Attack On Titan Military Branches : Everything You Need To Know

Attack On Titan Military Branches

In Attack On Titan, The armed forces are divided into three military Branches : The Reconnaissance Corps, which investigates outside the walls; Garrison, who patrols and maintains them; and the Military Police which detains and distracts Titans in the event of a breach.

STRUCTURE Attack On Titan Military Branches

Attack On Titan Military Branches

The Armed Forces are divided into three different divisions. Each one is led by its own leader, but they all report to Daris Zkklai, the Supreme Commandant.



The Garrison carries out patrolling and defense of the Walls. They are responsible for evacuating residents and controlling the Titans in case of damage to the walls. Dot Pixis is currently the commander of southern territories.


They are the first of the elite soldiers and their mission is to retake territory taken by the titans. They are the Walls’ most skilled soldiers, but they are often criticized by commoners. Their mission is to retake territory that was taken by the Titans. Armin arlert is the acting commander.


The Military Police is responsible for keeping order within the Walls and protecting King. Only the top 0 Cadet School graduates are allowed to enrol in the Military Police. This is because they have the important job of protecting the most high ranking members of society. The Military Police is not only a good choice for recruits but they are also corrupt and incompetent. They operate outside the Wall of Sine, which protects them from the Titans. Niall Doc is the current commander.

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QUALITY Attack On Titan Military Branches

The army has been protecting the Walls every day for more than 100 years but it is corrupt. The Military Police is the most corrupt and dangerous unit. They avoid all combat with the titans and prefer to stay alive. They are also responsible to the wall’s lack of technical progress, and other problems. Also, They were surrounded by the Garrison, which was composed of lazy, irresponsible, and cowardly members. However, after the breach in Shiganshin, their tactics and combat skills improved quickly and clearly. The Recon Corps, the least corrupt of all three, fights only for humanity and the return to the lands taken by the Titans.


Aot Military Branches

Except for training corps instructors, all service personnel wear the same uniforms. They consist of a short, light brown shirt with the emblem of the organization on both shoulders. A dark brown belt around the waist covers the hips. White pants are worn with knee-high, dark brown leather boots.

Members in the Reconnaissance Corps wear a green cloak with a “wings-of-freedom” on their backs, often when they are conducting missions beyond the Walls. Similar cloaks are worn by Cadets when it rains.

The UPM is the main equipment of the military. It is their primary weapon, and can be used with two blades attached in their grips. Military police use muskets because they deal mostly with people and very rarely with titans.

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