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Goku Vs. Vegeta

Triple Kai-O-Ken (限げん界かいを超こえた熱あつい戦たたかい! 悟ご空くう対たいベジータ Genkai or Koeta Atsui Tatakai! Gokū Tai Bejīta) is the thirtieth episode of The Saiyan Saga and 🐲 Dragon Ball Z. It was broadcasted for the first time in Japan on December 13, 1989. It was broadcasted in Italy on May 18, 2000.


Goku tells KrillinAndGohan to get out of there while he fights Vegeta. Goku then goes to Vegeta to ask him if they are going to go fight somewhere else (at Krillin’s request) so as not to ruin the bodies of his dead friends, and Vegeta agrees. Goku is stunned as they fly off. Vegeta’s speed. Gohan, Krillin and others begin to fly. Genie Island. Gohan is worried about his father but follows Krillin who has reassured him and will be happy to visit his mother after so many years. Vegeta gets ready for the big day. Fight Goku.

GokuLeads VegetaYou will find a rock area. Goku mocks Goku by saying that he’s an inferior warrior, and that he’s good for nothing. Goku quickly replies that willpower is possible to become a great hero. Vegeta smiles, and he prepares to go. Fight Goku. They fight, and appear to be at the same level until Vegeta hits Goku. He realizes that his opponent is stronger than he, but he seems excited and not worried. You must hit! VegetaGoku unleashes his Kaioken. He hits him but does not overpower him.

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In the meantime, The IslandThe Genie, Bulma, and the other observers try to see the battle from Baba’s crystal ball. But nothing is visible. Baba believes Bulma destroyed the sphere by slapping Bulma in the beginning. But the Genie tells Baba that Vegeta is responsible. Goku’s strength 💪 that is keeping the images from displaying. The solution is to: BulmaRadish uses Radish’s power detector and sees two great levels of fighting coming out of the west. Chichi believes that Krillin is dead and Gohan is dead. Goku attacks Vegeta. The Kaioken.

VegetaGoku sees the true power of the Saiyan by creating earthquakes, triggering thunderstorms, and surrounding himself in a ball full of energy. Goku is astonished at the Saiyan’s power, and even starts to worry about it. A nearby town is home to blonde Laura, who is distraught. Tenshinhan’s deathShe consoles herself with a drink at the bar, and then feels an earthquake tremor. She quickly goes outside to see crows flying over an area. This is when she realizes that there is something very important going on. Goku is ready to strike Vegeta.

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Vegeta’s powersThey are superior to Goku’sVegeta actually hits Goku quickly and sends him flying. Goku stops midair and turns to a rock. Vegeta immediately throws a energy beam at Goku, which he dodges. The Double KaiokenHowever, he cannot dodge the second energy beam which will ruin half his clothes. Goku is forced to use the Triple Kaioken after that. The Double Kaioken. Vegeta’s amazement at this power is magnified when he suddenly launches himself at Vegeta with it. A punch.

Important Events

  • Son Goku uses Kaioken x3


Goku Vs. Vegeta


  • This episode contains: GenieEven though Vegeta shouldn’t, he calls him by his name.
  • It’s exactly 200 episodesAfter this, the second clash occurs.
  • The stances of Vegeta and Goku before they fight are the same ones used by Majin Buu and Gohan in the episode “Third Transformation for Majin Buu”.🐲

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