Emma from The Promised NeverLand : Everything You Need To Know

Emma is the principal character from The Promised Neverland ... the most trustworthy orphans and is frequently surrounded by close friends.

Emma is the principal character from The Promised Neverland. Extrovert and caring, Emma often proves herself to be among the most trustworthy orphans and is frequently surrounded by close friends. Emma is renowned for her capacity to learn, her innate athleticism, and a lot of optimism. As one of the most intelligent children at Grace Field House, Emma is known for her incredible ability to learn. Grace Field House, Emma is regarded as one of Grace Field House’s 3 “Premium quality goods” along with Norman and Ray.


Emma is a fair-skinned, young girl with a slim build. She has oval-shaped green eyes and very small eyebrows. Her hair is a lighter orange shade that is long and messy, hanging out at every angle around her head . She wears it parted on her right side with a long lock that curves upwards on the side of her parted and the other at her neck’s bottom. Although it’s not as prominent as within the story, it seems to get darker as you go down with a range of shades from pale yellow-orange shade to a darker hue. Like the other kids at the orphanage Emma was dressed in the uniform of all childrenconsisting of a white skirt and shirt as well as basic brown shoes. Its identification code, “63194”, can be found in the lower left of her neck.


Emma is a very optimistic enthusiastic, loud and joyful girl who is full of life her athletic skills and extroverted personality are in direct contrast to Norman’s weak body and Ray’s introverted personality. Emma assumes the role of an older sister figure in her younger ones. She always displays a lot of compassion and affection for her foster siblings.

After discovering the body of Conny and the truth about Grace Field and Isabella, Emma went through a change of heart and made the decision not to cry ever again and remain steadfast in her convictions and choices. In the aftermath of this tragedy Emma’s desire to flee is driven by her love for her family. She refuses to let anyone go since she does not want any of her children to experience the same fate as Conny and displaying the compassionate as well as the selfless and generous aspect of her. Emma is also shown to be extremely compassionate since she does not think less of Ray as a “traitor”, still embraces Ray as a friend and is apathetic with Ray. As per Krone, Emma always thinks of others more than herself and reduces the chances of saving herself by not letting anyone from her family members behind. She also is seen to be reckless and determined, courageous, and adamant when she puts herself in danger to protect her family , and even strangers with no hesitation.

Despite being a flawless test-taker and a fast to learn, Emma is noted to be air-headed and silly. Her dream to save every child in Grace Field House was deemed as impossible, yet she believed that she could accomplish this, which is why she was referred to as Airhead Ray. Emma is known to have a jovial and amiable manner, however she is prone to becoming serious if circumstances require it, particularly in relation to the lives of other children. When she is worried that her family members or herself are under threat, she’s not shy to display her frightening face. When she learned that Ray was an informer and was a spy, she inquired if he had altered the shipping dates of other children to determine how to stop the trackers. Ray didn’t respond, but she was clear that she would not tolerate the idea if he attempted to harm anyone else.

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8 . Truth about Emma in The Promised Neverland

1. She Was Designed to Be A Leader

There are three children who are Emma, Ray, and Norman that lead their escape attempt from Grace Field House. But, there is no any no doubt Emma is the main character of the show. Emma is basically Eren of Ray or Norman’s Mikasa and Armin. However, what many people do not realize is Emma was actually designed and was designed to be the leader, not unlike Eren who was designed to burn. Sorry but not sorry.Emma with kids at the Grace Field orphanage. More than an older sister, she becomes the mother figure to everyone during their adventures for survival.

Here are a few important points:

  • Emma’s birthday celebrations are scheduled on August 22nd, which makes the Zodiac Sign Leo. Leo-born people are believed to be natural leaders. They are confident, creative and are difficult to deter once they’ve established their objectives. In the real world, Leo can be described as US president Barrack Obama. First Black American president surpassed a many challenges and managed to unite his people in his time, and enact significant changes in the lives of many of his supporters.
  • She is the only female of the three as, according to the writer Kaiu Shirai. The primary antagonist of the series (Isabella) can also be described as female. They match their genders in order to let a mother-daughter bond be the main focus of the plot.
  • Since Isabella has the role of “mother” at the Grace Field House, Emma also becomes a mother for those who are Grace Field House orphans. She is the balance in between Ray and Norman she insists that all children be part of the escape. Warning: She will sacrifice herself to benefit everyone at the end of the story.
  • Her characteristics include green eyes and hair with orange are also a strong evidence of this. The green eyes are frequently linked with powerful leaders, enthusiastic and innovative with their approaches. Also, hair with orange eyes is common among major characters from anime like Nami (One Piece), Ichigo (Bleach), Hinata (Haikyuu), and many more.

Ah, the Green Eyes below Orange Hair – telltale signs of a leader on top of a leader character.

2. The Secret Behind The Name “Emma”

Emma as a term originates in its roots in the Germanic phrase “ermen”. It refers to “whole” or “universal”. It’s not clear if Kaiu Shirai had any idea about this or not, we cannot say without certainty. However, it is fitting because the character with the identical name is the balanced and well-rounded character from the show.Isabella and Emma talking. Isabella herself gave the orange-haired child the name “Emma.”

In the setting of The Promised Neverland, the reason of the title “Emma” was explained. The information was only revealed through two special manga page. The manga was only available to those who scored top scores in the mini-game that was found on The Promised Neverland website. In the secret panels Isabella was named Emma because Mama believes that Emma’s name is adorable, charming and cool. It’s also simple.

3. Does Emma Die in The Promised Neverland

No. She lives to the final. In the end she was taken away by the Demon God “took her family from her world” (See manga page below). All her memories from the past as well as future connections were removed away, and she was told that she’ll never be able to see her family ever again.

The hierarchy of the royal family has collapsed The Queen Legravalima is dead The Five Head Regents have been eliminated. Many things have changed. Mujika was crowned the new the queen of the demon world. The orphans who were rescued are back home to Grace Field to save the remaining children and leave the world of demons entirely.Emma makes the promise with the Demon God, that everyone gets to the human world safely in exchange for her memories.

As everyone makes their way to the Human World and they discover that Emma was not there. Norman, Ray, and the other Grace Field orphans set out to locate Emma. The explanation was that the requirement for their safe entry into the world of humans was the family of Emma. The only thing that was required was to see them cross the world of humanity in peace The Demon God couldn’t be killed by them.

After being in the home of a hunter from the area for about a month, she began getting back memories from her fantasies. The savior of her dreams the elderly man who survived the war that destroyed humanity, took her to a small village crammed with people. The Grace Field orphans found her in confusion and lacking any number on her necklace. The story ends with a tear-jerking reunion.

4. Who is the Smartest in The Promised Neverland?

The most frequently asked questions asked by the fans is to determine who is the smartest and most athletic. In terms of the level of intelligence, Norman definitely tops the three. Norman never scored scores lower than 300. which is the best score for the Grace Field tests. In his stupor due to heatstroke the man was able to solve a complicated mathematical issue that was posed by Isabella. In addition, the fact that he was caught by Ray for being Isabella’s spy makes him the smarter of the two.After Norman beats Emma in a game of tag by strategizing against her, Ray explains the importance of planning and thinking ahead.

He is accompanied by Ray who is sure to know much about the world, history as well as a great deal in general knowledge. Apart from the incident with the trapping, Ray has also achieved the full score in every test, with the exception of ave.2 and has an average score of 292 from 300. The same test, Emma only got 265.

However, Emma is definitely the most athletic of the group. This was evident in the first episode, when she played tag with other players. While she may lack the ability to think critically but she can make up for by her speed and energy. In the later episodes of the series she also shows her endurance in fighting suffering injuries from Leuvis (Ch93).

5. Does Emma End Up With Norman or Ray?

The answer is no. It is true that there was no ship that was sailing through The Promised Neverland. Emma was always an exemplary mother figure, rising over the challenges to save the orphans in their orphanage, and later all the kids from various “farms.” She has always been adamant to devote her time to something greater.

Shipping is a feature of any fandom, with fans searching for the smallest clues, and then extending their disbelief which is why The Promised Neverland is not an exception. The first thing to note is that when the series debuts in 2045, three of the best orphans from Grace Field House Grace Field House were all eleven years old.

At the time that the majority of the orphans were able to cross into the human realm It was around November 2047. Emma, Ray, and Norman are between the ages of 12 and 13. At the end of the series she was reunited with the three of them, and others Grace Field orphans.Up until the end, they remain a trio of friends. Apologies to those looking for ships.

A fun fact is that the sequel novel to Neverland, “A Letter from Norman,” will reveal the way Norman really felt about Emma. He reveals that he always been in love with Emma from the time they were little. Additionally the time that Emma inquired about the person he would like to become in the future He simply wanted for his life to remain with Emma.

However, in terms of voice actors, Emma seems to have already decided on her voice actress.

6. Emma’s Japanese and English Voice Actresses

In the 12 episodes of the anime adaptation of the popular manga written by Kaiu Shirai as well as Posuka Demizu Emma has been voiced by singer, actress as well as siyuu (voice actor) Sumire Morohoshi. She was the voice for many characters, including:

  • Kyouka Izumi from Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Shia Gold from Isekai Shokudou
  • Hitoka Yachi of Haikyuu
  • Shion Watanabe from Inuyashiki
  • Rena Sayama of Ultraman

Sumire Morohoshi, the great seiyuu behind Emma, she has also voiced a number of iconic characters through the years. Thanks to the Seiyuu Facebook page for the image. Furthermore, during an interview interview, with the character of Samiresan (Emma) in The Promised Neverland show, she admitted to being in love with Norman the character. She also reveals the moment when Norman informs Emma that they must run away together. For more information, go to the interview on radio on the following.

In addition, she is also a voice actress. English voice is performed via VA Erica Mendez who has been voicing Diane of The Seven Deadly Sins, Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, and Nico Yazawa from Love Live!

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7. Changes to The Promised Neverland Live-Action Movie

In the forthcoming The Promised Neverland live-action adaptation which is directed by the an acclaimed director of the genre Yuichiro Hirakawa (ERASED, Rookie), Emma will be played in the role of Minami Hamabe, a 20 year old actress known for bringing famous animated characters to life. She was the character Yumeko Jabami in Kakegurui and the character that is the title in Saki, Sakura Yamauchi from Let Me Eat Your Pancreas and many other characters.

In the live-action version, Minami, who is 20 years old Minami will portray the 15-year-old Emma. Yes, she’ll age by four years further in the show. The order they appear in starting with the oldest is like this: Ray, Norman, and Emma. In live actionversion, they’ll be acting by actors who play them in reverse chronological order: Emma (played by Minami Hamabe, who is 20), Norman (Rihito Itagaki 18, 18) along with Ray (Jyo Kairi 13).The live action versions of Norman, Emma, and Ray. Note the lack of the antenna on Emma’s head.

In regards to style, Emma will appear Japanese In terms of appearance, she will appear Japanese, but Shirai said that the story was originally set in the western world and has Western-style characters. According to us, this has not been an issue in Japanese Live-action versions. In addition, Emma’s signature antenna, which is the orange crescent hairstyle in her hair isn’t present in the movie that is coming out.

8. What Emma Taught Us

Since the beginning of the series Emma stated that her dream is to ride the Giraffe. This is a sign of her innocence before she knew what Grace Field House was actually like. After learning the truth, she’s been entirely focused on escaping the orphanage, and bringing everyone with her. Motivated by the need to live and protect everyone else, Emma has evolved into the role model for everyone.

Her determination to fulfill her mission has allowed her to do things that people wouldn’t expect from an 11-year-old. When she first escaped out of Grace Field, Emma deliberately cut off her ear in order to be safe from being tracked. Later, she learned how to use weapons including bows and later, a gun. Armed with these weapons she was able to defend herself, and even fight demons.

In the end, she made another Promise to the God of Demons in order to protect everyone else. For this, she exchanged her connections and memories as a price. She assured the children that everything would be fine. In spite of Ray and Norman’s fears, Emma was successful in convincing everyone that they’ll be one in the world of humans. Through all the difficulties they encountered, Emma remained a child within. Emma is, after all an innocent creature with a genuine desire to spend time with family.Emma, though not remembering anything, cries after being overwhelmed with the feeling that she wants to live with these strangers in front of her.

The panel above is the perfect conclusion and shows Emma as genuine and pure to the core of who she is. Although she isn’t able to remember her name all that is the orange-haired girl is determined to spend time with family. A heart-wrenching, tear-jerking goodbye to those who have been witness to human farms as well as child-sized demon killers.


It’s that simple… There you are! Everything you should be aware of about Emma of The Promised Neverland. Do you like her leadership abilities? Her athleticism? Her spunk? Does Emma the new contender for the category of best girl? Let us know what you think and what you would like to know on the comment section below.


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