Edie McClurg, Ferris Bueller’s Star Edie McClurg, is reportedly the victim of an elder abuse scheme

Edie McClurg in Ferris Bueller


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Edie McClurg is a actress who has been suffering from dementia. The vulnerability of dementia is easy to exploit by the wrong people. An elderly abuse scheme has claimed to have made the Missouri native a victim.

In February of 2019, TMZ broke the story that McClurg’s family applied for conservatorship because of her ongoing struggles with dementia, and that she was living with “a verbally abusive male companion” who tried to influence the handling of her estate by getting her to sign documents. That “male companion” is identified as Michael Ramos, who was given permission by the judge in the conservatorship case to stay in her home for “companionship.” However, things took a dark turn more recently, with TMZ now reporting that the unemployed Ramos allegedly tried to move McClurg out of California to marry her while knowing she lacked the mental capacity. 

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