Black Clover: Ranked Asta Attack power Everything you need to know

Black Clover Asta attack. Black Clover’s Asta might not be able use magic but that didn’t stop him unlocking his terrifying demon form. Check out our ranking of the strongest attacks of Asta.

10 Black Clover Asta attack: Enhanced Abilities

Black Clover Asta attack: Enhanced Abilities

Black Clover Asta attack. Asta transforms into a demon and becomes an enhanced version. Asta’s speed and strength, endurance, and instinct all increase exponentially. Asta was fortunate to have the vision to train his body otherwise he might not have been able handle the demon inside. He is also a formidable mental force. These abilities are already in abundance, making his demonic form all the more impressive.

Although he might not consider this a technique, Asta does use it. This is another tool he has to use against his enemy. Asta’s example shows that to defeat a demonic, one must first become one.

9 Black Clover Asta attack: Enhanced Abilities: Channeling Ki

Black Clover Asta attack: Enhanced Abilities: Channeling Ki

Asta’s first skill is to learn how to detect and read other’s Ki, a way to see the unseen. Asta can summon Black Asta with this sixth sense. This sixth sense is more than a technique.

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Asta holds his sword in both his hands and uses his Ki to sense the mana flowing through his body. Asta can connect his body’s mana flow by focusing on it. This allows him to bring forth Black Asta. Ki can be described as both an offensive and defensive technique.

8 Anti-Magic Wielding

asta Anti-Magic Wielding

Asta’s anti-magic-wielding self would have made the Clover Kingdom inoperable. Asta doesn’t believe being born without magic is a sign that he isn’t loved by mana. He could not care less. He wants to keep everyone’s smiles happy, so will become the Wizard King.

Anti-magic, which is the ability to destroy other magic, comes from Asta’s grimoire. Asta is the only person who can handle anti-magic. Magicians would quickly be exhausted from their efforts to equip the anti-magic swords.

7 Bull Thrust

asta Bull Thrust

The bull thrust is an antimagic technique that requires the use demon-slayer swords and dweller blades. Asta points his swords in front while flying face-first towards the enemy’s magic. This effectively dispels it. This technique has its limitations. Asta cannot change his direction. This is unless Finral uses his spatial magic.

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Asta will be more likely to use both swords for this technique. However, he can still achieve the same effect with one sword which makes it the one-horned bull push.

6 Demon-Slayer Swords: Black Divider

Asta Demon-Slayer Swords: Black Divider

Asta’s demon-slayer blade is the one that came first from his five-leafed Grimoire. This anti-magic sword technique condenses magic around the blade’s edges. Although the sword is already large, Asta can still wield it when it grows to several hundred times its size.

Asta can strike magic with the flat side of a blade if magic is not being cleaved in two. This creates a rebound that allows the enemy to have a taste of their medicine. The black divider is often used to deliver a final blow to an opponent.

5 Demon-Dweller Swords: Black Slash

5 Demon-Dweller Swords: Black Slash

Asta can use the demon-dweller sword to launch anti-magic in the form of a black slash. The technique can be used in multiple small or large slashes to knock enemies unconscious. However, it won’t kill them all at once.

The sword also has the ability to connect its wielder with his allies. The sword can use magical attributes other than anti-magic to create a slash. This happens when Black Bull members go to a nearby dungeon looking for magical items. Asta discovers a new sword, and accidentally borrows Noelle’s water magic from their opponent to attack them. This creates a blue slash.

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4 Demon-Destroyer Blade: Causality Break

asta Demon-Destroyer Blade: Causality Break

Asta can save his Magic Knight comrades and prevent them from becoming elves by using the demon-destroyer blade, an anti-magic ancient tool. This technique can cut through magic spells. Asta and the Captain of The Golden Dawn negate the reincarnation magic, sending the elves to a peaceful afterlife.

Causality break is a technique which absorbs and cuts through cause/effect relationships in a spell. It emits a black aura from the sword to indicate its anti-magic powers. When that aura returns, the blade turns black.

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3 Black Hurricane

asta Black Hurricane

After securing his body with anti-magic, Asta launches his black hurricane technique against Kirsch Vermillion’s older brother, Mimosa. This move, which is named after the hurricane it creates, rips through Kirsch’s cherry blossom magic. It not only nullifies the enemy’s attack but also wipes out Xerx’s trap magic.

Asta is tired of Xerx not acting as a teammate. This attack is dual-purpose. It holds back the enemy while forcing Xerx to play at his teammates. Asta believes that the royal knight selection tournament is meaningless if Xerx doesn’t act as a team.

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2 Black Meteorite

Asta Black Meteorite

Asta is facing Finral’s younger brother, Langris Vaude. Langris’s mana was similar to that of a demonic force in a battle against Vetto. The Black Bulls defended Finral before Langris struck the final blow. This led to an official semifinal match for the royal knight selection tournament.

Asta then cloaks himself in antimagic, unleashing the black meteorite technique that strikes Langris and cuts the crystal in half. Langris is unconscious but the fight feels less than satisfying on both sides.

This technique is different from backslash because it can be used within close proximity of an opponent. It also allows for a change of direction.



Black Clover Asta attack. Black Asta is the most powerful demonic form. Asta uses more intense anti-magic techniques by covering himself in anti-magic. He is able to pull the other form in the face of seemingly insurmountable foes. Asta is able to take on people with large amounts of mana.

He must now decide how long he can resist the devil in the grimoire. His mental fortitude, forthright sense justice and fortitude will allow him to retain his humanity while borrowing devil’s power or will the devil eventually claim Asta’s body?

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