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Chess Anime
It is common for people to want to see a chess anime. The anime industry is one that is among the most successful and important in the modern world. From its inception in 1900, anime has evolved to become a popular entertainment product. It has become a cultural phenomenon worldwide. It’s almost like an international revolution. Everybody has seen anime at least once, and everyone remembers anime from their childhood (even though they didn’t know it was called “anime”) The community is asking for a chess anime many times. With anime becoming more popular, more people are starting to watch it. Many series are available that focus on chess in an interesting way. The wildly popular Netflix chess series Queen’s Gambit, where we learn the fascinating story of Beth Harmon. Chess fans will protest, saying “OK, where’s the chess anime that we all want?”

Watch the (Japanese Shogi) chess animation

Unless you are able to play shogi, there are no animes that relate to the chess game we all know and love. Shogi, the Japanese version of Chess, is very similar in its essence to chess. Shogi anime is Japanese because anime is Japanese.
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This is the closest to a chess anime you will find, with an intriguing plot that will remind you of the Bobby Fischer movie. ” Ryuo!” is an animation and light novel about a boy who won the national tournament of shogi at the tender age of 16. Even though it isn’t a chess-oriented anime, you can still enjoy this light novel. We can all agree that shogi may not be chess but it has the same spirit and nature as the chess series. This material will be of interest to anyone who enjoys the chess series. If you enjoy reading, you can still enjoy the light novel like a normal chess manga. Who knows? It is possible that one day an anime producer will use this material to inspire and create an animated version.

All Shogi Chess Anime

For Japanese Shogi is like Chess

1. The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!

The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done! Shogi Chess Anime
The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done!
If you wanted an anime with a mix of loli and shougi then The Ryuo’s Work is Never Done is the perfect anime for you. Other than the loli fan service the actual shougi gameplay is also quite good and entertaining.
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The story revolves around Yaichi Kuzuryū a prodigy shogi player who won the title of Ryūō at the young age of 16. Now a young 9-year-old girl Ai Hinatsuru wants to be his disciple. Astonished by Ai’s shogi potential, Yaichi agrees to become her master and the fun and entertaining story of two shougi prodigies begins. A lot of fun and romance along with exciting shougi matches. What more can you ask for? A definite must-watch.

2. March Comes in Like a Lion

March Comes in Like a Lion Shogi Chess Animation
March Comes in Like a Lion
This is more of a slice of life anime rather than a thriller. Our main protagonist Rei lives by himself after his parents and younger sister died in an accident. He was adopted in another family but he has been estranged. Now living his life as a struggling shogi player you get to experience his life as he matures as a player and as a person, while developing his relationships with the Kawamoto sisters. A great anime for those who love the slice-of-life genre of anime.

3. Shion no Ou (The Flowers of Hard Blood)

Shion no Ou (The Flowers of Hard Blood)
Shion no Ou (The Flowers of Hard Blood)
It is one of the most thrilling shougi anime ever made. The story revolves around Shion Yasuoka a young junior-high-school girl who just witnessed her parents’ murder. The killer takes the king piece from her father’s shogi board which is forever etched in her memory. She concludes that the killer must be a shogi player and decides to find the murderer.
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The shock of witnessing her parents’ murder renders Shion unable to speak and thus she communicates using only a writing pad. After being adopted by her neighbors Shion starts playing shogi herself in hopes to find her parents’ killer. A great anime filled with mystery, murder, and excitement as well as amazing shougi games. A must-watch for all shougi anime fans.

4. Bonus: Hikaru no Go

Bonus: Hikaru no Go
Bonus: Hikaru no Go
Hikaru No Go is not a Shougi anime but is based on a board game called GO. It’s one of the best and most loved anime board games ever made which is popular in the anime world. If you love board games like shougi you will love this anime a lot. The anime is quite old but has decent graphics nonetheless. The story and plot are quite dramatic and so entertaining that you will binge-watch the entire series. I know I did that myself. If you haven’t watched it then I recommend you do.

Is there a chess anime?

There are many anime that relate to other sports, such as football and volleyball. But, unfortunately, there aren’t any anime about chess. Although chess may be present in some animes, it is not the main argument.
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It would be great to see anime portrayed in anime. This is not something I’m the only one thinking about, but it doesn’t really depend on me. It’s a lucrative business, and it takes a lot to create anime. Let’s take a look at how the anime industry operates to better understand the potential for chess anime. First, you should remember that animes are almost always based on manga and light novels. We are more likely than not to see a complete chess anime with a manga based on chess. We will likely have a chess animation if there is a chess manga that people like and purchase. Haikyuu is just one of many sports animes! Yuri!, Kuroko No Basket, and! On Ice is rapidly becoming popular and loved by people so it would not be surprising to see a chess animation coming soon.

Refers to chess as an anime

We said that there aren’t any animes that treat chess directly (at least not the one we’re playing) as a key part of the series’ plot, like the queen’s gambit Netflix series. Many animes do relate to chess, or at the very least make it part of a scene.
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We see one of the most iconic cases in ” Youkoso Shijou Shugi ja Kyoushitsue (Classroom of the Elite). Episode 8″. There is a scene where one of the characters recreates chess from a study book. (Ironically, chess). In the No Game No Life anime, we also see the protagonists playing chess against the antagonists. Many decorations and scenarios in the anime feature chess pieces or references. The Code Geass anime shows the main characters playing chess to decide the fate and course of war. Although these aren’t chess animes, they provide a glimpse at how anime creators might portray chess in anime.

Will there be a chess anime in the future?

Many animes have different approaches to sports, such as the one we discussed above. There are many users online who would support this job if it were done. It’s only a matter time before some content creator sees an opportunity and puts his/her hand to the work. It would be a great idea to see an anime that focuses on chess, something not covered in the previous animes. Chess fans want anime that focuses on the game with care and is realistic.
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You might be surprised at how much anime is out there. Light novels are twice as common as animes, and possibly more. If I was you, I would not worry about the juicy chess anime that we all want to see. It will definitely come out soon!

Exciting Chess Party In Anime

These scenes are thrilling and keep viewers on the edge of the seats. They are also a favorite among fans. Let’s now take a look at the top chess anime series.

Death Note

Death Note Chess Anime
Death Note is the anime series that has kept viewers guessing the longest. Death Note’s main character is the Japanese National Tests’ first ranker. He is joined by his nemesis L. Light, an international detective. L forces Light to use his intellect to battle L in mind games to make sure L doesn’t think Light is Kira. The characters played chess together once while they spoke. It’s worth the effort to see their minds in a clash between blue and red.

Code Geass

Code Geass Lelouch Chess Anime
Lelouch, the animated Code Geass, is a Chess-master by nature. He hates the system, even though he is 17th in line for the Holy Britannia throne. He is a boy with high intelligence and often gets bored with his academic studies. Lelouch actually shows his chess skills in the very first minutes of the series. He gains the power of Geass and begins to plan his political career as a Chessmaster. He wants to fight Britannia and start a revolution.
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Best Chess Anime – No Game No Life

No Game No life Chess Party
The anime series, No Game No Life sees the first appearances of chess. When the siblings receive a link to take them to a match, it’s the beginning of chess. Shiro was able to learn all moves in a game, but she struggled with the human factor. Sora intervenes to help Shiro identify fake moves. So Shiro, Sora and Sora are the perfect combination to be a Chess-master. Sora’s knowledge of human behavior is what Shiro uses, while Shiro can use her logic.

Black Butler

Black Butler Chess Anime
Black Butler is an entertaining anime that mixes humor, Victorian references, mystery, and wit. Ciel Phantomhive, a 12-year old boy, is the main character. He is also the Chessmaster in our discussion. Ciel’s only goal in life is to get revenge on those who have wronged his. Ciel, Queens Guard Dog makes many tactical moves to achieve this end. It’s almost like playing chess. While he admitted that life was not a game, the young master seems to think so.


Kakegurui Chess Anime
Kakegurui is the anime that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats, among all the recent anime. The anime is primarily about gambling. However, one could argue that gambling is mostly all about luck. Yumeko Jabami is a student at an elite school that allows you to cheat until you’re caught. She brings a sharp intellect and uses it to compete against other students in high-stakes games. Contrary to many others, she engages with the other students in a battle for wits, luck and cheating to win.
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Bungou Stray Dogs

The anime series Bungou Stray Dogs is a different story, but it does have one important Chessmaster. Osamu Dazai might seem like a suicidal maniac, who is skilled at solving supernatural crimes. But he’s also much more. Since he first met Atsushi, he has been planning his life around him. Additional information: Fyodor Dostoevsky meets him in manga with chess boards surrounding them.

Durarara is the best chess anime! !

Durarara has one character that can play the role of Chessmaster! Izaya is that character. Izaya is very manipulative. He has at times manipulated nearly everyone in the series. He is known to focus on one person and manipulate them to create chaos without any reason. He is often seen playing chess and board games.

Moriarty, The Patriot

This list should not surprise Moriarty The Patriot. The main character, William James Moriarty who becomes the antagonist to Sherlock Holmes, has always had a plan. Because he is the lord over a criminal organization, he ensures that he has a backup plan. Many promotional photos for the anime show Sherlock and Moriarty holding chess pieces. Every interaction between them is like a chess match, with Moriarty being The Chessmaster.
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Here’s where we end our list. Did we miss any Chess and Chessmaster anime series yet? What series will you be next? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section. For more trivia, keep an eye on this page.
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