Goku Vs. Frieza : Everything You Need To Know

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Goku Vs. Frieza

Son Goku vs. Freeza original formOne of the most famous and well-remembered battles in history🐲 Dragon BallIt is also the longest battle of all anime. There were many unexpected events and surprises that made this series a success. The world.

Techniques and deaths

There were many techniques used in this fight. KameHameHa, Genkidama, Death Ball, Kaio-Ken x10Kaio-Ken (x20 and The Death RayAmong others.


While FreezaGoku was already fully recovered from the third transformation and had gained all his powers. Goku was very happy and went to where The Z WarriorsGoku and Vegeta were fighting against Freeza. Goku arrives in time to save Vegeta, who was about be killed by Freeza. Freeza is stunned by Bardock’s appearance while he was still alive. Vegeta then tells Freeza that the one seeing now is The Legendary Super SaiyajinFreeza is stunned by the attack. Vegeta informs him that this will end his life and that he won’t cause any more problems. Vegeta, who has just breathed his last, asks Goku to defeat Freeza. Vegeta says that his father and Vegeta’s dad were eliminated and in that instant Vegeta died. Goku buries Vegeta and promises him that he will defeat Freeza. After Freeza has evaded his attacks, Goku tries to hit Freeza with his deadly rays but Freeza dodges them very well. Goku finally bites Freeza’s tail but Freeza was still alive. Goku decides to take a risk, and uses the Kaio-Ken X20 to at least give Freeza a blow. Freeza then launches a powerful attack to destroy the layer of earth in the water. PiccoloOthers thought Goku had died in the attack. But, Goku was still in the deep and used the large amount of lava to reach him. KameHameHaHe left there and Goku believed that the only way to defeat him would be using the Genkidama. But before that Freeza threw him some rocks with his Psychic power. Goku dodged and destroyed, Goku 👾 did not know that it was a trap and Freeza put him in a bubble in which there was no way he could get out of there, Freeza after locking him in a powerful attack and destroyed much of Namek with that attack, disguising a nuclear bomb, Goku was still alive as if nothing, and then he raised his hands to do the Genkidama without Freeza noticing and wondered if it was one of his stupid techniques that would not hurt him, at that moment Piccolo went to help him so he would not be distracted and see the Genkidama. Piccolo is easily knocked out by Freeza, who says he’s tired and wants to destroy. The PlanetWith The Death BallHe did, however, he didn’t realize the Genkidama was behind his actions when he used the small Energy Ball. GokuGoku took advantage of the situation and threw it at Goku. Goku won for a short time.

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Goku Vs. Frieza


  • It is possible that GokuMomentarily dies because of LavaFreeza submerges him before it is possible to make an earthly wish to revive all beings. FreezaHe and his men have killed, which causes a coincidence in the series. Since the body should be burned, it is an error. He didn’t actually die.
  • Bardock had seen this fight before. Planet Vegetawas destroyed by The Supernova. The vision showed Goku about fighting Freeza First Form. However, Goku had never fought this form before. FreezaYou haven’t even heard of it.
  • According to rumors Akira ToriyamaThe series would be ended with Freeza, the villain, dead. GokuAs the only and invincible Super Saiyan, also dead. But due to pressure from fans. Toei AnimationThe series continued. It turned out to be a false rumor.🐲

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