FFX Healing Water Farming (Methods + Uses) Everything You Need To Know

FFX Healing Water

FFX Healing Water: There are two ways to get this water

  • Then, you can steal them one at the time from Adamantoises or
  • Bribing Anacondasurs at 145,000 gil for that gives you 16 Healing Waters
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There’s a choice to make between slowing down and conserving a significant amount of Gil or investing Gil to speed increasing the speed of farming.

If you’d like to take, Adamantoises can be found in both the Final Dungeon and in the Omega Ruins.

Or , if you’d like to pay a bribe, Anacondaurs are found throughout across Calm Lands.

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What are the benefits of using healing Waters for?

What are the benefits of using healing Waters for?


However applying a Healing Water by using”Use,” or the “Use” command in battle will completely restore the entire party’s HP.

It’s pretty good. extremely great, actually.

In addition, you can use the Healing Waters to alter the Alchemy ability to weapons, which can double the healing effects of items. This weapon feature is an ideal complement to other healing tools.

Aeons can be customized using the Healing Waters to master the ability to pray, too.

  • Customizing Alchemy requires 4 Healing Waters
  • Prayer (Aeon) requires five Healing Waters
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Yes, Rikku can use Healing Waters in her blends (I was inquisitive). Below are some top outcomes you can achieve with these water:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Healing Water): Revives the KO’d members of the party up to HP full.

Super Elixir (Healing Water + Healing Water): Fully restores the HP and MP of the person as well as removing any negative effects on status.

Mega Phoenix (Phoenix Down + Healing Water): Recovers all members of the party who were KO’d.

Are Healing Waters really worth it?


Healing Waters are a fantastic product for healing.

They’re not as scarce as Elixirs or other similar items however, they can bring back the entire party. It’s equivalent to the size of an Megalixir!

Once everyone in your group understands that Use command, you’ll be able to recover to the fullest anytime you require.

Also, Healing Waters are especially helpful.

They’re a bit expensive to obtain (or time-consuming, depending on the method you choose) However, they’re absolutely worth the effort to cultivate the amount you want.

Go! Drink, and be well!

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