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For over 10 years the manga world was dominating with One Piece, Naruto,and Bleach,but all amazing things be brought to an close of their runs. In 2016, the year came to the end of Bleach’s final chapter to conclude the series following a highly prosperous fifteen-year run. The plot focused on Ichigo Kurosaki, an aspiring teenager who gets transformed into a Soul Reaper in order to fight Hollows and other supernatural creatures of the dark. While it was among the most watched manga the last time it was published, its final arc left viewers in a bad taste, as it felt very similar to a rush.

This show also became popular and ended four years before the manga . Through the years and fans grew bored, it appeared that they weren’t likely to watch the animation from Thousand-Year Blood War. But, the story changed the last few months , after it was announced that the final episode would be shown on television. The final chapter was finished just a few months back, and those who watched the last chapters may have been unable to recall certain baffling and strange incidents that took place. This list will try to give a brief overview of the last chapter before returning to the show. Naturally, spoilers are in store.

What is Bleach Everything About?

What is Bleach Everything About?

Bleach is a shounen-based show that aired from October 5, 2004 until March 27, 2012. The anime comprises 366 episodes that were aired over 16 seasons.

This storyline draws off the manga with the same title by Tite Kubo. The anime however is full of digressions as well as original self-contained story lines that do not belong to Manga series.

Bleach takes place in a realm that has supernatural elements. The story introduces us to Soul Reapers, also known as Shinigami. They are the soldiers of the afterlife.

They are accountable for fighting Hollows as well as helping wandering spirits get through to the World of the Living to the Soul Society.

Hollows are evil spirits who seek to cause harm to ghosts and humans alike It is the duty of Soul Reapers to stop the evil forces.

The show tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is a high school student in the small town of Karakura. What makes him stand out is his ability to sense spirits.

The story starts with Ichigo meets Rukia Kuchiki who is who is a Soul Reaper. Rukia and Ichigo meet during her mission to find the Hollow that leads Ichigo’s bedroom.

The problem is that for Soul Reaper, she is seriously wounded while trying to shield Ichigo against the Dark.

Without a choice, Rukia transfers her powers as the Soul Reaper to Ichigo. He is given the duty of acting as her substitute until she is able to get back to her strength.

The story is about Ichigo’s struggle with his new-found duties as an Soul Reaper along with his daily life as a high school student.

But, things take a abrupt change as Rukia was sentenced execution to death by the Soul Society for transferring her abilities to the human.

Without the Soul Reaper’s original direction, Ichigo is left to make use of his newfound powers by himself. In the next few days, he meets the other students at his high school also have spiritual awareness.

Orihime Inoue has a student who is protected by spirits known as “Shun Shun Rikka’. Ichigo’s most trusted companion, Yasutora “Chad” Sado has strength comparable to the strength of the Hollows that are contained within his right, and sometimes , even his left arm.

And lastly, Uryu Ishida is a “Quincy,” meaning his ability is to influence spirits particles. Four teenagers band together for the purpose of saving Rukia from her imminent death.

As they progress toward completing the mission, they battle many Hollows and may find themselves in the middle of a huge conspiracy concerning Soul Society. Soul Society.

How did Bleach ended?

How did Bleach ended?

The first story arc of Bleach was pretty amazing. It was filled with all the elements to make a captivating story. It’s no wonder that the show gained enough recognition to be named one of the “Big Three’ of the genre of anime with shounen!

There were some issues with the book, and the story progressed a little toward the conclusion.

But, in the end, it will remain a classic in the field of anime, not only due to the plot, but also due to the character growth.

The Bleach manga was a series of two story episodes. The first one brought the show its fame but the second brought it down.

In addition to these two story arcs it also featured other story arcs that were not part of the manga series.

For a lot of viewers, the Bleach anime ended with The antagonist Aizen lost. The manipulative tactics and clever strategies had led to many fans declaring him to be the greatest anime villain.

The events leading to his loss led to the anime becoming a bit slow.

This is because a lot of characters were introduced near the final episode in an attempt to set up an epic battle scene. The show also ended up displaying the most cliched scene when the love interest of Ichigo, Orihime, got kidnapped by Aizen.

But, Aizen’s defeat has brought viewers feeling of relief and fulfillment. The ending of the story’s arc added to the satisfaction with the knowledge that Ichigo was no longer the Substitute Soul Reaper when he defeated Aizen.

However, the writer Tite Kubo didn’t end the manga at this point , and as such the series continued. The story continued to unfold and was picked up in an interval of two years following Aizen’s defeat. Aizen.

The show introduced us to a different substitute Soul Reaper, Kugo Ginjo and the creation of a new group of beings known as the Fullbringers.

But, this story was not as full of excitement that the previous one was. Kugo Ginjo was an unwritten villain.

The defeat of Ichigo was not able to bring the same amount of satisfaction despite our beloved protagonist recovering his power as the Soul Reaper.

At this moment that the anime came to an end.

Was Terminating The Anime Was A Good Decision?

Was Terminating The Anime Was A Good Decision?

When it came to its final chapter, Bleach had lost the enthusiasm of a large portion of its followers.

The plot began to seem excessive and almost repetitive. In conclusion, the anime was concluded with the moment in which Ginjo lost was an intelligent choice.

While the manga was in progress however, the storyline of the anime was becoming self-destructive.

If the series had not been completed the show could have forever discredited itself for being one of the more viewed anime series of shounen.

The fall of Bleach had started at the conclusion of the first story arc. The writer Tite Kubo had created an effective villain in the shape of Aizen.

Bleach was clever uncompromising, manipulative, making plans, and yet he managed to maintain an ethereal aura around him. Bleach’s most memorable persona was not that of the main character Ichigo.

The fans loved the intricate characters of Aizen more than anything else. But, his innate skill as an antagonist could represent one of the factors for the show’s sloppiness towards the end of the first story series.

The love interest of the protagonist needed to be saved, and the villain had to be defeated. Unfortunately the author could only think of only one option to achieve the goal.

The idea was to introduce characters following characters to increase the amount of people to the benefit of Ichigo.

The characters featured had little or any development, so their introduction, actions and deaths didn’t have any impact on viewers.

The conclusion of the initial story arc consisted of fight scenes that did not have an impact. The initial story’s development was very enjoyable.

The film softened the negative effect of this uncertain ending, and the overall story created a feeling of happiness in the eyes of viewers.

But, as the story progressed to the beginning in the story’s second arc the anime was no longer relevant. There were many flaws that viewers pointed out that rendered the plot stale.

Then again what is the reason Ginjo create such a complex strategy of having his mind altered instead of doing the same thing to Ichigo? Also, there was the fact it was the Soul Society did not bother to investigate the hero who helped them for more than two years.

But, when they required him once more they were quick to give him the power which he had renounced at the conclusion of the first story episode.

The issue of lack of character development grew more severe in the story’s second sequence. The problem grew beyond the younger and small characters to the major characters.

Gijo was not as complex as the character that was what made people love Aizen. Why did he complicate things and devised an intricate plan in order to achieve his goal?

Simply because the idea of being able to accomplish his goals in an easy method was boring!

The series progressed and Bleach made the most of all the small parts and left out those with huge potential. It was revealed that Ichigo’s love-interest, Orihime, possessed the ability to heal others by reverse the clock in a secluded space.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence diminished this ability yet there was many possibilities to develop and become proficient at the ability. It is possible that she could have even become the possessed of the unimaginable ability of bringing people back from death.

However, Bleach ignored such developments of great interest and instead focused on interpolations which failed to draw the attention of fans.

Self-completion story arcs that did not appear in the manga, but were added to the anime may not be improved in quality.

Overall it was a sensible decision to conclude Bleach before the plot got out of hand to the point of being too depressing.

Is There A Sequel to Bleach?

Is There A Sequel to Bleach?

The story has been repeated several times thus that point the Bleach manga was released before the animated series. In the end, the manga features another story line that fans were not able to experience in the anime.

This is the main storyline of The Thousand Years Blood War where we can see a new twist in the nature of friendships that Ichigo had with his friends.

Unfortunately, this story arc didn’t receive favorable reviews when it was been made available as a component of the manga. The same issues of an unfinished storyline and insufficient character development continued throughout it.

There were many theories about the reasons for the gradual decline of the quality of manga. Many believed that the Shonen Jump magazine where it was published was the author Tite for more material.

This could be one of the motives for this forced continuation. Another possibility is Tite’s declining health over time that may affect his work.

Whatever the reason, the third story arc didn’t meet the expectations of the manga. However, there have been announcements given of the show having a sequel coming in 2021 that will feature this third story episode.

Another exciting change could be that Tite Kubo’s manga of one shot called “Burn The Witch” will also receive an adaptation to anime in 2021.

In similar universes as Bleach The manga follows the story of Soul Reapers that occurred 12 years following The Thousand Years Blood War.

What Will The Possible Sequels Look?

What Will The Possible Sequels Look?

Bleach’s third storyline is not the most ideal. Bleach’s manga did not fare well, and fans were unhappy with it.

But, the creators of the anime could be able bring back the show. In order to do that, they need to be open to making certain modifications or additions to the storyline. I hope that these additions and changes will aid the animation instead of harming it.

Concerning the anime adaptation to Burn The Witch, fans are hoping that it will allow them to fully enjoy being a part of the world that is Bleach rather than leaving an unpleasant flavor on their tongues.

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