Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars.

Best WWE Superstars. Hi everyone! This time, we will allow ourselves to enumerate the 40 best WWE wrestlers of all time.

It was the superstars and legends that had their biggest impact in WWE and the kind of names that people could argue became bigger than the company in terms of superstars. In addition, these choices are the superstars whose names appear in your head when you think of WWE and its rich history.

However, it is totally subjective in my opinion after taking into account all the factors, including impact, intrigues and global popularity. It’s not really a biased list either

This list consists of the 40 WWE superstars That being said, let’s go to the list. Enjoy it!

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40: Triple H

Triple H

Best WWE Superstars. Triple H has done everything there is to do in WWE, and a couple of times over at that. Behind-the-scenes too, many of the guys on top of WWE were picked and mentored by him.

39: Ricky Steamboat

Ricky Steamboat

Best WWE Superstars. One of the most underappreciated workers of his generation. His body of work is right up there with the very best.

38: Finn Balor

Finn Balor  best wwe superstars.

Best WWE Superstars. Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t get that shoulder injury in 2016? His WWE career would have certainly turned out better. He could easily be one of Vince McMahon’s top guys.

37: Daniel Bryan

Finn Balor

Best WWE Superstars. One of the best pure in-ring wrestlers of his generation, it’s such a shame that injuries robbed Daniel Bryan of such a historic title reign while at the height of his popularity in 2014.

36: AJ Styles

AJ Styles

Best WWE Superstars. Best WWE Superstars. Not many people gave AJ Styles a chance in WWE, but less than a year after his debut, he was world champion. Very few people are smoother in the ring.

35: CM Punk

CM Punk

Best WWE Superstars. The hottest property in all of wrestling after his Pipebomb in 2011, CM Punk will forever be remembered as a fantastic talker, and perhaps only now is getting his recognition as a brilliant wrestler.

34: Sting


Best WWE Superstars. While he may have only wrestled four matches in WWE, Sting is undoubtedly one of the best ever, and even in his 60s, is doing incredible work with AEW right now.

33: Jake Roberts

Jake Robert

Best WWE Superstars. He may have come 29th in the list, but many people will feel as if Roberts had the potential of ranking amongst the very best that WWE has ever had.

32: Edge


Best WWE Superstars. One of WWE’s top heels during the early 2000s. It’s great to see Edge continuing his great work in his 40s after coming back from retirement in 2020.

31: Goldberg


Best WWE Superstars. While not the best wrestler, there’s no denying that Goldberg has a place in WCW in the late 1990s, and fans loved it. Unfortunately for him, there isn’t that same love in 2022.

30: The Undertaker

The Undertaker

Best WWE Superstars. The best character WWE has ever created, The Undertaker has had some of the best matches in WWE history, and been involved in some of the best feuds too, and did so for 30 years.

29: Mick Foley

Mick Foley

There will never be another Mick Foley. He did what he did better than anyone who came before him, and better than anyone who has come after him.

28: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho

Every time you think his career may be winding down, Chris Jericho creates another gimmick that gets over with the fans and earns him a top spot. He’s truly one of the most versatile performers ever.

27: Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior

Perhaps not the best technical wrestler of all time, there’s no denying that Ultimate Warrior was incredibly popular with fans. He achieved a lot with WWE.

26: Harley Race

Harley Race

A massive star in the territories, it’s not fair to judge Harley Race just on his time with WWE, as his career was pretty much winding out once he got there.

25: Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes
Virgil Runnels, better known to wrestling fans as Dusty Rhodes, died at age 69.

Just listen to his ‘Hard Times’ promo, and you’ll understand why he’s so high up on this list. In the eyes of some, no one connected with wrestling fans more than Dusty Rhodes.

24: The Rock

The Rock

The Rock’s full-time run in WWE spanned less than eight years, but he had such a significant impact during that period. The only man who can claim to now being bigger than the WWE brand.

23: Roddy Piper

Roddy Piper
<> at the Egyptian Theatre on April 30, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

In the eyes of many, Roddy Piper is the best wrestler to have never won the WWE Champion. He really should have done, if we’re being honest.

22: Rick Rude

Rick Rude

Rick’s look, as well as his ability in the ring, probably should have preppled him right to the very top of WWE. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite pan out that way.

21: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

Mr. Consistent, Seth Rollins is one of WWE’s top stars, and has done pretty much all there is to do in the company since joining in 2010.

20: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle took to WWE better than anyone, and whether a heel or babyface, was almost always one of WWE’s top stars, immediately from his debut.

19: Scott Hall best

Scott Hall  best wwe superstars.

An incredibly underrated worker, Scott Hall changed the landscape of wrestling when he moved from WWE to WCW in 1996.

18: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Best WWE Superstars.

He’s currently embarking on one of the most historic world title reigns in recent wrestling history, Roman Reigns is ‘the guy’ in WWE, will undoubtedly go down as one of their GOATs.

17: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels Best WWE Superstars.

Bell-to-bell, there are few WWE Superstars better than Shawn Michaels. Perhaps injuries and his own personal demons prevented him from becoming one of the undeniable all time GOATs.

16: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart Best WWE Superstars

In the eyes of many, including this writer, Bret Hart should be higher than 14th. He’s probably one of the best in-ring wrestlers ever, if not the best. Injuries stopped him getting an even higher spot.

15: Randy Orton

Randy Orton Best WWE Superstars
World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton poses for photographers during the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Super Showdown event in the Saudi Red Sea port city of Jeddah late on January 7, 2019. (Photo by Amer HILABI / AFP) (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)

When you speak to many wrestlers, they say that Randy Orton does the basics better than anyone, and is one of the best ever. There’s something to be said for that.

14: Randy Savage

Randy Savage Best WWE Superstars

One of the best wrestlers ever who also broke out into the main stream, Macho Man is probably the last name on this list who didn’t get all of the shots he deserved, despite being incredibly successful.

13: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

The same that was said for Scott Hall can also be said for Kevin Nash, but he was pushed slightly more as a main event singles guy, both in WCW and WWE.

12: Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Best WWE Superstars

Hulk Hogan printed money for WWE and turned them into the global juggernaught they are today, and did the same for WCW with the nWo. Without Hogan, wrestling arguably isn’t as big as it is now.

Taking that all into account, you won’t find too many people who laugh at the claim that Hogan is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time, for his impact alone.

11: Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt Best WWE Superstars

Without question, Bray Wyatt deserved more. An underrated in-ring worker, with one of the most creative minds the industry has ever seen.

10: Booker T

Booker T Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. A fantastic worker in WCW, and that translated over to WWE when the company was bought by Vince McMahon.

9: Andre The Giant

Andre The Giant Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. One of the biggest WWE stars ever, Andre The Giant, at a time where the spectacle was more important than the match quality, played his role better than anyone.

8: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold Steve Austin Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. Stone Cold was involved in the best feud in WWE history, and more than anyone else, probably had the highest peak in WWE history, but injuries unfortunately caused his career to be cut short.

7: Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. Bruno Sammartino was the top guy for so long, seriously, so so long. He deserves his spot as one of the best ever.

6: Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. Whether a heel or a babyface, Eddie Guerrero was adored by fans across the world. Unfortunately, like some of the other names on this list, he was taken far too soon.

5: Batista

Batista Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. For a period, from around 2005 to 2010, Batista was one off WWE’s top stars. An incredible big man who broke out into Hollywood more than anyone expected him to.

4: Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. Despite being one of WWE’s top stars for the entirety of both of his stints with the company, Brock Lesnar’s work inside the ring is somehow underappreciated by fans.

3: Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. In the eyes of many, Rey Mysterio should probably be higher up on this list. Many see him as the best little man in wrestling history.

2: Ric Flair

Ric Flair Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. It doesn’t take a genius to point out that Ric Flair is probably one of the GOATs. In fact, not probably, he definitely is. He was right at the top for so long. Not many people come close.

1: John Cena

John Cena Best WWE Superstars

Best WWE Superstars. WWE’s franchise player for close to a decade. John Cena exceeded everyone’s expectations, and after a long and successful career in WWE, fans are starting to realise just how good he was. 

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