 15, Jean Kirschtein joins the 104th Training Corps at the same with Eren. He will be 19 , when the season starts.

Jean is among the most hot-headed characters on the show, particularly in the first season, when Jean and Eren don’t get along well. Jean does appear to grow as the show develops.

Reiner Braun – August 1st

raun - August 1st

As Bertholdt is, Reiner Braun is a couple of decades older than rest of the cast in season 1, he’s 17 and 21 in season 4.

Reiner has owned the privilege of operating his Armored Titan for a long time longer than different Titan shifters. He has been a highly skilled cadet being selected to be a part of Marleyan Warriors as a child. Marleyan Warriors as a child.

Zeke Jeager – August 1st

Zeke Jeager - August 1st

Zeke Jeager is not introduced in season 2 until the end of season 2. Zeke Jeager appears to be around 25 when the show premieres. This makes him 29 in season 4.

The estimation of his age depends on his ties to Eren. Zeke is the older half-brotherand is connected to Eren’s dad Grisha Jeager.

There’s a small different in the time between Zeke and Eren that makes sense in regards to Grisha’s timeline of relationships with women of various kinds.

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Ymir The 17th of February

Despite having been born years before the start of season 1, Ymir is in her late teens when she first appears in season 1. Season 4 is the fourth season and she’s technically in her 20s.

Ymir was transformed and remained as the Titan as an early teenage. Then she spent the next 60 years as an Titan and then became human in 845.

When she was human again it appeared as if she was not old. When she first appears in the season 1 (850) she appears to be in her late teens.

Kennedy Ackermann – Feburary 4th

Kennedy Ackermann - Feburary 4th

Kennedy Ackermann is one of the characters with a long history of Attack on Titan. When he’s revealed and then killed during season 3 he appears to be somewhere in the mid to mid 40’s.

It is based off a few of the scenes we’ve seen of him in pre-season 1 at the age of 829 which was 21 years prior to the major events of season 1.

In these shots the actor appears much younger. He is believed to be in his 20’s to early 20’s.

Annie Leonhart – March 22nd

March 22nd

In the first season, Annie Leonhart appears to be one year more old in comparison to Eren and his friends . They are age 16. But the age she will be in season 4 isn’t clear.

Annie was frozen in her crystal cocoon at the start of season 4. Technically speaking, she’d be 20 years old however, it’s unclear how old she is being frozen.

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Marco Bodt – June 16th

Marco Bodt - June 16th

As part in the 104th Training Corps in season 1 Marco is of the exact age of Eren age 15. He is only a just a few months older than Eren who was born on June 16.

Marco isn’t fortunate enough through season 4, and dies at the age of 15.

Floch Forster – October 8th

Floch Forster - October 8th

Another participant in the 104th Training Corps, Floch is just 15 years old when he joined the 104th Training Corps in the season one. He’s active in season 4 as well, he is 19 years old.

Miche Zacharius – November 1st

Miche Zacharius - November 1st

One of the most experienced members in the Survey Corps, Miche Zacharius is believed as being in the 40s by the time of season 1. However, he is killed before season four.

Miche might not be as powerful like Levi nor as high within the Corps the ranks, but Miche is a highly skilled Titan tracker. The ability was refined over years of experience. This is why he’s thought to be more senior than Levi.

Moblit Berner – 24th April

Moblit Berner - 24th April

In light of his position and his secure position within his position in the Survey Corps, Moblit Berner is in his 30’s throughout seasons 1 – 3. However, he makes a sacrifice to help Hange in season 3.

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There has been a lot of speculation regarding Molbit and Hange’s romance among fans since the beginning of season 1.

Molbit was Hange’s vice captain, however their interactions and his undying devotion to Hange made fans believe the two had an intimate component to their relationship.

Petra Rall – December 6th

Petra Rall - December 6th

Although she is one of the smaller adult characters from Attack on Titan (5’2′ 5’2” 5-foot-2” – 157.5 millimeters), Petra is still much younger than her 104th Training Corps season one, which was in her early 20’s.

Petra was selected by Levi to join Levi’s Special Operations Squad. However, her rank and general manner of treatment in the Corps make her in a different age bracket than Levi.

Their age differences didn’t affect their love for each other, and was confirmed following Petra’s death in season 1.

Dot Pyxis – September 13th

Dot Pyxis

Dot Pyxis’ is undoubtedly one of the leaders older to be featured on Attack on Titan already in his 40s by the time season 1 begins. He will be at least 50 years old by season 4.

In contrast to some of the older characters on the show Dot’s age is evident by his appearance. His grayed mustache and wrinkled face reflect his status as a top leader from Garison Regiment. Garison Regiment.

Gabi Braun – April 14th

Gabi Braun - April 14th Aot Characters Ranked

The moment that Gabi debuts in Season 4, she’s just 12 years old. one of the most young main characters that appeared as a main character in Attack on Titan.

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However, age didn’t hinder Gabi from killing Sasha Braus who was seven years older than she was when Gabi murdered her.

Porco Galliard – November 11th

Porco Galliard - November 11th Aot Characters Ranked

Although it was only first introduced during season four of the show, Porco Galliard is thought to be around similar in age to Eren as well as The 104th Training Corps, which is 19 years old.

Porco’s age is determined by the age his sibling Marcel Galliard was when Ymir consumed him dressed in Titan form.

Pieck Finger – August 5th

Pieck Finger - August 5th

Pieck Finger is a character in season 3, but she isn’t an extremely well-known character. If she is able to gain recognition during season 4 she’s 21 years old, which is the same as her age in season 1.

This is based off her experiences during season 4. She also reflects on how her physical contrasts with Reiner.

Colt Grice – August 12th

olt Grice - August 12th

Another new character to be introduced in season 4 Colt Grice is already 17 years old when he’s first introduced. But, he’s killed shortly after his arrival.

Colt is the elder brother of Falco and is young. But, Colt is old enough to be a part of the Marleyan Warriors offering Falco a connection via proxy.

Falco Grice – 10th February

Falco Grice - 10th February

Falco Grice is one of the most youthful Attack on Titan character aged just 12 when he first appears in season 4.

He’s about exactly the same age as Gabi however, he is slightly higher, with a height of four feet seven inches (139.7 millimetres) compared to her height of 4’6″ (137.2 inches). Falco is also a couple of weeks older Gabi who was born on the 10th of February and Gabi’s birthday falls on April 14th.

Lara Tybur – April 3rd

Lara Tybur - April 3rd

A minor character that will appear in season 2 Lara Tybur is roughly in her late 20’s, but she dies during the same season.

As with the majority in those in the Attack on Titan cast, Lara’s small role has huge impact. She was the owner in the War Hammer Titan, which Eren is then heir to, setting numerous events in motion.

Freida Reiss – February 2nd

Freida Reiss

Although her story was presented in season 3 Freida Reiss passed away at the age of 18 years old when the events of season 4 began.

Freida was the possession of Founding Titan when Grisha Jaeger asked Freida to assist him. If she refused, Grisha attacked Freida with the intention of stealing her Titan capabilities.

This is the way Eren began to become the Titan.

Attack on Titan Characters Nationalities

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