Camie Utsushimi : Everything You Need To Know

Camie Utsushimi

In My Hero Academia, Camie Utsushimi is an undergraduate student in the second year of Shiketsu High School.

Appearance Camie Utsushimi Mha

Appearance Camie Utsushimi

Camie is a beautiful young lady with straight, fawn-colored hair that is long enough to reach her shoulders, and deep brown eyes. Her lips are noticeable glossy and full lips.

Her outfit is a basic dark jumpsuit and boots. Additionally, she wears the belt, which has an attached pouch that is positioned around her hips, and, as do other students at Shiketsu wearing the school cap is dark.

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Personality Camie Utsushimi My Hero Academia

Personality Camie Utsushimi

It is unclear what elements of her personality belong to her and which ones were made through the persona. But, it is possible to infer that she has distinct distinctions, since at the very least, one of her friends noticed something different about her behavior.

Camie is the real deal. Camie is said to be extremely talkative, particularly when she finds out more about people that pique her curiosity. She was thrilled to meet Shoto Todoroki for the first time, and thrilled to see a handsome guy and is also undergoing the training.

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Personality Camie Utsushimi

As per Inasa Yoarashi her mother, she is extremely skilled in “interaction techniques” when she requested the contact information of Todoroki. She also talks in a distinctive manner, and she uses a peculiar sort of slang which tends to make people confused. As she says, she is a huge fan of children.


Test to obtain a temporary hero’s permit
Before the exam, Camie was attacked by Himiko Toga who claimed her spot in order to get into the hero license exam.

Course of retraining
In the end, Camie was discovered and questioned by her school after which they discovered that she was nabbed with her kidnappers before going taking the licensing test. Because Himiko pretending to be her in the actual test, Camie takes the exam wearing makeup to get her back up. On the exam she gets to meet Shoto Todoroki for the very first time. She is thrilled to meet when she mentions that she’s got the chance to meet a beautiful man (according according to her) and also get some instruction.

Camie along with Inasa Yoarashi, as well as Shoto as well as Katsuki Bakugo, are fighting a new breed of children with powerful talents. Camie is able to pass the test with the other children.

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Being accepted and educated by Shiketsu High School, which is considered to be a competitor to U.A. High School within the national region, she is at the very least a hero above average candidate.


Glamour for just a short period of time, Camie can create visual and auditory illusions.

Intriguing Facts

  • The surname Camie is a kanji meaning “existing and real” (Xian ) as well as “seeing or observing” (Jian ).

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