Ducobu 4: Everything You Need To Know

Ducobu 4: Everything You Need To Know

Ducobu 4 movie, “The Last of the Flowers,” is out on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. This is a performance worthy of a contemporary title.

This success can be explained by Elie Semoun’s desire to keep promoting his role as a cantankerous teacher, the colorful characters and the universality of school theme. What is the difference between this opus and previous ones? We have all the answers… plus more!

Ducobu President Synopsis


It’s time to go back to school in Saint-Potache. A German man arrives at the school and proposes that a student president be elected. The event inspires enthusiasm among almost everyone, particularly Leonie, and Ducobu who both choose to present themselves. Leonie will work hard to become the president of the students, thanks to Gustave Latouche and some of her students.

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Ducobu, who is a notorious scoundrel, will use her fame as a cheater and scrooge to be elected with the support Mr. Kitrish, and a certain Denise. Latouche is constantly annoyed by the school’s status as a playground after it has been elected. With the support of Leonie, and some students who voted for Leonie as president of the students, he decided to create a resistance group.

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All there is to know

Ducobu 4 All there is to know

The films based on Ducobu’s character have experienced ups and downs, just like any student’s grades. Philippe de Chauveron’s second film, despite receiving 1.5 million admissions, did not confirm this score. This was no doubt due to the holiday theme that kept our hero from Saint-Potache, his everlasting graveyard of his mistakes.

Elie Semoun, the interpreter of Latouche’s famous teacher (and his mother), took over production to assume not only the role as the leading actor but also the co-screenwriter/director, a position he is taking on for the first times in his career. This is a paying implication. The third feature film, released in early 2020, had the luxury of surpassing the number of entries for its first part. This opened the door to a fourth adaptation. The next step was to find the right ideas.

Ducobu 4 All there is to know

Two decades ago, Elie Semoun told us that we began writing the fourth film. As the elections approached, we found it hilarious to discuss it in Ducobu. We also wanted to laugh at the so-called modern methods for teaching that were opposed to the somewhat backward-looking Latouche style. It was funny to create a new character that would like Ducobu, and cause some discord between him and Leonie.
These are the three main axes of the film. The new school year has just started and the students are asked to decide their fate.

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They will also be required to vote for the person who can make their future better by creating the Saint-Potache educational program. Flarft, a Flaffenstein educational advisor, has an innovative approach.
There are five students running for the position, which includes naturally Leonie, Ducobu and Karine. This gives them an opportunity to get some great passes, particularly since each candidate gets support from his campaign team. Karine, the recurring character, takes the lead alongside Leonie. Moreover, Saint-Potache’s famous new student, who is a fan Ducobu, will do whatever it takes to help her hero.

All there is to know About Ducobu 4

The film’s first section sets the pace and parallels the duos Leonie/Ducobu on one hand, and Latouche/Flarft the other, each adult trying to influence the election results to their advantage. Semoun, who is still very first, launches some pikes. An electoral program that relies solely on xenophobia, fortunately defeated by the children, and questionable electoral strategies (overcollage campaign, disinformation campaign etc.). And, above all, some truths about the address from a relatively close past like this line from Ducobu’s campaign: “It wouldn’t be the first occasion that even a nobody became President!
It would have been more appreciated if the methods used by the child-king to teach were more critical.

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The film’s second half is still a great movie, thanks to the prompt implementation of the program by the chosen one. This part, which features visual gags and a great soundtrack, is the best part of the film. It’s performed by children and adults as well as actors.
Semoun says, “I love directing.” But, the most important thing is to pick the right actors, especially the children so that everything runs smoothly. Sometimes it is difficult to direct them. It was difficult for me to get them to play robot roles, but they are happy when it is over.
Casting has been a strength. We have retained the same actors as in Ducobu 3.

Ducobu 4

This allows us to get into the film’s spirit. It is a mixed family film, especially since it opens with the Ducobu and the Gratins being installed. This will cause some inconvenience. A few guest stars are present, including Vincent Taloche and Franck Dubosc, who is a “rather beefy server” [ sic], while Gerard Jugnot, whose role expands to our greatest pleasure, makes the apology for his cheating in adult life.

The episode’s second episode shows that Latouche’s relationship with his mother (both played in this episode by Elie Semoun), is less prominent than the previous. Latouche’s contrast with Ducobu is still evident, but his interactions with Mlle Rateau, his girlfriend, and Flarft help to enhance his character.
Ducobu president! This is the comedy for families that you should not miss this summer.

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What is a suite Ducobu 4?

Elie Semoun: “I would love to make a Ducobu 5,” but this will depend on how the fourth film is received.
The comedian admits that he doesn’t know if there will be a sequel. He does not end the film without continuing to build the relationship between Latouche’s girlfriend Mlle Ratau. This is a sign of possible future developments in the fifth opus.



She isn’t forgotten! This amazing credits was made from Godi’s drawings: “It took Godi over a month to create the credits,” Semoun explains. It was a crazy work but important for me as Dubobu still comes to the band drawn. I was very pleased with the final result. It is original and beautiful.

The 26th volume of Ducobu’s comic strip, has just been published. Its title is Vote Ducobu This novelty’s content has nothing to do whatsoever with the film. Both can be enjoyed without ever having seen or read the other. The album also includes an eight-page notebook called La Gazette de Saint-Potache, which contains the film. A leaflet to announce a new mandate

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