First Kill Season 1 ending Explained: What’s Happened ?

First Kill Season 1 Ending Explained

Theo is now dead. Or is he? This is the key question this finale opens with. Jules and Cal arrive in the bathroom, where Apollo is confusedly cradling his dead brother. He doesn’t know what he is doing. They can’t stay around with all the checkpoints and patrols. Cal takes Apollo home while Juliette clears up the mess and discovers Elinor’s lipstick nearby. Here All informations About First Kill Netflix Season 1 Ending

First Kill season 1, Episode 8 recap

First Kill season 1, Episode 8 recap

Cal and Apollo arrive home to find Theo sitting at the dinner table. He seems healthy but is acting out of character. After exhaling with heartburn, he goes to his bedroom, where he grows fangs and observes the Emerald Malkia glancing at him in the mirror. What is the matter?

The Fairmont family is not much better. Jules confronts Elinor over Theo’s death and they have a nasty argument that ends up putting Jules on the brink. Oliver gets the key to Elinor’s storage unit and the police raid the house, uncovering her driving license collection. They suddenly appear at the house and take Elinor away in handcuffs, while Juliette giggles from the upstairs balcony.

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Oliver turns out to be Elinor’s “lawyer”, although he isn’t exactly there to advise her about her legal rights. We learn through him and some flashbacks that Elinor was manipulating her twin, convincing him to do the insane things that would ultimately lead to his exile. He was convinced to kill his turtle pet, a camp counselor, as well as many others. She did it without any real purpose, simply because she could. Oliver said that he would enjoy watching her burn because the reputation of The Keeper must be maintained within the matriarchy. She is surplus to requirements.

First Kill season 1, Episode 8 recap

Margot also has other concerns, such as the fact that Davina was called to question her Keeper status in an official capacity. She obviously cannot attend since Sebastian ate Margot.

Things aren’t looking so great in the hunter household. Jack wants to kill Theo because he doesn’t consider him his son. But Talia won’t let it. He fights Apollo outside when Theo escapes from captivity, until Juliette intervenes and claims she can help him by letting her feed him. After all, she is the one who turned him.

First Kill Netflix Ending Explained By BrainPilot

What happens after The End First Kill Season 1?

What happens after The End First Kill Season 1?

This story, like all great romances, began passionately with a stake to his chest.

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Juliette (Jules), is a descendant of a long line legacy vampires (those who were born with the famous, sharp gnashers and not bitten).

They can walk throughout the day and blend in with a human society thanks to this birthright. Juliette refuses to eat humans despite being under immense pressure from her family.

Her heritage prevents her from having a first love. Calliope (Cal), a passionate make-out session, is when her instincts kick in and Jules gets into her crush.

Cal’s lineage of monster hunters has its benefits and the hunter quickly reacts, putting her stake in Juliette with an audible screech.

What happens after The End First Kill Season 1?

Their romance miraculously survives and grows under both their concerned, attentive eyes.

The strain is even more apparent during Juliette’s first kill ceremony. It is significant because it marks Juliette’s maturity as a legacy vampire.

The Fairmonts and their guests from all over the world were unaware that Juliette had faked her first attempt, taking responsibility for the death Savannah’s local.

Big sister Elinor (Gracie Dzienny), isn’t so easy to fool. Calliope is kidnapped by Juliette in order to force Juliette into the act before the vampire community discovers.

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What happens after The End First Kill Season 1?

Jules saves Cal with the help of Oliver, her brother (Dylan McNamara), just as Oliver and his guild of monster hunters, the Burns crash the celebration trying to kill the Fairmonts and their guests.

This causes the deaths of a few guild members, and it leaves you with the grim realization that it will take more than just a little bit of staking to end a legacy.

Calliope, on the run from Elinor’s party chaos, finds herself in the clutches Clayton Cook (Joseph D Reitman), a fellow guild member who wants to kidnap Calliope and harm her believing she is under Juliette’s spell.

Juliette intervenes to save Cook in a scuffle. Juliette saves Cook’s life before Ben Wheeler (Jonas Dylan Allen), her best friend, who she had been hiding from.

Locals are forming vigilante groups MAAMs to combat the slow death of their loved ones.

What happens after The End First Kill Season 1?

Problems are also being dealt with in-house by bloodsuckers.

Sebastian Swenson, Juliette’s father, isn’t a pure-blood vamp. He was an ex-human who was bitten.

He was hurt during the raid on the house and, unable to quickly recover, found himself at death’s door.

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His mother-in law Davina, a matriarchal woman, reluctantly saves Sebastian’s life despite his hatred for his human heritage. Sebastian transforms into a ghoul/vampire hybrid with the help of Malkia snake’s bite.

Davina is still troubled by his human past and Sebastian just… eats Davina during one of their heated argument. You will be devoted to her.

After her death, Davina’s position as Keeper the Emerald Malkia automatically passes to Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell). They keep Davina’s passing secret to avoid any coup.

What happens after  First Kill Season 1 Ending?

As Calliope’s brother Theo (Phillip Mullings Jr.) struggles to deal with the painful memories of his mother’s death, complicated family matters seem to be a common theme.

He and his brother Apollo (Dominic Goodman), set out to find the killer.

Apollo tries to seduce Elinor by giving away information, but when impatient Theo catches up with them, Apollo’s cover is exposed.

Theo is accidentally stabbed in the back by Apollo during a fight. Apollo is left devastated by Elinor’s memory manipulation skills. Cal and Jules arrive after Apollo announces the news by phone. Jules suggests that he take care of the situation, as if he were dead.

After they have left, she realizes that Theo isn’t dead dead. He is actually bleeding out. She begs him for help, and in an effort to give him an honorable death she attempts to draw his blood.

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It would be a waste of time if everything went according to plan. Theo, however, doesn’t die and is transformed into a vampire.

The Burns family must swallow this bitter pill. Jack R Moore, Theo’s father doesn’t recognize Theo and believes he must die.

Talia, Theo’s stepmother (Aubin Wise), has other ideas. Oliver is rescued by her, and she helps Theo escape the newly transformed vampire.

What happens after  First Kill Season 1 Episode 8

The series ends with a sad note for the lovers. Juliette’s bungled ‘heroic” act cost her her relationship to Calliope. Calliope can’t believe what Juliette has done. Cal promises to kill Juliette and all her legacies.

Juliette is furious when Elinor tells her about the whole mess and they fight. There were harsh words exchanged and promises to never forgive each other were made. Juliette tells Elinor that she doesn’t want to have any more contact with her sister and the sisters cut all ties.

Jules is driven by bitterness to join Oliver, who hates Elinor but blames her for his exile. She gives her the key to Elinor’s storage, which contains all of Elinor’s victims’ drivers’ licenses. Oliver, armed with the evidence, tips the police and arrest Elinor.

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Her parents refused to bail her out of fear of a scandal and too many attention being drawn to her family. They have their own sticky mess to clean up now that Davina has been challenged as Keeper of Emerald Malkia.

What happens after  First Kill Season 1 Episode 8

With less than two days notice, Davina, the deceased, has been summoned to council. Sebastian and Margot must now devise a plan to save their skin.

The show’s final scene shows Theo settling in to Oliver’s home, but there is no warm cup of blood or a fire. Oliver and Carmen, his witch girlfriend (WalnetteMarie Santiago), reveal more than just a backyard full monsters. They also plan to “ruin some people” and “run that bitch.” This Fairmont is serious business, Savannah.

Juliope/Calliette shippers might be worried about their relationship status. But don’t worry! It’s not something that a season two of Season 2 can’t fix. Let’s all hope they get one.

FAQ About First Kill Season 1 Ending

Will Theo die?

Will Theo die?

Episode 8 of First Kill season 1 opens with Cal and Juliette finding Theo dead in the bar’s bathroom. Apollo can’t recall what happened.

Juliette encourages them to move and cleans up the crime scene. She stumbles upon a lipstick tube she recognizes as Elinor’s.

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Cal and Apollo go home to their parents to explain what happened. But they are surprised to find Theo back at home. Talia and Jack are enthralled by his conversation. Talia informs Cal that she was cleared by the Guild.

Theo gets up and leaves the table. He walks into his bedroom and examines himself in the mirror. He sees a serpent behind him and his mouth begins to grow fangs. He begins to recall what happened that night.

Does Juliette betray Elinor?

Juliette confronts Elinor over the death of Theo. She calls her “soulless killer” and she cries that she is done with her.

Juliette runs away to Oliver, Carmen. She gives them a key to unlock Elinor’s storage where she keeps evidence from her past killings. She then returns home.

Meanwhile, Elinor is being detained by a SWAT Team who invades Fairmont’s home. Juliette smiles as she watches, Oliver executed her plan to indict her sister.

Oliver arrives at Elinor’s police station. He recalls past incidents of wrong things he did while under Elinor’s control. He claims that she made everyone believe he was bad, but it was always her. He tells her to leave, telling her that her parents will let her go before they ruin the Keeper’s reputation.

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What does the Legacy know about Davina’s death?

Sebastian is assured by Margot that Elinor will not do anything like murder the police department. She would not want to be the Keeper, but she wants it too badly.

A Legacy Sentry arrives at the Fairmonts’ doors and delivers a letter informing them that the Legacy Council has challenged Davina as Keeper. Margot must appear before the court within two days. She isn’t sure what she will do.

Who made Theo a vampire?

Theo cries out for help and starts to bleed from his eyes and mouth. He is tied to a chair by the men. Jack claims that he is no longer his son. Talia, however, won’t allow Jack to kill Theo.

He experiences a painful and intense transformation. Apollo suddenly realizes Elinor is involved in all of this. Theo grabs Apollo’s neck and then throws him away. He runs out of the house, bursting from his chains. Apollo and he fight, but Juliette arrives to stop them.

Juliette says she can help him. She tells them that it is impossible for new vampires not to be able to process their changes until they are fed from the one who created them. She extends her arm to Theo and he eats.

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Are Calliope & Juliette still together?

Cal is furious that Juliette has turned her brother against her, but Juliette claims that he did so because he needed her help. He woke up while she was in the bathroom and extended his hand to her. She turned him around.

She wanted to kill him, draining him. She didn’t know she had turned him.

Cal refuses to accept Cal’s explanation or apology. She pushes Juliette aside and promises to spend her whole life trying to kill Juliette.

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