Faerie Fire 5e: D&D Spell Guide, Rules & Uses

To be great, not every spell must be a fireball. Faerie Fire 5e is a specialist in its field and excels at it.

Faerie Fire By Chance D D Spells book

Faerie Fire

School: Vocation
Level: 1st
Casting Time: Action
Range: 60 Ft
Components: Verbal
Duration up to 1 minute

The spell basically causes objects or creatures that are near to the spell to be placed in a 20-foot cube. It emanates from a point within its range. All objects are highlighted with a blue, green or purple light. This color can be chosen by you.

This affects any creature that is affected.

They will shed dim light within a radius of 10 feet if they fail. If the attacker can see the creatures, any attack against them can be done with advantage.

Invisible objects and creatures can’t profit from being invisible.

Who gets it?

The two main classes that can cast this spell for most 5e players are Druid and Bard.

This spell is also available to Artificers. The Drow subrace, and Half-Elves of Drow heritage are also eligible.

This spell is also available to the Archfey Warlock and Light Cleric.

Faerie Fire Uses

Fighting your enemies in complete darkness?

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How do you fight an invisible enemy? What about a bulky enemy with low dex and high armor?

Faerie Fire has shown time again its usefulness.

It is amazing how it can turn the tide in a difficult situation.

Maybe nobody has darkvision? This can be a way to overcome the disadvantage. If you have darkvision, it gives you an advantage when you fight in dim light or total darkness.

It only allows one save. There are no saves in the future: once you fail, your minute is over.

It also gives everyone an advantage against these targets, so you could potentially draw aggro onto your tank (since DMs are running smarter enemies, they would jump at the opportunity to hit more).

Perhaps, you can give everyone an advantage. You will be loved by your rogue. It will be a lot. This is especially true since they can reliably use sneak attack to win potentially ten rounds worth of combat.

This spell can detect invisible enemies such as the Invisible Stalker, and that is its primary purpose. It is the only choice at lower levels. As a first-level spell it scales very well into later games.

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Let’s say that an Iron Golem has an AC of 20, but only a Dex score of 9. Faerie Fire is a way to make a difference and give you two chances of hitting at least a soft 20, plus your bonuses.

If you have a bonus score of +7 against Iron Golems, your average damage roll will be 17.5. This means that you will miss 50% of the time. You only have 35% chance of hitting the ball.

You might want to double your chances of rolling a 20 (or more).

Faerie Fire is beneficial to everyone. You can use that to your advantage.

It’s also one of the lowest-level spells that can always grant advantage. This spell is a must-have.

Design Ideas

This spell can be used differently depending on the character you have, your subclass, and other factors.

Let’s take a look at some ideas.


Faerie Fire is an important spell for Drow as it can negate Sunlight Sensitivity’s disadvantage.

We can reach a Drow Gloomstalker Ranger or Drow Scout Rogue from 60 feet.

Drow has at most one chance per day to draw out Faerie Fire.

Archfey Warlocks

Fey is correct in his name, I think.

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This is the most significant fitout of all the items that gain access to Faerie fire. A Lady Fey or Lord powerful enough to learn a spell that has “Faerie”, in its name. It just works.

Warlocks who enjoy spell sniping (or acting like blasters) can have more success if they use this concentration spell.

It works well and gives you a boost. It fits perfectly. Did I mention that?

This might work better for warlocks because you are casting it. You get to enjoy it.

This spell is used by Druids and Bards in a more utilitarian manner, while Warlocks may use it to increase their damage output.


Druids have a similarity to Archfey Warlocks. They are connected to nature and the Fey.

This works thematically well. It works so well that you may be able to gain Fey abilities, as your magic comes from nature.

This combination can be great when combined with a Land Druid who is more casting-focused.

Even subclasses such as Circle of the Moon may benefit from this, since the Word of God (also known to Jeremy Crawford), confirmed that concentration spells before using Wild Shape could be maintained. You might want to take advantage of this opportunity.

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This spell is your signature, so use it often.

It is a versatile spell that’s well worth the first-level slot. It excels in its niche.


This one is difficult to explain thematically in class.

The Bard, however, is the master of all trades and the utility master. This optimized support class has the ability to cast one of the most useful low-level utility spells.

This is a powerful debuff that can be used against enemies and also grants buffs to the party.

This feat is not possible with other spells of the same level.

Bards draw mainly from music and art to create their magic. It’s not difficult to tie this in with the Fey. Both have a tendency towards being tricksters.

There is no college that fits thematically best. Perhaps Eloquence is due to its dependence on Charisma abilities. This could tie into some of your trickery.


A Bard is a class that is even more bizarre thematically.

Fey and Faeries are often anti-machinery in fiction. Particularly frowning at the use of metal items.

It just works, look at the Druid.

Potions made from natural substances can make alchemists a little more logical. It makes no sense.

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It makes sense, however, to give Artificers support spells as a support class.

However, this is not the prime build. It is always amusing to see spells in a class that don’t have a thematic connection.


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