Dauper Aot : Everything You Need To Know

dauper aot

In Aot Dauper, This village is mostly inhabited by hunters. This village is found in the south region of the pink Wall.

Dauper is the hometown of Sasha braus.

CONTEXT Dauper Aot

dauper attack on titans

The Maria Wall fell, and the Dauper village began to experience food shortages. This was due to large numbers of refugees and a lack of hunting resources.

Some residents decided to give up hunting, the village’s traditional practice, and instead choose farming as a safer, more consistent, and more efficient method of producing food. They were also offered a payment by the capital if they raise horses.

Sasha’s father was one who ended his hunting business. However, he believed that people should work together for humanity’s benefit. Sasha, unlike her father was a disgruntled person who “forced” them from their traditional way of living.

This father-daughter conflict caused Sasha to leave home and join the Army.

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STORY Dauper Aot


Mike Zacharias split the recruits in four groups and sent them to warn nearby villages when the Titans appeared in the Pink Wall. Sasha was assigned to the northern group and was sent to Dauper.
She saw a new village that had been built in the region over the past three year, and was at the time she arrived, under attack from the Titans.

After saving a child left behind by the evacuation, and fighting a giant with a bow & arrow, Sasha set out into the forest. There, she met people from her village, including her father who were giving horses to the local people. Sasha joined them and joyfully declared “I’m home!” “.

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