Best Uncensored Anime : Our Top 50+

Whenever fans hear of uncensored anime, usually of the ecchi or harem genre, Anime comes to mind. But that’s not entirely true. Of course, ecchi and harem genre anime have the most gratifying and provocative scenes, which get fans excited. This is one of the reasons that leads them to believe that these are the only uncensored anime to watch. In fact, uncensored anime is suitable for all anime genres. Sometimes a very bloody and violent fight scene is cut due to censorship. Even bloody horror scenes are sometimes censored due to the vivid depiction of brutality and horror. So here are my picks for The Best Uncensored Anime To Watch Mixed With All Kinds Of Genres.

Top Best Uncensored Anime

Top Best Uncensored Anime

Here is our list of Uncensored Anime . This list might not contain your favorite Animes

53. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Many people believe that sex is still taboo, despite the advances in technology. One anime, however, made it the central theme of their show.

If you are looking for uncensored anime about sex, Seitokai Yakuindomo might be the show for your needs. The series has 13 episodes that were premiered in summer 2010.

It tells the story of Tsuda Takatoshi (16 years old) who moves to an all-girls high school. He is suddenly entangled in a world full of sexual curiosity, exploration and exploration.

Tsuda has never heard of sex before, but the girls at school love to talk about it.

This is a hilarious, informative show that offers a unique view on sexuality.

52. Manyuu Hikenchou

Manyuu Hikenchou

The uncensored ecchi anime series has 12 episodes and was premiered by Hoods Entertainment in 2011. This is one show you must watch.

According to the Manyuu Clan, large breasts are associated with fame and wealth in the Taiheimeji Era. The scroll is dedicated to enlarging breasts.

Chifusa hates the way her clan has made women feel inferior and how they judge their status. She steals the scroll from her clan and leaves.

She hopes to improve the lives of Japanese women and make them have a normal-sized bust. This is difficult because Chifusa can be easily distracted by her “big breasts”.

Fortunately, there are some women who share her passion. They will succeed.

51. Yosuga no Sora

Yosuga no Sora

Media Blasters has licensed this ecchi anime. It has 12 episodes, and was aired in Japan in 2010.

This show tells the story of two siblings who lost both their parents in an accident. Haruka and Sora are looking for a new beginning in the same town they were born. The two of them decided to return to their hometown after the funeral.

The siblings start to feel nostalgic as they revisit old places. They revisit the bonds they shared with their parents.

Oh my! It’s never the same. The series is enhanced by ecchi scenes.

Yosuga no Sora has great drama and romance. Although the incestuous relationship of the twins is a major turnoff for many viewers it’s still worth the effort.

50. Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete

 Eiken: Eikenbu yori Ai wo Komete

You may be a fan of uncensored animes. There’s no denying the fanservice, from gratuitous nudity and graphic sex scenes to name a few.

Eiken is one such show. It’s an OVA of 2 episodes that aired under Media Blasters’ license in 2004.

Densuke, who is interested in extracurricular activities, and Chiharu Shinonome, who has large breasts, are the focus of the OVA.

They share mutual feelings, but they have not yet admitted to it. They are now the Eiken’s Club’s new members.

The anime is nothing more than jingling breasts and fanservice. If you enjoy a good laugh, you should definitely try it.

49. Maken-ki


Maken-ki, a romantic comedy anime that aired 12 episodes in the fall 2011, is called a “Romantic Comedy”. The anime tells the story of Takeru Ohyama (a student at Tenbi Academy, a school for martial art).

He meets Inaho Kushiya at his new school. She is a girl with superpowers. They quickly became friends and Takeru soon found himself in a harem full of superpowered girls.

Soon, the young man discovers that there is more to the school than just beautiful girls. Takeru discovers the secrets of some of his classmates as he gets to know them.

Ultimately, Maken-ki! This anime is both a romantic comedy and an action-packed adventure.

48. Mayo Chiki

Mayo Chiki

The anime Mayo Chiki offers everything, from high school drama to hilarious crossdressing scenes. It aired 13 episodes on TV in 2011.

Kanade Suzutsuki, a wealthy female student, always seems to get what her heart desires. Subaru Konoe is her new cross-dressing butler, to carry on the family’s legacy.

They quickly form a close friendship. The three girls navigate high school life together with Kinjirou Sakamachi (high school student with gynophobia) and Subaru.

Their lives are full of adventures, from dealing with bullies to managing romance relationships. Mayo Chiki, a funny anime that follows the misadventures and adventures of three unlikely friends, is called Mayo Chiki.

47. Shimoneta


Why not add a little spice to our list? This is your standard ecchi stuff. Nothing too extravagant, but still worthwhile to watch. Anyone who has seen Shimoneta will know that this description is very fitting.

Shimoneta, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was launched in 2015. This anime adaptation of Akagi Hirotaka’s light novel is adapted by Shimotsuki eight. The story of Shimoneta’s origin is simple but well-thought out.

It is important to notice how the author attempts to capture the ecchi part of this narrative and work on it. It takes place in a world with extreme laws regarding lewd content. Even mentioning them could land you in jail.

Tanukichi Okuma is the son of a terrorist and participates in the Student Council at the school. Because he is his childhood crush, the president of this council.

The vice president of student council is a mysterious, masked man who propagates lewd culture across the country. Our boy tries to reach the president but fails.

Because of his past, the girl instantly takes to him. Tanukichi will soon experience the thrill in his life when he is involved with a criminal.

Things will get out of control. Shimoneta is all fun and entertainment. It is not difficult or complicated. It’s just regular ecchi, but the build-up can be amazing.

46. Isuca


Let’s keep going with our quest to surpass the censor board and talk about Isuca. Let’s inject some romance into it. A little, but not too much. Isuca is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2015.

It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Takahashi Okamu illustrated the manga. Shinichirou Asano describes a man who lives at the bottom of his life.

He is now broke because his parents abandoned him. His life was forever changed when he realized that there was no other option. My man was attacked by a giant centipede beast and he couldn’t escape.

Sakuya Shimazu was one of his classmates who saved him and proved that she was not a human. Our boy saved another human later on. To be precise, a two-tailed cat.

Sakura has chosen him to fight the greatest demon. Asano can be the housekeeper for Sakura’s house. He can still have a roof over his head.

This anime is simple, sweet and thoughtful. We should try to find some calm entertainment when we are watching a 12-episode anime. If we look at it this way, Isuca would be a great anime to check out.

45. Hybrid X Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid X Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Sometimes anime can make us question entertainment and its core principles. Even though it is a series for younger viewers, anime has moved to the next level.

It’s hard not to be stunned by the series’ incredible scope. Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia, a 12-episode TV animation that began in 2016, is now available.

It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Kuji Masamune wrote the light novel and Kurogin illustrated it. Hida Kizuna, a girl with Hybrid Heart Gear, is strong.

Although it sounds like a powerful weapon, in reality it isn’t. Kizuna is offered the chance to join a special defense academy by her sister. Although it may look similar from the outside, the academy is filled with large-chested girls.

Kizuna’s sister has plans to send her to Erotic purposes to give strength to the other girls. These girls will all fight for humanity against beings from another planet.

You will have a lot of fun with this combat because it is different from other types. The story has been presented in a new way with this series.

It’s great that the uncensored version is available. Otherwise, you would have to only watch 12 episodes with white lines.

44. Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer

Oh my God. It’s high time we talk about this. In 2021, the anime caused the most controversy. Redo Of a Healer, which is considered an adult animation, is the most extreme version of this series.

Redo Of A Healer, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was first broadcast in 2021. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. TsukiyoRui wrote the light novel and Shiokonbu illustrated it.

Keyaru, a healing prodigy, seemed to have a bright future. But the truth is that Keyaru’s powers can often lead to a miserable existence.

He was used for his purposes by people and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. Keyaru does however, gain a part of the person’s memory every time he heals them, which allows him to become stronger each time. Uncensored Anime

Keyaru reaches a place where his strength is too great for the world. He decides to do the right thing. He cast a healing spell to redo the world until misery began striking.

Keyaru will now make everyone pay for what he did wrong, unlike last time. The Keyaru who seeks the brighter world is the one that will make it darker.

Although this series may seem dark and gory, it is not too much. It was censored mainly because of its ecchi scenes, which are what separate this anime from an adult version.

43. Seikon No Qwaser

Seikon No Qwaser

The story and narrative of anime are becoming more intriguing. Seikon no Qwaser is a good example of this. This series is for those who enjoy three-way action.

You know what I’m referring to. Seikonno Qwaser, a TV anime of 24 episodes that began in 2010, is now available for purchase. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Yoshino Hiroyuki wrote the manga and Satou Kenetsu illustrated it.

Tomo Yamanobe’s father was the headmaster at an academy. His father disappeared recently and there is not much information except a painting. Uncensored Anime

A rumor that a school molester was spreading is another. Tomo happens upon him by accident. Mafuyu, her sister, was close to losing her life. The criminal spreading the rumors saved her.

This person is able to control elements by himself thanks to a Qwaser. But, his power rests on breastfeeding so things can get messy.

The life of our siblings is forever changed when the criminal is transferred into their class. You will be blown away by what happens next. This series is very interesting both in terms of the content and how it was structured.

It is clear that many of you have had a wonderful time watching this series. You are welcome to do it. Uncensored Anime

42. Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive Mermaid has something for everyone, whether you love action-packed fantasy adventures and girls’ love of ecchi anime.

This show will capture viewers’ hearts with its stunning animation and uncensored content. Valkyrie Drive Mermaid has it all from start to finish. From romance and drama to action, to humor,

This anime has 12 episodes that are addictive and aired in 2015. It is the perfect anime for those who love high-quality animated entertainment.

Mamori, a 16-year-old girl, is innocent and naive. She is often mocked for her unfortunate surname.

However, she will never be the same again when she is stranded on Mermaid with Mirei Shikishima and the beautiful, dangerous warrior Mirei Shikishima.

41. Kanokon


Let’s now take a fantasy path towards anime. Kanokon is my favorite way to start our discussion about uncensored fantasy anime. Kanokon is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2008.

This anime adaptation is a light novel. Nishino Kitsuki wrote the light novel and Koin illustrated it. Kouta, a young girl who appears to be experiencing the same problems with attraction as other females, is the focus of the series.

She attracts spirits, and not boys. Yeah, don’t question it. These spirits can be anything from wolves and foxes. She hopes for a bright future when she moves to the big city together with her grandma. Uncensored Anime

A great first impression is key to a bright future. If we think about it, having a fox spirit and a wolf spirit accompany her to her new school might not make the best first impression.

This series, Kanokon, is full of hilarious moments. Kanokon is a hilarious fantasy series with all of its greatness incorporated into its characters.

This is a simple story, but it’s still interesting enough to be worth your time. It’s worth your time to watch.

40. Dragonar Academy

Dragonar Academy

Okay, the title looks like it contains a dragon-related narrative. We know the way anime works, and we often make incorrect assumptions.

But is it the same with Dragonar academy as well? It is not. Dragonar Academy is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was launched in 2014. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book.

Mizuchi Shiki wrote the light novel and Shimesaba Kohada illustrated it. The series focuses on Ash Blake, who is part of the Dragonar Academy. Uncensored Anime

He is considered the weakest dragon rider due to his limited abilities. Ash Blake doesn’t seem to be affected by the star that represents his bright future in dragon riding.

He was able to manage to get a super-strong dragon on his sleeves, but that was before now. This dragon is different from the rest. This dragon is not a dragon-like form. It’s a girl, and it’s very rude.

She claims she is Blake’s master, and she is her servant. The hilarious journey between them begins.

Dragonar Academy is an excellent series for those who want to watch uncensored anime that revolves around fantasy and dragons. You are one of them! Great! Enjoy this anime!

39. OniAi


If you’ve been an anime fan for some time, then you might have read the title to get a sense of where the story is going. It’s called ‘OniAi,’ and it includes the word ‘Oni.

Yeah……. Let’s take a look. OniAi is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2012. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Suzuki Daisuke wrote the light novel and Uruu Gekka illustrated it. Uncensored Anime

This series is about Akito Himenokouji and Akiko Himenokouji, who were raised in separate families following the death of their parents. After six years of separation, Akiko develops feelings for his brother, while Akito remains normal.

Akiko must now do her best to make her feelings heard. But, Akiko’s feelings begin to diminish when Akito is enlisted by three other girls.

Many of us are not ready to see our boy get the strangest harem ever. This might sound very creepy to some of you guys and I’m not sorry.

If you can overlook the love aspect, I think this show is worth a watch. Uncensored Anime

38. Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

A teacher in anime is often more than just teaching. Sometimes they become too involved with students. If you feel that I am lying, then you can just relax and say, “Why the hell aren’t you here, teacher!” Give it a shot.

Teacher, why are you even here? This TV anime has a total of 12 episodes. It was created in 2019. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Soborou wrote and illustrated the manga. Uncensored Anime

The series focuses on Ichirou Satou’s relationship with Kojima Kana, his teacher. If we examine their backgrounds, Satou seems to be a normal man who enjoys his school life. Kojima is a tough teacher that even delinquents fear.

Things get out of control when Satou meets Kojima in a public restroom. This encounter was a wild one, it’s safe to say.

We can see the student-teacher relationship blossom into something much greater when we have more of these encounters. You probably already know what would happen here.

It is a straightforward story. It’s not bad, just because it is simple. You will be astonished at how incredible this series is, my oh!

37. Blood-C


Blood-C is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2011. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. CLAMP wrote the manga and Kotone Ranmaru illustrated it.

Saya Kisaragi is a simple girl who lives in a village. When the sun reaches the horizon, Saya Kisaragi pulls out her weapon to destroy all the monsters and becomes a monster Slayer.

Who is the monster Slayer protecting? This is the question she asks herself when she meets a few monsters that are challenging her beliefs.

We find ourselves rooting hard for a girl with unclear intentions when her dedication to her life is questioned and her thoughts are flooded by inexplicable imagery. Maybe it’s not the girl, but the village. Uncensored Anime

You might believe it is a complicated series just by reading the story. Although it’s not as complicated as it sounds it has a lot of appeal for many people.

It is always strangely satisfying to see a character discover the truth about her beliefs.

36. Ladies Versus Butlers

Ladies Versus Butlers

Let’s take a look at some anime to fill your tanks. This title is very interesting for ladies. You know what I’m referring to.

Ladies Versus Butlers is an anime TV series that consists of 12 episodes. It was created in 2010. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Kouzuki Takasa wrote the light novel and Munyuu illustrated it.

This anime is about Hino Akiharu, who lost his parents young. To survive, he also had to move in with his uncle. He decides to become a Butler at a free boarding school.

It would be a financial help to his uncle, you know. This is a pretty smart thought process, if you ask my. He soon realizes, however, that the school is mostly filled by girls, and his delinquent-like exterior is a problem here.

Things start to improve for our boy after he meets Tomomi Saikyou, his childhood crush. This anime will make you smile as you watch it, but it will also give you that romantic dose you’ve been looking for. Uncensored Anime

It’s not exactly what you expected, but I can confidently say it’s better than your expectations.

35. Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou

Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou

Let me explain the meaning of the title if you don’t get it. The English title of this anime is “My Wife Is The Student Council president”. This is a good indication that most of us know exactly where we are headed.

Let’s take a look. Okusamago Saito Kachou is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was launched in 2015. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Nakata Yumi wrote and illustrated the manga.

This story is about Hayato, who wanted to become the president of the student council. He was intelligent, hardworking and talented but he lost out to Wakana Uni because she offered the extremes. Uncensored Anime

Ui promised Ui condoms and other exciting items that helped her win the elections. Izumi accepted the position of Vice President. After securing these positions, they realized that their parents had made a deal that they were supposed to marry each others.

How will they manage their matrimonial and school lives? When you watch this anime, the word “wholesome” will be what comes to mind.

34. Shinmai Maou No Testament

Shinmai Maou No Testament

I’m sure many of you already know about this anime. This entry would be a great addition to any list of uncensored anime.

Shinmai Maou no Testament, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was launched in 2015. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Uesu Tsuto wrote the light novel and Ookuma Nekouke illustrated it.

Basara Toujou, who suddenly gets new siblings, is the subject of this story. These siblings are not ordinary people. Mio and Maria, both demons, are the sworn enemies to ‘Heroes. Uncensored Anime

Guess who the Hero would be in such a situation? Yes, it’s Basara. He decides to defend them as a family, rather than attack them. So, our boy is now on the road to defeating the entire faction.

His secrets remain to be discovered. This anime is a mix of drama and action. This anime is your normal uncensored content, nothing to be concerned about.

33. HyakkaRyoran: Samurai Girls

HyakkaRyoran: Samurai Girls

If you ask me, the title seems fairly self-explanatory. It is about Samurai girls who must fight against those who don’t want to follow the Law. HyakkaRyoran’s Samurai Girls TV anime is 12 episodes long and was first broadcast in 2010.

It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Suzuki Akira wrote the light novel and NiO illustrated it. The story takes place in a world that values Japan’s success, and where Master Samurais protect the country.

Things get interesting when the daughter of a samurai enters the school. After entering the campus, she gets into a deadly fight and, more importantly, a magical little girl appears out of nowhere and smites her.

Who is this girl? What brought her here? What brought her here? These questions and many more are still unanswered. All your answers can be found in this anime. Uncensored Anime

There is a lot to the series, so a summary might not be enough. I can assure you that you will enjoy this anime, especially if your favorite setting is the Samurai.

32. My Wife is President of the Student Council

My Wife is President of the Student Council

This series aired 12 episodes and was first aired in 2015. This series is about two childhood friends who were promised by their parents to be best friends.

After promising condoms free of charge and other exciting incentives, Hayato Izumi loses to Wakana Ui in high school.

Izumi accepted the vice presidency position out of despair and disappointment. Izumi did not realize that Ui was only the beginning of his rivalry.

Their parents reached an agreement again. The agreement between their parents was reaffirmed. Uncensored Anime

Although this shock was initially shocking to them both, they soon realized that this twist of fate might not have been so terrible after all.

31. Girls Bravo

Are you looking for laughter and ecchi action The popular Yukinari series is a great place to start.

He has a hard childhood full of bullying and pain from girls. This rare condition makes him vulnerable to any girl that comes close to him.

High school is a difficult place to be, as the number of female students far exceeds that of male students. The vulnerable boy, despite all this, manages to remain positive.

As he navigates the world of unexpected romance and crazy adventures, he keeps his head up.

Yukinari’s adventures are a wild ride filled with laughter and ecchi action. You’ll laugh so hard throughout the ecchi anime with 11 episodes.

30. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

It seems that the story is about a Demon King. It is. This is not your ordinary demon Kung adventure stuff. You will be surprised by what Demon King Daimao has to offer.

The TV anime series Demon King Daimao has 12 episodes. It was created in 2010. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Mizuki Shoutarou wrote the light novel and Itou Shouichi illustrated it.

Akuto Sai is a character in the story who joins an Academy to grow stronger and make the world better. Junko Hattori, who shares his same principles, joins him on his journey and they decide to do the best for the world. Uncensored Anime

Hattori is also scared of Sai when he is prophesied to be the next Demon King. Every action taken by Sai confirms his fate.

Sai, however, refuses to accept his fate. He claims that no matter what, he will bring justice and peace to the world. Will he be able, with all his magical abilities blooming, to keep his words true to himself?

This series is motivational in disguise, with Sai’s charisma being captivating all by itself. Only the strong are able to keep a positive outlook even when things seem impossible.

29. Blade of the Immortal

 Blade of the Immortal

Let’s now take a serious turn, ladies and gentlemen. Although there were many ecchi anime listed, let’s not forget the most horrific. We start with Blade Of The Immortal.

Blade of the Immortal, a TV anime of 13 episodes, was first broadcast in 2008. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Sakura Hiroaki wrote and illustrated the manga.

Manji, also known as the Hundred Men killer, is a notorious swordsman who is haunted today by many Japanese. His greatest strength is his invincibility due to a few blood cells. Uncensored Anime

He now assigns himself to kill 1000 evil men in order to atone for his sins, and make his curse of immortality disappear. On his journey, however, he meets Rin Asano, who pleads with him to help her against the murderers of her parents.

After seeing her weakness, Manji accepted her plea even though he initially resisted. So, Manji agrees to go on the journey with 2 warriors along the same route in support of their cause.

Blade Of The Immortal has a dark, gory, and gruesome storyline. Although the story may seem straightforward, the actual presentation is far more disturbing. This is why this series was so censored.

28. Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero

Isekai anime has been a major trend in anime history. Isekai will always be in your anime no matter what genre you choose. This includes uncensored anime with Aesthetica for a Rogue Hero.

Aesthetica Of A Rogue Hero is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was first broadcast in 2012. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Uesu Tsuto wrote the light novel and Tamago No Kimi illustrated it. Uncensored Anime

This story is about Akatsuki Ousawa, who was a fighter in another dimension in his rogue days. He is not the only one who can travel to other dimensions. Many people have the ability to travel different dimensions and get special abilities in the current dimension.

Babal was then founded by them. But, Akatsuki and Miu (his wife) enter Babal to protest the student council. This student council will not spare Akatsuki.

How can they survive in such an environment? This series is about current and other world struggles. This series is for Isekai fans. Uncensored Anime

27. Freezing


Ahm ahm. We have another amazing uncensored anime to add to our list, ladies and gentlemen. It’s the ecchi-monster Freezing. Freezing is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was first broadcast in 2012.

It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Kim Kwang Hyun illustrated the manga and wrote it. The manga is about Kazuya, who meets Pandora, the strongest Nova amongst them.

What is the difference between Pandora and Nova? Novas are the aliens who have invaded, while Pandoras are the females of that alien group. Kazuya now embraces her as his sister, and he has just met her. Uncensored Anime

Soon, Pandora realizes she’s not affected by his touch. She keeps him as her servant and limiter. This relationship will take many turns.

How will they cope? Freezing is a fantastic world-building and narrative tool. Freezing is a great place to start if you’re interested in ecchi anime.



Let me tell you about the series, in case the name doesn’t seem chilling enough. Hopefully, you’ll understand what we are talking about. GANTZ is a TV anime of 13 episodes that was created in 2004.

It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Oku Hiroya wrote and illustrated the manga. The story is about Kei Kurono, who becomes part in a game that requires him to kill aliens and monsters to survive.

This is happening after his death, so any notion of an afterlife or all things being the same are out the window. He will live a life of misery, Gore and fear. Uncensored Anime

This is not as easy as you might think. GANTZ is not your typical. Do not let the story fool you. This series combines extreme violence and action with its story.

You should not be exposed to this content if you don’t like it.

25. Terra Formars

Terra Formars

This anime is a must-see for Sci-fi fans. This anime is about interplanetary war and space exploration. Yes, I’m getting excited too.

Terra Formars is an anime TV series that consists of 13 episodes. It was first broadcast in 2014. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Sasuga Yu wrote the manga and Tachibana Kenichi illustrated it.

This series focuses on human attempts to colonize Mars using Cockroaches and Algae. These creatures are adaptable and can live on Mars. A few centuries later, the 26th century sees a new disease emerge. The cure is found on Mars.

Mars is colonized however by advanced humanoid species of cockroaches that have evolved from those who came before them. A group of 100 humans with enhanced physical capabilities is assembled and sent to space in order to fight these monsters. Uncensored Anime

These men are responsible for the fight for humanity. Their actions will determine the future of the planet. This anime is sci-fi, as many can see.

The narrative is captivating and well worth the effort. You don’t have to think about it. Just give this anime a shot.

24. Yuuna


It’s time to look at some ghosts, weebs. Not just any ghosts. We will be looking at some charming ghosts that are hard to find these days.

These ghosts will be found in Yuuna. Yuuna is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was launched in 2018. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Miura Tadahiro illustrated the manga. The story is about Fuyuzora Kogarashi, a poor psychic who moves to Yuragi Inn. Uncensored Anime

Because the Yuragi is said to be haunted by ghosts that make all tenants flee it, Kogarashi soon realizes, however, that the ghost is not nearly as scary after he starts to live there.

It’s a cute ghost girl, Yuuna, who remembers her name. Chaos ensues when people get involved in this inn, and Kogarashi is there to discover why Yuuna remains bound to Earth.

This cute ecchi series will bring you good vibes as you watch it. This series is well worth a look.

23. Sekirei


We are in the Top 20 ladies! This new segment will enhance our anime-watching experience. I believe Sekirei is the best way to begin this segment.

Sekirei, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was created in 2008. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Gokurakuin Sakurako illustrated the manga. Minato Sahashi is the protagonist of the story. He was deemed useless after failing twice his entrance exam.

His life is forever changed when Musubi, a Sekirei, becomes involved with him. Sekirei are creatures with supernatural abilities that can awaken latent abilities by kissing a particular Gene. Uncensored Anime

Musubi saw potential in Musubi and she kissed him. They then went to the Sekirei universe, where they must fight for survival. The seemingly meaningless life of Minato will soon take an unexpectedly exciting turn.

This anime is great for those who want to watch amazing adventures that aren’t censored. Sekirei is the series for you if you’re one of these people.

22. Mnemosyne


Let’s take an in-depth look at Mnemosyne. This is a short and sweet love story about a girl that will grab your attention right away. Mnemosyne, a TV anime with 6 episodes, was created in 2008.

It’s an original anime directed and animated by Ueda Shugeru. Rin Asougi, who has achieved the power of immortality, is featured in the series. It might appear that being immortal is great. Uncensored Anime

Rin was a private detective and many wanted her to die. She must fight for her rights every day, even if she is at risk of being attacked any moment. Her life could be in danger if she gets closer to her greatest enemy.

She will stand in front of the one person who can kill if she is truly trying to help someone. Is that the end? This anime is perfect for those who are looking for a quick, but gripping series.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to go to work today. Mnemosyne is done in no time. Uncensored Anime



If you look at the title, it seems fairly self-explanatory. It is about gangsters and wars. As men of culture, we know that this will be a success. GANGSTA, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was created in 2015.

This anime adaptation is a manga. Kohske illustrated and wrote the manga. The series focuses on Nicholas Brown and Worick Archangelo, aka handymen who can do all your tasks.

They are sought after by both police and criminals, and they are very popular. They discover the dark side to their city when Alex is rescued from a crime scene.

Their city was designed for drug-enhanced twilights. The government has taken away the best days and is threatening everyone’s lives.

What can our Handymen do to help? The plot points and presentation of plot points in this anime are a lot different. It features fights, wars and everything in between.

20. The Princess Lover

The Princess Lover

The Princess Lover anime adaptation is set in high society and luxurious settings. It tells the story of Teppei Arima. His wealthy grandfather adopts the teenager after his parents die and takes him in to live in the extravagant lifestyle and luxurious surroundings.

The orphan, despite his new status and wealth, is torn between his modest upbringing and the new world of excesses and extravagance.

This series features 12 episodes of comedy, ecchi themes and lots of harem action. It is suitable for all audiences. The original series aired on television in 2009. Uncensored Anime

This show will spice up your otherwise dull weekend, whether you are looking for cute girls or a lighthearted thriller through high social society.

19. Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood

Strike the blood is best known for its uncensored anime. It pushes the boundaries of what is appropriate for television.

The show is still loved by fans of action-packed anime despite this. The story centers around Kojou Akatsuki (a vampire) who attends high school for supernatural creatures.

Yukina Himeragi joins him. He has given her the task of keeping an eye on her. They will have to deal with many threats as they get to know one another, including jealous rivals and rogue vampires.

They are joined along the way by an eclectic cast including a cat-eared guard and perverted teacher.

Stike the Blood is not for everyone because of its action-packed storyline and fan service. Uncensored Anime

18. Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

Phantom: Requiem For The Phantom

Phantom was a series I wanted to add to this list. You’ve seen it.

Ah, you haven’t seen Phantom. Let me tell you more about Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. Phantom: Requiem For the Phantom is a TV anime with 26 episodes that was first broadcast in 2009. It’s an anime adaptation of Mashimo Kouichi’s visual novel and animated by Studio Bee Train.

The series takes place in a world where mafias and their murders are commonplaces, and where a group called Inferno may be responsible. Tourists are left with no choice but to run when they see Inferno’s leading members kill another person.

However, his luck runs out and the man is captured. This man finds himself trapped in an Inferno world that is filled with lies, death and murder.

Is this tourist going to be able make it back alive? Phantom is an engaging series that’s simple but captivating and will grab your attention from the very first episode. You will love the 26 episodes.

17. Jinro


This list has seen a lot of anime series. But, we still haven’t seen a movie. I believe we should enjoy these movies and take our time.

Let’s start with Jinro. Jinro is a movie of 1 hour and 45 minutes that was created in 2000. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga.

Oshii Mamoru wrote the manga and Fujiwara Kamui illustrated it. The story takes place in Japan, where disasters have occurred right after World war 2.

Constable Kazuki Fusse is being challenged mentally when he sees a teenager set on suicide by a bomb. He couldn’t save her. Kazuki is sent back to camp because of this regret and other things that have happened during this time.

He will soon realize, however, that the government and military are just a prison that he was forced into and that he has no other options. Kazuki will he be able continue to serve his citizens?

Jinro uses the World War 2 metaphor to address a number of real-life problems with its story. You don’t see movies winning the Best Film – Animation, the Minami Toshiko Award and the Best Animated Fill.

16. Grisaia


Let’s take a look at some unusual anime series. Because you cannot consider Grisaia to be a regular anime series. Grisaia, a TV anime series of 13 episodes that began in 2014, is now available on YouTube.

This anime adaptation of Tanaka Motoki’s visual novel is animated by Studio 8 Bit. Yuuji Kazami is a young girl who has just been accepted into a new school. She wants to live a normal, happy life.

But, this hope seems far away from us considering that Yuuji meets five girls and the principal. He soon realizes that this school is very different. Yuuji quickly realizes that each of the girls has had a lot of trauma experiences and it is now his responsibility to care for them and figure out their past.

Let me be clear, this anime series is going to get out of control very quickly. I hope that you are ready for it. It is amazing what happens.

15. To Love Ru

To Love Ru

Many of you are familiar with this anime, I’m sure. It is probably one of the most well-known ecchi series.

This is To Love Ru. To Love Ru is a TV anime with 26 episodes that was created in 2008. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Hasemi Saki wrote the manga and Yabuki Kentarou illustrated it.

The series focuses on Rito Yuuki, who has a crush upon a girl but is reluctant to admit it. It might seem like Rito isn’t in love with anyone, but you’ll soon see that this is not true.

While taking a shower, an Alien princess crashed-landed on Rito. You read that right. She asks him to marry them because she doesn’t want to be part in an intergalactic marriage.

Our boy is starting to feel a lot more fortunate. To Love Ru is pure ecchi. I believe that if you love that anime then the uncensored version will bring a smile on your face.

14. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

This list had its fair share of anime, but let’s not forget the serious stuff. Next on our list is a horror anime series, so be prepared before you watch it.

We have warned you. Deadman Wonderland, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was created in 2011. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Kodou Kazum, Kataoka Jinsei wrote and illustrated the manga.

Ganta Igarashi is a young man who was going to Deadman Wonderland with his friends as part of a field trip. Things turn sour for our boy when the mysterious Red Man murders his entire class.

He is then sent to Deadman Wonderland, where misery awaits. To entertain visitors, prisoners in this amusement park risk their lives daily. Ganta is a prisoner who can be beaten by one wrong move.

He can only do his best to survive, and to find the Red Man. He might be able to escape the wonderland if he succeeds. This series includes blood, violence, brute force, and psychological horror.

Before you watch this anime, make sure you’re aware of them all. This is an important disclaimer.

13. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers

After the terrifying ride at Deadman Wonderland I believe it would be great to take some time off and relax with Ishuzoku reviewers. It’s time to relax from all the stress, and watch this hilarious series.

Ishuzoku Reviewers is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was launched in 2020. This anime adaptation of a manga is called Ishuzoku reviewers. Masha illustrated the manga. The story of Ishuzoku reviewers is a fantasy that involves our main group. They have one goal.

To observe and evaluate the reproduction of each species. This is exactly what Interspecies or Ishuzoku reviewers do! Trust me, it was a very decent way to frame the show’s actual content.

You can watch the original work. This would make you laugh so hard that you’d question the distinction between anime adult videos and this. We have warned you.

12. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Look at what we have. This is Tokyo Ghoul. It’s an anime that is known for its violence and gore, as well as stories and art. This description alone should be enough to get you hooked, but I’m here to help.

Tokyo Ghoul is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2014. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Sui Ishida wrote and illustrated the manga. The series is about Kaneki Ken, our boy who goes on a date to Rize.

Kaneki, being the innocent child he is is, is getting ready for the dinner of a lifetime. He doesn’t realize that this dinner will be his last.

He soon discovers that Rize is a Ghoul. Ghouls, which are vampire-like creatures that live off human flesh, are vampire-like. Kaneki is being attacked by a Ghoul he had a crush on, but luckily Rize was a victim of an accident that led to his unconsciousness.

Kaneki awakens to a different body. It turns out that all Rize’s organs were transferred to Kaneki by the emergency doctors so they could save him.

Now Kaneki Ken is a Ghoul. Kaneki Ken will experience hell when he does what he loves most. This is the beginning of the life of a ghoul.

This anime is so popular that I don’t feel the need to mention it. This manga has won numerous awards. If you don’t like Manga, you can still check out the anime. It is worth your time.

11. Afro Samurai

 Afro Samurai

 This is the moment we have all been waiting for. Let’s start this crucial segment by watching a fighting series.

Let’s begin with Afro-Samurai. Afro Samurai, a TV anime with 5 episodes, was created in 2007. It’s an original anime directed and animated by Kizaki Furunori.

Afro, a young boy, witnessed the horrific reality unfold right before his eyes. While Justice, his father watched from the sidelines, Justice saw Afro’s horrifying reality and cut his father in a duel.

Justice defeats his father and takes the number one headband. Justice gets stronger. Afro is now the number two headband holder, allowing him to challenge number 1.

There is only one problem: anyone can challenge number 2. So, Afro must take revenge on his father and try to survive. Afro-Samurai will be a major factor in this conflict.

Afro Samurai is a great anime for those who enjoy fighting-oriented anime. If you want to see this series at its best, you should watch the uncensored version. That’s where the real strength lies.

10. Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou

Monster Musume No Iru Nichijou

What would it be like to live your entire life with monster girls? Are you curious? Monster Musume can help!

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, a TV anime with 12 episodes, was launched in 2015. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Inui Takemaru wrote and illustrated the manga.

This anime is about Kimihito Kurusu, who falls for monster girls. How? Well, that’s simple. His parents were in Japan, and Japan allows the introduction of Interspecies to society. This is how the monster girls who were not treated well ended up fleeing and boom!

They finally reached Kimihito’s house. As his harem is filled with monster beings, his life will take a turn like a rollercoaster. This is the story of a boy who begins to live with monster girls who feel for him.

Monster Musume takes a different approach to this, even though it may not sound amazing. If you are a fan of ecchi, don’t skip this one.

09. High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead

Do you like Zombies? Are you a fan of the apocalypse. No? Great! This anime is all about it! High School Of The Dead, a zombie-based anime you must watch!

Why? Let’s take a look. High school of The Dead is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was created in 2010. This anime adaptation of a manga is called High School of the Dead. Satou Daisuke wrote the manga and Satou Shouji illustrated it.

The story of High School of the Dead takes place in a world that saw zombies suddenly appear out of nowhere. It is unknown when or how they arrived.

We know that they are now attacking the entire city. Takashi Kimuro was at school when the attack occurred. He lost his friend after he was bitten.

Takashi must now escape from the school and ensure that he is still alive. He is not the only one who survived the school’s zombie invasion. He is joined by a few students who are also going to investigate the cause of the zombie invasion.

Every minute, hundreds of people turn into zombies. They must escape before they fall prey to the evil. High School of the Dead is an anime few would overlook because of its ecchi content.

The story itself is much more interesting if you forget about the ecchi content. You will have a great time watching this anime. Don’t forget the uncensored version.

8. Prison School

Prison School

This series is a must-see for all ecchi anime lovers. This series, which deals with prison at school, is hilarious.

It is worth taking a closer look, no matter what. Prison School is a TV anime with 12 episodes that was launched in 2015. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga.

Hiramoto Akira wrote and illustrated the manga. The story takes place at Hachimitsu Private Academy, which is only open to females. The school changes the rules and makes it co-ed. It also accepts 5 boys.

Kiyoshi and the other 4 boys are thrilled to begin their lives at this girls-only school. Their start is ruined though when they attempt to peek into the girls’ baths on their first day.

They are now assigned to school prison, where the notorious underground student council will be handling them. Let’s just say this is going to be quite a big deal and also ridiculous.

How can our boys escape this terrible prison? This anime is all fun with the ecchi elements. The hilarious activities are presented in a funny way. Prison School Uncensored is a great option for anyone who has had a bad week.

You would feel calm and relaxed.

7. High School DxD

High School DxD

We are now at the Pinnacle in Ecchi, ladies and gentlemen. It’s here! This is the best ecchi anime ever. The ecchi nature and beauty of the High School DxD is unmatched.

Let’s take a closer look. High School DxD, a TV anime of 12 episodes, was launched in 2018. It’s an anime adaptation of a light book. Ishibumi Ichiei wrote the light novel and Miyama Zero illustrated it.

This story is about Hyodou, who gets admitted to a school that has a high ratio of boys to girls in order to live his dream life. You know what I’m referring to.

His life is turned upside down when a girl from a different school approaches him. They go on a date, and they have a great time.

Soon, however, Issei finds himself in a graveyard. A girl who claims to be an angel has come to the rescue and is determined to kill Issei. Issei pleads for his life and then dies.

The President of Road Gremory’s Occult Research Club brings him back to life, but he is now a devil. He was revived by her and made her her servant. Now, our boy will live as a Devil.

This life will turn out to be a harem. Let’s just say this harem would be a dream come true. DxD for high school is one of the most entertaining and funniest ecchi series.

It is heavily focused upon ecchi elements but if you can bear them, then there is a great story waiting for you behind it. It is fun to watch, as many others did.

06 . Golden Boy

Golden Boy

It’s obvious that you are busy and don’t have much time to watch anime. Don’t worry, Golden Boy is a series you should watch if you are looking for uncensored animation.

Let’s have a closer look. Golden Boy is an OVA series of six episodes that began in 1995. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Egawa Takuya wrote and illustrated the manga.

Kintarou Ooe is a man who works odd jobs to make a living riding his bike. He simply takes his bike out and rides it on the roads, performing any and all tasks that are asked.

Our boy will do it regardless of how inhumane the job. He also meets beautiful women that he discovers. He believes education is his greatest asset. When you have the opportunity to experience work, that education is unbeatable.

Golden Boy is a sweet, simple, and short series that has a little bit of Ecchi. This series is not too extreme, but the most important selling point is the lessons that all episodes teach.

You will see the entire series and understand exactly what I mean. This anime is a classic.

05. Kiss x Sis

Kiss x Sis

Keita Suminoe, a young man in a difficult situation, is Keita Suminoe. He is madly in love his twin stepsisters Ako and Riko.

He knows it is wrong to incestuously want them. This inner conflict is the foundation of Kiss x Sis, the ecchi series. As Keita navigates through turbulent teenage years, the anime follows him.

Kiss x Sis’s raunchy humor, and outrageous sexual escapades quickly made it a favorite among girls and boys.

This hilariously twisted series delivered on every level, whether you were rooting to Riko or Ako, or just enjoying watching them battle it out.

There were 12 episodes available to watch in their entirety, so there were many memorable ones.

4. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Original anime is always risky. When we think of some original anime that has been successful over the past decade, Kill La Kill is always the first thing to come to our minds.

It is so. Let’s find the answer. Kill la Kill is a TV anime of 24 episodes that was created in 2013. It’s an original anime directed and animated by Imaishi Hiroyuki.

Ryuuko Matoi, a young girl who lost her father in a murder attempt, is the subject of this story. She has the only clue to a weapon called a scissor knife, which she uses to find the murderer.

Ryuuko is looking for clues when she stumbles upon a school where student council seems to be in control. She believes that the school has the answers she needs and attempts to get in touch with them.

Ryuuko gets badly beaten up by a student council member with a super-powerful suit called “Goku Uniforms”. She eventually retreats to her home, where she finds a piece called God’s Clothes.

Matoi begins to develop powers when that piece connects with her blood. Matoi now has Scissor Blade and God’s Clothes. She is more prepared than ever to face the student council, as well as find the secrets that led to her father’s death.

Kill La Kill is one the most original anime that you will ever see. It has been awarded multiple awards, including the Tokyo Anime Award in Best Character Design for 2014, another Character Design Award, a Storyboard Award and Soundtrack Award. Also, a Mascot Award, Female Character Award as well as a Storyboard Award.

Yes, that’s all I have to say.

3. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Let’s now take a shocking turn in our story. Here’s where we discuss some of the most uncensored anime that you can find. This list wouldn’t be complete without Hellsing Ultimate.

Why? Let’s find the answer. Hellsing Ultimate is an OVA series of 10 episodes that began in 2006. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Hirano Kouta wrote and illustrated the manga.

The story takes place in a world that vampires can be found when darkness reigns. They are monsters who try to eat people. Hellsing, on the other hand is an organization that opposes them.

Hellsing’s owner has dedicated her entire life to fighting vampires, and was able to obtain Alucard. You may be wondering who Alucard is. Alucard is a vampire who works for Hellsing and fights against his kind.

He is also the most loyal and deadly weapon Hellsing has. We see many creatures trying to survive as the story progresses. Alucard will do anything to make Hellsing successful!

What is the reason he does this? You can see it for yourself. This anime will make you fall in LOVE with horror. Alucard is regarded as one of the most beloved anime characters. His popularity is also remarkable.

Hellsing Ultimate’s achievements include critical acclaim, heavy appreciation, and much more. All you need to do now is to binge-watch it tonight.

2. Nana


Sometimes anime can make us question many of the processes that happen in our daily lives. Sometimes, our lives as a whole or as individuals can become distorted by how things work and the effects they have on us.

You will learn a lot from Nana. Nana is a TV anime with 47 episodes that was created in 2006.

It’s an anime adaptation of a manga. Yazawa Ai wrote and illustrated the manga. The story is about Nana Komatsu, who seeks love for all things.

Nana Osaki, on the other hand is a phenomenal vocalist who wants to pursue a career as a singer. Both of them met on an accident train to Tokyo, and they also stayed in the same apartment.

Nana shares the story of Nana and her dreams with both girls.

Nana is a series you will be blown away by the story. This anime has everything: the characters, the soundtrack, animation, and it surpasses all expectations. This anime has won numerous awards, appreciations, and accolades. I don’t know why anyone would choose not to watch it.

Take some time to look at this anime. It will be a wonderful experience.

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1. Berserk


Finally, our first place goes to the legendary Berserk. It was meant to be this series. Do we see such highly-acclaimed anime every day?

We don’t. We don’t. That is why we should talk about it whenever we can. Berserk is a TV anime of 12 episodes that was created in 2016. It’s an anime adaptation of a manga.

Miura Kentarou wrote and illustrated the manga. Berserk is a story about Guts, who was very close to the time he was born. He is now a prisoner in this cruel world and must fight to survive for the next day.

One day, Guts is scouted and asked to join the gang. Guts accepts their help and quickly rises up the ranks.

This mercenary group brutally kills everyone they come across. Guts soon realizes the world isn’t so terrible as he imagined and vows revenge against the man who hired him.

This story is set in War with a mercenary who discovers the truth about life and the essence to survival. Berserk is a one-of-a-kind series.

Although it was criticized for its animation, fans of the franchise can’t ignore Kentarou Miura, the legendary manga author who worked on the story. We have to be respectful of this man’s creation of one of the most beloved and loved stories in manga history.

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