Did Denji Eat Makima In Chainsaw Man? : All Informations

Did Denji Eat Makima In Chainsaw Man? : All Informations

Denji Eat Makima, Denji defeated Makima, and he also eats Makima. Denji is eating Makima. However, since he isn’t doing it as the Chainsaw Devil we don’t know if this will actually work in permanently erasing Makima from existence. It’s possible for Makima to come back even if it’s only in small pieces.

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In the same manner, is Denji a devilman. Chainsaw Man has swooped in to take cues from the shonen-classic Devilman in Denji’s protagonist. A young man is trying to pay his father’s debts, selling his organs, and killing devils using the help of Pochita, his chainsaw-dog.

Did Denji Eat Makima In Chainsaw Man?

Did Denji and Power sleep together? Power screams from the back about Power being attacked. Denji is shocked that, despite their intimate act, they don’t feel sexually connected.

Is Makima still alive? After it fired a gunshot through her skull, she was later killed by Gun Devil. She has been confirmed to have been shot through the head 26 times since her death at the hands of Gun Devil.

does Denji eat Makima at Chainsaw Man‘s end?

does Denji eat Makima at Chainsaw Man's end?

In the last chapters of Part 1, Makima and Denji met in their final confrontation. Makima places her injured hand on Denji’s face and holds it there for a while as about twenty-six members of the public security levitate behind her. Chains appear and pull away from their chests, binding Makima. Makima takes the cord from Denji’s chest, salutes him and then quickly decapitates his victim.

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Her head suddenly falls off and the head of a member of Public Security is now free to fly away. Makima’s head then flies back towards her body, pulling back the lines of her blood. Denji attempts to hit her with his left hand, but Makima dodges him and hits him in his face. Denji then slashes her chest with the right arm.

Chainsaw man

Makima is able to regenerate while Makima is still chained. Makima launches a series punches at Denji, hitting him in the chest with each successive punch. Blood spurts from his mouth and one last blow hits his chest, before he manages cut her head. Denji is kicked in the chest by a headless Makima, who pushes him back and her head starts to return to her neck.

Makima’s head is reattached and it strikes Denji’s arm. Her right arm goes flying, while Denji’s left arm is smashed. As Denji’s leg is reattached, Makima kicks him again. The chainsaw then emerges from her leg and she is kicked by the latter as he chops her in half. Makima’s lower half and torso quickly stick together and she turns around to punch a hole in Denji’s chest.

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The end does Denji eat Makima at Chainsaw Man's

He turns to her and she grabs a bit of his gut before kick him again. His chest is ripped open as his arms are ripped off. Makima grabs Denji’s armless, wounded corpse by his handle and pulls Pochita using her right arm. Slowly pulling Pochita from his body, Makima informs Denji that even though her hands were bare, he was still lost to her. He wasn’t a chainsawman.

She questions Denji about how she managed to get him to give up his life, and how she would ever be able bring Chainsaw Man back. Denji starts to spit blood on Makima’s face. Chainsaw Man did not spit in other people’s faces, Makima says. She continues to tell him that Chainsaw Man was not wearing clothes or talking, and just messed everything up.

End chainsaw man

She claims that Denji, despite his ignorance, was always chosen as the chainsawman, and must die standing between Makima, the chainsawman, and Makima. Makima pulls Pochita out of Denji’s chest. He coughs up blood and his head falls to the ground. Makima stares at his limp body. She then leaves.

Denji, a man who is a few yards behind Makima takes a slow rise from the dead bodies pile and puts on an oversize public safety uniform. When Makima notices him, Denji takes out a chainsaw to cut her chest. Makima gasps in shock as blood spurts out of her chest. Denji watches over her.

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does Denji eat Makima

Denji declares that Makima is finally letting down her guard and tells her that Pochita will be his. He bends down to pick up Pochita and says that what he did was dangerous and that he had used all of the Blood Power he received from their contract. Makima is now bleeding from the nose and mouth. Denji replied that she was fighting Pochita all along and that he had a vague recollection of how Pochita stood up.

Makima is still bleeding. Denji tells her that the chainsaw that he used for cutting her was made of the Blood he received from Power and that he let it “go wild”. Makima responds, “It’s barely sufficient to …”,” to which Denji replies that he didn’t believe he could kill her using such a cheap tool. Denji is able to see a van pulling up behind him, and he declares that Kishibe was there for them. Before directing the chainsaw at Makima, he tells Makima that he’s sorry.

does Denji eat Makima at Chainsaw Man's end?

Denji later talks to himself as he closes the door to his apartment. He asks Kishib what he said. Then he sighs and goes to the fridge to mutter that ‘he’s hungry. Denji pulls out a small container from the fridge. The fridge is full of locked boxes and Denji tells Makima that he still loves Makima, despite all the events.

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He begins to cook, cutting an onion and frying the pieces. He says he cannot forgive Makima for killing everyone. He claims that that’s why it is that he would share with her the guilt of his sins and wonders what he would do. He entertains the idea of grabbing onto her with a bomb to commit double suicide, but he counters that it did not happen.

Denji eat Makima at Chainsaw Man end

However, he says that he learned from this experience how to fight for her and become one with them. Denji is now preparing his meal. It consists of a small bowl with miso soup and white rice and a side of meat and fried onions and ginger. Denji does the Japanese Itadakimasu, before enjoying a bowl of miso soup.

He takes a bite of the ginger-fried onions and meat, and declares it delicious. He starts to eat the rice and realizes that Makima was exactly what he had tasted.

Denji eats Makima because of its health benefits.

Denji eats Makima because of its health benefits.

Kishibe is told by Denji that he ate Makima whole, and that she wasn’t revived in either his stomach or in the toilet. Kishibe questions Denji about how he killed her, even though the attacks didn’t have any effect on her. Denji responds that he didn’t mean to harm Makima. He also said that Makima became one with him when he ate Makima.

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Kishibe informs him that he accidentally found a way to circumvent their contract. Denji then questions Denji about how he was able to attack Makima and not have her notice him. Denji said that he realized Makima senses people only through their senses of smell, not their faces. So he took a chance. He was certain that Makima saw only the chainsaw man all the time he knew him.


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