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Dark continent arc hxh

The Dark Continent Expedition arc (An Hei Da Lu Bian, Ankoku Tairiku-hen; ” is the eighth (officially seventh) story sequence of the series and runs from Chapter 334 through Chapter 348 in the manga. The arc came out after the ending of the anime’s original series and wasn’t animated in either of the adaptations. After the initial Chapter, Hunter x Hunter was removed from the show on the 14th of March in 2012, during where it was revealed that the mangaka was able to correct some illustrations to prepare in preparation for the release of the volumes 31 and 32. The series was published with tanksobon format. The chapters in the present were changed to the tankobon format, including Chapter 340. The arc was replaced in it’s successor, the Succession Contest arc.

The Special a**ignment – The dark continent premise in hxh

Kakin King dark continent hxh

Beans enters the room and yells about an emergency. Saiyu thinks Cheadle is looking to leave her seat. She promises that she will not let him down, and she lets Beans speak. Then, he shows a clip where Kakin Empire’s King Nasubi Hui Guo Rou announces the intention of his nation to explore the Dark Continent.

Introduction of Beyond Netero and his desire to go to the dark continent

It seems that the Zodiacs are shocked. But not Kanzai Kanzai, who is naive regarding the dark Continent along with Kakin’s King. Gel describes how it is believed that the Dark Continent could be a region that is not on from the globe map. It is also the place where magic creatures are believed to come from. 

Mizaistom states that each time mankind attempted to explore the area before, disaster was caused. 200 years ago there was a continental V5 forum ratified an agreement to not go there. Cheadle clarifies this Kakin can technically count as to be a new nation following their transition to a democratic parliamentary system 30 years ago. So they could have not renewed the agreement. Beans interrupts them by bringing up the more serious issue. In addition, the video features the King Hui Guo Rou as he introduces the man who will be the leader of the expedition: Beyond Netero who is the child of Late Isaac Netero.

Beyond Netero dark continent

The Zodiacs are again awestruck by the fact that they did not know Netero had one son. Gel suggests they should get confirmation. After Beyond begins the speech Saiyu asks if there is any reason to verify Netero’s son is his, because they are both similarities in their traits. Beyond Netero a**ures that he will ensure that everything is taken care of, and that everyone will be given the chance to be part of his team. He urges everyone to visit Kakin. The room shakes when the film concludes. Beans announces to them that there’s a second DVD that the chairman left with him, and which could only show to the entire membership of the Zodiacs when someone claims as his son. Because the Ging as well as Pariston aren’t present, Cheadle makes an announcement.


Zodiac vs Beyond Netero

In the meantime, people from all around the world are eager to follow Beyond who decides to defy the restrictions of the V5 regarding going to explore this Dark Continent and makes a speech to his Expedition Team (Pariston appears on the team) telling them he’s determined to explore areas that nobody else has before. Cheadle says to the Zodiacs they do not have wait around to wait for Ging or Pariston to view the film because she has approved the two requests of both to depart from the Zodiacs. Then, she announces the unique task she has been given straight from the V5 The V5: Go after beyond Netero.

Directors as well as the deputy secretary of the International Permit Agency (IPA) discuss the function of their agency in restricting travel to new places. Director says that Kakin has succeeded in avoiding the screening process because they haven’t signed the treaty and they are now demanding an unlimited access. If negotiations fail at the summit in June and they fail, it’s going to appear difficult to stop the Kakin. 

Director opens the door into the basement of the agency which is filled with horrendous crimes and wrung bodies which resulted from humanity’s efforts to colonize Dark Continent. In a discussion about the importance of preparation prior to undertaking the project is completed, the director hand over the volume to the new man in charge to explain that it has documents that were written many years back. He asks him to remember every single detail in the book while they walk along the basement. As they move along, one creature is slammed against the glass wall and takes the young man completely by surprise. Director explains that this creature is the only one to survive within their facility. It was once human and is self-sustaining for nearly 50 years, and is unable to go out and die.

Zodiac vs beyond netero dark continent hxh

The zodiac’s plan to prevent beyond Netero from reaching the dark continent

It is reported that the Zodiacs are shown an audio clip that shows Isaac Netero discussing the V5’s plan to investigate The Dark Continent, and requests that his son not be chosen as the leader of the expedition. The Zodiacs discuss this mission to search Beyond and discuss Ging’s potential participation. 

Beans arrives after receiving a phone call From Beyond himself. Beyond appears in front of the Zodiacs and tells them to inform the V5 that they’ve been able to capture him. The young man is reading an account of the earlier Dark Continent explorations and the Five Threats that were brought back by the explorations. Anxious and frightened by these reports, the boy thinks that the Dark Continent is no place for humans to ever return.

Cheadle interview Beyond who is in a prison cell in which Beyond states that Zodiacs are going to release him. Cheadle dismisses this as ridiculous and continues the conversation. Saccho Interprets the conversation in the form of Kanzai explaining it is because Kakin, as the the King of Kakin is allowing Beyond to enter Beyond to Dark Continent provided he makes the King famous. Beyond declares war on the Zodiacsand Cheadle accepts. Mizaistom tells Cheadle later that the V5 has granted permission for the trip into Beyond to Dark Continent, and the Zodiacs will join Beyond even if they do not want to.

Kurapika is reunited with and confronts Mizaistom over Mizaistom’s Scarlet Eyes

Kurapika scarlet eyes Dark Continent

In the meantime the Vice Secretary of the IPA makes a speech for the V5 which makes them realize the only method for them to stop Kakin is by using military power. He suggests that the V5 request the King Nasubi to be a part of with the Modern Nation Leaders and that they support his plan and take part in the potential profits and leaving King Nasubi deal with the aftermath. To ensure the safety of civilians, he recommends that the V5 to pretend that an island near those waters in the Dark Continent is the actual Dark Continent.

Introduction Kurapika in Dark Continent Arc

Cheadle calls Leorio Leorio and proposes to Leorio the opportunity to become Leorio’s contact and suggests that he be a Zodiac Leorio, since he was becoming a well-known name within Leorio’s Cheadle community. He initially declines and then asks for a different spot within the zodiacs. He suggests Kurapika and is followed by Mizaistom. Mizaistom is in contact with guards, and is confronted from Kurapika himself. Mizaistom utilizes his Scarlet Eyes owned by Tserriednich Hui Guo Rou The fourth prince of Kakin to provide a reason to convince Kurapika to join. 

Kurapika accepts. When traveling in a car Kurapika talks to Leorio at first in quite a time. Leorio inquires regarding Gon’s health and Leorio wants to know Kurapika’s address for email. Kurapika does not want to divulge the information. Kurapika acknowledges Mizaistom for his connection to Prince Tserriednich and a**ures him that he is able to manage the prince’s dark side.

Princes of Kaikin Tserriednich

They make it to their destination, the Hunter a**ociation building The Hunter a**ociation is where Leorio reconnects Kurapika and Leorio Kurapika briefly before being transported for a meeting. In the meeting, Cheadle informs the Zodiacs that the V5 has been replaced with V6 because Kakin is now part of the group. She also explains the cause of the failures of earlier Dark Continent expeditions: the Five Threats. The threat they posed were at level A, a level higher than Chimera Ants (B). Cheadle exposes their mission is to go to the next world to capture at minimum one of the threats , and bring it back in a safe manner and also take on Beyond.

 Kurapika is asking the rest of the Zodiacs to confirm if they’ve found Beyond’s group within the a**ociation in which case Beyond may have planned all this for the time his father passed away. Kurapika confirms Pariston and a few Temp Hunters are allies of Beyond. Mizaistom is the one who leads Kurapika out and tells Kurapika to not ask about a mole since the mole is at the ready. After returning each Zodiac explains their role in the journey.

Kurapika makes use of to test the Dowsing Chain to test Hunter Exam applicants

Dowsing chain Kurapika

Kurapika is the supervisor of the 289th Hunter Exam, where one of the tasks is to complete an a**essment of their understanding of Kakin’s imperialistic goals. He uses dowsing to determine who is lying, and consequently is working to achieve Beyond. Mizaistom is awed by his abilities however Kurapika claims that it’s not any more powerful than anyone with the same ability can counter this one. Mizaistom says that there isn’t a single person in the Zodiacs with a similar ability.

Ging Vs Pariston

In the meantime, Ging confronts Pariston in Beyond’s lair with the dual goal of joining the expedition of Beyond and stopping Pariston’s plans. He says that, based of what Hunter a**ociation will do concerning Beyond’s mission, Pariston might bring in 5,000 Chimera Ants. He says he will play with Pariston as long as Pariston is able to keep pace with the other. Pariston wants to know what he’s discovered and Ging clarifies that should you accept the Hunter a**ociation accepts the V5’s guidelines, Pariston will let loose up to 5,000 Chimeras out into the world which will cause chaos and force changes to the rules for him, as that is an ineffective course of actions. 

Ging Apparition

Pariston is furious and declares that Netero will never be a pacifist, to the rules, but would defy both V5 as well as his own son and head into his own Dark Continent on his own. Ging states that should you are a member of the Hunter a**ociation does decide to oppose the V5’s plans, Pariston will use the next Hunter Exam to persuade the 5,000 Nen-using Chimera Ants into the Hunter a**ociation. Members are hesitant about making Ging as their second-in-command. 

Introduction of Don Freecs Dark continent arc hxh

Ging promises to increase the pay of Beyond to them. Pariston shows no objection. Ging informs them about how to deal with the Five Threats, and how their threat levels were higher than those in the case of Chimera Ants since there was no defense against the Five Threats. One member questions Ging why he is able to know that much. Ging states his belief that his knowledge of the Dark Continent was being recorded by Don Freecss.

Nen of Gon and why Gon is out Dark Continent arc

Gon is trying to make use of his Nen but fails. Ging says how it existed, Gon just couldn’t see it. Ging informs Gon the possibility that this could be worse, and he advises Gon to search to find “something”. Gon follows Ging’s advice and makes his way back with Mito to Whale Island and Mito. When Mito asks Mito to explain why he’s disappointed by the fact that he was unable to travel, Gon says that he could be a burden because of his absence of Nen and adds his aim was to locate Ging and not to be able to meet him.

Ging helps the Expedition Team members Dark Continent

Ging Nen Dark Continent hxh arcs

A month after, Ging continues to display his skill and knowledge to members of the Expedition Team, gaining their respect. Pariston suddenly appears and reveals the failure of the a**assins who were sent on be tested in the Hunter Exam. He recognizes the abilities that his replacement, Kurapika. The a**assin Muherr Muherr, a**erts Kurapika has the ability to discern minds. He tells Ging to go, believing that he could be an agent for The Hunter a**ociation. Yet, Ging a**ures him that his intention is to help Beyond however, he is not going to put an end to Pariston. 

Usamen is in agreement with this a**ertion by advising Muherr to take a couple of days to understand why Ging should be the second person in line. Then all the Temp Hunters arrive and reveal that the number 2 will not be on the command chain. They force Ging or Pariston to quit. Ging has an alternative: the a**assins go away, while Pariston was of the opinion that the a**assins must be executed. Muherr is able to get his a**assins attack Ging and Pariston which is why they run.

 Ging employs Leorio’s remote punch technique to take on their attackers. Ging also makes use of his aura to create an ultrasound that can be used to identify enemies. This is used to locate the two other henchmen and then knock them out. When they do not find any adversaries, Pariston reasons that they had to have fled, however Ging responds by saying that they had completed their mission. The entire plot was set through Pariston himself.

Ging Try Ging tries to overtake Pariston with his communication skills and knowledge

He discovered this when an individual of Temp Hunters failed to present the possibility of both Ging and Pariston to leave as a possibility. Muherr is unsure of how they worked out the plan. Ging is more worried about his troops, declaring that they’re not strong enough to be able to survive to survive in the Dark Continent. Muherr says that they’re only back-ups; their shooting is taken care of with Golem. Ging is amazed by the capabilities of Golem however, Golem isn’t willing to provide additional details regarding their identity.

Ging demands to have the soldiers pay his money, however Muherr says that the soldiers cannot be bought using money. He questions Ging’s motives in supporting the soldiers. Ging states that he did not know the primary reason however there could be many possible motives. Ging reveals that he would like to help Beyond but is unable to defeat Pariston and that the money could be considered an offer and as a way to make it easier. Muherr eventually agrees to speak with the soldiers. Ging declares himself number 2 however, he asks him to be the leader in awe of what he’d like to do. Ging says he’ll not hesitate to speak up.

First Prince Benjamin contacts his brother

In Kakin In Kakin, Prince Benjamin communicates with the younger Prince Tserriednich inform him that his father accepted the proposal that the one who can be able to survive through the Dark Continent would be King. Excited by the news prince Tserriednich declares that the victory will be his and he mocks his brother’s intelligence. His subordinates who have taken Hunter Exams have shown their success. Hunter Exam reveal their success in becoming Hunters.

Benjamin prince Kakin

After getting rid of the spies from two years of the Hunter Exam, Kurapika and Mizaistom remain focused upon the potential of finding a mole in the Zodiacs. Kurapika is willing to conduct a test in the privacy of their homes while Mizaistom collects them to reveal specifics about their capabilities. Zodiacs that are normally divided by politics collaborated to aid in the mission in order to show their cooperation and thus the innocence. Because there is the least chance of failing, Mizaistom asks Kurapika to be attentive to the other members as they discuss their capabilities and discover the lie. Mizaistom, during the gathering, is open about the possibility of spying. While they talk in turn, Kurapika reveals the informant to be Saiyu. … test

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