When Will Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date ?

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 has brought joy to its viewers during these dark days of the coronavirus epidemic. This program is great for families to enjoy together. Fans have been waiting for season 3 since the release of Dream Home Makeover season 2, which was over a year ago.



Syd and Shea McGee, an entrepreneur couple, transform people’s homes to create the living spaces of their dreams. In Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover, the McGees will welcome a new member into their family. They also manage their interior design company and furniture and decor business.

This reality series is ideal for those who are interested in interior design and home improvement. This reality series features everything, from small-scale, inexpensive interior renovations to big-scale, costly home remodels. Shea and Syd learn more about their clients and gain insight into their lives as they work together. As they build their business, this season offers a peek into the private lives of the McGees.



Shea and Syd embark on six home renovations this season as they prepare for their third child’s arrival. The first is to transform a basement in Utah into the perfect hangout space. They then tackle an interior design project on a new home in Southern California. They then help a family from Utah remodel their living room in honor of a loved one who has passed away. They renovated the first suite of a two-section San Francisco home for a family that had a newborn. They also remodel a bedroom for a woman who lost her home in a fire and are rebuilding it. They also give a much-needed upgrade to a kitchen for a couple living in Southern California.

Season 4 of Dream Home Makeover Season 4 will continue the same format as previous seasons with Shea and Son leading. They would work with clients to renovate different projects while raising three daughters (not one, Margot McGee was also born in July 2002).

This was evident in Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover. As their children grow up, so will their shared goals. This could result in bigger businesses and more customers.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Dream Home Makeover is now available on Netflix. It will debut Wednesday, July 27, 2017. Syd and Shea confirmed the news via their Studio McGee website. They wrote, “After nearly two years of filming we are so excited that we announce that Season 3 on our Netflix show, ‘Dream Home Makeover,’ will be available for viewing on July 27!”

Both the series received positive reviews from critics and the public. IMDb gave the series a rating of 5.7 out 10 stars. If you are also eagerly awaiting season 3, we have something for your! So yes! Cosmopolitan reports that season 3 of Dream Home Makeover is confirmed for all viewers. This means viewers will be able to see more eye-catching home renovations.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Story

Each episode focuses on a single project. This could be anything, from one room in a home to the entire property. Syd and Shea visit the homes of the clients to see the areas they are remodeling. They try to find out what their clients want in a space through conversations and site visits. They are parents and understand the importance of functionality and comfort, which is a major influence on the design ideas.

Season 2 sees them working on a variety of projects including Travis Hansen’s house, the Chiu family’s mountain retreat home family room, and the Winkelmans master bathroom. As they work on projects with their clients, they find creative ways to decorate the newly-moved-in house. Shea and Syd will make fantasy rooms in new properties and rooms if there is a third series.

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Dream House Makeoverseason 2 follows a similar pattern to the first season. McGees visit different homes to make their homes more beautiful. We’d see homeowners return home to see the amazing transformations that their home had undergone at the end of each episode.

Dream House Makeover season 2 follows a similar pattern to the first. We get to see the McGees as they make something beautiful and balance their lives with their daughters. We learn about the families, aspirations and lives of the homeowners. We also get to see some of the design process, but this time Shae is doing a lot more hammering.

While the series is entertaining and fun to watch, Dream House Makeover season two offers little new. This series is for those who want something light and non-committal. This series takes you into the homes of these beautiful people and shows how they transform into something new and amazing. It’s six episodes long and contains heart-warming moments as well as a variety of flavour families, which keep it fresh and engaging.

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2
DREAM HOME MAKEOVER S3 (L to R) Syd and Shea McGee from Studio McGee in Dream Home Makeover S3. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

The McGees will tackle this season with different budgets than the first. The first episode was a multi-million dollar deal. These homes are stunning and it’s quite fun to see them transform into something new.

The inconsistent 3D text in Dream Home Makeoverseason 2, just like the first season, is also annoying. Thank goodness for the production quality, as all episodes, homes and people look amazing.

One complaint I have about this season is the fact that it was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, but nobody wore masks outside. Perhaps it’s me, but I find it a little irresponsible not to feature this on a Netflix series. We do see the McGees’ efforts to maneuver the lockdown, and how they worked with Zoom calls. This made the pandemic issues even more real.

Similar to The House Edit, the McGees gained a following on social media when Shea started posting photos of her designs on Instagram. Soon, they sold their home and started a business that included an interior design company as well as a furniture and decor line. The couple, along with their two daughters, are now in Utah building their dream home. Pilot alternates between working on a client’s extra living space and building their own house. They only have two months before they must move out of their rental.

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

The pilot gives us a glimpse into Syd’s and Shea’s relationship. Shea does most of the work, but Syd is the CEO. We don’t get to see the entire design process like you might have seen on other shows. Instead, we are given the general idea of Shea’s plan for the space. Then it is assembled out of sight when the family returns home. Dream Home Makeover follows a proven formula so that you will recognize every beat from the initial greetings to the floorplan explanation to the emotional reveal. You see the point.

You can find every home makeover show you can think of: Fixer Upper Extreme Makeover Home Edition (maybe without all the crying), Keep Here, Flip, or Flop…you get the idea. This is also a bit like The House Edit in that clients projects are confined to a specific area rather than the entire home.

It’s no surprise that Netflix is continuing to add their many hats to the growing popularity of home makeovers and design shows. Dream Home Makeover is very forgettable, even though it’s not offensive. Although they try to make a memorable hook by including McGee’s home construction in the series, it’s not exciting, original, or emotionally compelling enough to stand out. Although the McGees are a talented couple, another show about a wealthy white couple creating spaces that look the same as all the others doesn’t seem right.

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Dream Home Makeover is as obvious as its title. Shea frequently makes obvious comments about the unique challenges that tight budgets present for designing spaces (like we haven’t seen this type of show before), and their couch interviews are like ghosts from home improvement shows past. Their chemistry isn’t strong enough to make them the next Chip and Joanna. It doesn’t help that fixer upper and many other couple-based home improvements shows are already thriving. It’s possible, but it doesn’t feel like the friendly neighbor you can wave to every once in a while when you leave the house. This is not the family for whom you roll down your windows.

Despite all that, I am confident this show will be loved by many. It’s exactly the kind of home design we crave (especially during COVID), and may just be what we need. Dream Home Makeover is not harmful. The aesthetic is the same as everything we see on design instagrams and shows. It doesn’t do anything new or exciting. While I could put it on while I wash my clothes or clean my house, it isn’t something I would recommend to others. The name alone will drive me insane, until I forget it.

Call Family is enjoying their new space and Shea’s voiceover describes Studio McGees’ goal to make people love where they live.

Recap of Dream Home Makeover Season 2

Shea, on the way to the first client the show visits, says that “we make an excellent team.” Syd replies “Who would’ve thought?” Groan. It is probably in keeping with the show’s on-the-nose nature.

You can skip it, but you don’t have to stop watching if you have seen every good home improvement show and need some inspiration. This is great home improvement material. It’s difficult to argue for Dream House Makeover‘s place in the queue, considering there are many other people doing more exciting and innovative things.

Netflix’s marketing of the premise is my only complaint. They call it a “makeover for real families”. The family has an indoor basketball court in the first episode. Although we understand that house values don’t define “real families”, Netflix would have been better served if there were more homes and different demographics. While the “American dream” can be captivating for a while, it is only a marketing point for suburban nuclear families. The series was launched in 2021. Let’s make it a little more broad.

However, that’s not the point. Those who need inspiration can watch Dream Home Makeoverseason 2. They will feel inspired by their imagination and long for Studio McGee to visit their home soon. This series also shows how Netflix can read the room on important days of the year.

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 Cast

Syd McGee (a real couple) runs two businesses. Studio McGee is an interior design firm, while McGee & Co. sells furniture and accessories. Shea created the first house and started sharing photos on Instagram.

Her work was quickly noticed by her family and friends. This eventually led to paying customers. They have a clear division of labor. Syd, the CEO, is responsible for the creative aspects of both businesses. Shea is Shea. They work together with their team to plan and execute the physical remodeling.

Wren and Ivy are both young girls who appear occasionally in the series. They are also children of Syd and Shea. Every episode has a different remodeling project, so we keep meeting new clients. If the show is renewed, Syd and Shea will be back with their team to help a new client set.

Where can I stream Dream Home Makeover Season 3 on Netflix?

Where can I stream Dream Home Makeover Season 3 on Netflix?

Dream Home Makeover Season 3 will soon be released. The series will only be available on Netflix. All previous episodes of Season 1 & 2 are also available on the streaming service with a variety of membership options. You can stream Netflix on multiple screens depending on which package you choose. All of their services include the ability to stream movies and TV shows on your mobile device at no extra cost.

Is there a trailer of Dream Home Makeover season 3?

A clip from an upcoming episode was posted by the McGee family on Instagram. Syd and Shea, along with their 170 employees, move into a new Salt Lake City office. They continue working on “Dream Rooms”, while Shea is pregnant.

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