Dark Romance Anime : Our Top 20+

With a growing pool of anime viewers being adults, a demand for dark and gritty shows is on the rise. While some of these shows solely rely on gore and violence to be appealing to a mature audience, there are others that adopt darker themes that delve into the deepest of human emotions to offer you an unforgettable experience. But be warned, some of these anime have such extremely desolate aesthetics that they’ll make you feel miserable and hopeless.

These anime either have very bizarre and unorthodox themes or have characters and stories that make you see the darker side of the world. So without further ado, here’s the list of the darkest anime ever made. These top-rated dark anime can be viewed on Crunchyroll or Netflix, as well as Hulu.

From the New World

from the new world animeme

From the New World presents romance as it is in real-life. While it is essential, it is not the central theme of the story. As the world changes, a small group of children develop complex and shifting feelings towards each other. It is fascinating to watch the interconnectedness of the relationships. The world may appear innocent at first, but as children grow up, you will discover a dark side to it.

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myself yourself anime

This series is full of drama. In this small group, you can discuss any dark or dramatic topic. Sometimes that is exactly what you want. You just want to see these people suffering and feel any romantic feelings that would make them feel better.


nana romance anime

Nana is a series that shows people who are as unhappy in their relationships as they are in real-life. You can see the dynamics between these two women and the people they choose to be with.

Mysterious Girlfriend, X

mysterious girlfriend x

As dark romances go, this series isn’t quite as dark as it could be. Its realistic drama actually makes the series darker. As you see the transformation of his girlfriend, the main character jumps between many emotions about his girlfriend.

Flowers of Evil

flower of evil anime

It is difficult to watch this animation. It’s difficult because of the subject matter. The characters – Well, you get the point. Flowers of Evil is a difficult romance to watch. This is entirely by design. Many romance series focus on the positive aspects of humanity. This series is one of the few that highlight the negative aspects of human nature and relationships.

Scum’s Wish

anime series like scums wish

Scum’s Wish is an exploration of romantic relationships when every one is just the worst kind of person they could be. This show makes you hate the characters. It does this in the best possible manner. If you don’t actually want to feel good watching a romance, this is it.

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Future Diary

murdery yuno from future diary

Future Diary’s relationship is a wonderful blend of horror and romance. He wants to live but is horrified by the psychotic yandere who loves him so much that he threatens his life. He fears her but she protects his life. Is he able to love her? It’s hard to ignore the devotion of a girl who will kill anyone for your good.

Koi Kaze

koi kaze anime

Even though it is an older series, it is still worth the time. Koi Kaze is the only anime series to explore incest in a mature manner. It doesn’t make it seem like it is meant to shock you, or turn it into an ecchi-joke.

School Days

school days romance

School Days is a parody of the dramatism genre that has become infamous in anime. It pushes the boundaries of drama and teaches us how to be a manslut.


kemonozume love

This is the classic Romeo and Juliet story. The guy is a monster hunter and the girl is an eating monster. The two fall in love, and it is both heartbreakingly and awkwardly sexual.



It’s not impossible, but it is rare to have vampire romance and not have it be dark. Blood+ is more complex than the usual vampire romance, perhaps because they place action ahead of feelings. Blood+’s complex plot and complicated relationships are what make it a top-tier series.

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It’s a romance between two human men who accidentally brought back a girl to life while she was trying suicide. They then began to date. They were married for a long time. He loves her and he is a gusher. She tries not to eat him. It’s a wild ride.

The NHK is your home


Although romance is not the main focus of the show it is an integral part of it. At first glance, the romance that does occur seems innocent and even helpful. But you quickly discover that it is not all that simple. As the whole of Welcome to the NHK can be described as “kind of messed up,” it is par for the course.

omestic Girlfriend

Domestic Girlfriend is funny at times, but it’s a romantic comedy with a lot of heart. A man falls for a girl after his teacher refuses to recognize his feelings. After his father’s divorce, it turns out that the girl and her sister (the aforementioned teacher) are his stepsisters. This revelation does not mean that the romance ends. The romance gets more complicated when two sisters vie for the same candy-flavored boy parts.

Vampire Knight


In most cases, vampire romance is dark love. Vampire Knight has a lot of Anne Rice vibes. The show is filled with action but the romance is often drowned in drama. It becomes more dark and uncomfortable as the show explores the complicated pasts and incests of the main characters.

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Dusk Maiden, Amnesia


This series has a lot of fun. The main character basically hangs out with a hot ghost and is being flirted by. The romance between a ghost-human boy is dark and sinister. However, you get to learn more about her dark past through the series.

Devils Line

devils line anime

Vampire stories are often dark romances. The Devil’s Line is the exact same. Although the vampire is aware that he has his own desires, he attempts to hide his feelings but the romance moves on regardless. Unfortunately, the anime didn’t make it to all the bondage-laden sexy times that the manga has. 🙁

Elfen Lied

It is a show that enjoys shocking violence and the removal of body parts. However, it also likes the mixed emotions that occur between its characters. Although romance is less important than the intrigue and plot, it still plays an important role.

Do you know of any other dark romance anime series that people might enjoy? Leave your dark romance anime suggestions in the comments below.

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