Drawing Anime Girl Body : How to Draw Anime Girl Body
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Drawing Anime Girl Body : How to Draw Anime Girl Body

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how to draw anime girl

If you’re looking to draw your preferred anime character, or even your own creating the body of your character can be a daunting task. The characters of anime can differ in both size and shape however, you should begin by drawing them in human proportions prior to transforming their appearance to create your own. Although proportions are the same for female and male characters however, their body shapes differ little. If you spend a little time and practice you’ll be able draw any anime Girl Body character!

However, before you start, you should know that in this post we have not covered all aspects of drawing because it is too big. If you would like to have more detailed options on how to draw a girl’s body even more perfectly. We suggest you to find books available on Amazon. They are very well known in the industry and have very good reviews especially considering the price.

Tutorial Video 1 How To Draw Anime Girl Body

Step 1 – Draw the Overall Shape of the Female Body

Step 1 - Draw the Overall Shape of the Female Body

Anime girl entire body structure

The most crucial aspects to consider when drawing the complete figure is the proportions, or the relationship of the body parts to one another. All parts must be in the proper proportions otherwise, your figure will appear strange.

Certain styles can deliberately overexaggerate specific proportions (like the large eyes in anime for instance) however there are guidelines to be followed when drawing.

To draw the forward view of the girl , you need to begin by drawing the vertical line. This will create all sides appear more uniform. If you’re drawing two different views at the same time, you can include horizontal lines to ensure that the various body parts are in line with each other.

Drawing both perspectives at the same time is a great exercise. If you’re good at drawing a specific body area in one view, but not in the other this may help.

Drawing the Head Anime Girl Body

Drawing the Head Anime Girl Body

Anime girl head structure

Begin by drawing your head with no little aspects. When you are looking at the front, you can draw an outline of a circle that will help you to determine the form of the head’s top. In the side view , it will be a slightly oval.

Drawing the Body

Drawing the Body Anime Girl Body

Anime girl body structure

If we were drawing an authentic style the body would be twice as large as two heads side-by-side (not not including hair). However, since we draw anime, we draw the head a little larger than the other, and the body will be smaller.

The body’s shape (when taking the perspective of the back) should be like an hourglass.

You can draw small circles to help understand the shape of your shoulders. In the future, we’ll draw these circles to mark joints.

Drawing the Arms Anime Girl Body

Drawing the Arms Anime Girl Body

Anime girl arm structure

Draw your arms starting at the shoulders and move them to the lower part of the arms. It is possible to draw circles to show the joints’ position.

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Drawing the Legs – Anime Girl Body

Drawing the Legs Anime Girl Body

Anime girl leg structure

The legs should measure approximately 50% of your entire body.

Your feet (when taking a side-view) should be approximately length of the distance from wrists up to the elbow.

It is possible to notice that in the front view, feet extend slightly beyond the vertical alignment line at the bottom. This isn’t an error. This is because if you turn the person around in the same direction, her feet will be closer to the camera in front view as opposed to the rear view.

Tutorial Video 2 How To Draw Anime Girl Body

Step 2 – Clean Up Your Drawing

Step 2 - Clean Up Your Drawing

Drawing anime girl body

Make sure to clean up your drawing once you’ve established the basic outline of your body. It is also possible to add small aspects like the neck collar bones as well as appearance of knees in the view from the front.

Step 3 – Draw the Details Anime Girl Body

Step 3 - Draw the Details Anime Girl Body

Drawing anime girl details

Then, drawn out, draw in the details like the hair, facial features and other hairstyles.

We will not get into the specifics of drawing them in this tutorial since they have been covered in other tutorials on this website.

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Step 4 – Draw the Clothes

Step 4 - Draw the Clothes

Drawing anime girl with clothing

To design the clothes, we’ll sketch a few items. We will draw shorts, a shirt and socks.

Because these kinds of clothes are quite slim and tight, they will be a perfect fit to the overall shape and outline of your body.

Begin by drawing lines that represent each item of clothing. Draw these lines with elegant curves that fit the contours that the human body. (For instance, that the top part of socks shouldn’t just be a straight line but a curve that shows how the material of socks actually wraps around your leg.)

It is also possible to add simple folds to give the appear more natural.

Step 5 – Add Color & Shading On Anime Girl Body

Step 5 - Add Color & Shading On Anime Girl Body

Anime girl with shading and color

For finishing touches, give some basic shading and color.

In this video, we’ll draw as if our model is standing in typical lighting conditions, either outdoors or inside, and is facing the light source high above her.

Any area of the body that is exposed to less light will appear darker.

In this instance, you could add the following:

  • Neck/shoulder region
  • The legs’ inner parts (front view)
  • Arms’ inner sides (front view)
  • Below the knees
  • The back of legs (side view)


There are a lot to things to remember when drawing a complete physique of an animation character. It is important that you have the right proportions while keeping the overall style. Luckily, the majority of anime-style body types are somewhat like real body parts, therefore you can view images of real-life people if you’re looking for some inspiration.

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