FFX Silence Grenade Farming (Bribes + Steals) Everything You Need To Know

Silence Grenade FFX

Silence Grenade FFX are a rare item!

The best method to harvest is to steal from or Thorns or Exorays.

Thorns appear early in the gameplay (specifically at the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth) and are equipped with x2 Silence Grenades as their common steal (~75 percent chance).

Shortcut G.Station

Exorays are only found only in The Final Dungeon, and they are equipped with 3 Silence Grenades for their most common steal.

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What happens to payoffs?

You can make a bribe to a fend in Via Purifico, also known as Bat Eye. For a bribe of 10,000 gil, you will receive 12 Silence Grenades.

In reality, Via Purifico is a only a once-in-a-lifetime location.

Once you’ve left, you’ll be unable to return.

What happens to payoffs?

Also, Bat Eyes is the sole fiend you could get Silence Grenades in the entire game.

If you’re looking to collect a complete pile of Silence Grenades quicker than stealing it, then be prepared to put in some extra time in the dungeon. And have some extra gold to use to bribe. Thorn Enemies in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

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FFX What are Silence Grenades used To Do?

FFX What are Silence Grenades used To Do?

As you’d expect, they’re employed in a wide variety of silent things.

The Silence Grenade by using”Use” command “Use” command deals minor harm to enemies of all kinds and also blocks them for 8 minutes or so.

This is a great way to defeat some late-game enemies, specifically spellcasters, such as Demonliths from the Omega Ruins.

Silence Grenades can be used to modify the Silencestrike to a weapon which is almost always applied Silence when a physical attack is made. However, these tools are also able to customize Silenceproof on Armor that will stop the condition from occurring 100% often.

Aeons are able to get on the mix by using Silence Grenades to learn both Silence Attack and Silence Buster.

  • Silencestrike requires 20 Silence Grenades
  • Silenceproof needs 10 Silence Grenades
  • Silence Attack (Aeon) requires 3 Silence Grenades
  • Silence Buster (Aeon) requires 10 Silence Grenades

As with all thing, Rikku can also use her overdrive to mix Silence Grenades with other items to create some interesting results, like:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Silence Grenade): Revives all members of the party who have been KO’dand members silently.

Cluster Bomb (Shining gem + silent Grenade): Deals massive damage to enemies of all kinds.

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Megalixir (Antidote + Silence Grenade): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP. Yuna vs. two Bat Eye fiends

Silence Grenade FFX: Are Silence Grenades Worth It?

No, not really.

There aren’t many enemies that need to be silenced, nor do there exist many enemies who can be silenced by the party.

Even the mixes Silence Grenades are a part of are able to be created using other ingredients.

In addition to that, Silence Grenades are annoying to acquire. Only a handful of enemies have them , and it’s not worth the effort to buy an entire stack unless you need ninety-nine items of each.

And , even…

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