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dare me season 2


This TV drama series has a cheerleading story. Will we find out what happens to Addy, Beth and Coach Colette in Dare Me season 2, a thriller drama TV series?

Dare Me, an American teenage drama television show that focuses on thrillers and teens, is based upon a Megan Abbott novel.

Megan Abbott and Gina Fattore also created Dare Me, which premiered on USA Network (Shooter) on December 29, 2019. The 10 episode first season of the TV series consists of approximately 42 to 52 minutes of each episode.

Dare Me is the story of two high school cheerleaders, Addy Hanlon (high school cheerleader) and Beth Cassidy (highschool cheerleader), in a small Midwestern community. Colette French, a new coach comes to their school and begins changing everything. Colette’s tactic helped keep Addy from Beth, and as a result, Addy is keeping their secrets apart.

Colette drags Addy & Beth to the murder trial of Sarge Will. It becomes even more complicated.

dare me season 2

Its combination of teenage drama and thriller crime elements in the series has earned it a lot of attention and praises. It was even one of Netflix’s top ten most-watched shows. IMDB rates the show 6.7/10. Meanwhile, Rotten Tomatoes gives Dare Me 85% critics’ review and 79% average audience score.

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With the enthusiasm of its viewers, will they continue watching Dare Me season 2 with their enthusiasm?

Are We Going to Ever Get Dare Me Season 2?

Dare Me season 2 was cancelled in April 2020. One of the reasons behind this cancelation is a**umed to be the USA Network’s shifted focus from fiction TV series to reality shows. Dare Me season 2 was also cancelled due to ratings and viewership.

However, there are still some hopes that the TV show could return if Netflix decides to change its mind or another network takes it up.

But, Dare Me season 2 has not been produced since its cancellation announcement in January. Fans might be ready to give up on their hopes for something that is unlikely to happen.

Dare Me Season 2: Possible Plot

dare me season 2

How would the Dare Me 2 story go if there was?

Megan Abbott (author) and Megan Abbott (showrunner), Dare Me will be continuing from the source material as the first season barely covers half the book.

Although there hasn’t been any official statement regarding what would happen in Dare Me season 2, we can expect it will tell us more about what actually happened to Sarge Will.

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At the end of the first season, we can conclude that Sarge Will didn’t kill himself, and that Colette and her husband were involved in his death.

What about Kurtz’s fate, who at the end of season 1 is being interrogated by the police? And how about Addy’s fate as well, given that her Hamsa bracelet was left at the crime scene? We might also examine the complex relationship between Addy, Colette.

Actually, fans really need Dare Me season 2, since there are so many questions that haven’t been answered. Maybe we need to accept the fact that there will always be mysteries.

Dare Me Season 2 – Who Would Be in It?

dare me season 2

Dare Me season 2 could be picked up by them. We can expect the main cast to return. This includes Herizen Guardiola playing Addy Hanlon and Marlo Kelly portraying Beth. Willa Fitzgerald plays Colette.

There would also be Chris Zylka as Kurtz, Rob Heaps as Colette’s husband Matt, Adrian Walters as Tibbs, and many others.

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